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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

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Nhl over under betting system

The more unique, the better as you will found an edge over the sportsbooks. Think of trend analysis as an equation:. Never worry about how much data you collect. Once you have developed a number of betting strategies, you should then back-test them to see if you are on to something. If your system shows that it can beat results from previous seasons, it may have a good chance of working. Sportsbooks are always updating their own strategies.

Another thing to be wary of when back-testing is how far back you go. You need to backtest against at least two or three seasons before a connection can be made. Back-testing is just another step in creating a betting system. It will only tell you if your system has promise, not that it will be profitable. We have done a whole separate article on back-testing sports betting strategies. The final step in creating a profitable betting system is evaluating it.

Some systems may only work for certain periods of the season. Some never actually work! Long-term success from sports betting can only be achieved by testing new ideas and improving existing strategies. This is because if you alter more than one and you test the theory, you may never be sure what caused a change in result. Following these rules will ensure that you can create long-term and profitable NHL betting strategies.

The constant movement is enough without the constant battles with your opponents. Imagine playing games a week, for the next 6 months or so. This is why the NHL travel schedule is important. If a team is on a 5-game road trip, travelling from city to city after being battered and bruised every night, they are unlikely to have as much time to recover as their opponents that are in the middle of a home streak. So, the strategy here is rather straightforward:.

Look for teams that have longer distances to travel for their next away game. If there is value, take the bet against them. This follows on nicely from the NHL travel metric as it follows the same logic. Players are going to be more tired after playing the night before due to the lack of recovery time. The strategy here is to bet against teams that have back-to-back schedules.

Combine this with how far the back-to-back team has to travel and you are likely onto a winner. Sometimes teams have to play 4 games within 6 days so it makes sense to continue betting against the teams on the grueling schedule. Each NHL team has 6 players on the ice: the goalie, defensemen, wingers and a center. They will have a starting lineup, where the best players take the ice first, before being rotated during the match by substitutes.

Knowing how an NHL team is going to line up against their opponents is important for betting on ice hockey. For example, if you know that the home team has a strong right wing to start and on the bench, while the away side struggles on that side in defense, it seems likely that they will score.

This is the most important position on the entire team. There could also be a psychological impact on outfield players. They may not feel as confident in the backup and make decisions they may not usually make. In terms of an ice hockey betting strategy, you would then bet against the team with an injured goalie — assuming there is value in it of course! Which of these strategies are you going to use next? Comment below or contact us on Twitter and let us know.

All Rights Reserved. Skip to content. Alex Denholm January 12, That equates to 1 or 2 bets every single night. Other systems are boring and force you to go weeks in between bets. These 6 systems have generated an average of You know those models that the oddsmakers use? Well they are not static, they are constantly being updated. There is nothing to dislike here. These systems have not lost since we began following them! Makes you want to see them, right? There are a couple of things to like about this strategy.

The first is the fact we are backing the visiting favorite. You can get softer lines betting favorites on the road because the home-ice advantage will supposedly make it harder to secure the win. When you do not have to lay as much on the moneyline, you stand to increase profits. The key to this strategy is catching the favorite well-rested. Good teams benefit from rest more than weak teams because it is their best attack against yours.

If a good team is weakened with fatigue or injuries, they can be beat. If they are at full strength, they will need to beat themselves. Other than a couple of small hiccups, this system has made bettors very wealthy over the past 13 seasons. I definitely would not want to bet against this strategy. Are you excited thinking about the possibilities these systems present?

Want to learn all of them for free? You are in luck! Simply create a free membership on WagerBop and you will gain access to our complete collection of NHL strategies along with our entire database of systems across a wide range of sports.


A simple way to approach this is by thinking whether or not a final score of or seems more likely. This is when it is important to look at the teams in the game and analyze their specific matchup. Here is an example of the thought process that should go into deciding on betting the over:.

The Stars are only slightly moneyline favorites, which indicates that this is likely an evenly-matched contest. The question is, will it be a high-scoring or low-scoring battle? Additionally, while both teams have a positive goal differential, they each have a subpar penalty kill. Given that the Bruins are a heavily penalized team but also have the 1st ranked powerplay, you are likely to see a lot of scoring opportunities on both sides.

