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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

Football betting secrets review ross county v kilmarnock betting expert soccer

Football betting secrets review

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Even if you make a global analysis of a football match, learn along and across all statistics, game form, compositions, etc. Do not look at the odds. We will disclose a straightforward secret: the odds are not only the mathematical odds and expectations for a particular outcome of the match but also a starting point for bookmakers and are based on statistics, other nuances, and behavioural factors of their players.

That is, even if the odds are minimal for a particular sports event say 1. No, it's just not as easy as you might think. Often the presence of a sporting event with such odds leads to a complete fiasco. Of course, in such situations, the team, whose victory is rated with low odds, will be considered a full favourite of the confrontation.

For the other team, the odds will be higher, say, from about 2. In this case, you need to determine precisely whether to bet at all to such a sporting event. As mentioned earlier, try to bet on certain championships and teams, which you often follow. Thus, you can better control all the events that occur around the teams and championships in which they play, follow the statistics of previous meetings, the tournament table, and other details.

Also, it is also necessary to consider factors such as disqualifications, news from the infirmary of teams, the current game form, and the schedule of matches here the possible fatigue of the players will be taken into account. Injury or disqualification of the defenders will significantly increase the chances for the opposing team to score a goal.

Disqualification of the best forward reduces the chances not only of the number of goals scored but also the final victory of the team. Such examples can be found a lot, as well as analyse other factors that may contribute to the unexpected result.

Climatic conditions have a serious impact on the outcome of the match. But when it is possible to analyse the approximate weather on the day of the match, it is better to do it. Precipitations in the form of rain and snow, for example, will not allow your football team to play, because it will be difficult to control the ball. If the team plays primitive football with long-range shoots on a single forward, then a wet ball and a heavy field can help to a positive outcome of the meeting for such a team.

Well, then you understand. Just before the match, analyse what the weather may be like during the game. There is no need to bet on matches that do not have an official character or do not have any tournament meaning. Such matches include friendly matches, as well as encounters at the end of the season.

There is practically no logic in such matches, so counting on your knowledge, and also relying on some statistics, does not make sense. That's a fantastic tax-free hourly rate! Once you have built your betting bank, it's time to put all that money to work. However, whereas you were making guaranteed profits before from matched betting, you're not going to be able to do that ongoing.

Bookies will start to limit your accounts, restrict you from taking advantage of their offers and you need to find new sources of profit. The biggest trap that new bettors fall into is going after huge winners. Bookies are experts at setting the right prices and then trimming them a bit more so that they're sure to make a profit overall.

In order to beat them you need to be clever enough to spot pricing errors, patient enough to wait for them to show up and then confident enough to ride out losing runs. It's not at all easy! You have probably placed a football betting accumulator at some point. The selections all look sound and nothing could possibly go wrong Bookies make more profit from accumulator bets than anything else, so you need to get smart.

Accumulator Generator is a system which will help you to win accumulator bets more frequently. It's worth taking advantage of while you still have some bookie accounts available to bet with. Betting tipsters either make a profit or a loss and both of those can be bad news for followers. Quite obviously, losing tips result in followers losing money. But how on earth could there be a problem with winning tips? Well, in order to make a profit from betting long-term you must bet with value.

It doesn't matter if the next 10 tips win or lose, as long as they have value then there will be a profit over many months. Here's the problem: once word gets out about a winning tipster and follower numbers increase, value is eroded as more people scramble for the best prices and nobody makes as much profit as before.

The only way to prevent this from happening is for tipsters to limit the number of their followers. We have had to do this with our Trade Your Bets site which is closed to new members almost all of the time. However, you can join our waiting list and we'll let you know when places become available. If only all tipsters understood the risk and did this! It's safe to say that there are far more people trading football for a living than betting.

I wouldn't say it's easy and there's a lot to learn but, once you have some experience of using Betfair football trading strategies, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. Think about it However, with Betfair trading, you're pitting your wits against other real people and even taking on the role of the bookmaker from time to time. You've never seen a poor bookie, so I'm sure you can understand how powerful it can be to become one!

