how to bet on sports in vegas

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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

How to bet on sports in vegas betting betfair home away

How to bet on sports in vegas

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When placing your wager at the window, simply ask your writer for drink tickets and always be sure to tip your ticket writer and your bartender! A: After a game begins all full-game wagers are locked, however, there are still other betting options, including 2nd half or live, in-game wagers. A: Always check your ticket for accuracy before leaving the window! A: No, many sportsbooks now offer mobile apps that can be used anywhere in Nevada. Have questions about sports betting in Las Vegas not covered above?

Sports Betting. Best Books. PJ Walsh. Download App. Follow PJ Walsh. Top Offers. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. Example: Alabama is a 7-point favorite over Auburn. The final score is Alabama 27, Auburn If the favorite wins by exactly the point spread, the game is a push, and bettors get their money back. If the terms are different from , they will be expressed alongside the team name on the betting board.

Example: The total on Alabama vs. Auburn is 50 points. One wrinkle: Totals do not have their own rotation number. The terms are listed beside each team after the spread and total. As with totals, there is no specific rotation number for money-line bets. Before the game, bets can be placed on the first half of football and basketball games, the first five innings of a baseball game or the first period of a hockey game.

For football and basketball, bets can be placed at halftime, at a line set for just the second half of play. The overall result of the game does not matter, just the result against the second-half spread or total. These bets have their own rotation numbers. A common mistake is for a bettor to use the full-game rotation number when trying to place a first-half bet.

Bets on events that will be decided in the future, usually seasonlong bets on a team to win a championship. Bets also can be made on a team to win a division or conference, and sometimes bets are allowed on individual seasonlong awards, such as the Heisman Trophy or league MVP.

The odds are not static. They change week by week or even day by day as the season progresses. A form of futures bet on whether a team will go over or under its projected number of wins for the season. The odds are often , but the juice can be shifted to favor one side without changing the total.

Sometimes each side will have a rotation number for win totals. A bet that requires picking the result of multiple games, offering the chance for a larger payout. If one leg pushes, the leg is in effect taken off the ticket, and the bet reduces to the teams remaining. Example: If one leg pushes on a three-team parlay, you now have a two-team parlay with the other two teams. Not all events can be parlayed. Example: A team against the spread cannot be parlayed with the same team on the money line.

Parlaying a team with the total on the same game is likewise sometimes not allowed. Some sportsbooks have parlay cards that let bettors fill out their bets to hand to the ticket writer. Parlays also can be made over the counter directly with the ticket writer.

Bettors must declare how many teams are in the parlay, then follow with the various rotation numbers. Be aware that combinations add up quickly as you add more teams. A 6-point two-team football teaser typically pays at to odds. Both must cover those numbers for the bet to win.

Bettors must declare the type of teaser and how many teams are in the teaser, then follow with the various rotation numbers. Most famously bet on the Super Bowl, but available year-round on specific games. These are bets on a specific outcome within a game, sometimes general will the game go to overtime?

Many props have odds of , but the terms can vary greatly. Be sure to check the betting board. Bets on games while they are in progress. The lines are fluid, changing with the score of the game. If a 4-point favorite wins by 6 points in overtime, then the favorite wins against the spread and on the money line. The score at the end of regulation means nothing. This most frequently helps or harms bettors with college football totals.

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For example:. Knowing the rotation number makes it easier for the ticket writer to place your wager. Always check your ticket to make sure everything is correct. Every sports book in Las Vegas used to provide complimentary drink tickets when you placed a sports wager. Like most other complimentary drinks, the casino operators have cut back.

While there may be a policy for complimentary drink tickets, it may not be followed. If you see a similar drink ticket policy sign, and place the appropriate wagers, make sure you receive the tickets. The worst the ticket writer can do is to say no. At least you tried. Most sports bets will be on the point spread, total or a team to win. However, there are many more sports betting options in casinos today.

