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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

Floodlight failure betting calculator

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Later in this page, we will also explain Asian over and under bets. The Asian handicap got its name because it was invented by an Indonesian bookmaker. The popularity of this type of bet began to increase in the early s, because it allows hedging towards different directions for the sports bettor. The easiest way to illustrate the Asian handicap is with a table.

Beneath the table, we are explaining in more detail what the quarter and three-quarter points are all about. In the top line of the table you can see the final result of the game, while on the left the different handicap variants. In relation to Asian handicaps with quarter and three-quarter steps, bets can also be won or lost with half the stake. The other half is returned to the player as cashback. Specifically, these intermediate steps, which are unusual in European betting, mean nothing more than that your stake is divided between two betting outcomes.

Therefore, if you play an AHC The odds for this bet in our example are 2. The game ends Take a soccer game as an example. Here you can guess whether over 2. With a third goal the under bet is lost. For newbies sports bettors, the half goals will seem a bit strange, as there are no 2. Over 2. Especially, as far as the number of goals is concerned, in soccer you can bet on an over 5.

Depending on the course of the game, even higher outcomes can be bet in-play. The points given for basketball bets are of course higher, for example over or under How many goals are scored in a game? Is it three or more? Is it less than three? But what strategy should you use to win? Almost all betting providers offer statistics and direct comparisons before a duel between two teams or athletes. In most cases, however, they do not go far back into the past and leave the bettor with rather superficial information.

Generally, you can find statistics for the last five direct duels, as well as the last five games of the respective teams very quickly. Of course, the form of the day is important and also the last direct duels are not insignificant; but a tendency of how likely a high or low number of goals has occurred in previous match, is not necessarily left behind through these information. To find out the actual scoring potential of two teams, you have to dig a little deeper.

You should not only use the last few weeks as a benchmark, but a longer period of time! Thus, we have to take a larger sample than the one suggested by the betting providers with their rather superficial statistics. Rather, we should count how high the rate of over or under games was. A total of 46 goals were scored in these 18 games, which corresponds to an average goal of 2.

We are already above the magical limit of 2. In those 18 Milan home games, there were an average of three goals rather than fewer than three goals. However, there were some results that falsified this average because they were well above the 2. For example a against Frosinone, a against Torino and a against Sassuolo. If we take a closer look on these 18 games and pick out those that actually noted three goals or more, we only get seven. It makes sense to count the number of overs and unders — but not to calculate the goal average.

This can also be applied to home games, away games or all games. In addition, it makes perfect sense to consider these counts in relation to the competition. Depending on the sport, you should take a set number of games as a sample.

It also depends on how stretched the period is. If you use two whole seasons as a benchmark in football, this can also be counterproductive, especially if the squad of a team has changed. We generally suggest a sample of 15 to 30 games. To be even more precise, it could be narrowed to 20 to 30 games. Of course, there are always situations or games where you can find a decent value in an under 1. As always, the same applies here: if you want to be even more secure with your bets, then go deeper.

For example, the question of how a team approaches a game. Do you try to score the first goal and then maintain the result in the best possible way? Or does a team go straight for the second goal once they lead Of course, it also makes sense to consider the current shape of a team and to take into account runs or phases of weakness; but, a closer look at the larger sample shows whether the team generally has the potential for many goals — towards the one direction or the other!

The bookmakers offer an average of 1. Well, nothing can go wrong here. There is no one hundred percent bet, because something unpredictable can always happen. A stupid goal conceded from a set piece and then a deep-laying opponent. An early red card. Not even after we put the value into the Kelly formula to calculate the ideal percentage bet from our bankroll:.

According to this calculation, you should bet If you also consider now that Eventually, you will inevitably reach the conclusion that you are losing significantly more, than you can actually win. A typical rookie mistake is to combine several games from this category. Think in a different direction: find a good over, an interesting under, maybe a handicap win that you probably believe in.

Never stop analyzing your bets, calculate their value, do not deviate from your bankroll management. On the contrary: these are the bets that will crush you sooner or later. Limit yourself to the essentials, analyze thoroughly, do not overdo it with types of bets or the number of combined games. The secret to accumulator and system bets is that absolutely every pick you put in is a value bet. As we have already mentioned with the Asian handicap bets, there is also the option of placing Asian over bets and under bets.

