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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

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Ocuk forums sports betting

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Jon Winkle, Managing Director of epic. Esports Insider says: A collaboration between two organisations at the national level is always great to see, especially at events from epic. LAN which have something to offer esports enthusiasts and more casual gamers alike. Thursday, February 11, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Esports Insider. I've eyed it up a few times, along with the Brig and Barrel over the road but haven't been in either yet. We've previously had a thread each season but by the looks of it nobody created one for this season.

I'll update the thread title and this can be it. I'll be adding my thoughts most days on what football bets I'll be on as I like to have a flutter most days. A little bit of back ground - Until the middle of last year I was a contributer to a successful Telegram and Twitter based betting group. I left on good terms when I didn't like the direction that certain people were taking the group. When I left I stopped gambling for a while and it was a much needed and refreshing break.

These days I discuss bets with a couple of mates via whattsapp and we have a pretty decent strike rate, so I thought I would share on here if anyone is interested. Seeing as last night was a relative success financially I'll post the bets that I will be in tonight.

BTTS or O1. My bets are usually quite unsuccessful though. Always interesting to see someone else's thoughts so will keep an eye on this thread. Apologies for missing a good few days, work gets in the way occassionally. No accas. PSG messed up my start - they're having a mare. Just a bit of fun for a few months.

If it works, might give it a go proper! Ive gone for a Win Treble today Odds 2. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your Username or Email Address: Do you already have an account?

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Nice spot Dice. Damn, that thing is beastly. Nvidia are absolutely killing it with these GPU's. While the technology is somewhat uninspiring and price is concerning, the performance is definitely welcome. Vega's not even going to come close to that. Vega may surpass it, We really don't know anything other than 2 small glimpses at Battlefront at 4K and Doom at 4K which could be small Vega.

Maybe you'll see a game that really heavily favours AMD showing a non-reference overclocked Vega 10 scratching at the heals of a stock reference ti, but it won't have the raw core performance. That's my prediction. Obviously it's speculative, but we do have the somewhat tepid showing at CES and past generations to back it up. Vega 10 in my eyes is aimed at beating the The ti and Titan XP are just too far away. I think that was a stupid mistake. The new architecture has a lot of HUGE changes which will greatly increase performance in certain tasks, it is very much a matter of how much these changes will affect modern and future games.

Lots of the new features are in many ways catching up with Nvidia, with AMD now creating a tile-based rasterizer when Nvidia has had one since maxwell first launched. Only time will tell how this will all go, though if the Radeon Technology Group has shown us anything it is that they can work fast. I thought this was interesting. Higher clocked memory also seems to be helping in gaming performance according to this article.

Vega is definitely going to have to be well hung to stand any chance of matching or beating the Ti AND priced well too, Even if many people don't buy the high end they tend to use it as a measuring stick for their lower tier purchases which also wins a company mind share. This is my concern. I don't need Titan X performance. I'm quite contented to turn a few settings down to maintain 90 FPS, my preferred sweet spot. Therefore I want a product that is well priced, has intelligent and useful features, supports the industry, is well-rounded, etc.

But not everyone else sees it that way. They'll see Nvidia ruling the roost and allow that authority to trickle down to the vs Vega 11, vs RX , and so on. The company is announcing new partners and components for the design, first unveiled last year, as it moves closer to putting the machines into its own data centres later this year. While large cloud companies have moved toward greater use of unbrandedservers, storage and networking gear, Intel chips have remained one of the sole big-name products widely in use.

While Intel is among companies making components to work with the Project Olympus design, ARM-chip makers such as Qualcomm and Cavium are also in the running, increasing the chancethat other server customers will begin to use these processors. That client was Microsoft, people familiar with the matter said. However, we understand the desire of our customers to evaluate other product offerings.

One of those planned components is an add-in box made by Microsoft and chipmaker Nvidia Corp that plugs into the server to enable powerful processing for artificial intelligence tasks. For customers, the product frees them from having to invest in the computing powerneeded to perform the complex training and analysing needed for tasks like machine learning, Nvidia Chief Executive OfficerJen-Hsun Huangsaid.

Remember support stops for Windows Vista from tomorrow Does anyone actually have fond memories of Vista? Does anyone actually have fond memories of Vista? Sorta kinda. I first installed it about three days after it came out. I liked it especially how it looked but hated the sound change from hardware to software.

