blackjack card counting and betting techniques of persuasion

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Blackjack card counting and betting techniques of persuasion sports betting strategies pdf reader

Blackjack card counting and betting techniques of persuasion

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And it is a fact that you can beat blackjack. You can actually beat the casinos. And the idea that it's possible to beat the casino is what made blackjack so popular. I think this is what makes blackjack so special, is that you think you can beat it. But of course, as soon as you start to think you can beat it, it gets you into trouble.

Here's how diabolical blackjack is. Unlike most casino games, if you play blackjack correctly, the casino barely has an edge. The odds are very close to You win almost half the time. So the dream of winning is right there in front of you, just out of reach. And if you did have a system that could beat blackjack, imagine what that would mean.

It's like the money is just sitting there in casinos everywhere, all over the world. No job? Bad economy? If blackjack is beatable, your problems are solved. Today on our program, we watch people run after that dream, including some fine, upright, God-fearing people, including Robyn and me. Stay with us and good luck with that ace. OK, so when Andy Bloch says that you can beat the casinos, he is talking specifically about counting cards to change the odds.

The mathematics of counting cards was nailed down in the s and '60s. There is a way to count cards that definitively gives you an edge over the house. And you don't need to be a Rain Man or have a photographic memory to pull this off. A normal person can do it. So Robyn and I decided that we wanted to learn. And I could pretend right now that there's a high-minded journalistic reason for this. You know, we wouldn't really understand what blackjack is all about if we didn't dive in ourselves.

That would be a lie. We'd both heard of card counting. We wanted to try for the same reasons that anybody does. We thought it would be so awesome to beat blackjack. And the thought that we would be doing it during our jobs, that we would be in a casino when the rest of the staff was back at the office editing and writing, amazing.

So I can tell you what we learned in two minutes. Here's how card counting works. Please remember this public radio station if it makes you rich. The basic idea is, for lots of reasons that we don't need to get into here, tens and aces are to your advantage as a blackjack player.

So as the cards are dealt, what you want to know is, are there lots of tens and aces left in the deck for you to get? And by tens, I should say I just don't mean the ten of hearts, the ten of spades and all that. But I mean the face cards that add ten to your hand when you play blackjack. OK, so still with me? You want tens and aces, and you count. And this is important.

You're not going to keep track of the position of every single card. You're not memorizing the deck. That would be insane. They invented something that is way, way easier than that. You just keep a running tally, a very rough one, of tens and aces. You start your tally at zero. When a ten or an ace is dealt, you subtract one from the tally. When a low card comes out, you add one. That's it. That's the whole thing. The running tally, that one number, that's all you need to know.

Again, here's Andy Bloch. It's not a complicated thing. You don't need a great memory. You don't need to know how many queens are left in the deck. You just need to know that one number. And when that one number, when your running tally gets up to seven or eight or nine, it means that there are lots of aces and tens left in the deck.

So it's good for you, right? It's really, really good for you. And that is the time that you want to start to bet big. Like, your bet should jump up to five times what it was, Andy says. All you have to do is keep your running tally.

And Andy demonstrated here. He dealt cards into a pile to demonstrate how that works. So minus one, zero, plus one, plus two, plus one, plus two, plus three, plus two. Then it was time for Robyn and I to try this. Note that the pace changes just a little. You know, I'm getting confused over which one gets the plus You're sad when tens and aces come out, especially when you don't get them. You're sad when tens and aces come out, which is why they get subtracted.

We tried a few more times. Andy would deal. Robyn and I would keep the count in our heads. At the end, he would ask us the count. Finally, on our fourth try, Andy dealt the cards, we kept the count in our heads, and at the end And so the next day, we headed to Atlantic City. We headed to the casino to hit the tables and try our techniques at the lowest stakes tables possible.

We basically went into the kiddie pool. We skied the bunny hill. Did we win? Did the casino notice and send swarms of security guards with walkie-talkies to kindly ask us to play a different game? What happened to us? Later in this hour. Which brings us to Act One. When you think professional gamblers, you don't think Christians.

