can pro athletes bet on other sports

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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

Can pro athletes bet on other sports radio tab australia betting

Can pro athletes bet on other sports

He also gambles in quantities that would make the average person hyperventilate. During his playing career, there were myriad reports of MJ gambling not on sports when visiting a city that that offered gambling see Atlantic City , and since his retirement, he still dabbles both in casinos in high-stakes games, and on the golf course. The boxer likes to bet — and he likes to brag about his sports betting triumphs. In Sept. As recently as last year, Mickelson was in the news during the trial of well-known gambler Billy Walters.

Besides that, Mickelson is known to love some action on the golf course, often playing for money in his hometown of San Diego, and for betting on pro football, among other sports. Phelps told WSOP. The most decorated athlete in U. Rose made the mistake of betting on baseball while he was still on the field, or more specifically, in the dugout. That transgression netted him a lifetime ban from the game, though he continues to appeal to new commissioners for a way back in — and a way into the Hall of Fame.

He remains the only player in any pro sport to be banned from that type of honor. Rose also had or has a penchant for the ponies, and he should have stuck to the track while still wearing the uniform. Jill has covered everything from steeplechase to the NFL and then some during a more than year career in sports journalism.

Her specialty these days is covering sports betting legislation across the country. Gambling problem? Obviously, if the sportsbook received notification that Shaw should not be allowed to gamble, then this situation is more serious. Some states are passing provisions in their legislation requiring leagues to provide lists of key personnel to sportsbooks. But this does highlight a potential deficiency in how sports leagues are communicating with sportsbooks.

Despite the tension over integrity fees and other non-integrity enhancing sports league demands , no one wants a scandal. The sports leagues, sportsbooks and gambling commission are all in this together, and they all have egg on their faces after the Shaw incident.

The situation highlights a need to improve communication among the three entities. Unfortunately, there has been an effort to dictate terms, instead of discussing workable solutions that would make excluding obviously prohibited individuals much easier. Still, it involves improving sharing information and education. A match-fixing scandal is a worst-case scenario for legal US sports betting.

The Shaw scandal was not that, but it should still serve as a cautionary tale. We know that athletes like to gamble. The risk factor associated with gambling being sought after by people who engage in a risky sport seems fairly intuitive.

We saw the NFL deal with a related incident in when Jon Stark , a rookie quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens , was suspended indefinitely for purportedly betting on sports. Stark would never take an NFL snap. Whether Shaw plays another NFL snap is to be determined. However, even with improved education, another professional athlete likely will bet on his or her sport again.

But with better instruction and communication, such incidents will hopefully be few and far between in the future. John Holden J. His research focuses on policy issues surrounding sports corruption. View all posts by John Holden. Privacy Policy.


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Earlier this week, Randle was arrested for the fourth time during the last 36 months, this time for having an outstanding speeding warrant. All of his arrests made him essentially poison to the NFL, knowing that there has been a conscious effort over the course of the last few years to clean the league image up.

Still, the Cowboys have a history of taking in all sorts of troubled souls, dating back to guys like Terrell Owens and more recently, Greg Hardy. But then a report from the Dallas Morning News surfaced early in the week that Randle allegedly wagered on sports.

Jones admitted that Randle had been alleged to participate in sports betting, but he denied the fact that there was any proof of the running back being involved in NFL betting. Such activity negatively affects the interests, welfare and integrity of the NFL, its games, clubs, players and coaches, and diminishes public confidence in legitimate sport.

If Randle does by chance get another opportunity with an NFL team, he could ultimately be banished from the league by Commissioner Roger Goodell. By placing bets on these activities, athletes increase the risk, which adds to the level of competition. Gambling in its many forms gives the athlete additional outlets in which they are able to compete.

They need to remain actively competitive even when the activities are friendly or simply for fun. A good example of this phenomenon is Michael Jordan, who got into trouble by wagering on golf in such a manner.

In many cases, athletes may be unable to financially support themselves when their athletic careers hit a low or they are faced with retirement, and hence gambling may be a solution to their financial woes. If a competitive athlete begins to gamble, it can take as little as one win to get hooked, and one loss to want that win back, and this is how the cycle to addiction can begin.

Normally, when a loss takes place in gambling, the normal reaction for a person who is not at risk, or is simply participating as an innocent means of entertainment, would be to not continue. However, the competitive athlete may begin employ specific strategies and make adjustments in how they gamble, when they gamble, and what they gamble on, with the mind-set that they can create situations which will result in a win.

They are likely to give it their all just as they would in their own sporting environment. If this happens and continues, more money is invested, guilt and shame compliment financial losses, and there is a preoccupation with trying to regain control by continuing the gambling cycle. This is the beginning of an addiction which is sneaky, manipulative, and destructive for many.

When the addiction moves out of the losing phase, it no longer becomes about wins, losses, money, or action, but a vicious cycle of escape, desperation, and hopelessness that if not diffused or treated will always end in devastation. Curry and colleagues assessed gambling issues in athletes across a number of Universities, and concluded that gamblers and athletes are driven by two common motivations: competition and extrinsic rewards. For the athlete, gambling may be another opportunity to attain status by demonstrating greater skill, knowledge, or courage.

Curry and Jiobu suggested that athletes are more prone than other students to gain satisfaction from extrinsic rewards such as scholarships, fame, awards, money and careers. Extrinsic rewards are also important to gamblers, who are, after all, motivated by the opportunity to win money, and for athletes this offers an alternative source of income.

Nevertheless, compulsive gambling if often treated differently than these other two addictions. Society and professional sports treat people with drugs dependency and alcoholism as being ill, sending them to various treatments and therapies to get them back to work. Recent research has suggested that retired athletes may be a segment of the athletic population which are the most susceptible to pathological gambling.

When a former athlete no longer has the sporting event to quench his or her competitive thirsts, they may turn to gambling in general and possibly specifically to sports gambling to satisfy theses need. Anyone who decides to gamble or wager money is at risk of developing problems, but those with natural competitiveness such as athletes need to pay closer attention because there is an added risk.

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