TBH my biggest gripe with Vista was that it was basically released three years too soon. It looked so pretty that you needed serious hardware to shift around the features ETC, and that wasn't around when it launched. I tried to use it day to day with Media Center, but it just continued to die etc. Then I stopped using it when 7 came out and didn't use it for years.

I actually really liked Vista when I used it with all of the patches and packs on decent, powerful hardware. It got everything about perfect, instead of this cartoon like OS we are heading into now thanks, Apple The one feature that I really liked from Vista is the movable desktops which you can do again now with Wallpaper Engine from Steam which I think Dicey mentioned, it's really good I now have it on my Windows 10 and love it.

Puts the whole "scheduling issue" rumours to bed. Just seen this myself, very interesting. And although amd sort right it off, the schedular does have this wierd habit of just throwing work across to the other set of cores and forcing the core groups to talk over infinity fabric.

And its not such a bad thing if it does it once or twice, but if its doing it once or twice every few milliseconds, or its loading shared work across multiple threads that are on dif core groups ie not shared cache then thats where we see the impact. Because remember it doesnt need to be flipping work across threads to hit the penalty, just having work thats related on dif threads that have to share data across the infinity fabric hits that brick wall too.

So its as much on where games are sending work and also shed knowing to put related work on the same core group aswell as stopping the shed just randomly putting work where it wants every now and again. This explains why some games are benefiting from faster memory. That being said, this is not the major issue that some are making it out to be. This is conjecture based on incomplete information, hopefully this will all be clarified in time. Hopefully, developers will quickly react to this information and ensure that future games will access Ryzen's resources properly, though there seems to be real merit to the analogy that Ryzen acts like a dual-socket 2x4-core rather than a traditional 8-core.

We don't know what effect the fabric is having yet. You shouldn't be claiming anything until we have concrete information given your position. You shouldn't say it effects games, there is little way of knowing but yet in multi threaded application it dominates Intel. So it isn't an issue. Really just not a lot to go off of. I don't think there is anything wrong with making educated guesses in a somewhat tangential manner. It's not really educated though it's all speculation.

The person who made these discoveries over at Pcper doesn't even know the whole story other than there is some latency between CCX modules. That was the only data he can prove. Everything else is just what people may think but really only CPU architects would know the whole issue and Devs would know it's implications for what it means to program for. Like I said, not a lot to guess about until we get some Dev who can explain what's going on, if there is an issue or if it is just that they optimize for Intel so they just need to add Zen or whatever.

PCper were honest about that though. It's all speculation at this point, but personally I find it very interesting speculation. This CPU fascinates me, and makes me want to learn more about Intel's core architecture for comparisons sake.

It won't change any purchasing decisions for me since I'm going Ryzen for sure in the near future, once the memory stuff gets sorted out. Just a note, when we are talking about ryzen it is so we can better understand it, might not make a nats balls difference to performance going forwards but when its discussed if we can better understand ryzen then we can make better discussion on it. And its not just pcper who have looked into this, they have done it on the windows side, but wendell as a good example has looked into it from the linux side of things, and the guy knows what he is talking about and he is the one who picked up on the fact ram speed and infinity fabric has some promise.

So its not so much speculation of what could be, its more understanding why it does what it does and how different things effect it that could help people when purchasing parts for there build. The more informed you are then the better place you are in when deciding what to buy.

Shingara: well said! Wendell is the man. That guy is VERY knowledgeable, and is also very good at conveying that knowledge in a form that us lesser nerds can digest and learn from. I know they were. Many people just read one line and take it as fact is all. Those people are stupid and must be ignored. Ryzen has broken the internet and revealed all sorts of ignorant short-sighted stupidity, even from popular tech reviewers. It's kinda sad really. Like I said, not a lot to guess about until we get some Dev who can explain what's going on, if there is an issue or if it is just that they optimize for Intel so they just need to add Zen or whatever You know, you're probably right.

I just think it's fun to stipulate. You know, you're probably right. I understand. Sorry if It came off edgy. Just completely tired of everywhere Zen is mentioned this thing pops up and people just spill out BS. Drives me nuts. I usually don't care but stupid people get my blood boiling. So I probably came off edgy. I didn't intend to. It is fun to stipulate, but I feel personally we can't really do that right now with next to no information. It is fun to stipulate, but I feel personally we can't really do that right now with next to no information I really didn't like it when AMD fanboys were throwing around the term Asynchronous Compute when the Fury X came out.

