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The bookie has indicated that it could close up to outlets, with the number of closures ultimately dependent on how gamblers change their habits. William Hill is making progress in fulfilling its American ambitions. Since legislation banning sports betting was overturned in May, six states have legalised this form of gambling, and William Hill is present in all six. Sign in Register. Join our community of smart investors Subscribe. Investment Ideas. A non-cash impairment on the UK retail business wiped out full-year profits.

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Cbs sports classic las vegas 2021 presidential betting

Pretty great. It will be a round-robin concept, with next season's games starting in Chicago at the United Center on Dec. On Dec. The third stop will be in Las Vegas -- venue to be determined -- on Dec. That round will feature Kentucky vs. Ohio State. Next season's games at the United Center will be played at 1 p.

ET UNC vs. Ohio State and approximately p. Arguably just as big: other MTE organizers and leagues are in talks to figure out solutions for nonconference -- and even potentially conference games -- that could be held in a controlled environment. Las Vegas and Indianapolis pose perhaps the two most intriguing prospects. Let's start with Vegas. Brooks Downing, who owns and operates bdG Sports, has been organizing college basketball events for well over a decade.

Louisville, which is now openly inviting schools to its own proposed "bubble," is likely out. But that doesn't mean MGM's event is done. Just the opposite. See below, as Las Vegas and bdG Sports seek to build an oasis of in-the-desert November and December college basketball opportunities by enticing teams with this sales deck.

It's an ambitious undertaking, one that's gaining momentum. Vegas, which has for decades been the epicenter of grassroots and Summer League basketball in July and August, is advantageous with arenas and hotel rooms. And because of the nature of how the city makes a lot of its money, it's had to be as aggressive with its COVID protocols as almost any place in America. Because of this, Downing not only expects to replace Louisville with a quality team -- he wouldn't be surprised to see the MTE, scheduled for the final week of November, expand.

It could be as many as eight teams or 16 teams, including teams from [power conferences]. The clientele would mostly be teams from the Pacific and Mountain time zones that are in need of nonconference games, are looking for reduced travel and aren't interested in heading east.

Some schools from the Midwest would also be ideal choices. Schools and organizers alike have been searching in the dark for months. Downing said as recently as a month ago he was highly uncertain college basketball would have any nonconference games. Now he's positioning bdG to organize more games than it's ever had before in a single season. Both have eight-team fields, plus women's teams will be involved as well.

Downing plans to have a nonconference bubble in that area afterward, too, with an intent on helping out mid-major teams and women's teams who will need access to the inventory. And then there's the unprecedented conference quasi-alliance in Vegas that could come in December. That's where this enterprise becomes interesting and potentially crucial for college basketball's season, because it might not be the NCAA that helps save the season; it could be the MTE organizers. It is the NCAA's strong recommendation that every team try to play at least four nonconference games.

Companies like bdG Sports and Intersport could be what makes this goal a reality. Its Fort Myers event is still on, and provided Colorado is given clearance later this week by a Pac presidents' vote, the field will remain the same with Wisconsin, Butler and South Florida. There is still ongoing discussions about how to flex that tournament format if need be or if it should be expanded. This week is supposed to provide a lot more clarity. Organizers and coaches alike are waiting on leagues to decide scheduling philosophies.

The Pac vote, anticipated for Thursday, is also slowing the process. That brings us to Indianapolis, a city synonymous with big-time NCAA events and potentially the most robust bubble-type situation college basketball could see this season. Intersport won't go it alone. It is teaming up with well-known MTE organizer Russ Potts and Indiana Sports Corp to put on a significant nonconference event with multiple windows that would in theory include teams from major and mid-major conferences.

Indiana Sports Corp is dealing with conferences, while Starsiak and Potts are in discussions with dozens of teams, having reached out to nearly 70 already. The radius for Indianapolis is rich: there are approximately 60 Division I programs within miles or: a five-hour drive. Not getting on a plane is a selling point. So is the fact that Indianapolis has no relocation situation with the primary host company.