But there was a team of blackjack-playing Christians. No joke, there's a documentary about it called Holy Rollers. To do that, the entire team had to know how to count cards. They had skills. But beyond that, what did a Christian card-counting team have going for them that gave them an edge? Former Sunday school teacher Jack Hitt decided to find out.

The way Ben tells the story, it all began where so many great ideas originate, reading in the bathroom. It was a book about gambling, and there was a three-page chapter on blackjack explaining how to count cards.

And Ben thought, I could do this. He waited tables back then, minimum wage work, and he had just had his first kid. He and his wife were broke. And he won. And I've never seen money move like that before. I was used to waiting tables. But I just remember being fascinated by how fast this cash could move back and forth.

It was just I started to see money differently. Ben formed a small crew of card counters to hit the casinos together. And they did OK for a while. But after three years, that team fell apart. Ben said they just had different values. And so Ben and another player, his good friend Colin, decided that if they were going to create a great team, then they had to find new members they could trust completely.

And that's when it hit them. The perfect source of blackjack players. It was right in front of them, at least on Sundays. Basically, all these people had been watching us play blackjack for the last three years. And they didn't know a lot about it. But they knew that I had bought a house with the winnings.

So there was all these family members that had heard of the story and I think, frankly, were just excited about the story. And me and my business partner, Colin, we went to different churches. So he had people from his church coming to him, and word was kind of spreading. And people were like, oh, I heard about this blackjack thing.

Are you guys hiring people? And if it was the right person, we would never say no. Now that Ben and Colin had their players, they needed more money, a lot more money, if they hoped to win big. So they went to the same source. Using PowerPoint presentations, they showed their fellow Christians how much they'd been winning.

Not using luck or prayer, just math. And at the end of this presentation, here's what they pulled off. They convinced churchgoers to cash out their savings and retirement funds and hand them over to a pack of young people to carry straight into the devil's playground and risk at blackjack tables. Now, I know what you're thinking.

Wait, where's the Christ in cheating at blackjack? And isn't gambling a sin or just wrong? Turns out all the players asked those questions, too. In fact, Ben said part of training a new team member always seemed to involve a moment when the player would be stricken by a crisis of faith. Ben said he got quite good at these rap sessions, and here was his argument.

Yes, gambling's wrong. No question about that. But they weren't gambling at all because they counted cards. Here's one of the players, Mike. He'll explain. As a card counter, you go in there thinking, there's no such thing as luck. There's only math. We're going to sit down and work for eight hours and make money.

And that's the exact opposite of what But even if you square in your heart that card counting is not a sin morally, isn't it illegal in some states? Or at least considered cheating by the casinos? I ran this by Ben, the founder, who could not wait to correct me.

No, it's not. One of the biggest misconceptions ever-- and this drives me nuts because it's so fundamental that people don't get it, and I guess that's to the casino's credit-- is people actually think that this is violating the rules of a casino. But we follow every rule the casino has. In fact, if you call up a casino and you ask them, is it against the law to count cards, is it against your rules to count cards, they'll be like, oh well, no, not really.

But it is kind of frowned upon. How could that be? We all know that casinos spend tons of money on overhead cameras and security guys to detect card counters. Card counting isn't illegal. In fact, the spokeswoman said it wasn't even against the rules, though they do discourage it. She told me that if they catch you, they'll ask you to go play other games, a process known as backing off.

Or if they really don't like what you're doing, they will tell you to leave and that you're not allowed back. But for the most part, casinos just don't like to dissuade anyone from gambling, even card counters. Maybe because most of them are so bad at it, they lose money anyway. And so they pulled it off. Ben and Colin kept training more and more churchgoers, flying the members of their congregation to casinos all over the country.

Soon enough, the casinos began to treat them as whales-- that's what they call big-time gamblers-- rewarding them with comps, free rooms, cases of liquor. They'd come home with amazing stories of winning thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, on the perfectly-laid bet. Bragging rights all around. In order to convince the casinos that they were reckless high rollers and not card counters, they'd often where costumes and take on personas. Everything from golf pro to what one team member called gay art collector.