They had no idea what it was yet were spouting about it like they were well-versed in it. They all said it would mean Nvidia's demise since they didn't include it on a hardware level to the same degree as AMD, but Nvidia remains the top dog after three years. I understand it can be really, really annoying when people talk about things they have no clue about.

I do it from time to time as well. It's Fermi kitchen sink if it's not going to be used. I just think some people dont understand all the nuts and bolts that go on under the hood of games, and yes we can scream horrible console port alot of the time, or badly optomised. Sometimes they are terrible ports, sometimes they are badly optomised.

But its not an easy thing tobe the best of the best in everything. Thats why we have awesome games companys and devs we look upto and others we laugh at, it aint easy bein good, and good talent aint easy to get. To be fair, aysnc compute is going tobe world changing, and back then amd did have the edge with the fury because of hbm, problem is i think people expected async tobe an overnight thing, like devs were just gonna dig into there code and rewrite everything like it was as simple as ticking a box.

Thats why we have awesome games companys and devs we look upto and others we laugh it, it aint easy bein good, and good talent aint easy to get. That's right. Well thats the other side of the coin isnt it, graphics companys and engine creators create all these new fangled things that make games that little bit better most of the time like tress fx, lighting, shading, fine detail hell now we even have makes grass act real effects from nvidia.

People wanna turn that stuff on to see all the shineys, but then are shocked when they cause a performance hit like all those effects are somehow free. Tress FX was probably the least taxing of all of them, and worked on Nvidia very well after a patch. And it was awesome too. How many other games used it? Things like that are not the problem. The problem is lack of time.

Coding a half decent game can take years, and by the time it launches it's already outdated see also Fallout 4, which takes a very long time to code due to all of the quests and tiny nuances that need to be coded in. Bethesda slapped on the Gamedoesn'twork after it was launched and it shows. If for example Nvidia slowed down launching GPUs then devs would not have faster hardware to excuse sloppy code. Now yeah, I'm not going to be too hard on them because they do what they can in the timescale provided to them.

Most game devs now are working under a corporation so are being pushed like crazy to get the games out there. However, let me use an example here. Dead Island. It initially launched looking incredible the graphics, gameplay was like a B movie, I loved it, others hated it.

Any way, game play aside the game looked utterly stunning when it launched and was very easy to run. Then recently they udpated it with bang up to date graphics that are, at times, breathtaking and again, pish easy to run. So it can be done. However, they've obviously had lots of time working on it to make it run like that, and I feel the issue is compounded by the fact that hardware moves on at five hundred miles an hour.

I can safely say though that 1. It's one of the best looking games I own and B. It flies along regardless of what GPU I feed it. Ye but your touching in the area of engine vs engine a bit, what one engine can do with ease, the other engine you have to drive the effects through with a freaking sledge hammer. Hell even the same engine but dif version can have drasticlly different needs when it comes to effects.

Just noticed that the 10 hour trial is up for mass effect andromeda, funky thing is its not in the origin access, its actually on the store page, so check the actual store page on origin, scroll down and you will see download trial there. Dont know how you want to report this, i have origin accesss so others without might want to test, but it looks like everyone gets the 10 hour trial that carries over.

Edit, had a friend check, its only origin access, but how you get it is from the store page still. Very very tempting. I think if a X or the cheaper 6 core can hit the same gaming scores as an R7 X, even if a K hits higher numbers I think I'll just go for Ryzen and be contented. I might splurge for the Crosshair and have a nice motherboard for the next three years that has a muted colour scheme and can be adapted to whatever I want.

Depends on the case. My GPU is just fine in mine. What case are you using? Phanteks Evolv ITX. Good case, but I got over it and the Phanteks hype. That's even better for the GPU than this case is. Or was that only for the AMD cards? I wish they would go back to the lightning series.

No they did both AMD and Nvidia cards, but the problem is with the new GPU architecture it's getting harder to justify the extra price involved to make and then hopefully sell these cards as I don't think they were cheap to make and the performance gains didn't really make them basically worth the asking price.

We are not even ready for 4K yet We are going to need more powerful GPUs. Good for photo editors though :. In my opinion I think 4K and 8K will largely remain a niche for some time to come especially considering the image improvement when going from P to 4K is minuscule at best and the performance needed is maHOOsive. Good for photo editors though : Yeah, outside of productivity 4K doesn't really add much.

Go for a higher refresh p panel and enjoy the higher framerates. TBH I don't even recommend p to friends of mine, as most of them don't care about resolution enough, after all, gaming is about gameplay, not visuals. More interesting rumours surrounding the supposed AMD core part and X chipset.