As with the handicaps, it is not only possible to bet on half steps, as with normal over and under bets, but also on whole steps, as well as quarter and three-quarter steps. The concept works in the same way as with the handicaps. In this table we give you an example of how your bet will be evaluated if you place an Asian over or under.

Double chance is a type of bet in which two different outcomes of a game can result to a winning bet. In classic 3-way bets, one differentiates between 1X, 12 and X2. Even if the odds for these bets are lower than a classic 3-way bet, the double chance is a good option to secure a bet. This type of bet works as follows:. Some betting providers offer bets in which the double chance is combined with another system bet.

This bet would be lost, for example, with a win for the home team or a loss, because the visitor team also scored. Draw-No-Bet is a bet in which there is no draw option. You bet on a winner, but get your stake back if the game ends in a draw. There are different abbreviations for the no draw bet: The most common abbreviation is DNB, but AHC0 or the written variant Asian Handicap 0, also represent this type of bet.

This type of bet is therefore much safer than a 3-way bet. But what does that mean exactly? With a system bet, such as an accumulator bet, you place on the outcome of several games, but with the difference that not all predictions have to work out in order to win the bet. For example, you can play the system 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7, and the betting provider will then automatically make 10 or 35 bets in these cases; so that all combinations of the picks given are combined.

These system bets can be modified by using banks. If you believe that an event or even several events will work out for sure, then you select them as a bank or banks into your system bet. Now, this bank pick must absolutely be won, otherwise the entire bet is lost, regardless of whether everything else worked out in your system bet. The big advantage of a successfully played bank pick, however, is that every accumulator of the system bet is now multiplied by the odds of the bank!

In summary, it can be stated that you must be very careful when you play system bets with a bank, because the other picks of the system bet become obsolete if your bank fails. However, the use of correctly deployed banks can significantly increase the overall odds, which is why banks can be useful in sports betting. You have already acquired a basic knowledge of sports betting information and you will find further information on sports betting in this section.

First of all, we would like to recommend our article on bankroll management; there, you will find out how to manage the available money in your betting account in the most promising and clever way. In this section, our sports betting experts will share their knowledge with you; each individual article will only cost you a few minutes, but they can immediately make you a more experienced sports bettor.

It describes how you treat your available funds and how much of it you should use. Many professional bettors, which theoretically beat bookmakers in the long run, ultimately fail in practice due to poor bankroll management, which is why this topic is extremely important to us.

The ability to apply good bankroll management and to hold onto it even in difficult times is perhaps the most important point for us, whenever we are being asked what makes a good sports bettor. Solid bankroll management is an absolute requirement for professional bettors, but hobby gamers should also definitely strive to use good bankroll management system.

Even if you only bet on certain games for entertainment, a strong bankroll management increases the chances that you will get out with a plus at the end of the day. Nonetheless, it is even more important that bankroll management protects the hobby players from losing all of their credit within a short period of time or even on one hit, which is one of the most unpleasant experiences for any betting companion.

Good bankroll management …. When it comes much money you want to set aside for betting on sporting events, everyone has to decide for themselves, as the financial possibilities differ greatly. But it is essential that you can actually afford the amount that you bet. We cannot emphasize how important it is that you choose an amount that you can afford to lose.

The variance in sports betting can be very high and you will position yourself in a very sincere situation — if you actually need the bets for everyday life. If you only want to bet just for fun, for example to make the outcome of a certain game more interesting, then it is also okay to set a monthly budget for this hobby. Even in this case, a good bankroll management would be recommended, but we understand the pure leisure bettor, who plays only small stakes and exclusively for fun and does not want to have the necessary discipline to follow a strict bankroll management.

However, if you take betting more seriously, it is an absolute prerequisite that you have a proper bankroll management in place and follow it in a disciplined manner. Bankroll management is the only way you have a realistic chance of generating nice profits in the long term.

