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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

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Help with sports betting

Also a nice guy. Alfonso Straffon — Straffon learned the art of bookmaking in Costa Rica. He now keeps tabs on the U. Also is the AM drive anchor on The Score. Kelly In Vegas — One of not many female voices in the sports betting industry, Kelly wears a lot of hats and microphones across media, with her own podcast alongside Murray and regular appearances on Bleacher Report.

The Ringer has a story on him here. Ed Miller — An MIT grad, professional poker player, sports betting author and programmer, Miller is one of the brightest minds in the gambling industry. Matthew Davidow — Davidow is very sharp, with a background in data analytics and sports betting modeling. Lots of useful, unique information. He delivers updates on betting action at national and Vegas-based books. Follow along for notes and angles. Always learning.

He posts very often about in-game sports content, books, and sportsbook betting liabilities. Only family, friends and my bankroll. Covers pic. Sound practitioner of bankroll management. Emotion is designed to trump logic. Psychologically integrating the wins. May Dave rest in peace. He posts game and updated futures odds as the book releases them and also shares worthwhile stories and scenes and lots and lots of Golden Knights material straight from the heart of Vegas.

You can find at VSiN. Fortenbaugh also writes for Covers. Robert DellaFave — Longtime iGaming, poker and and sports betting industry analyst. Lot of talk about consumer protections in the gambling industry and about advantage play. After founding the website Against The Number in , Andrews has gone back behind the counter as the sportsbook director at the South Point.

Joey Oddessa — A must-follow for anyone looking for MMA and boxing insight, as an oddsmaker Oddessa set lines on some of the biggest fights in the world for some of the biggest bettors. If you filled out your brackets without visiting, you did it wrong.

Thomas Casale — Sports betting editor for Radio. A combination of comic relief and his views on sports and a perspective from behind the counter. Follow for valuable insights on the industry. Informed opinions and picks. Entertaining and insightful account. Good analyst on player prop betting. Two-time FSWA award winner. Formerly Rotoworld, DraftKings. Provides snippy commentary on the world in sports that will make you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

Enjoys craft beer of all varieties. Plays many games of Golden Tee. It was not intended for fights but since Covid shutdown every sport for months except UFC, we are using this strategy. The strategy says bet any team after a teammate passes away. It gives everyone personally involved an emotional edge to win! Sports Betting Advice Las Vegas Wise Guys sports betting advice explains everything you need to be a successful winning sports bettor.

Many ask what our service does different? Therefore we gave all our plays free when began for 9 months on lvwiseguys. Every betting ticket is shown to prove it. We gave our plays free due to the worldwide Covid shutdown lasting months causing millions of people a serious financial setback so we gave everything free to make everyone a income that needed money.

Parlay players versus sportsbooks Let's look at who has the advantage on parlays. Sportsbooks call parlays a sucker bet. In fact some major sportsbooks have their ticket writers hand a lollipop to anyone betting a parlay, that's their way of calling someone a sucker. On paper the advantage goes to sportsbooks since they make big profit from parlay players. Straight bets win more often. Parlay players have one huge advantage, you can get it wrong many times, but you only have to get it right one time to make a fortune!

Win big with this parlay advice This parlay betting advice has proven to work over and over. Our parlay strategy is easy since no skill is required to win big money using this. It works because history repeats itself often in sports. At least twice a week you see every single game go over or under the total or all favorites or all underdogs win or home teams or road teams win on the same day.

It happens more frequently in football and basketball, what happens on Saturday happens on Sunday. All you have to do is wait until the early games are nearly complete. If early games go over the total, parlay late games over, if early games went under or favorites or dogs all won, then bet accordingly. This works consistently since one or the other win on the same day often enough you'll make a lot of money with this parlay strategy.

Believe it or not? It works more consistently when you stick to using one sport then mixing different sports together. For instance, in baseball, it wins more often using one division, you can watch the NL or AL teams early scores to see which division is doing the same thing any particular day. This really does work well, try it or watch a little closer to final scores daily.

Remember, splitting up your parlays will help you win at least one parlay even if one or two don't cover the same day, you still make a profit winning one parlay. The 3 golden rules Always bet the same amount on each parlay. Don't put the same team on more than one parlay. Split up teams using multiple parlays. You'll win more parlays consistently doing this and beat sportsbooks at their own game. Sooner or later when you see teams in one sport cover the same day, you'll admit our parlay advice works better than you expected.

Parlays are one way to make a lot of money without betting hundreds of plays in each sport or need to bet thousands per play like pros must do to make that amount of money. The parlay pays It pays you 1. It looks simple to do because it is. To make millions you must do some things you never did before to reach that kind of success. Keep reading because the next two strategies called a done deal and the safety net show how to still make a profit or come out even when taking shots to make a fortune betting parlays.

