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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

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Election betting odds 2016

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These odds have dropped drastically, making him one of the worst underdogs on BetOnline at the moment. The son of former Michigan governor George Romney politics was never far from young Mitt. After a failed attempt to unseat Tedd Kennedy in the senate in Romney reappeared on the scene to run the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and win the bid for the games.

He then won the Massachusetts governors race in Romney is not running for president in He has finally been removed from the board, and no longer has odds to become the next president. Since the beginning of the political season, Mr. Biden has been in office in following almost a decade serving as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The big political career all started back in for Biden when he took office as the United States Senator for Delaware.

A University of Delaware graduate, the 69 year old was elected for a second term in the Vice Presidency in These health concerns are the cherry on top of a bad week for Hillary. Earlier it was announced that FBI records are being subpoenaed, giving new life to the talks that she will be indicted for her email scandal. All of these things add up to one thing for VP Biden — the chance at a presidency.

It seems prevalent to add that Mr. Biden has never actually thrown his bid in for the presidency. People just apparently want to bet on him. In , when he was only 28, Kasich became a Senator in Ohio. He was the youngest ever Ohio senator.

One of the first things he did in office was refuse a pay raise. Kasich served in the Ohio House of Representatives from to A fiscal conservative, he worked with Ralph Nader to close tax loopholes for corporations. He has also worked as a Fox News host and has written three books. It looks as if voters know they are only deluding themselves because his odds are about as hopeful as republican voters.

We became very astute in all the ways to bet on who will be the next President of the United States of America back in and leading up to that election. Below, we'll break down common ways to bet on the U. Presidential Election and what you might encounter when looking for the odds. Until the candidates or potential candidates for each political party are known, these odds will likely only cover whether the Democrats or the Republicans win control over the White House.

These odds were available the day after the Presidential Election for the election And, just like any wager made with a sportsbook or online bookmaker, it will be handicapped however since there is only a winner and a loser, the wager is handicapped through payouts and the amount won with a single dollar wagered. Handicapped Electoral Vote Count - This type of betting should be familiar for anyone that knows about betting on sports. When the electoral vote count is handicapped, it is just like a spread on a football game, basketball games, etc We mentioned Obama beat Romney by electoral votes for which his handicapped line was By winning by 91 or more votes, Obama won both the election as well as the wager for those who took the bet.

Again, this wager usually isn't available until a week or two before the election. Odds To Win Popular Vote - This works just like the odds to win the election however winning the Electoral College and winning the popular vote are two completely different things mainly because you can win the popular vote but not the election.

Still, odds for the popular vote are presented in the same format where either Candidate A or Candidate B wins. Look for the popular vote odds to become available within a month of the election date. Odds To Win A Particular Swing State - As we talked about previously, one state can make or break a campaign and therefore there is a lot of attention placed on particular states which could go either way Democrat or Republican.

Each election is different but typically these wager revolve on bigger states which can actually impact the race significantly. Each state has different odds for Democrats or Republicans based on past elections, current polling, and registered voters in the state. Perhaps the best example of this wager was Florida in where Mitt Romney was better than a 2 to 1 favorite to win the state's 29 electoral votes. Well, President Obama won Florida in thus winning a good chunk of money for anyone who bet on him to win the state because he was the underdog and a single dollar wager payed more than what was bet plus the original amount risked.

Because so much goes into figuring out which way a state might go, or even if there is a possibility of it swinging to one side or the other, odds for swing states are not available until right before the election. Political Primary Odds - Leading up to there will be a lot of campaigning within both of the major political parties for nomination to be the next President of the United States.

With that comes betting odds on each party's primaries in big states where it is not already known who will be selected to represent the party in the upcoming Presidential Election. Back in , Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney went head-to-head for several weeks for the Republican nomination until Santorum finally bowed out, clearing the way for Romney to seek election.

In , both parties will be selecting a nominee so the action should be much more intense than in Look for odds to win state primaries starting in We're pretty sure most of you know how the election process works however if you do not, we encourage you to keep reading this section. We're going to cover some basic material which will help you better understand our the U. This is because the United States uses the Electoral College which assigns a specific number of votes to each state based on that state's population.