Your bankroll should be at least 50 units, with our recommendation being or even units. We give the stake in units because every betting friend has a different bankroll. For example, if we were recommending an over bet, it would make no sense if we were to name a certain amount to bet on our tip, as that amount would be your entire bankroll for one player and 0. With smaller stakes in percentage terms, you can also minimize the risk of being forced to change your strategy because your bankroll is shrinking threateningly.

To start with, we recommend a bankroll of units. As discussed above, in extreme cases you can also use 50 units, especially if you can afford to deposit a new bankroll without any major problems. If you want to be on the safe side, you can divide your bankroll into units. If, on the other hand, you have lost money, the unit size will also be smaller.

How many units you want to risk per bet depends primarily on the risk of the bet. If you bet on an outsider victory, for example, you will want to use less of your bankroll than if you bet your money on a clear favourite. If we believe that the bookmaker misjudges a match, then we will also adjust the bet size upwards in order to get the maximum out of the bet. In this case, please only set half a unit!

Of course, we measure our profit in units. If we write that we are 18 units up this season, it means that we have made an increase of 18 times the size of a unit. As your bankroll gradually becomes larger, the profit also increases with each unit as the units grow larger and larger. Patience and discipline are essential in bankroll management. Finding the safest bets is definitely the main objective of any bettor. Which bet is the safest depends on many factors.

Luck is one of them, of course. Minimizing the risk is the main task of a professional sports bettor, which is why one is on the safe side, especially with solid bankroll management. If you believe the bookies, a bet with odds 1. This is roughly equivalent to a home win for FC Bayern Munich against a non-league side.

But of course, this game is also not decided before it has kicked off. Something unexpected can always happen, no matter how certain the bet is and no matter how clear the game is. They exist — the games where almost everything can happen. If the outcome of a game after the preliminary analysis is subjectively so uncertain that you do not want to risk a bet on this game, this is called a no-bet. There is one type of bet that is actually completely safe: the surebet.

This is the only type of bet that you will definitely win. With a surebet you need accounts with different betting providers. Stakes are placed on all possible outcomes of a betting segment. One of the bets will always be won and thus the name surebet.

Due to the differences in odds between different betting providers, there is definitely some profit in it. The profit margin of a surebet is usually very low and high profits are only possible if you bet a lot of money. In addition, there is a great risk that the betting providers, which are known to be used as part of a surebet, strictly limit the outcomes or adjust the odds at short notice.

Thus, there is always a certain residual risk even with a surebet tip. Even with some 3-way bets, it can happen that a surebet results from different odds with different betting providers. The possible profit here is usually even lower. You see that the profits are very low. This, in turn, is difficult to set in most cases because many betting providers define a maximum stake or a maximum profit from a particular bet. You can always find the latest betting tips from the world of sports all over the Internet.

Usually, these are substantiated with a reason and lead directly to the betting provider with the supposedly best odds. But can you rely on such tips? There is always a residual risk. However, you can as well get inspiration from such sites, regardless of whether a pick is successful or not: the tipster who provided the tip to the people will of course have already thought about it substantially.

However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the thoughts behind the tip, which are often explained on these websites, follow the right approach and good arguments for the respective outcome of the game. Blindly relying on these will not be successful in the long run. However, such tips do offer a certain amount of inspiration. Nevertheless, the same applies as always: nothing beats a good preliminary analysis and a clear strategy; and you always have to take care of that yourself.

What is actually a value bet? You will come across this term again and again in the world of sports betting. It is simply a bet that you personally think is so likely that it has a certain value regarding the given odds. This requires a probability that you determine, as well as the odds.

Then, we work again according to the following formula:. If we take the probabilities you set as a benchmark, then a bet on an Arsenal win would definitely be a value bet. The bet on an Arsenal win is the only one in positive zone.

The calculated value of a PSG win would be almost zero, i. All bets with a negative value according to this formula are no value bets. Bets in which the value is a positive number are referred to as value bets. The higher the value, the more the odds are worth. However, it should not be forgotten that the assessment of probabilities is subjective. Of course, you can also orientate yourself on corresponding websites that pre-analyze the game outcomes in percentages.