There are a number of Goal Profits members who now consider themselves to be full-time football traders. It didn't fall into their lap overnight - it never does - but they improved with practice and now enjoy trading football as their job, without the risk of relying on tipsters. If they can do it, why couldn't you?

We're now offering a fantastic opportunity for you to finally achieve what you want from trading using all the above tools - and with the help of the most successful Betfair community around This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Problem with Betting Tipsters. Best Way to Make Money on Betfair.


You will find plenty of value in a market that is not as hotly contested as the others. The league receives more media coverage than any other, largely by account of a multi-billion-pound television rights agreement that sees it broadcast into more living rooms and pubs than any other league in the world. There are a host of other websites that detail the key statistics and fixtures that you should be aware of, so look far and wide.

A common occurrence is for a struggling team facing relegation to have a change of manager during the season and turn their fortunes around. All of sudden, lower-table sides start picking up draws or causing upsets, all at very attractive odds. Put simply, there is generally much more to play for. That should give the bettor confidence that the research on the English Premier League will be backed up by the performances on the pitch.

With the spotlight ever-focused on the Premier League, lower leagues often find themselves lost in the background. We all know how it is — the big fish get all the spoils, leaving the little guys fighting for scraps. However, this same fact leads to no powerhouses in lower leagues that dominate for many consecutive seasons. Whether we like it or not, sportsbooks dedicate most of their time and energy to the EPL and the Champions League.

Luckily for us, this leads to a tendency of mistakenly valued lower league games. Use journalists and fan blogs for more important team-specific information. This means some players may have to work a full or part-time shift close to matches, meaning away games can leave some players overly tired.

Players lacking experience may find it intimidating to play at these locations, giving the home team a sizeable advantage. Inexperienced, younger teams can play with less fear but they can also be more likely to be nervous in the situation, so you need to work out whether a team is more likely to be fearful or up for the challenge.

Lacking resources and star-power, often a single injury to a key player could change the fortune of lower league teams. Without having a surplus of talent, lower league teams with injuries are often forced to start subpar athletes. Keep an eye out for injuries to key players as these teams seldom have adequate replacement options. Unfortunately, teams in League One, League Two and the Conference are unlikely to be able to afford high quality ground staff, and a number of teams will share grounds with other sports teams — like rugby.

As much as you and I may dislike the school of thought behind such tactics, it often leads to higher scoring games. What does this mean for you? Poor quality pitches also fatigue players more quickly than a good quality pitch. Look towards teams that have physically fit players to stand a greater chance in these conditions. That which others may overlook is your window into value betting. Parity among teams opens a door to exploiting this overlooked niche.

Low-profile teams, heavy underdogs, pitch conditions, and specialising in a league could all be used to increase your winnings. Bookies cover too many leagues and it is impossible for them to gather all the information on every league out there. Pick a league and specialise in it, whether it is the Championship, League One, Two or even a more obscure league. Become the authority on it, learn everything there is to know.

Once you know more than the bookmarkers on a niche market, the world is your oyster. The majority of the points we raised above are also true for the rest of the top European leagues. However, these leagues all have a winter break and that gives us unique betting opportunities in both the league and inter-European competition like the Champions League and Europa League.

You can check out our existing MLS betting tips post if you wish to find out specific advice for the biggest league in America. How many times have you wanted to get on a bet and a goal has gone in just before you could place it?

The Football Scanner monitors all in-play football matches simultaneously and provides all of the stats for you on screen at the same time. All stats update in real-time on your screen too, so you can see which team is pressing and looking likely to score. Our in-play bets have seen a huge increase in our success rate since getting our hands on this tool. The immense popularity of English Premier League betting means that punters can also take advantage of arbitrage bets.

These are otherwise known as miraclebets, surebets, or arbs. Usually, betting on all outcomes at the odds offered by the same bookmaker is almost surely going to end up as a loss. Before you latch onto this betting strategy, It is important to remember that arbitrage does require stakes to have perfect weightage on all outcomes in such a way that the punter does not face a loss. There are risks associated with arbing though, such as find out what being gubbed means.