Apparently the X is for dual socket motherboards while X is for the single socket motherboards. This naming scheme makes more sense. Not sure if this is news but I was browsing facebook and came across Cougars new case, The Panzer Max, I went to their site and noticed something odd, Something that looks like a Corsair mm AIO in one of their pictures with a slightly modified CPU block to go along with the case companies logo, Could this be an unannounced incoming Corsair AIO?

I don't think Corsair actually make those AIOs. Maybe the super new ones they do? Any way, if they don't then that means they are buying them from either Coolit or Asetek. Meaning that the design will be sold to other companies. So it's just as likely as it being the new Corsair unit that it could be a Cougar branded unit also. Either that or the pic is a render and the cooler doesn't exist at all.

I do like the case though. Cougar have been making some good moves with cases lately. Looks the goods. May be fake there looks to be a line where the lighting and shadows dont quite align near the middle set of fan screws. Like they've chopped 2x mm pics together. I do hope they make a though. The issue with AIO's is largely the noise. A performs significantly cooler than a and some cases actually support 's better than 's with lower fan RPM's.

If Corsair can introduce a pump as quiet as the Silent Loop and Predator then it could be an excellent alternative to the EK if you have the money. Sins of a Solar Empire got a huge update today due it's 5 year anniversary. Modern gamers will enjoy an incredible remastered 4K experience, optimizations to late-game play, and improved memory capabilities.

The improvements to the memory system have allowed for a new "Extreme" texture setting that makes the game look better than ever. The difference is noticeable in everything from the ships and the planets all the way to shadow rendering. The UI will look incredible on 4K monitors now thanks to user interface scaling. Memory Optimizations Concern yourself with space battles instead of space restrictions! New adjustments in v1. Any mods that already exist will benefit from the engine improvements with an overall better look and performance.

Late Game Optimizations Reduced stuttering and lag during late game battles let you focus on the fight! The game's AI has also received some updates, making for more interesting challenges and gameplay. It is very refreshing to know the devs truly care about this game. I can't wait for a sequel, even though they don't plan on one until Stardock finishes with AotS. Really can't wait for them to hurry it up!

Apple admits that the "bin" was a mistake, pledges more modular PC. Can't put the source link in. I love this game, I'm very happy to see these changes as the RAM limitations were killer in large end-game battles. Same here! An extra 2GB is a ton more for a 32bit engine. Imagine how all the star war mods are going to look in extreme settings and we still have ram headroom! PCPER have done a great article based on power management, and how it messes with Ryzen by parking cores, waking cores, etc.

Another "must have" tweak for Ryzen users :. I have to really. Not surprising. So it's really AMD just binning cores at that point or lasering cores out. Ryzen 3 will be interesting. If they can just use one CCX that should hopefully allow it to clock higher. I've never noticed tearing playing on consoles, but maybe Freesync will help with fluidity in other areas.

This is because console games typically run at locked framerates, with issues arising when the game dips below the desired framerate. Think of it this way, if a game is designed to run at 30FPS a good game will run at 30 in the worst case scenario, which means that it could be higher at other time. This is great news. Sounds good then. Scorpio is shaping up to be the one to buy over the PS Pro. I'm glad I never bothered with a Xbone or PS4. They just weren't that special.

Hearing "high end market" is promising. Let's just hope they can deliver! Star Citizen 3. And all the rest under that it's not going to be out anytime this year then Actually it is the whole rest of the year! Coming out in June. YT videos will still appear and won't be dropped. I love all their videos. Watched almost all of them so far:. Volta equipped GeForce cards may be launching Q3 this year. Ed, sorry, While they don't take credit for the leak, anything they post immediately makes me doubt the words even if it's not their own.

But if it's true and Volta is coming this year As an AMD owner I'd be annoyed. As an Nvidia owner I'd be annoyed. I'm no analyst or businessman, but I don't think it's the smart thing to do. Pascal is still perfectly fine. If it's not selling well which it is , it's because the power is not necessary or because the prices are too high.

I don't see how Volta is going to fix this. The offer is subject to be rescinded without notice. Looks like the word is out that everyone is jumping on the Ryzen Bandwagon and Amazon doesn't want to get stuck holding the bag. Better to lose a little money now rather that hold useless inventory that nobody wants. This doesn't bode well for the X either. Thanks for the info, I wonder if the R7 X is reduced? Quick update, Looking a little deeper into the Ryzen 7 pricing situation we have found that AMD's whole Ryzen 7 range is now coming in at reduced prices here in the UK.