The number of electoral votes a particular state has is based on the number of members in Congress House of Representatives. Here are a few of the bigger states and their electoral vote counts: California 55 , Texas 38 , Florida 29 , New York 29 , Illinois At the time of this writing, there are a total of Electoral College votes of which is needed for a majority and to win the presidency.

In the Presidential Election when Barack Obama won a second term over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, he did so with an electoral vote count of to The popular vote in that election was much closer than what the Electoral College would lead you to believe. While Obama won Green, Reform, Tea, etc The result of this election was much closer than some believed and as always the entire race came down to a few swing states like Ohio which tipped the balance in favor of the incumbent.

But while the end results are clear, there was much speculation that Obama could potentially lose the popular vote and still retain office. That never came to be but it was still very close and with a few more precincts, a few more counties, a few more states, Mitt Romney could have very well taken the White House from Obama in Could have, would have, should have Each state handles it's own voter's registration so we are unable to provide just one universal link that will take you to where you can register.

These should all be state-run websites. If you come across a site with a domain name such as "TennesseeVoterRegistration. Below is a basic list of requirements that need to be met in order to register:. Remember, each state runs it's own voter's registration so there may be additional requirements that are not listed here.

Do know that you must be registered to vote for at least 29 days before you are allowed to vote in an election Most states allow residents to get their voter's registration started online which is a real plus to making sure things are done ahead of time. That information will be given to you once you have registered to vote.

You will receive a voter's registration card with information about your voting precinct. And, just because you voted at a particular polling station in one election does not mean that is where you will vote for the next election. Precinct boundaries are always being re-drawn to benefit whichever party is in office so your precinct can and probably will change at some point.

When it does, you will be sent a new registration card complete with your new polling information. You want to be sure to keep your address current otherwise you will probably fail to get notice of any change and be denied the right to vote if you show up at the wrong precinct. There are several resources online which can help you locate your polling station which will be made available as we approach the Presidential Election in His father was a Cuban immigrant who came to America in the s.

He worked as a lawyer for a while, and then as a campaign advisor to George W. In , he became the Solicitor General of Texas. He won a seat in the United States Senate in During his time in Congress, he has sponsored 25 bills of his own. He is known for his very conservative evangelical viewpoint. He worked on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers until they were bought out in He then started his own company, Bloomberg L.

This made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. He became interested in philanthropy, focusing his attention on education, the arts, and medical research. In , Bloomberg became the th Mayor of New York. Even though he considers himself a Republican, he is pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion. He was re-elected in and again in Will it be for better or worse? Check back here to find out. Florida born and raised, Rubio spent time as a Member of the Florida House of Representatives before gaining the honourable position of Speaker of the House.

A few week ago Little Marco was feed up with the bullying of Donald Trump and decided to do something about it and fight back. But again lets be honest, no one was ever all that serious about Rubio being president, jut look at his poll numbers in his home state of Florida which he will lose badly on Tuesday. All the while, Clinton was a huge favorite to secure the Democratic nomination. In mid-April, she was at Bookmaker. By mid-June, she had the nomination wrapped up, with Bookmaker.

Clinton wagers were flooding into the offshore and overseas books. You have to raise the odds on Clinton because of what Trump said. So that was it, right? Well, in an election season that seems like it might never end, no, that was not it. And just like that, the offshore books were slammed with Trump money. Matthew Shaddick, head of political odds at UK book Ladbrokes, also saw a surge. Quite possibly, this is a massive over-reaction, but hard to tell right now.

A week ago at Bookmaker. We raised the price drastically on Clinton to stop the flow of money on her, hoping for some buyback on Trump. Granted, in all this, Clinton still remains a heavy betting favorite to win come Nov. For example, at Bookmaker. He started to treat the election just like he would sports.

Vaccaro will still keep churning out those odds, though, through Election Day. NewsNation Now — President-elect Joe Biden arrived at the nation's capital Tuesday, one day before he's officially sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Biden and incoming first lady Dr.

Jill Biden attended a send-off event in Wilmington, where the president-elect has been coordinating policy plans and appointing roles within his administration during the transition period.