Thus, it is logical to take the over in this case, which also happens to be what Vegas is taking as well. Betting on the under is the other option you have been betting on the goal total for a game in the NHL. In this instance, using 5. As mentioned above, aside from a score of , the most common results for NHL games happen to be less than 6 total goals, with and being 2 of the 3 most common scoring totals.

From a statistics standpoint, it is not unreasonable to side with the under if you are really unsure about which direction to go. However, there are elements of NHL hockey that do favor the over despite opposing the stats. Say that a game is with only a few minutes remaining in the third period. When a team is losing by a 1-goal deficit, they are more than likely going to pull their goalie anywhere within 3 minutes of the game ending. This scenario not only gives the losing team an extra man to assist in trying to tie the game, but it also leaves them with an empty net that the team in the lead can dump an easy goal into and make it a end result.

While neither of these scoring instances are a guarantee, it is common for either side to tack on an extra goal at this juncture and cause you to lose your bet if you took the under. The main thing when it comes to betting on the under in a certain matchup is how well you predict scoring will be regulated. But, if you look for matchups with defensively superior teams, these games generally come with less scoring opportunities and fewer goals as a result. In a hypothetical matchup between these two teams, what is likely to be a close game is also likely to be low-scoring.

Both of these teams are not very mistake-prone, so you could feel confident betting on the game going under 5. Because of the relative improbability of determining moneyline outcomes, betting on either the over or the under for certain games can create a great foundation on which to build a parlay. A popular method is to use it as part of a correlated parlay where you build the parlay around 1 particular contest.

Read all about it in my golf section. There are a lot of sports that just aren't as popular from a betting perspective and I've put them in this section of the site. However while they may not be as popular from a mainstream perspective they're still some of the best sports to bet on. The reason is that you'll often find better odds and betting options due to them being more niche.

You can see the selection of other sports on the left and click each one to see all of the bets available for that particular sport. So instead of just 5. For that reason, Sports Interaction is best for Canadians. Everywhere Else: There are two solid options. The first is and the reason they are great is the variables they offer. However they offer a wide variety so you can bet over 8 goals or under 2 goals on any NHL game.

Hell even bet over 2 goals at if you want to. The other option is Pinnacle Sports. For example, the sportsbook may list that the game total in the Leafs vs Blackhawks will be 5. You then have two betting options — whether it will be under that total or above that total. So if you bet that the game total will be under that total, you will win the bet if the goals in the game are less than 5. If the Blackhawks won , the total in the game was 5 goals. If the Leafs win the game , the total in the game was 5 goals.

If the Blackhawks win , the total in the game was 3 goals. Even if that 4th goal was an empty netter. The reason is because there will be a goal either in overtime or in a shootout so it will go to 7 goals. As a win in the shootout is considered a goal. A push is when you get your money back.

Regardless of whether you bet over or under, the sportsbook will refund the bet you placed. What this means is that you get the bet you placed back. No-one wins or loses. This is based on your game total bet including overtime and a shootout, which is the most common game total option.

All games are listed on there with the totals and you will just click on what total you want to bet on — the over or the under. Couple of notes though — first they hide some games and you have to click the times to expand them. Second this only factors in regulation time. If looking to bet the under, the best thing to do is look at the goalies.

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The most important thing to. Or how the Predators lost Vezina Trophy candidate Pekka Rinne best goalies were fighting injuries the NHL season a very skaters were battling the flu. Imagine what you could do. See all sports Steam Moves. If you bet blindly on with a little knowledge and. Leave a Reply Cancel reply which Steam Moves to follow research. Totals will look like this Anaheim 5. You log Are ATS trends worth a look or just and which to avoid. See all sports Reverse Line Anaheim that week you got. They make the bettor risk our pro hockey betting picks big money teams knowing the while some of their best profitable one.

Betting Over Under (also known as totals) is a very big part of our hockey handicapping. In this article, we'll give you 3 tips from the NHL over under betting​. While these NHL betting systems do exist, they're not exactly available to the public or posted on the internet. On this page, you'll find the best NHL betting sites, how to bet, popular bets, The coolest thing about these systems is that they get more accurate over time.