But it is up to you whether you want to trust your own assessments or the assessments of others. As is easy to see from the formula, the odds also have a strong effect on whether a bet can be called a value bet or not. If you do a little research and find odds of 2. The interplay between the probability, which you usually set once, and possible higher odds, which are very likely to be found at from another provider, must be also considered here.

Of course, the probability can change if you prepare for a game longer. For example, if you set a probability in the first impulse, but then take a closer look at the details of the game, analyze lists of injured or banned players or daily shape — you will then have to adjust the probability. There are always setbacks and sometimes they can last longer. Anyone who has ever bet over a long period of time knows what it is like when almost nothing works out for an entire period of time. If you permanently lose most of your bets over a longer period of time and your bankroll also shrinks significantly, then there can be several reasons.

Bad luck is certainly not the only one. Use every bad phase to your advantage and to further optimize your betting behavior. Ask yourself the following central questions:. Never forget that professional betting is mostly about organization and discipline. Even when things are going uphill, you should never forget to adhere to these fundamental aspects of structured betting.

An analysis of your betting behavior is essential. Find the faults in yourself and the way you are betting. Be honest with yourself and admit when you have deviated from your plan. Sometimes it makes sense to regain a cool head by simply keeping your feet still. Just like athletes do, you also need your breaks as a sports bettor.

But what happened, happened already. You will not get back the losing bets by wildly betting on the lottery ticket. Keep cool, analyze, optimize, regenerate. And most importantly: never bet on your last shirt. It can happen that you hit the bottom — that is, rattle down to zero. If that happens, you must by no means use all your might to try to get your money back. Stay cool and keep working in a structured manner.

In spite of continuing to bet, it will not bring your bankroll back and is not only financially, but also psychologically dangerous for you. The successful times in sports betting are similar to the unsuccessful ones. However, emotionally on a completely different level.

When everything just works, you tend to get cocky and possibly hang in even more than you did before. Sure, because you like to watch the betting account grow. But even if everything works out for you, it is important to keep cool even when winning. Never stop working on yourself and analyzing your betting concepts. Sometimes you deviate from your bankroll management and the way you choose bets and still end up winning.

In this instance, there is little that a referee can do to prevent the abandonment. Then there are the reasons we can file under downright bizarre. A drone was responsible for causing a European Championship qualifier to be abandoned, and so the lesson we have learned in the modern game is to expect the unexpected. It seems to depend on what you have bet on — and more specifically where — as to what happens next.

And then there are other countries, Spain being the most notable, where there is no such thing as an abandoned game. If a match is aborted at half-time, for example, it will be replayed at a later date but from the minute mark, and with the score as it stands as the starting point. If you are a regular punter of a certain league or country, it is worth checking out their specific rules governing the abandonment of matches. This is the million dollar question, and the reality is that different bookmakers have different rules regarding abandoned matches and when bets are void and when they still stand.

All other bets will be made void regardless of the scoreline at the time of abandonment. Abandoned games will be deemed to be games which do not reach their natural conclusion by midnight local time. Games where a referee removes the players from the field of play for a temporary period, but resumes the remaining minutes of play by midnight local time, will not be deemed as abandoned. So the rules at SkyBet concern the completion of matches by midnight on match day, or alternatively if your bet is related to a market that has been satisfied first goalscorer for instance then you still can get your hands on a payout.

Here the rules are nice and clear: any void bet will be stricken from your accumulator, and so four-folds become trebles, trebles become doubles and so forth.


The track was plunged into darkness during the third race and the decision was taken to call off the rest of the meeting. Racecourse manager Fraser Garrity had earlier apologised for the incident and announced racegoers will receive their money back while goodwill gestures will be made to participants of the third race. We were not able to achieve that last night and are now working flat out to return to normality from tomorrow. New customers only.

Free bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned. This sports promotion cannot be used in conjunction with another Coral. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Play safe.