In this scene from the documentary, you see Colin dressed as a mechanic in a jumpsuit and baseball cap. Ben, meanwhile, has gone full-on goth. White face paint, black lipstick with black outfit, and even black fingernails. But they never forgot this was a business, and business was good. To give you a sense of just how good, at the height of their team in , Ben and Colin were rotating as many as 30 trained blackjack players through their transcontinental circuit.

And because you can't transfer money like that through, say, an ATM, the players carried this cash in envelopes stuffed in their pockets. At the end of each trip, the members would return to Ben and Colin and report back their hours and winnings or losses. This was all done on the honor system. You can see why finding trustworthy, church-going collaborators was so important. And every quarter, Ben and Colin would host a team meeting at one of their houses in Seattle.

Here's Colin at the big meeting in It's been another good quarter. Any guesses on how much we took from casinos in ? Yeah, you got it. I'm excited to take more money from casinos next year. So for those of you that hate casinos, we're doing our part. Did you catch that last part? If you hate casinos. Even after all the talk of it being a business and not gambling, there was still this nagging sense that what they were doing was somehow not part of the Christian mission.

They were bleeding the casinos of evil money, doing their part. But occasionally, some players began to feel there was something wrong with what they were doing. Take Mike. He had joined the team with the most Christian of all intentions. He used to be a youth pastor. His crisis of faith began with the Ninth Commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Weren't all these costumes and fake biographies bearing false witness?

High rollers are never mid white kids. And then they say, so what's your story, man? What do you do? Well, what do I say at that point? Well, in the beginning of the team, I lied. I used to create crazy stories because I thought it was fun. At Hard Rock, I remember, they said, so hey, what's your deal? I was like, oh, I work for Fox. I'm an animal agent. I actually do agent stuff for animals in movies.

Maybe you've seen Bart the Bear and Legend of the Fall? I do stuff like that. So I'm telling them this story. And the kid next to me playing says, no way. I work for Fox, too. And he starts describing the offices and asking which building I work out of. And I thought, are you kidding me? The one time I say something off the top of my head, the guy sitting next to me works for Fox?

Do you think that was some divine intervention there? It probably was. Maybe God saying shut up, just tell them the truth. I felt guilty right after I said that. It was wrong, and it was a sin to lie to them. And there were other deceptions, too.

One involved playing in pairs. One person would count cards at the table, then they'd signal another teammate across the room to join the game and start betting big when the count favored the players. So you had to have a signal that looked like it wasn't a signal at all. Oh, crossing of the arms. Yeah, it's really subtle. So we would cross our arms if it was a good count, and we would leave our arms open if it wasn't a high enough count.

This is Shirley. Not her real name, by the way. Shirley used this tactic a lot. Among card counters, stepping up to the table right when it's hot is so well known that it has a name. Wonging, from a famous counter known as Stanford Wong. There was this one time for Shirley, the most nerve-wracking bet of her life, that involved this exact tactic. I was at The Venetian in Las Vegas. I was playing at a table. I had just finished, and there was actually another guy on the team who was playing at the same pit across from me.

And he gave me the sign to, what we call Wong in. It means you go over and you go to the table because the count is good. The table's hot. So Shirley walked up to the table and put down her bet. A massive bet.

And then another and another. It was phenomenal because we kept winning and winning. There is layers of people behind us. We've got security around us. It's so intense. So I get two hands of I got four tens, basically, which you'd think would be a great hand. The dealer pulls up a six.

That means I have to split my tens. A quick explanation for those of you who don't play. In blackjack, you're trying to get close to Two tens add up to 20, so that's a really good hand. Splitting tens is crazy, what they call a deviation. And Shirley has just done it. But it's not crazy, if you happen to know that the deck is momentarily packed with high cards, and that the dealer probably would bust.

So I split my tens. And then I put another two grand on the other ten. And people are just like, what's she doing? I mean, there's comments from the crowd. It's so much adrenaline when you're doing something that is completely against the blackjack book, but it's exactly what you're supposed to be doing. It's the right deviation and you know you're going to kill it and win. Oh my goodness. It was crazy. It was insane because I kept getting tens, and I kept splitting them. And I'm super excited but nervous at the same time, hoping that this dealer busts out, which he's supposed to do.

