why cant people bet on sports in earlier time zones

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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

Why cant people bet on sports in earlier time zones legalize sports betting california

Why cant people bet on sports in earlier time zones

Just think: the Eagles may be taking on the Las Vegas Raiders in a few years. The betting action at Pennsylvania books could be lopsided on the Eagles, while the action in Nevada might be heavy on the Raiders. Will the point spread on the game vary wildly from state to state? Opinions vary, but the majority of bookmakers told ESPN they don't expect to have significantly different lines to start. Complicating matters further is the business arrangements made between racetracks outside Nevada and sportsbooks operators.

Monmouth Park -- a venerable racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey -- will split sports betting revenue with its bookmaking partner William Hill, which arrived in Nevada in and now operates more than venues in the Silver State. Monmouth Park, of course, will want William Hill to maximize profits at the track, while the bookmaker may want to consider its overall corporate bottom line. This will definitely be an easier question to answer come Sept. The Sept. The Eagles, by the way, are 4.

Any kind of "homer effect," while not yet evident in New Jersey, is one of several unknowns for bookmakers and bettors entering a new landscape with expanded legal sports betting in the U. Las Vegas bookmakers found out the hard way what it's like managing odds and taking bets on the home team this year. In their inaugural campaign, the Vegas Knights put together a historic season, both on the ice and at the betting counters. That's the largest money-line profit of any team in at least the past 13 NHL seasons, according to sports betting database BetLabSports.

The Knights' improbable season made for a stressful learning experience for the city's bookmakers. Art Manteris, who has been taking bets in Las Vegas for 40 years, said a Knights' Stanley Cup win would have cost him his largest loss ever, more than any Super Bowl or World Series wager, even more than if Conor McGregor would have upset Floyd Mayweather in their September megabout.

The books also took their lumps during the regular season, as the city fell in love with Knights and showed its affection for the hometown heroes at the betting windows. Over and over, night after night, Las Vegas books found themselves needing the other side. Sportsbook operator CG Technology, which operates at the Venetian and other Las Vegas casinos, said its hockey handle increased 25 percent year over year, but its net win on hockey decreased by percent.

Despite the lopsided action, there weren't giant discrepancies in the game-to-game odds on the Knights at Las Vegas books compared to offshore prices. For a March 2 game against the Ottawa Senators , the consensus price on the Knights at Nevada sportsbooks was , while it was only offshore.

The prices on the majority of Knights' games were very comparable, on average just a few cents different. Andrews, who has been booking bets in Nevada since the late s, expects to take a similar approach to managing the odds and point spreads when the Raiders arrive in Las Vegas in the coming years. Sometimes if you're teetering between two numbers, you maybe go in the Raiders direction. You're not going to just add a half-point or a point every time that they play.

It's just not going to work that way. Professional bettors would certainly like it to work that way. The wider the variety of lines that are available, the better for sophisticated, high-volume betting groups, which often end up on both sides of a game at the best prices and odds. Shane Sigsbee, co-founder of Nevada-based sports betting group Imawhale Sports, hopes to see books in other states offer varying lines.

Sigsbee said he's paying attention to what's going on in other states and plans on spending most of his August visiting the new states with sports betting. They're going to have to shade toward every SEC team. College football opening lines begin showing up online in the middle afternoon on Sundays during the regular season.

Offshore sportsbook BetOnline. PT on Sundays. In the first few hours, especially early in the season, the spreads move quickly and often, and the market doesn't normally settle until prominent offshore book BetCRIS posts its opening numbers. BetCRIS is known to cater to sharp bettors and offer among the highest limits.

Its influence on the market is significant, and lines and totals regularly drift toward the BetCRIS number. To start, expanded legalization in the U. Books on the East Coast may try to push their lines out first, but, for the time being, BetCRIS and other offshore books will set the market. With a few exceptions, Las Vegas sportsbooks open at 8 a. PT 11 a. Monmouth Park's sportsbook will be open from 10 a. ET during the week and at 8 a. It will close at 1 a.

ET, Sunday through Thursday and at 2 a. The three-hour time zone difference is viewed as critical to some. To me, if New York and New Jersey are going to be substantial players in the sports betting business, they're going to open earlier. In a future where in-game betting grows in popularity, when and where the opening pregame point spread is posted may not matter that much. In Europe, more money is bet while a game is played than before it starts. Poll time- What's the most optimal time zone if you're an across the board general sports fan?

Eastern Time is also ideal for following the sports news cycle; things happen when you wake up, not three hours before then. The Eastern is just the opposite and results in late nights especially during the week so neither are ideal. I really loved the Central Time Zone because it seems like it has the best of both worlds. Not many would choose the Central, but it seems like the most underrated and the best. Every weekend I watch those games incredibly groggy. Now, I like that east coast baseball, basketball, and hockey games start as early as 4 PM Pacific time, and the latest games are over before PM.