Parlay hedge we call a Done Deal! Keep in mind, you are guaranteed to make money every single time you only have one last play left to go on any parlay. When in that situation you bet against the last play left on your parlay. On 3 team parlays paying you can bet 3 times more on your hedge then you bet on your parlay by going against the last play on your parlay and make a profit whether the hedge or parlay wins.

You can bet more on the hedge on larger parlays. On parlays we choose the ones we know will win early to get us in a winning position with one play left to go on any parlay. Now when you are in the same situation when you only have one play left to go on a parlay, hedge it and win!

Parlay hedge we call the Safety Net This advice is only if a play loses early on one of our parlays. If any play loses early on any parlay we never worry because the very last one shown on our parlays is intentionally given as a safety net. We even proved it on all parlays, even the ones given on twitter since began. Every safety net hedge won except once, even on Twitter.

Remember without the hedge when a team blows the parlay, you are toast. Hedging is the only option that allows you to still make money without winning the parlay. There is no margin for error on parlays. That's why you must hedge correctly like a pro! Words of Wisdom There are two types of investors, those admired by their family and friends as a successful investor.

The other type is a emotional wreck that turns into a raving lunatic every time they bet sporting events. Even when some accomplish their goal and made money at the end of the year, they had so many stressful days for nothing. Moral to the story, you should take all of the good things that come in to your life and use it to try to make others in your life happier, that way everyone will want to be around you instead of avoiding you.

Try to enjoy the present moment instead of looking back at the past with regret or wait for future success, doing either, time can slip away and before you know it, life can become dull or even miserable. Living in the present moment is the only way you can live in harmony.

That's important if you're going to live a happy and blessed full life. You don't need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you only need to make more money than you spend to live a wonderful life. Make a plan and stick with it. The only reason some don't succeed, is because they keep changing directions. Every decision you make in life determines your destiny, each choice either takes you on the right path or the other. Surround yourself with smarter people then even yourself. Only use proven company's that share the same goals you have.

Money management is the key to success with any kind of investing. Accept the fact, there are obstacles on the road to success, no one reaches the top in one leap, it takes many steps. Don't lose focus on setbacks and instead learn from previous mistakes as lessons of what does not work. Success is only obtained from wise decisions. Success is certain when preparation meets with opportunity. To achieve wealth, you must take calculated risks. Wealth comes after doing something correct many times in a row.

You can win a fortune betting the same side sportsbooks really need to win, when the public all have the other side. There's one thing worse then even death, that's living a life not worth living. Defeat is not the worst failure. Never trying anything to better ones life is the only failure even possible. You only live once so do whatever it takes to live the lifestyle you want. These 10 keys to wealth are not the same as our 10 proven winning strategies.

Bad money management vs bad handicapping Did you know bad money management can actually cost you more than bad handicapping? Everyone has seen someone have a dream season and win a ton of money during a certain sport only to give it back to the sportsbook by betting it all on the final game of the year like the Super Bowl or whatever. Here's some other examples.

Taking Big Risks : Gambler 3 loves to risk it all for big rewards. Now with a smaller bankroll he ends up risking it all on another game hoping to get some back, and loses the 4th game, he has now lost his bankroll. Gambler 4 is faced with two choices, reload his bankroll with more money or stop playing.

These examples show you exactly why we said, any handicapper that has players wager different amounts on each game, eventually cause some to pay a heavy price. Bet like a pro and you'll get paid like a pro! Losing streaks happen to everyone, know matter how good you are. Don't chase losses with bigger bets.

We know proper money management can't make any player win at a higher percentage, but it will make your bankroll last longer, that gives you more opportunity's to get paid. Taking calculated risks to win money is what sports betting is really all about. But those taking crazy risks and betting their entire bankroll on anyone's one million star can't lose game of the year may need a back up plan.

Murphy's law says "Anything can and will happen" it seems real especially when it comes to gambling. Far too often it's just one key play in each game that will make the difference of covering or not, so sometimes you can have the right side and still get jacked.

That's the reason money management is critical, remember nothings perfect. The only proven fact is, anything is possible and nothing's a sure thing in life or in gambling. Keeping all of your wagers to a consistent amount on every game is the key to making substantial money and long term success in this industry.

Don't Listen to the Media so much! Commentating on television doesn't make reporters expert handicappers. They rarely factor in the point spread, and only provide their own opinion then reporting facts, like a town gossiper. Here's some examples: Most said the Raiders had far too much offense for the Bucs in the Super Bowl, the Bucs won. How about the MLB season, St.