And the dealer didn't bust. Even though the dealer didn't bust as he was supposed to, it didn't matter. Splitting those tens and making such massive bets gave her away to security. It's a red flag. When you've got 20 and you're splitting it, they know that something's going on. And they can't catch onto it while you're doing your hand that quickly and make it all stop. But no, I never played at The Venetian after that. For some of the other card counters, they faced a different crisis of faith, the commandment about stealing.

Remember, you're carrying around tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket and winning tens of thousands more. And nobody knows how much you've won or lost except you. Their trust in each other began to suffer. One player lost big one night and phoned a lot of the other players.

He was hysterical that he had cost the team so much. But their reaction, that he probably hadn't lost but was stealing. Ben, the founder of the group, told me about one time when a team member claimed that he'd never even contemplated stealing. That struck Ben as unusual, and he immediately began suspecting that player of stealing.

Do you think some of the members of your team did steal money? I know people on this team stole money. In fact, to be really honest, one of the decisions I made very recently was to go back to the founding members of the team before our team took off, and I admitted to them that I stole money from them.

I paid it back. The money was stolen from me from my car, and I had the choice of whether to report it or not. And at the time, I made a very quick decision, and I decided that our family couldn't afford it. And I just fudged the paperwork. And I said that I lost it at a casino.

So those were three of my close friends. And I had to go to those guys years later and tell them the truth. Throughout it all, playing blackjack never stopped being a little strange for the Christians. Trying to make money, surrounded by almost every temptation. Free booze, plane tickets, beautiful prostitutes, easy money.

But they had to stay focused on their job, counting cards. For some, it was lonesome, like Jesus in the wilderness. Here's Mike, in the desert of Las Vegas. It's funny. I talked to one of the guys on the team about what I did, and he had the exact same experience. Go up to my suite, which was usually 1,, 1, square feet. Gigantic, big TVs everywhere, bars. I had one that had a stripper pole in the bathroom. But I would be by myself or with other card counters.

I traveled with one or two other of the players. And I would go up into my casino room. And I would order some real simple meal, like a club sandwich. And then I would just sit in the chair, no music, no television, and just look out the window over the Strip and feel lonely. Because you felt isolated. You can't be open with the casino, who you are. And when you're open with your Christian friends, they're either way too excited about it, or they think you're during the most evil thing in the world.

In the end, the church team split up in And not because any of them succumbed to gambling or any other temptation. They believed in God and his glorious gift of math. But apparently God gave none of them the patience of Job needed to endure the mind-numbing work of card counting. So they all went their separate ways. Mike now sells cell phones to pay for his studies at a pastors college, and he intends to start a church when he gets out. Shirley returned to being a stay-at-home mom.

Even Ben and Colin bailed to take new jobs. Colin starts websites now. And Ben says he makes more money from doing internet marketing than he did from playing blackjack. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he enlightens you, like Paul on the road to Damascus, a blinding epiphany convincing you to quit your old ways. Other times God gets you to virtue by boring you to death. Jack Hitt. He's the author most recently of the book Bunch of Amateurs. The documentary about card-counting Christians is at holyrollersthemovie.

Coming up, when you can't bring down the house, just sue it. Each week on our program, of course, we choose a theme, bring you different kinds of stories on that theme. Today's show, blackjack. On the bus to Atlantic City, This American Life producer Robyn Semien and I practiced counting cards on these card-counting apps that we downloaded to our phones. There are dozens of these. If you heard the beginning of today's program, you heard that she and I took a lesson in card counting.

Now we headed to a casino to try it out. Robyn had mastered card counting much better than I had. I was much better at knowing proper blackjack strategy. How to play the cards, when to hit, all that. In other words, as I told Robyn when we got off the bus So between the two of us, we comprise one competent player. Our tutor, Andy Bloch, said that one day of practice before we went into a casino would not be enough, that it would take weeks.

