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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

Pinnacle sports betting nfl sharps hans betting eeftink rensing center

Pinnacle sports betting nfl sharps

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Is this the end of the professional sports bettor? Despite the bag full of money, Spanky is transfixed by the penny slot machine, pumping one bill after the next into it. That misunderstanding stands to spread like wildfire. Last year, the Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of , paving the way for individual states to lift restrictions and regulate bookmaking. New Jersey, where Spanky has lived his entire life, was one of the first states to do so, and in less than a year it has experienced a gold rush.

He and I will pool our money, with me putting up 1 percent of the stake, and he will show me how to bet like a pro. As we walk down the Atlantic City boardwalk on a cold Monday night in March, the year-old Spanky quizzes me on my knowledge of sports betting.

We stop at the edge of the Ocean Casino at the end of the boardwalk. Spanky hands me the backpack. These personae exist on a spectrum, where some of them develop into others as they climb the ladder from casual dabblers to the vaunted sharps—the players who can beat the house edge on a regular basis. Spanky has at one time or another been all seven. Which means his bets are often limited. Spanky shakes my hand and turns and walks off down the boardwalk. I take a deep breath, sling the backpack, heavy with cash, over my shoulder, and head into the casino.

In the less than one year that bookmaking has been legal in New Jersey, a number of European companies have swooped in to offer their services to the racetracks and casinos licensed to book sports bets. These companies offer a turnkey operation complete with quantitative analysts, technology for things like mobile wagering, software and modeling for profiling bettors and managing risk, access to data from sports leagues, and worldwide pools of liquidity.

But for gamblers, especially the professionals, the rapid expansion of some of these European companies in the American market is alarming. The European model of bookmaking is seen by many as hostile to winning players. Professional sports bettor Alan Denkenson thinks the explanation is much simpler than that. One day when they throw me out someone will take my place. DraftKings, the daily fantasy sports company that has pivoted into bookmaking in New Jersey, has signed a deal with Kambi Group, which is headquartered in Malta and takes a similar approach to so-called sharp players.

The number has been hammered into shape by the time the weekend rolls around. Not being able to bet more money is a death sentence for professional gamblers. I know it sounds crazy. I have to be able to bet five and six figures on a weekend in order for it to be worth a living to me. The situation, then, is existential. If this is the direction the industry is headed, professional sports bettors may soon be no more. There will only be bookmakers and squares.

And once the bookmakers are done feasting on the squares, there will be nothing. In , the Mt. Carmel Feast in Jersey City had all the elements of a modern carnival: rides, corn dogs, skill games where you could toss rings or pop balloons to win stuffed animals. Spanky Kyrollos was 15 years old when he first discovered the illicit dice game at the fair. He was instantly captivated.

He grew up in a family that loved to gamble. He learned math by adding up playing cards. He learned poker at family gatherings. And whether his siblings and parents and cousins played backgammon or chess or cribbage, money was always on the line. By the time he was a teenager, Spanky knew he had a knack for numbers. He saw math as a form of problem solving, like discovering secrets.

The game was paying off even money for over and under seven, and 4-to-1 when the dice rolled seven exactly. He knew the odds were off, and it was a bad bet to play. But it got him thinking—the folks on the other side of that table, the ones taking bets from the players, they were going to make a killing.

That same year, a friend of his at St. Spanky looked at it like the dice game. He also noticed far more kids bought cards than were winning each week, and even after paying off the occasional lucky winner there was still a lot of money left. He asked the boy who was selling them how he could get cut in.

Spanky soon started selling parlay cards for the local bookie to his barber, to the kids in his neighborhood, to family friends. It was huge money for a high school kid in the s. He brought his parlay card business with him to Rutgers, and his earn more than doubled. But sports betting was proving a tough nut to crack.

The U. By , gamblers had so permeated the world of professional baseball, the World Series was fixed by a syndicate of big-money gamblers in what would become known as the Chicago Black Sox scandal. He started gambling in the bleachers of Wrigley Field, and soon found himself making more money from gambling on baseball and football than he made at his day job.