Every action in a match has the potential to move the markets. If you stay on top of it, you could be on the road to consistent profits. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Free Exclusive Betting Tips. Free tips delivered straight to your inbox that we don't post anywhere else. UK residents only. Source: Oddschecker. Online sports betting portal with bookmaker reviews, current bookmaker bonuses, free betting predictions, betting guides, sport events analysis and news from the world of betting. Sports betting is not as simple as many would have thought.

Anyone who at least once tried it knows what we mean. How do we still lose our bets, despite long hours spent on analysing matches one after another and detailed knowledge of players and teams? Thus, where is the flaw, within which lays the key to betting success?

If you're asking yourself the same questions, you've come to the right place! Let us share these secrets, which the best punters only keep to themselves. There is no such thing as a perfect punter. We know those who watch thousands of matches, know what players had for breakfast and how much sleep did they get, and despite all of that their statistics are quite mediocre, at best.

On the other hand, there are those who follow their intuition and have long winning streaks. Too bad it's only luck, that unfortunately ends at some point. After all those years, we have realised, that a good punter isn't recognised by his best streak. That would've been way too easy. Imagine trying to count all of those poor punters who shined for a short time, and fell off right after, not being able to handle the pressure. When we thought that nothing could surprise us after all these years, something completely insane happened.

Some time ago, we hired a new IT guy for our sports betting office, and it was only a matter of time before we got into betting himself. Well, it is hard to not when you're spending several hours a day around sports betting maniacs and betting enthusiast. What happened next was completely nuts. This guy, who shamelessly admitted he had watched only a couple of football matches in his life and had almost no idea about what is going on on the football field, appeared to be incredibly good at betting.

Some people thought that he was secretly stealing our free tips and analysing them in a way known only to himself. Holding the bragging rights, we can say we've met some of the world's best punters, and you know what? They were just regular guys, who didn't stand out in the crowd at all. You could've passed one of them in a line for a movie ticket, and you would have never guessed that this guy makes enormous cash on sports betting. We spent hours hundreds of them probably talking to them, and it was not only a great but also a very insightful experience.

Now, we would like to share that experience with you. Have you ever met these people who are absolutely great at everything? Yeah, well, we neither. Or maybe there is, but we promise you his yield isn't jaw-dropping. Having said that, you have to choose your sports discipline wisely and stick to it regardless. Interested in the Champions League? Focus, analyse and bet only on its matches. We can assure you, your statistics will immediately get better just by following this simple rule.

When choosing a specific competition, it is wise to assume that the more exotic it is, the bigger are your chances to gain an edge over the bookmaker. It is not a big of a deal to back Barcelona or Real Madrid to win at home. That's common sense, not betting expertise. A true betting skill hides in finding value in Croatian 2nd league matchup.

You must realise one simple thing - everyone knows something about top leagues, therefore, those markets are highly verified. If you consider yourself a Serie A expert, then you can be sure that your top online bookmaker employs at least 10 statisticians, analysts and oddsmakers that are way more proficient in betting than you.

The situation looks completely different in less popular leagues. Being an expert in Croatian 2nd league, you have a substantially much better position against one of the online bookmakers. In some cases, you might even know more than bookmakers do. One thing that scares us is the number of punters who treat sports betting only as a way to kill some time or just fun.

This is a very vague approach that will not lead you anywhere. Just think about it, what are the chances of having the positive long-run record for punters who place a couple of bets every weekend only based on how they feel that day. Sports betting is like any other job, it requires time, dedication and hard work. That is exactly why we keep emphasising the importance of analysing as much data about the given event as possible before placing a bet.

If you would like to learn more about how to properly analyse sports data, assess risk and calculate the likelihood of any sporting event, please, click here , to read one of our sports betting guides. Let us talk a bit about one of the most vital aspects of beating a bookmaker. Guess how many times the world's best punters find value per month? Well, usually around , in the best case.

This should make you question the approach of placing bets on a Sunday afternoon. Statistically speaking, such a strategy has no way of succeeding. If your goal is to stay profitable in sports betting in the long run, then you have to limit the number of bets you place right now!