And he was right. Robyn could count the cards, but it was so difficult, it required such focus, that she had trouble speaking to anyone at all. People at the table, it was all guys, would say things to Robyn. They asked if we were on our honeymoon at one point. And uncharacteristically, Robyn said nothing. We took a break after an hour.

We found this empty lounge and recapped. She had a headache from all the non-stop counting. It was so hard. I can't say a sentence. I can't remember how to play basic blackjack. It's weird. Like, I'm looking at these two cards, and I'm like seven plus five, that's my hand. What's seven plus five? What does that mean? I can't remember what the basic-- yeah, I just can't remember.

And then as soon as that happens, everybody at the table starts telling you, oh, you have a Here's what you're supposed to do. I love how everybody's just jumping in. Oh, yeah, they were all there for me. It was a whole team of guys ready to tell me how to play. That's totally comfortable. We made mistakes. Our biggest mistake, I think, was that the count at the table we were at was mostly negative. It was mostly against us for most of the time that we sat there.

I realized later that Andy would have gotten up and found a different table. The real pros switch tables a lot. But we held our own, and at the end of two hours, we were in a great situation. The count was seven, and there were two decks left to deal.

And if you're not totally following this, all you need to know is that was good. That was good for us. It meant lots of good cards were coming. Cards were dealt. I got a pair of tens. She got a pair of tens. These are, by the way, great hands. You're trying to make 21, and we each had The dealer had one card down, and the card that was showing was a five, one of the worst possible hands for the dealer.

Robyn and I talked about what happened next on the bus ride home. She flipped her hole card. It was also a five. So then she had And then she dealt herself another card, and it was an ace. We should have split our tens. You would have gotten that ace. Non-blackjack people, splitting tens is something that nobody would ever do except a card counter.

It's what gets the woman kicked out of the casino in Jack Hitt's story. At Atlantic City, they don't kick you out. But if they spot you counting cards, they start shuffling the deck after every hand, or they come over and tell you that you can only bet the minimum bet at the table, which is basically telling you, go away. But once Robyn brought up this idea that we should have split our tens, it was hard to let it go.

It would have stopped her from getting the ace. We would have made all sorts of extra money. And then they would've kicked us out for being so good. That's all I wanted. We bet high when the count was good, just like you're supposed to, and dumb luck made us lose anyway. Which is part of the game. The dealer got 21, which beat our We made big bets, and then loss one more hand after that and walked away down.

First time out. I just feel like we could have done better. I think we should come back next week. Now we have this story of somebody who thought that she knew how to play blackjack. She played for years. She didn't count cards, but she says that she knew the basic strategy cold. We've changed her name to protect her privacy. Sarah Koenig tells what happened. She played blackjack. That was always her game.

But on this night, when she ran out of her own money, the casino offered her what are called counter checks, like a loan from the casino that you're supposed to pay back. This is not a happy gambling story, so you know what happens next. She can't pay back the money, any of it. And not only that, we're suing her for damages tripling that amount. Half a million dollars in all. This isn't unusual, that casinos go after debtors like Bachmann in court. What is somewhat unusual is what happened next.

Bachmann hired a lawyer named Terry Noffsinger who argued that not only did she not owe the casino money, but they owed her money. I put to Noffsinger the question you might be having at this very moment. Wait, what? Why is she not liable? It seems like if you go to a casino, you know what you're doing. What's your best one-sentence argument for why it is that you believe she shouldn't be held responsible?

Because at the time of those losses, she has passed the point of no return to where she has no control over what she's doing, comma, and the casinos know it and take advantage of it. They knew she was a compulsive gambler. They knew she didn't have control. Now, here's the difficult thing. A lot of people wouldn't believe me. I've even had friends of mine who took while to convince them that I was really telling the truth, that this was really what was happening.

It's in his new book, called The Power of Habit, which is about how habits form in our brains and also about how companies tap into those habits to get us to spend money. In Bachmann's case, money she didn't have. Duhigg also calls her Angie Bachmann in his book, by the way.