Free bets valid for 7 days on sports, stakes not returned, restrictions apply. This sports promotion cannot be used in conjunction with another Ladbrokes. New customers only, limited to one per person. Only deposits made using Cards or Apple Pay will qualify for this promotion. Wagering must be cleared within 60 days. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

It seems to depend on what you have bet on — and more specifically where — as to what happens next. And then there are other countries, Spain being the most notable, where there is no such thing as an abandoned game. If a match is aborted at half-time, for example, it will be replayed at a later date but from the minute mark, and with the score as it stands as the starting point.

If you are a regular punter of a certain league or country, it is worth checking out their specific rules governing the abandonment of matches. This is the million dollar question, and the reality is that different bookmakers have different rules regarding abandoned matches and when bets are void and when they still stand.

All other bets will be made void regardless of the scoreline at the time of abandonment. Abandoned games will be deemed to be games which do not reach their natural conclusion by midnight local time. Games where a referee removes the players from the field of play for a temporary period, but resumes the remaining minutes of play by midnight local time, will not be deemed as abandoned. So the rules at SkyBet concern the completion of matches by midnight on match day, or alternatively if your bet is related to a market that has been satisfied first goalscorer for instance then you still can get your hands on a payout.

Here the rules are nice and clear: any void bet will be stricken from your accumulator, and so four-folds become trebles, trebles become doubles and so forth. The result is that the relevant odds will be removed from your multiple, and your potential winnings will be recalculated as a result. What Happens Now? Will My Bet Stand?

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Other conditions may also apply, such as minimum odds for each selection, or a minimum unit stake. Since there are a number of conditions that dictate whether a particular bet qualifies for a bonus, the Include Bonus option makes it easier for you to include, or exclude, the bonus settings from your calculations.

This can be done on a bet by bet basis, without needing to alter individual bonus settings, which are otherwise normally fixed for a particular bookmaker. Simply click the button with the relevant selection number to display a panel containing the less frequently used Rule 4 , Dead Heat and Joint Favourite options. For example, if a selection has lost, then Win Odds is not relevant, so that option is removed from the form. Win Odds can be entered in either Fraction , Decimal or American format, in accordance with the current odds format that can be changed via the Settings.

Total - the number of participants finishing in the same position. In the event of a double dead heat you should enter 2, and in the unlikely event of a triple dead heat you should enter 3. Places - the number of places being offered by your bookmaker for the event in which your selection is taking part. Position - the finishing position for the dead heat. If the dead heat is for first then you should enter 1, if the dead heat is for second then you should enter 2, etc.

Total - the number of joint favourites, more accurately termed co-favourites if there are more than two. Winners - the number of favourites that won the race. This will normally be 1, since a value of 0 would indicate that your selection did not win. This value will only exceed 1 if joint favourites are involved in a dead heat for first place. Note: These options are only relevant if you have backed the Unnamed Favourite to win, when more than one favourite has been declared.

Free Bet Calculator Settings. Stake minimum: 0. Each Way No Yes. Number of Selections Each load can be named by the user. Two different types can be applied in the calculator:. Uniform Loads have a constant magnitude along the length of application. Therefore, the start and end magnitudes specified by the user must be the same. Linear Loads have a varying magnitude along the length of application.

The different start and end magnitudes must be specified by the user, and they can be used to represent triangular or trapezoidal loads. Point Loads are specified in units of force, kN or kip, and area applied at discrete points along the beam.

For example, these can represent reactions from other members connecting to the beam. The user inputs the name, magnitude and location from the left of the beam. The example diagram below, from the summary section, shows a two-span continuous beam with a linear distributed patch load and point load. Once the loading and geometry have been specified, the calculator automatically uses the ClearCalcs finite element analysis engine to determine the moments, shear forces and deflections.

Positive values imply a downward deflection and negative values imply an upward deflection. The sign convention used in the shear force and bending moment diagrams is positive values shown :. Using the cursor to hover over any point on the bending moment, shear force or deflection diagrams gives the specific values at that location along the beam.

The example below shows the outputs for a two-span continuous beam with a linear distributed patch load and point load. Free Beam Calculator Specify beam geometry and loads to get started analysing the beam. Start your free trial. How to Use The Free Beam Calculator The ClearCalcs beam calculator allows the user to input the geometry and loading of a beam for analysis in a few simple steps.