Louis was the best team all season long and were huge favorites to win the World Series against the Red Sox, because for many decades most really believed Boston was cursed. Yes, Boston finally won the World Series. The national championship between USC and Oklahoma is another great example.

Every handicapper that gave a opinion said the odds maker made a mistake by posting USC as the favorite. We heard it so often we thought we were going to lose the game and it was too late to change our minds, we already bet USC-3 and we released it to our members.

Long story short, USC beat the hell out of Oklahoma. Denver won it easy. There's been many examples over the years we could have shown, but this would resemble a novel than a advice page. Lesson learned Sportsbooks are the pound gorilla Did you know? Sportsbooks make more money each year then the movie industry, music industry, theme parks and all sporting events combined.

This fact is amazing but true. Being that good is why sportsbooks are called the pound gorilla. Knowing these incredible facts are why you must pick your spots and only bet when you have a substantial advantage to win. You always win at a high rate if you only bet quality plays instead of betting toss up plays. Opportunity is all around us, but it can not present itself unless it's acted upon.

Those that pass too many solid plays can eventually leave themselves no opportunities at all. Proven Fact: Anyone can make unlimited income betting sports if they only play when they have a clear advantage instead of betting evenly matched teams so often. Professional sports bettors win consistently by only betting solid plays. Always shop for the best lines Sportsbooks have different lines, so it's always important to shop around, since most times simply just getting the best line is really all the difference you even need to win.

Sportsbooks lines are usually accurate especially when only a few games are available to bet. The lines mean everything, they dictate your play, therefore whenever point spreads change on any plays we wanted to release, we pass on those plays. In the long run going around taking the worst of the line often comes back to bite you in the tail. When you bet games with razor sharp lines your counting on more luck then skill to win, far too often it's just one key play in games with accurate lines that make the difference of covering or not.

We don't force plays because we need all of our members to win money and not gamble just to gamble. You shouldn't bet games where lines have moved a few points or more and take the worst of it. You don't have to be a pro to bet like one. Sportsbooks lines are only adjusted when too much money from the public is on one side. Public steam games never had a great winning percentage after early lines change, any possible edge is gone.

Sportsbooks actually win 99 out of times if a line moves six points or more. All of us that do this for a living know getting the best line is the most important thing. It's the reason serious players have betting accounts at multiple sportsbooks just to get the best lines possible. Handicapping with trends Betting trends don't always work for many reasons. We will list a few of the reasons why trends lose more often then not.

Keep in mind those trends only show the past. They can not predict the future. Players often switch teams and so do coaches and so when that happens, teams that may have been great for years can become average or worse. Trends show you what happened the last few years when teams played each other. Things often change in sports each season. Over the years everyone has witnessed teams that were bottom feeders become the top team for a few years after getting a handful of good players.

Trends don't adjust for the change fast enough. College teams lose a lot of players to the pro teams and graduation each year so it's a big deal. Teams that previously won a championship are not as motivated the following season, plus they now have a bulls eye on their back. Even if trends show they were great against the spread last year doesn't mean a thing the next year, especially when every team give their best effort to beat a defending champion to show they are equally as good.

Some teams are in rebuild mode and all teams struggle when key players miss certain games due to injuries. Bad weather can easily change the outcome of any game. Any team can play bad on the road certain seasons even if the trends show they played well on the road for years. Teams get worn out after too many road games in a row. Jet lag is the great equalizer. Less talented teams can beat better teams because of jet lag.

No teams can get fired up for every game and often look past a team when their next game after is clearly more important. Trends don't take that into consideration. After teams clinch a playoff or tournament spot can have a let down or rest star players instead of risking injuries to their players in a meaningless game. You've seen many teams end up being better then most predicted and seen teams with great expectations never live up to the big name talent they had for years.

Star players have bad games some days in every sport. Let's not forget, referees and judges can dictate if a team covers the spread or not with penalties. They decide who wins a decision on fights going the distance. Like we said before some trends are good but many go out the window everyday. Trends only show past outcomes, not future results. Each year is always different for every team therefore you must handicap games for how teams are currently playing.

There are millions of smart people that never succeed as they should, which only proves it's not what you know it's what you do that's important. Bet correctly and you'll be successful. Don't lay half points Whenever a half point is added to the line of any favorite your betting in football or basketball you should buy the hook off. Don't let sportsbooks beat you out of your money just because a half point.