He quit and turned to gambling full time. Once bookies figured out how sharp he was they stopped taking bets from him, so by the early s McNeil went to the other side of the desk and started making book himself. He had an idea he thought could actually level the playing field between bookmaker and handicappers like him, and he believed it would prove popular among gamblers and bookies alike.

In doing so, he turned every contest into something closer to a coin flip. By offering bettors a fair contest, he would ideally attract equal action on both sides. Point spreads proved popular, and soon a publisher in Minneapolis named Leo Hirschfield began publishing the spread for games all over the country. He employed a team of handicappers who talked to contacts across America to obtain information to set their lines. By , there were 23, miles of telegraph lines leased from Western Union to service 20, bookies with up-to-the-minute sports data.

Those bookies in turn provided that information to other smaller bookies. In all there were estimated to be more than , bookmakers earning their living from sports betting in the United States in By , there were more than , As attorney general, Robert Kennedy made shutting down the illegal sports betting network in the United States a top priority, believing the proceeds were funding organized crime. Despite his efforts, by the number of people working in the illegal bookmaking industry in America eclipsed a million.

Spanky graduated with a degree in computer science and went to work at Deutsche Bank right out of college. He was earning decent money but he was still spending a lot of time betting on sports. He read books on handicapping and betting systems.

He looked for patterns, for edges wherever he could find them. In the s, sports betting was moving to the internet, with black market bookies decamping for the Caribbean to operate their bookmaking business far from the arm of U. As Spanky combed through one sports betting website after another, it dawned on him that he could use his computer coding skills to beat the bookies.

He could do the same types of things he was doing for finance banks to give himself an edge on sports bets. While sitting in a pizzeria watching a basketball game with his then-girlfriend, he told her his idea. Her response was a shrug. She knew her boyfriend loved puzzles and games. She had no idea how much this particular puzzle would consume him. Spanky approached a coworker he respected and shared his idea for writing code that could identify positive expected value in sports betting markets.

But whenever those games fell right in the middle of the two lines, in this case if the Steelers lost by three points, then they would win both of their bets. Bet after bet Spanky and his colleague just kept losing the vig, never hitting the middle. Then they hit another, and another, and another. They kept this up for two years without ever taking a dime out of their online accounts.

The first time they requested a withdrawal, Spanky says, the bookmaker had them meet someone on the street in Manhattan rather than cash the money out directly to their bank. A total stranger handed them a sack full of cash. They rushed back to Deutsche Bank and counted it in the restroom. They had never seen that much cash in their lives. It was real money.

How big, they wondered, could they make this? The bank they worked for did the same thing they were doing but in financial markets, and their bosses were all filthy rich. Could betting on sports make them rich, too?

In June , the casino reopened as Ocean Resort Casino. Though the property is one of the glitziest in Atlantic City, it is one of its lowest-earning casinos. And on a Monday night in March, it shows. The teller takes my money and punches the bet into a computer.

Back in the s, Bob Martin knew the guy who ran the cleaning crews at the Las Vegas airport. Those newspapers, from towns large and small, far and wide, were his bread and butter. The 10 percent tax on bets handled was too high to make a profit, since sportsbooks were expected to earn roughly only 4 percent over the long run.

This meant the early bookmakers in Las Vegas were mostly no different from the gamblers who bet with them. They had to take positions, to be invested on one side of certain bets. Essentially they had to gamble against their customers. And looking at the prop, I would have probably had to close the place if Hagler won. Hirschfield and the Minneapolis operation had closed up shop in after Robert Kennedy convinced Congress to pass a number of new antigambling laws. That meant that among legal bookmakers operating in Las Vegas, there was no agreed-upon line for games.

Each bookmaker was on their own to take a position. And lines up and down Glitter Gulch sometimes differed wildly. When Martin made his way through town making bets, those lines would quickly coalesce around whatever he was betting, because his opinion was often more respected by the bookmakers than their own. He asked Martin to come work for him to manage the book and make his lines.

Las Vegas remained the epicenter of the sports betting world, both legal and illegal, for nearly a half-century, until the internet changed the landscape in ways Bob Martin and his stack of small-town newspapers could never have imagined. Early on a Tuesday morning, I arrive at the Ocean sportsbook and sit in the front row of seats, my bag full of money clutched in my hands at all times.

After three years of betting on sports on his lunch breaks and on weekends, Spanky Kyrollos was earning more from gambling than from his finance job. He told his wife that he and his partner were quitting Deutsche to pursue their sports betting business full time. Years ago in the pizza parlor after Spanky told her his idea to write code to help him bet on sports, she had dismissed it as a flight of fancy.

This time she knew he was serious. Not only that, if he had more time to devote to it and more help with it, he believed he could scale it up. He and his partner quit their jobs and hired a couple of old friends as their first employees. To place as much money into action as they needed, they had to make bets in literally hundreds of accounts in sportsbooks all over the world.

They wrote code and built betting robots that could automate the bets for them. They taught their friends about how their system worked, and got the friends to a point where they could work virtually independently. Much of their business was being done with online offshore sportsbooks, most of which were located in Costa Rica. Many of the proprietors of the websites headquartered there were people who had learned the business as illegal bookmakers in the United States.

Spanky flew down and worked out deals with the bookmakers to give him credit, rather than requiring him to post large sums of money and cash out through e-wallets like Neteller every time he won. If he could bet on credit, they could settle up stateside in cash. And bookmaking in Costa Rica was legal. So nobody was doing anything wrong, they figured. One day, while Spanky awaited the birth of his daughter in the hospital, his partner went to a Dunkin Donuts to pick up some money an offshore book owed them.

Then, as they got in their cars to leave, they were surrounded by police officers with their guns drawn. Trap door? For what? The other employees, shaken, followed him out the door. He even expanded his operation beyond middling games, and together with his new brain trust developed new models that allowed him to take positions on games. Fundamental analysis is handicapping.

You make numbers. Technical analysis, you look at the market. His team started spending their days watching screens with lines from sportsbooks all over the world, and using finely tuned models to analyze the various line movements and interpret what they meant. In some ways it was similar to what day traders might do in the stock market. By , middling and steam betting had made Spanky what he deemed a fortune, and he had made a name for himself.

After Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in , it became next to impossible for American gamblers to deposit and withdraw money from offshore gambling sites. Not all bookmakers decamped from the Caribbean, however.

Those who stayed behind had to largely forgo doing business with the American market. Johnny Aitken, who went from working as a runner for a major gambling syndicate in Australia all the way up to becoming CEO of the Australia-based sportsbook PointsBet, watched it happen. But recreational gamblers either get lucky and win or they go broke, and if they get too lucky, too often they get banned.

Either way there is a law of diminishing returns for the bookmaker who will tolerate no risk, unless that bookmaker can continually locate new, untapped pools of players, like an energy company constantly looking for new pockets of oil or gas buried beneath the shale.

These became the two prevailing models of bookmaking. On one side were the European-style books. One of the easiest way to know where the sharp action is would be to follow us on Twitter WagerStreet. If there are day games, the early sharp action is also reporting. It would be prudent to track the opening lines, current lines, and betting percentages for each game that you might be interested in betting on.

The opening line and current line should be used as a comparison in order to determine which direction the line will be likely to move towards. Additionally, as a clarification, betting percentages refer solely to the number of wagers placed on one side of a game, not the amount wagered.

However, the total amounts wagered on both teams may be completely different. Sometimes, line movements do not go in the direction that you expected. For example, if Team A is a —4. However, this is not always the case — the line will sometimes move in the other direction, to —3.

This is known as a reverse line movement. As a result, the sportsbooks will be forced to adjust the line in order to try and entice a large percentage of bets on the other side. Steam moves require constantly tracking line movements and occurs when betting syndicate groups strike all sportsbooks at once, forcing all sportsbooks to adjust their lines at once. Top 5 betting sites. Play now.

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Also sitting back on their couches I assume they have couches are sharp bettors, who are taking the opportunity to find value in these super heavily-bet games. Texans-Chiefs, or as some see it — Watson-Mahomes. The latter already has an MVP to his name, and many believe the former may add one to his trophy case over the next few seasons.

After opening at Though things have been relatively quiet since then, the total was bumped up to its new high of At the time, the over for this game was the clear sharp angle, as two Bet Signals helped move the total from However, the tables turned on Saturday morning.

With snowy conditions in the forecast, a Steam Move struck the under, which undid all of that prior sharp action on the over. After peaking at 47, this weather-related buyback dropped the line right back down to its low point of Should the forecast be impacting the total this much? However, if the forecast calls for more of a steady snowfall throughout the game, we could see it head toward the key number of 44 for the first time all week. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Pete Carroll.

Most bettors are somewhere near in other words, below the Bettors who hold such a win rate over a long period of time are called sharps. In sports betting, a sharp is a long-term winning bettor whose opinion is well respected by sportsbooks. When a sharp bettor places a wager, sportsbooks take notice and might even move their lines as a result. If several sharp bettors come down on the same side of a game, the line will almost certainly change — even if that side is not the popular one.

There are a few ways to gauge sharp action what sharps are betting on. Some of the easiest include comparing bet percentages to money percentages as well as line movement, and from locating steam. Our PRO Report highlights sharp action on specific games, and our Bet Signals at Sports Insights give you detailed market moves in real-time, including steam, reverse line movement and more. Check out our new NFL PRO Report , where we highlight factors that provide betting edges — like large wagers, historically profitable betting systems, model projections and expert picks — that when combined with sharp money can powerfully detail the smartest bets on a given slate.

They are professionals who see sports betting as a serious source of income. With that in mind, comparing the percentage of tickets bets to the percentage of actual money on that side can give a good indication of how sharps are betting. Reverse line movement occurs when a betting line moves away from the popular side, and is perhaps the clearest giveaway of sharp action.

In other words, step back and ask yourself why oddsmakers would move the spread to make it easier for the majority of their customers to win this bet. They likely have either a significant monetary liability or have been influenced by sharp action. And in many cases, one means the other. A steam move is defined by a sudden, drastic and uniform line move across the sports betting marketplace, and is usually the result of multiple sportsbooks taking sharp action on the same bet at the same time.


We examine if all are true. They are famous for educating players with academic but practical betting analysis articles. The sports betting is all about probability prediction based on statistics, of which winning rate is fully influenced by human behaviour.

Pinnacle bet article is all about education for the bettors to beat the bookies, sounds weird as a bookmaker? It has gained an excellent reputation among those who make a successful living from punting. So, basically they are remote from scum, fraud or any wrongdoing. If you reside in the above countries, go to the Solution , where you will find the sites enabling you to access to Pinnacle sports betting platform. Since you may be able to access to Pinnacle market with the solution eventually, you still want to read this review to understand Pinnacle more.

Every sharp says Pinnacle bet is the best bookmaker. Consequently, Pinnacle bet has the highest achievable rating in many bookmaker review websites. These results below table are taken from our recent SBC members survey, in which we listed 27 of the best known bookies. And asked our members many of whom are professional gamblers to score each of them from 1 to 10 based on their own experiences.

Professional bettors demand The Best Value. Pinnacle page says;. Our Winners Welcome policy is very straight-forward. We do not limit, discriminate or close accounts of successful players, and here is why: — Our business model is focused solely on maximising volume irrespective of whether this is generated from profitable players — We need sharp players to help tighten our odds as we do not take positions — We have the confidence in our traders to focus on managing odds, not players.

RH Ryan Henderson : The answer to this question is quite straightforward. Our model works on volume, not customer profiling. As we say on our promotions page, winners really are welcome. Are there any circumstances where a winning customer may have their account restricted? RH: There are no circumstances in which a legitimate winning customer will have their action limited. Issues only occur if they contravene any of our betting rules.

Some bookmakers choose to limit the accounts of their winning accounts or close them altogether. What are your thoughts on this business model? Is it sustainable? Any bookmaker that takes this route is faced with a constantly high churn-rate of players and the inevitable customer dissatisfaction. As with many other online industries, peer review is becoming increasingly important to betting, underlined by the proliferation of odds comparisons and sites such as bettingexpert, which encourage bettor education.