Here are just a few examples. A parlay offers the chance at bigger wins than most individual game bets by grouping multiple teams into one large bet. You combine two or more teams up to create a parlay. Each team that is added to a parlay increases the return if all of the games are winners.

Parlay Cards : You can put together your own parlay from games offered or use a parlay card provided by the sports book. These cards come in different varieties with alternative point spreads and rules. A Teaser card gives each team you choose extra points while a Pleaser card is exactly the opposite. The Teaser card makes it easier to win a bet but it pays less than a traditional parlay. On the other hand, a Pleaser card makes it more difficult to win and pays better.

Futures : This is a bet on something happening in the future. You can place future bets for all teams in all major sports. New futures bets allow you to wager on players too. Sports book operators are now offering odds on league leaders, award winner, and more. Propositions : These are single game wagers for specific results.

For example, you could bet on a certain player to have over or under a point total for a basketball game. These opportunities are different for every game. Marc grew up on the mean streets of the South Bronx. He's the rare combination of Yankees and Jets fan which explains his often contrarian point of view.

He learned about gambling at a young age working down the street from a bookie who took action on anything from the mainstream sports to the last three digits of the purse for certain horse races. Yeah, that's a thing. Today Marc is a freelance writer and social media consultant which allows him to work anywhere there's a wifi signal.

Writing about steak, booze, gambling and Las Vegas is a tough job but somebody has to do it. Our Lowest Price Ever! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Write down the rotation numbers of the teams you want to bet on. Usually, the rotation number is located directly to the right of the team name. Take a note of the teams' rotation numbers so you can let the ticket writer know which team you're betting on.

Read the point spread to learn how many points your team must win by. The point spread marks the margin by which a team must win for you to achieve your bet. It is listed to the right of two paired teams and is followed by a negative "-" sign. If you are placing a bet against the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers and there is a "-6" by the Ravens, for example, that team must win by 7 points for you to win your bet.

Check the "over-under" score to bet how many points will be won total. The over-under score is a median guess at how many points total will be won by each team. Ask the ticket master what the over-under score is for a certain team, then decide whether you believe more "over" or less "under" points will be scored.

Read the moneyline odds to see how much you can win for your bet. On a Vegas odds scoreboard, the moneyline odds are usually to the furthest right. Part 2 of Research each teams' players and recent score histories. You will make the most informed bets if you know a lot about the sport and the teams involved.

Follow a sport over a season and make a note of any winning patterns you see so you can make educated opinions about the teams. Choose a team that you think will "cover the spread. The team that wins by this point margin has "covered the spread. Check your sport's daily featured odds. The featured odds, which display the odds on upcoming games, are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

View the advance odds on major games. Part 3 of Tell the ticket writer how much money you wish to bet. Keep the point spread and moneyline in mind to determine how much you want to bet. The payout will be based on a combination of the point spread, moneyline, and the amount of money put down by you. Bet on future games several days, weeks, or months in advance.

The earlier you bet on competitions, particularly those with 3 or more teams involved, the higher your returns may be when the sporting event comes. Spend several days researching the teams involved, then let the ticket writer know which future game you want to bet on and how much you want to put down. Place a "wacky" proposition on a major sporting event. Larger events, particularly the Super Bowl, often involve bets beyond winning and losing points.

Wacky bets are usually fun and involve less money and strategy than general bets. Avoid betting on non-sports related events. Due to Nevada laws, bets can only be placed on athletic competitions. Sportsbooks cannot accept bets on political elections, entertainment awards shows, or reality TV shows. Do not try to bet on non-athletic competitions or coerce a ticket writer into accepting your bet.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Don't feel bad if you bet on the wrong teams at first. There is a learning curve to reading and understanding the Vegas odds, and you'll likely improve with time. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. The featured odds change constantly. Check the latest version before you approach the ticket writer for an informed bet. If you like the idea of sports betting but not spending money, try playing fantasy football.

Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Never bet on a team while intoxicated. You will want to be in your best frame of mind while reading and betting on Vegas odds.