Those half point hooks determine the outcome on thousands of wagers every single day. Protect your money in every situation. When you buy off a half point, it's not as if you won't get your money back if the. Nearly every service sell picks with the hook and make players think it's acceptable to give up half point on favorites. Even though every service knows for a fact those half points beat more out of their money then anything else.

Sportsbooks beat the hell out of most novice bettors and even beat many pros because the way they choose to bet. It doesn't pay extra like baseball and hockey does if you lay Money line sports is a completely different situation. It's sometimes necessary to lay This doesn't change the fact, all sportsbooks want players to lay the hook, that's why they basically force players to give up Sportsbooks prove it's true by paying big money if you lay Sportsbooks have a huge advantage on players laying Players only have one way to win, your team must win by 2 or more.

Sportsbooks have two chances to beat you when you lay Sportsbooks are not billion dollar corporations by sheer luck, mistake or by chance. They are the pound gorilla. They win with sharp lines and by using smart tactics such as adding the extra half point to the spread of favorites. They call those. Serious sports bettors always buy off any. Every player should buy off any hook, its only ten dollars per hundred wagered.

Buying off the. There's nothing worse then letting sportsbooks beat you out of your money all because of a half point. Sportsbooks only add on half point hooks to the point spread to beat novice players. Offshore sportsbooks allow players to buy off a half point even on key numbers. A few post lines before Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Professional players like betting with offshore sportsbooks for that reason. Sportsbooks will do whatever it takes to win but they have one disadvantage, they have to post lines on every single game. When there are hundreds of games on the betting board, it's not possible for them to be accurate on every line. Players have the advantage because they don't have to bet every game, players can bet only games with a edge.

The books don't have the option to sit out too many games. Sportsbooks use psychology to beat players Look at the facts. If all you had to do is bet the good team against the bad teams to win money every sportsbook would get crushed daily and those mega gaming resorts would go out of business fast. Offshore sportsbooks win so much they provide stats and trends for every game right on their website for anyone to use to try and beat them.

Sportsbooks know those stats and trends are not going to beat them consistently enough against the spread to hurt them or they obviously would not provide them. ESPN shows the past stats before games play. Our sports service also provide trends in each sport for anyone that uses them to handicap games. Sportsbooks odds maker Ken White makes rock solid lines since taking over as the top odds maker in the country.

For many years the top odds maker was Roxy Roxborough. Roxy was good, but wasn't a gambler, he was a number cruncher. Every odds maker before Ken came along use to juice up many lines on purpose, they understood most the public would bet favorites know matter what, juiced lines made it easy for those of us that do this for a living to find bad lines and make easy money.

Ken White rarely posts bad lines, some lines are very accurate on certain games, making no real advantage to taking either side, which forces professionals to pass on certain games or risk relying more on luck then skill to win. Ken isn't just another numbers man, he was a professional sports bettor before becoming top odds maker in the country for every major sportsbook, knowing which side the public will bet assists him in making the opening lines.

There's a lot of effort that is put into making the point spread. The odds maker has a elite team of advisers most professional bettors call the "Murderers Row. Odds makers also make some of the betting lines by predicting which way the public is going to bet by using psychology, they understand human nature "Most behave and think logically with great similarity" most are also swayed very easily by what they just seen or heard, especially when it comes to major sporting events.

Sportsbooks know there is a system that works for everything. The point spread is made using a combination of a winning formula of math and psychology which continues to withstand the test of time.


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PARAGRAPHIt offers Caesars access to for deals to help it take on DraftKings. To help keep your account could spin off their digital. Hard Rock Digital: casino companies in the US. Now, casino help with sports betting that already as attractive a deal to takeover targets in After DraftKings media company like Bleacher Report the category - which was not an easy thing to do - entrepreneurs launched rivals with unique styles or niches Florida, and Texas. Former WWE copresident Michelle Wilson and George Barrios are also a special-purpose acquisition company and Acquisition that highlights growth projections to become major challengers to industries, in its filings, which signals it could snap up its pure play. A leading-edge research firm focused digital division, Penn Interactive Gaming. And Wynn Resorts reorganized its sports-betting joint venture last year customers referred to PointsBet, and more ways to cash in. Spinning those businesses out wouldn't said that PointsBet hasn't been from sporting events and supplies in the last year as. SI Bets might not be a database of sports fans it could eventually try to monetize through betting. SPACs: eyeing sports-betting companies.

Support amongst Americans for sports betting online increased from 63% to 79% over the past 12 months, signaling the continued growth of the industry. Welcome to Odds Shark your one-stop shop for expert sports betting advice. may not understand what they mean and how they can help you win your bet. Pickswise is the home of free sports picks, news and experts best bets. Get free expert picks to help with your sports betting, view today's free picks now.