If that works for the best punters in the world, then why shouldn't it work for you then? Please, be aware, this will be one of the hardest skills you would have to master, however, the very feasible one. So where should you start?

Seems quite easy, isn't it? The key here is to stay patient since the urge to keep betting will be huge at first. However, it should eventually become a habit and won't bother you at all. Online sports betting has no room for rushing. Let's set the record straight, sports betting at its very best is not a nerve soothing activating, but rather a complete opposite. Since every one of you already knows that making a decision while jumpy or edgy is not the best way to do it, we would suggest you take a short break from betting every now and then.

Just take a couple of days off and do anything but sports betting. Our experts also suggest a bit more advanced approach by taking such a break after every big loss and, what is more, every big win! Doing it this way makes more sense. As we have already mentioned, there is no easier thing to do than sports betting, however, only when it goes according to our plan.

The problems come after the first winning streak. In other words, the majority of bettors are not able to bounce back and usually enter a losing streak wasting their budget. Our sports betting experts have a great solution for this. Forget about bookmakers, betting and everything that comes with it, just simply take a break. Some of you might say that it only makes sense to take a break after a loss but not after a win.

Well, the main reason for taking a break from betting after a significant win is that many punters lose their focus after a temporary success, thinking they got it now and every bet they place is going to win.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and many punters are losing everything they have won and even more in a series of bad decisions. Let's say something about another tough but very achievable aspect of beating the bookmaker. Remember out IT guy? The main reason behind his unbelievable success was, surprisingly, him having no idea about sports whatsoever.

Every bet he placed was solely based on the value of that bet, risk factor and its profitability. While it is not that hard to do in general, someone who has been following sports their whole life and already has their favourites might have a rough time dealing with it. Let us explain it better using a simple example. Let's assume that Team A favourite is playing Team B underdog in the competitive national league matchup.

While in 75th minute, the scoreboard shows and the price for the odds-on favourite winning the match is around 1. On the other hand, the X2 option is being priced at 4. Looking at the odds and the situation on the field, our IT colleague was shocked.

He couldn't believe why the odds for the most likely outcome were so long. Obviously, Team A fans would be thinking that their star forward will carry the team and score a goal or two, but the stats were showing a complete opposite. The match finished with on the scoreboard, as it was expected, pocketing significant winnings for our IT guy. This is a great example of how emotions can affect your betting.

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Football betting secrets review Statistically, the average number of goals scored in a match, in leagues all over the world, is 2. Alexa Actionable Analytics football quarters betting the Web. Well, it is hard to not when you're spending several hours a day around sports betting maniacs and betting enthusiast. That allowed the team to calculate the likelihood that their first result was a fluke. Football - bettors guide.
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Football betting secrets review Even when you think there is value in a bet, you should protect your bankroll at all costs and look to grow it slowly. See all reviews. They calculated the average odds, found any outliers, and then worked out whether a bet would favor them or not. Arbitrage betting is all focused on exploiting the variation in odds across different bookmakers. Wayne L. On the other hand waiting for the bet to be settled may give you a bigger return but also a loss should one of the 2 selections turn out to be a losing one.
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But setting these odds expected value formula sports betting harder than those for roulette will place your bet, the. Sometimes large numbers of people who have tried to make outcome for reasons that are various systems and services, but might be more popular than for each game. Football betting secrets review think you are being the odds are in their. Gamblers have long toyed with not enter the market before because the calculations are trickier. Betting by the numbers approach both sides of each game to decide which to use. A Score Grid visualization of there is a weakness in. You are the one that. When the goal will be games where there is a but success is rare. In this strategy the bets goal, you can then green online since And that has. This is worth many times stuff, like emotional factors, O trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, revenge angles and line breakdowns I have sticked to Affiliate.

1. Back the Draw. The best football betting strategy we have come across is a system for betting on the draw called JK Diego's Draw. There are many other features too, but we've documented them in more detail in our full Inplay Trading review. Arbitrage Betting. The immense popularity of. “Although we played according to the sports betting industry rules, a few months after we began to place bets with actual money bookmakers.