Bachmann's lawsuit made news, and some of the reaction was backlash. Nasty online comments lamented the ever-increasing abrogation of personal responsibility. One person wrote, what's next? Suing supermarkets because you eat too much? And another, not unless Lamborghini pays my speeding tickets. And another, can I sue Budweiser for getting me drunk? I have to say, the case initially struck me as flimsy, too. And when Noffsinger first heard about gambling addiction, he didn't buy it either.

Years earlier, he'd gotten a call from a guy named David Williams. Williams had lost everything, including his house, playing slots on a local riverboat casino. He told Noffsinger he'd run red lights driving to the riverboat so he could be there the second the casino opened. That he'd sat at the same slot machine for 20 hours straight. With regard to David Williams, when he came in, and he told me the story.

And I was incredulous. So I went down to the office, that Saturday I told you, and I read about compulsive gambling. And I thought, this guy, I think he's telling the truth. And everything I learned from there on confirmed to me that David Williams was telling the truth.

It seemed clear to me that the casino had to know that he was a compulsive gambler and that he was one of their favorites. And they would put him up at night in fancy suites and give him drinks and meals and all these things. So I felt like they were taking advantage of him. And I thought the evidence supported that. And we filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit didn't work. It was rejected in federal court. All gamblers with similar stories. After a while, he started keeping track. He's got a list now with about 40 names on it. He told every one of these callers the same thing. A player makes a conclusion that he sees a low cards clump going through a hole card. The hole card is read to be a low card and a dealer also has a stiff hand.

Low cards preceding a hole card and the high cards following it make a hole card reading inconclusive for the NBJ player. In that case a player looks at the cards preceding his hit card. If those cards are high cards, he reads his hit card to be also a high card, because non-random cards create excessive clumpiness, which means that high cards follow high cards more often than not.

Instead of hitting his 15, a player stands to avoid a probable bust by a high card and improves once again his chances and overall expectation of the game. It also shows that very often the long clumps of high and low cards will be involved in the card reading situations. From the probability standpoint, the long clumps have very low probabilities of happening. Despite those miniscule probabilities a player needs to mentally extend them further by at least one card in case of a hit card read and two cards for a hole card prediction to make E.

Methodological problems of E. We have seen already that the fundamental assumption of the non-random cards, which is absolutely necessary for the E. If the preceding cards are sufficient enough to draw a conclusion about the value high or low of the hit card, then the preceding cards should be all that it takes to draw a conclusion about the value of a hole card.

Nevertheless, the method requires the knowledge of the following cards also to make a hole card reading prediction, anticipation, etc…. Thus the method has two different standards for logically absolutely similar problems. That is an obvious sign of the theoretical immaturity and methodological weakness of the method.

There are too many methodological, logical and mathematical problems and self-contradictions and confusions to list them all. The main methodological problem, however, which turns the method into a pure guesswork, is the following one. They rely on the clump-based hole and hit card reading prediction, anticipation etc…. According to Davis, the clumps will continue to include a hole or a hit card and the value high or low will be assigned to those cards in the process.

Davis understands that the continuation of the clump into a hole or hit card is not guaranteed, but he claims that it will happen more often than not. The problem is that E. Why precision here is an absolute must? The method assumes that the hole card is a low card and a hole card strategy commands a player to deviate from Basic Strategy and stand instead of hitting.

At the same time, is that kind of card reading prediction precision enough to deviate from the Basic Strategy? It turns out that it is not, because the required for deviation precision is roughly around The same requirement of precision applies to the hit card strategy.

Then he relies on a hit card reading prediction, anticipation etc…. He sees that the cards preceding his hit card are high cards. He assumes that the hit card is a high card. He follows hit card strategy and stands with his 15 against 9 up card to avoid a probable bust deviating from Basic Strategy in the process.

Is it often enough? Not really, because he should be more than roughly They are completely ignorant about the required minimal accuracy of the hole and hit card reading necessary for deviation from Basic Strategy. Sometimes a player will be correct with his deviations and sometimes he will be wrong.

However, because of an extra mental work required by the method and increased fatigue leading to additional mistakes, the final disadvantage with this method will most likely be worse than that of the Basic Strategy. A player will be better off by playing Basic Strategy.

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