But if I had a 9-to-5 job like a normal person and had a lengthy commute, those early evening starts would suck. Like, many playoff baseball games are early over or already well underway by the time many people on the west coast get home from work. Mountain time has 6 PM starts for primetime football games or World Series baseball games.

That just feels right, and is perfectly timed for people that have work end at 5 PM. Again, this just feels right. When you balance everything out, Mountain just seems to be the most optimal time. I take it these people also do not have 9-to-5 jobs. While I stay up late doing the Viewing Picks and other features, I often find myself dozing off.

I wake up either when the game is over or when the postgame show is on. The Mountain and Pacific time zones are ideal for watching sports. Late at night? Coming home from work? Waking up early for football?


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Humanity and social media at its worst. No one, or no one comment, is going to make me feel any different. If they can't, then the footballers need to take action and we must support that action in any way we can. We've done a lot of talking for a number of years and it's got us nowhere.

It might be harsh and it might be, in some cases, a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but unless we do that, we are going to go around in circles. They should stay on, they should be proud to represent themselves and continue doing the work they're doing and continue just existing. To exist, we have to put up with that kind of thing. We should not have to keep justifying our existence day after day, week after week. Former Crystal Palace star and Republic of Ireland international Clinton Morrison added: "Black footballers, black people in the media and anyone else, we are not going anywhere.

Why should they stop going on there because of the colour of their skin? We have to talk about it because we have to identify it. All the time we keep talking about the same thing. The Football Association has vowed to work with the Government and social media platforms to eradicate racism from the game. A statement released on the FA's official Twitter account on Saturday said: "We are united with all of football in our abhorrence of any racist abuse.

This is not acceptable in any part of society. A spokesperson for Facebook, who own Instagram, told Sky Sports News: "There is no place for racism on Instagram and we are committed to removing it when we find it. A Twitter spokesperson said they have clear policies on abusive behaviour and hateful conduct and take action when they identify violations.

Kelly Stafford, wife of QB, announces she has brain tumor. Popovich gets ejected before Spurs put points on the board. Kraft lawyers say police planted cameras under fake bomb threat guise. Brady and Mahomes were mic'd up for their postgame chat. Carson Wentz seems likely to be traded in the next few days, and the QB apparently has some thoughts on his destination.

By Adam Hermann. The mic'd-up quarterback and tight end had a pretty funny chat about touchdowns. With five quarterbacks going in Round 1, it could be a wild ride early in the NFL draft. Freshman quarterback Jayden de Laura, the crown jewel of the recruiting class, has been suspended indefinitely. Tom Brady just won his seventh championship. Which ties him with Robert Horry. There are many questions surrounding the Bears quarterback situation, but it sounds like we can rule out a Mitchell Trubisky return in During the first quarter against the San Antonio Spurs, Steph Curry finished an absurd highlight-reel layup with his back to the basket.

Raiders QB Marcus Mariota receiving trade interest from several teams. Jaylen Brown went off -- both on and off the court -- Tuesday night in Utah. After dropping 33 points in a losing effort, J. Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard actually sat on the floor and mimicked an opposing player during a ridiculous on-court meltdown. With such a paucity of penalties, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to laugh of their infrequent infractions in Super Bowl 55, while the Kansas City Chiefs were seeing red over all the yellow flags thrown at them.

Winfield chortled. The Steelers will need to work out multiple contract restructures to compete in Read full article. Nick Bromberg April 5, , AM. The NCAA has no interest in allowing college athletes to place wagers on sporting events. Story continues.

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If you have story pitches, feedback or would like to get in touch, please email dateline sbs. So why is betting on politics becoming so popular? As the world awaits the US election result, an unprecedented number of Australians are emptying their pockets and placing bets on which candidate will secure the presidency. Ladbrokes disagrees but claims Australians are gambling more money on the US election than the upcoming Queensland election.

All three major companies have placed former Vice President Joe Biden as the favourite to win the election. She says with less sporting events occurring and the closure of gambling venues during the pandemic, their popularity has increased. US President Donald J. The accuracy of polls has been brought into question after the last US election when it was universally predicted that Trump would lose.

The Liberal victory in the election meant the betting company ultimately lost large. Australia spends more on gambling per capita than any other country in the world and double the average of most western countries, according to Dr Gainsbury. One in three participants of the study signed up for new online betting accounts during COVID as other gambling activities were put on hold.

Lead researcher on the study, Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, said the findings around young men were a concern. Some of the legit sites include but are not limited to 1xbet and BettingWorld. Operating without a license could cost a company in the tune of millions of Rands.

South Africans mainly bet on soccer and golf. Online gambling is legal in Tanzania, and it takes place as per the Gaming Board of Tanzania. However, few sites have authority to operate in the country. But this does not stop Tanzanians from making bets offshore, with little fear as to prosecution. They mainly bet on soccer, boxing, and basketball. Anyone in Uganda aged twenty-five and over can take part in gambling in a firm with a valid operating license.

Enforcement of laws is not stringent, and offshore betting sites often operate without permits. Thus, Ugandans can bet both onshore and offshore on sports such as soccer, basketball, boxing, and rugby. We acquired surestakes. Here, we have created an exclusive selection for our readers, that consists of betting predictions, livescore information, surebets, and more.

Betting Predictions and LiveScore Information. If you are a fan of only one type of game or sport and you do not want to bet on any other, then it would be a much better solution for you to look for well-ranked international betting sites about this particular game. If you want to know more about the best-known names in the online gambling industry, you can find all of the information that you need in our review section.

Here you will not only discover more about the rating of the top companies in business but you will read accurate up-to-date information about available bonuses, reward systems, deposit and cash-out policies, quality of customer care services, range of casino slots and games offered, live casino games availability, and much more.

This way, you can guarantee yourself a fun and productive gambling experience! Online casinos can offer a wide variety of entertaining games. Playing some of them require specific skills, others are all about knowing the rules of the game well and developing strategies upfront. The quickest and the most effective way to discover a reliable online betting site to fit all your game quality requirements is to look for detailed gambling website reviews.

By reading them you will be able to compare their bonus systems, their withdrawal policy, the software which they use, the user-friendliness of the site navigation menu, and much more. It is always good to read at least of them. Only then, you can be certain that you have made the right choice. All you need to do in order to get started is select a casino review from our review section list.

There you will not only find specific data about all of the above mentioned factors, but you will be able to read more about the factors that we took into consideration while doing the research for the reviews. The descriptions are clear and short which makes them understandable for everyone. The laws, regulations, and licensing of gambling are a delicate and complex matter which is a subject of many speculations in various regions around the world. Online gaming is definitely embraced by some nations and entirely forbidden by others.

Sometimes even different areas in the same country may have contrary laws on internet gambling. You can directly look for the regulations in your region and skip all of the unnecessary information for the other parts of the globe. We book tickets online, order food, shop for clothes, technology, and appliances on the Internet.

Then the opportunity to gamble online comes as no surprise. It is a natural continuation of the massive web globalization process. Now players from all over the world can join in a virtual casino and play against each other even if they have never met before or do not even speak the same language. Nowadays, this is billion dollar industry affecting the lives of thousands bettors with passion for gambling around the globe. This business trend expanded not only in the casino slot industry but also affected sports betting.

Live gambling on top online betting sites gained popularity around and has never lost it ever since. There are also many online bingo and poker players nowadays. The industry has grown so much that in these days many find it hard to distinguish reliable gambling websites from the mediocre ones.

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You have missed the game of your favorite team and you still do not know the score? You want to find out more about recent gambling championships and jackpots? You want to improve your betting skills? Well you can get answers to all of these questions and many more in our blog section about the best online bookies. At this section, we will post various news and reports related to classic casino games like poker or blackjack. We will also publish information about past and upcoming sports events for the fans of sports betting, as well as articles with tips to help you develop your jackpot winning strategies.

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If you're a West Coast team that's supposed to go to bed at midnight ET, that's a problem because many of the players aren't tired because it feels like 9 p. On top of that, you have an incredibly early wakeup call, as Cardinals coach Bruce Arians noted this week.

The NFC title game will kick off at p. ET on Sunday, which was thrilling news to Arians, who actually felt bad that the Seahawks had to play two 1 p. ET games in a row. Basically, Arians is saying it's a struggle for the players with home games in the Pacific and Mountain time zones because when they wake up at a. ET or a. ET for a Sunday 1 p. ET game, their bodies thinks it's a. The sluggish start to the day generally leads to a sluggish start in the game and stats seem to back that up.

Since , Pacific and Mountain time zone teams have been outscored in the first half of all 1 p. ET playoff games. Things generally change in the second half though, with the Western team outscoring its opponents Since , there have been a total of 28 games played in the 1 p. ET time slot during the playoffs, which means a total of 56 teams have been involved. Of those 56, 11 were Pacific or Mountain time zone teams Now, here's where the sluggish start comes in: Of those 56 teams, five of them have been shut out in the first half, and almost all of them were West Coast teams four out of five.

Think about that. West Coast teams only consist of Since when Carroll took over, the Seahawks have been outscored during the first half of 1 p. ET playoff games, so the first half meltdown in Carolina wasn't a complete surprise if you've watched the Seahawks in the postseason before.

Seattle actually trailed Atlanta at halftime in January In January , they were shutout in the first half by the Bears. The only non-West Coast team to be shutout in the first half of a 1 p. ET game between and this year was the Giants. Of the 56 teams that have played in the 1 p. Again, those teams only represent In total, nine out of the 11 West Coast teams ET in the postseason have scored seven or fewer points in the first half. For Eastern and Central time zone teams, only 13 out of 45 teams Even more telling is that in the 11 games that involved a Pacific or Mountain time zone team, every single one of them trailed at halftime, except for one: the 49ers, who led Carolina That 49ers team is also an outlier in another respect: They scored eight or more points in the first half.

Since , there have been 34 teams that have scored eight or more points in the first half of a 1 p. ET and guess what: 32 of them were Eastern or Central time zone teams. Also, there have been a total of nine games where a team trailed by 14 or more points at halftime of a 1 p.

Things almost always get better in the second half though, as 10 out of the 11 West Coast teams outscored their opponents after halftime. Pacific and Mountain time zone teams are just flat out ugly during the first half of 1 p. It is a key role for a company that is looking to find any edge it can in the New Jersey market, which is at the forefront of the sports betting movement across the country.

New Jersey, however, has significantly shrunk the gap between the two states. So as the gap continues to close between the two, this football season serves as an indicator for what state is generating the most action.

All that stuff is generally priced in. And what biases are coming into this? Why are lines progressing through the week—is that real information or is it just public bias? The psychology behind that I find really interesting and I find that more interesting than potentially losing money. Croucher started at PointsBet from the get-go as one of the first traders hired when the company launched in Australia in He moved to the U.

In a crowded market, PointsBet is an underdog, an unknown from the land down under with the odds stacked against them. So why does it think it has a chance? CEO to head its expansion efforts. His first mission: to make headway in New Jersey. Aitken came over from William Hill after managing a trading desk of over and a betting handle in the billions.

Aitken, like Croucher, grew up in Australia, and developed an interest in U. So while that immersion helped when he moved to the U. PointsBet was going up against these very bookmakers for a coveted deal at the Meadowlands that ultimately would allow it to operate in New Jersey.

PointsBet had to pitch why it deserved a seat at the table. In betting terms, PointsBet landing the deal it ultimately did was initially considered such a longshot, that the odds probably would have been off the board. William Hill was the first European bookmaker, so when they set up here in the U. I was working out of a lobby from a hotel. PointsBet—and every other new operator—must find ways to differentiate their business from the competition.

While that difference in price has attracted more bettors, it puts more pressure on Croucher and the rest of the traders since PointsBet is working with smaller margins. PointsBet launched its online sportsbook in New Jersey in January of , and one week later, Aitken saw a prime opportunity to put its name on the map via promotion. Several outlets picked up the story, giving PointsBet P.

Rather than us hire traders and have them all come in and have their own opinions of pricing and how to trade, we like to use a lot of automation, a lot of technology, a lot of data science and still have really smart people at the wheel like Jay [Croucher] in New Jersey and Australia. PointsBet has nine traders in its Jersey City office and another 15 in Australia. There are six on duty inside the N.

EST kickoff. What they may lack in experience compared to the folks in the desert that have been doing this for decades, they certainly make up for in mathematics-based backgrounds. A lot of our prices come from our quants. The Bucs then drove 75 yards, including a fourth-and-one conversion in the red zone, to score a touchdown on a Dare Ogunbowale three-yard run to paydirt with remaining. Head coach Bruce Arians opted to go for two in a point game, giving the under Those hopes soon evaporated after Jameis Winston scrambled into the end zone to make it , which ended up as the final score.

Next on the docket: the early afternoon games. But if you bet early week, then the lines are less solid. Around 90 minutes before the start of the early slate, NFL teams announce which players will be inactive. Where some of the more under-the-radar inactives could have a role in the betting market is player props. When the Ravens ruled out rookie receiver Marquise Brown against the Bengals, there was activity on the first touchdown scored prop.

One of the biggest prop bets of the day also came from the Ravens-Bengals game. That grabbed the attention of the person in charge of the Intercept at the time, senior sports analyst Nick Welch. The traders spend a lot of time during the week preparing and discussing where to set pregame player props at. They have to be able to identify why certain props are drawing big money consistently, and adjust quickly accordingly.

Now, the market has reflected that and Mahomes this week is at like Not every notable play cashes, though. The Eagles lost to the Vikings. The Boykin first TD prop lost on the first play of the game, as Bengals returner Brandon Wilson brought back the opening kickoff 92 yards to the house. Gallup finished with four catches. Jackson, on the other hand, crushed his rushing total prop, as he accumulated yards on the ground.

As p. EST rolls around and the games kick off, the early focus shifts to monitoring in-game bets on Intercept that need to be approved. Welch, along with all the other traders, has a screen that lists the current live odds at every other bookmaker, allowing him to scope out any discrepancy between PointsBet and the rest of the market.

The Texans closed as 3. As most of the games go into halftime, this is when all of the traders in the room are sprung into the action.