Any savvy bettor will shun a bookmaker that is restrictive in this way, as it is counter-intuitive to bet to win, but use a bookmaker that actively discourages that profitability. Regarding the points of;. Rated no. How do winning customers help you to do this?

They will have their own ideas, from their own proprietary handicapping, about what the odds should be, so if our odds diverge from that, they will dive in. This causes the market to quickly move. A good example of this was after the Champions League semi-final draw, when Bayern Munich began as slight underdogs at home to Barcelona for the 1st leg.

How do the opening lines get set at Pinnacle? And is it true that you are not too concerned with having sharp opening lines since you move them so easily and so quickly? JT John T. There are lots of sports like futsal, badminton, handball.

These kinds of sports that we will throw up a line based on our best guess, whether other people in the market have it or whatever. Just our personal best guess. And public does a great job in teaching us and more often than not we might be losing in those kinds of situations. In regards to the more major sports, again it depends. There are times when someone else might open before us but we might put a lean towards the number. So you naturally try to encourage money on the other side as early possible.

But we do not have a roomful of savants or computer wizards generating opening lines. The head dealer picks a line. And I think our model is really the magical thing here, not necessarily genius of some dealer behind the scenes. The below table confirms how Pinnacle Customers are enjoying the best odds in the industry. No bookmaker accepts bigger bets Pinnacle Sports stands out from the competition by consistently offering the highest maximum bet limits online, earning us the reputation as the bookmaker of choice for serious bettors.

Not only are our limits the highest online, bettors can build positions with successive bets to increase their stake and therefore, potential winnings. Pinnacle Sports operates this policy across all sports and bet types offered. Shows how sharp that line is. We treat arbitragers like any other customer Pinnacle Sports is unique in welcoming arbitrage betting, and as we treat all players the same, arbitrage bettors will get the best odds and highest limits, just like everyone else. Why Pinnacle Sports welcomes arbers?

All bookmakers freeze the account of surebet players because in the long term they also lose money from these players. Why you let them play? Are other bookmakers wrong? We opened this at LSU Pk The sharps played the Tigers early driving the line towards LSU The public is definitely favoring the Bulldogs and opposing the sharps.

With moderate action, we are fairly flat on this game. Navy has the 1 rushing offense in the country, averaging Army is riding momentum following four straight victories after starting This is our highest volume game of the week thus far. We initially opened the game at Navy Pk Early sharps quickly corrected our line within minutes to -3 Money continued to come in on the Midshipmen until the line briefly spiked at Navy We dislike games where the line moves this much due to the liability of a 7-point Navy win middling us.

Despite being behind its potent offense, the Bruins' defense has allowed over 30 points per game and This glaring weakness will be costly against Heisman candidate Reggie Bush, who averages 8. If UCLA cannot slow him down, expect this game to be a high-scoring blowout. The sharps took USC at to , forcing the line to stabilize around We have four times as many wagers on the dog plus the points which I would call the public side , but we are relatively flat due to the larger bet-size of the Trojan backers.

Up by 10 points with 34 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Texans allowed a yard TD pass, a successful onside kick leading to a game-tying field goal, and finally a yard TD pass in overtime. It's not surprising that Houston's defense is ranked last for points allowed per game.

In contrast, Baltimore's defense is 7 in the league allowing only yards per game. Home Page. Contact Us. BetOnline Review. Wager Web Review. Asian Connect Review. Intertops Review. Bovada Review.

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They are straight up, against the spread and average 35 points per game on offense while allowing This game opened at Rams Heavy public betting on LA forced oddsmakers to adjust the spread to Rams Sharps needed to get the hook. Using our Sports Insights Bet Signals, we tracked 11 different steam and reverse line moves on Seattle. This signals rare, heavy market consensus.

Sports Betting. Best Books. Josh Appelbaum. Download App. Top Offers. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. Sports Betting Calculators. How to Bet On Sports. Betting Education. However, if the forecast calls for more of a steady snowfall throughout the game, we could see it head toward the key number of 44 for the first time all week. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Pete Carroll.

Mark Gallant. Download App. Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs p. So does that mean sharps are on the Texans? Texans vs. Top Offers. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. Sports Betting Calculators. How to Bet On Sports.