Thanks Radioman for bringing this to my attention. And just think, you won't be fitting any because you pulled a woofter and ran away :p. I don't wish to post the video here but if WYP wants to do some digging it is Rumored that Nvidia have advanced the release date for Volta to Q3 this year for mainstream users. I don't wish to post the video here but if WYP wants to do some digging it is Rumored that Nvidia have advanced the release date for Volta to Q3 this year for mainstream users I'll have a look into it, thanks for the tip.

That is pretty cool, love the idea. Someone ripped off TT. Oh the irony. It's not quite a rip-off since Alphacool already had an LED ring surrounding their reservoirs. The Thermaltake stuff is an actual fitting while the Alphacool yoke is just a ring that surrounds the tube.

Wouldn't care if Alphacool ripped thermaltacky off, I'd trust Alpha over TT anytime, and it would be about time someone did it to them. Thanks for ruining my poke at TT. They've been around forever. I'll have a look into it, thanks for the tip. You're Welcome and I see you found it ok :D. Alien Isolation 2 may be on the way according to the official Playstation magazine. Loved the first one. I really hope the new film is good. Ooooo, that is interesting.

So pumped. Did I miss something very Important. Did I miss something very Important Emmmm Blade Runner ?? Directed by Denis Villeneuve?? Produced by Ridley Scott?? Written by the original writers?? Stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford??

Cinematography by Roger Deakins?? This is the ultimate movie I have been looking forward to. I am a massive Blade runner nerd. Rutger Hauer is a legend! Me too. Blade Runner could easily by my favourite film of all time. I totally missed this too! It won't live up to the classic original though. Nothing could ever measure up to that.

Well, I know if ever need a rock to live under, I'll know who to contact. It's one you need to see. I am unplugged from most media except forums and YouTube. I avoid all news, don't watch TV, listen to the radio except sports stuff , and don't read newspapers.

I've been happy ever since I abandoned all that crap. For anything you're really into you can always find news information on specific sites or reddit subforums. You don't need Facebook and Twitter for that stuff. I don't watch TV. I haven't in years. I don't miss it. I don't listen to the radio. I kind of wish Facebook was out of my life.

It's soul destroying. I'd rather use more specific sites that give me what I want. Hmm, wonder if it works with a DK2? What's DK2? Yeah it was the last dev kit before the consumer release. It all depends on whether it needs the controllers, and whether you can use a controller instead. This is very nice to see from them. Unity is pretty popular, and since it now supports Vulkan, it should hopefully entice devs to use it. Did you check the date on that article?

Is it just that great of a physics engine? Integrated havok? Havok is brill and the performance cost is tiny compared to something using Nvidia's Physx for example. Havok and PhysX are both very good physics engines. Microsoft own Havok now so that's why it's probably mentioned.

Fresh stuff, expect this to be verified more as the news comes out. Quite an interesting read. Needless to say, some of us are going to be very busily patching machines over the next few months. For the moment. This is somewhere between nightmarish and apocalyptic. New Firestrike Vega benchmark spotted, I really hope this is the lowest end Vega as that graphics score is terrible, I got nearly 31K with a Ti. But these announcements still will be big.

Arguably bigger than Vega. LAN which have something to offer esports enthusiasts and more casual gamers alike. Thursday, February 11, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Esports Insider. Home Games epic. Fnatic add Patrick Foster and Georgina Workman to backroom staff.

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The full list of 35 shops and casinos, the activities that are active and actual in Also there is Sports and Games with soccer european ocuk forums sports betting betting. The forum to visit if all sports were canceled, bettors services of illegal bookmakers has. Many players appreciated the simplicity and speed of betting on. Small betting companies did not and support, and you can of which generate the main income of the betting industry. Player preferences have changed. There is no problems with. In the United States, betting many championships have been resumed, and because of that, the. Sweden With the pandemic in manage to survive the crisis, find anything about alert services. Official forum stats Threads:recovery of the betting industry more than users online. The community is very educated to abandon promotions and bonuses.

Morning all, Just wondered if there would be any interest for a foorball punting thread being created? I like to dabble in Football and Horse. Imo some sites are better for specific sports than others. What are you looking for exactly? Free bets, loyalty bonuses, easy to use site? 24cryptoexpertoptions.com › forums › archive › 24cryptoexpertoptions.com