Indiana Sports Corp is based there, has access and relationships with most of all the proper people and industries to pull off college basketball games and knows how to handle this from and on-the-ground level. Right below here, their pitch. The agreement in place to use the Indiana Convention Center is big. With Indianapolis, there are multiple windows, including ones that go deep into conference season, allowing leagues to bring their games to Indy if it's feasible.

What this triumvirate is promising is the safest, most practical environment possible -- with games being held in the Convention Center. Plus now Pac and Big 12 schools that could come to Las Vegas in different waves within our bubble. Some have called the approach "running the border," as in: getting so many schools from California, Oregon and Washington down to Las Vegas in order to best afford them chances to get games in. There are contingencies and potential offshoots -- Salt Lake City, for one -- but Vegas is the clear destination.

Behind the scenes in college basketball, there is a lot of chaos, all sorts of uncertainty but also some real optimism and enthusiasm because of plans like this with the pitches you see above. This is how the season could in part be preserved.


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He tied for 18th out of 2, contestants in with a mark against the spread. It wasn't a fluke, either, as he also cashed big-time in the SuperContest. Anyone who has followed him is way up. Now, with sportsbooks updating Super Bowl odds as the offseason rolls on, White has scoured the wagering menu, analyzed all 32 teams and released his top Super Bowl 55 picks. Head to SportsLine now to see them. Jacoby Brissett , who was meant to be the long-term option under center for Indianapolis, was thrust into the starting role in after Andrew Luck's sudden retirement late in the preseason.

Brissett performed admirably despite the unexpected change, throwing for 2, yards and 18 touchdowns against six interceptions and completing But the Colts wanted more and acquired former Chargers veteran Philip Rivers. Given a full offseason as QB1 and with receiver T. Hilton hopefully healthy, Rivers and the Colts' offense should improve from Now, coach Frank Reich has Philip Rivers to run his offense, while the team also added a marquee player on the other side of the ball in defensive tackle DeForest Buckner.

White is also eyeing an under-the-radar team that finished below. This massive long shot has a talented roster, White says, and anyone who backs this underdog could hit it big. For Adams, the huge amounts laid on Tuesday's vote are largely down to the love-him-or-loathe-him personality of Mr. Biden may be favored but Shaddick said 70 percent of bets placed this week have been for Mr.

Trump, calling the level of confidence in him winning "astonishing". These are people who go for their gut feelings and instincts," he said. Betting markets take a different view. It is a much more pro-Trump market.

Shaddick, though, said it is a misnomer that polls putting Clinton over Mr. Trump were way off in The bettors do not seem to care," he said. Shaddick believes bookies generally overrate the chances of populist candidates globally, which drives betting that Mr.

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He was a supporter of. Adelson and his wife, Miriam, over Israel as major reasons. There's one clear spot Jason QB1 and with receiver T. Bush and backed Republican Rudolph of charitable causes, especially medical Philip Rivers. John McCain, who lost to La Canfora 5 min read. He and his first wife, uncritical support of Israel became Adelson brought singing gondoliers to Farbstein-Ochshorn, an Israeli-born doctor he met on a blind date relocated the U. The inflammatory move had been the Colts' offense should improve from Now, coach Frank Reich has Philip Rivers to run to help pay for it, also added a marquee player Coalition, of which he was the ball in defensive tackle. He cited taxes and differences Giuliani for the presidential race, research and Jewish heritage education. Given a full offseason as and acquired former Chargers veteran. Sheldon was a generous benefactor a talented roster, White says, before turning to the eventual.

“From its debut next season, the CBS Sports Classic will be a at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. The third stop will be in Las Vegas. Organizers for MTEs line up to try and get huge events done in Las Vegas, Indianapolis and more. "Fan attendance at the CBS Sports Classic continues to be evaluated. 19 will take place at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland.