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Irish coursing derby betting keeneland

After the Norman Conquest a church was established and the manor gifted to a loyal subject of King William. In a descendant, Roger de Scures, was granted a charter by King Henry III to hold a weekly market and thus Wickham, as it is known today, and its associated horse fair were established. Held annually on May 20, Wickham Fair is one of two English horse fairs that can trace its roots to the 13th century. Bareback parades with ponies decorated in ribbons and regalia dominate the event attended by Romany horse traders from all over the.

Today, modern fair rides accompany the festivities. Romany cobs are tied up outside what used to be the local pub in anticipation for their turn on the running track, where buyers gather to view the selection and partake in the drink and merriment associated with the historic fair. A stranger setting aside their plans to help someone less fortunate. A father who gives up self to be there.

A business owner who survives every setback, every battle, to steer through to beautiful success. A foal, whose years of nurturing, returns the momentous cup. Each of us have within us, a Soldier. A Fighter. A Champion who will rise time and time again. Our wings are not frail, but made of metal and light, of strength and determination.

A power of force, and of love, that cannot be denied. Often crossing paths with Louis Armstrong, Neiman sketched and painted the famous jazz musician countless times from Chicago to New York to Paris. That same respect and admiration was mutually felt. Neiman later recounted his last sitting with Armstrong, remembering him as tired, spent, and beautiful.

Illustrated: Playboy, November, An issue of the November, Playboy magazine will accompany the lot. Neiman portrays Madison Square Garden on the opening night of the National Horse Show, the grandest event on the prestigious indoor horse show circuit. The setting allowed the artist to express his longtime interest in high fashion complemented by the brilliant range of colors represented in the flags of the competing nations. The black curtain cast across the crowd, courtesy of the outfitting of the gentleman, dotted with color and fine detail, juxtaposed against the brilliant red clay of the course with jumps dispersed throughout accentuates the pageantry of the event.

Illustrated: Louisville Courier Journal, April 9, , p. The same year he was awarded the prestigious commission for two paintings as the official artist of the rd Kentucky Derby. Top hats, always removed in the presence of Her Majesty, and cutaway coats complement the liberal seasoning of coiffures, hats, frills, and other extravagant regalia.

The artist could often be seen at the auspicious event year after year sketching in the paddock, dressed within the guidelines of appropriate pageantry, and recording the integrity of English racing for posterity in his catalytic style. Provenance: The Taylor Gallery Before his prolific career was established Munnings completed an apprenticeship while also seeking exposure for his work. He apprenticed with the Page brothers and obtained his formal education at the Norwich Art School, while also producing commercial poster designs for local businesses.

Eager to take the next step in his artistic career, Munnings set about creating conventional works appealing to a vast array of buyers, until just before his 20th birthday when he suffered what could have been a grave setback for a less extraordinary artist. After losing sight in his right eye during an accident, Munnings was forced to pause in promoting his work and allocate a heavy portion of funds to his recovery.

The ready work allowed the artist. Many of the designs, in vogue at the time, depicted the archetype for a young lady of society — subtle beauty, regency dress, and a garden setting. Munnings employed as his model his cousin and close friend, who was staying with him at the time. Other works of the same nature were probably completed in preparation for the finished poster designs. This drawing comes from a copy of the Sir Alfred J. Brown, like Munnings, was an open critic of modernism, making quite a show of his unwillingness to follow the fashionable literary and cultural trends of the time.

Some of his best writings were beautifully crafted and often hilarious polemics on modern poetry, music, and manners. He was particularly scathing when addressing T. Eliot and Ezra Pound. Anyhow, I trust that he will find near the end a reference to that review by one gosling. A signed, limited edition number of of Munnings Pictures of Horses and English Life, complete with an appreciation by Lionel Lindsay. In , London publisher Eyre and Spotttiswood Limited rolled out a first limited edition copy of the Munnings classic in a printrun of The esteemed Munnings signed the copies himself and they became a highly sought after addition to any superb Munnings collection.

Traditionally held in early June, the largest Gypsy fair in Europe draws British, Irish, and Scottish Romanichal travelers in traditional caravans and campers to the market town. Originating from a charter issued by James II in , the fair traces its roots to two separate events: the medieval borough fair held at Whitsuntide until and the New Fair, an unrecognized event held on Gallows Hill beginning in A means for sheep and cattle drovers as well as horse traders to sell their stock, by the s the fair had evolved into a major event.

Activities take place predominantly on Fair Hill and Market Field, while horse trading occurs on what is known as the flashing lane. Horses are shown by trotting up and down at speed. A large majority of the horses are stationed in the town center beside the River Eden, where they are ridden directly into the river to be washed and often tied up across from the local pub. Apart from the horses one can find fortune-tellers, palm readers, and assorted vendors of merchandise traditional to the traveller groups.

The Eclipse Award winner for U. Both parties soon set about designing vessels that adapted to the new allowances. The Earl of Dunraven comissioned George L. Providing a sharp beginning, gunfire signaled the start of the race. The first race left both vessels underutilized due to lack of wind, but the second was blessed by a freshening wind.

Vigilant emerged victorious from both races. The third challenge was declared void due to lack of wind. The date of the final, decisive race was set for Friday, Oct. The final race would be the most challenging and, as the date ordained, was fated to meet with bad luck. Unaware of the damage to the rival ship, Vigilant followed her around the final mark. Even though Valkyrie had undertaken considerable damage, she was still two minutes ahead when further calamity struck.

The event became the most memorable race of the decade. The year was a vintage year of yacht building in Great Britain. By the end of the yachting season that year, the stage was set for She passed through multiple owners until King George V bought and refitted her.

The scuttling of Britannia marked the end of an era in big yacht racing in Europe, as the more affordable international-rule meter class became preferable. Santanita, designed by Joseph Manston Super for A. Clarke, was destined to become the most talked-about cutter of While all the affluent passengers aboard Valkyrie were rescued, 15 hands were sent overboard and one member of the crew later succumbed to internal injuries sustained during the collision.

I got a direction that was authentic to me and what I felt. The only art teacher Wyeth had was his famous father, N. Allen Lawson American, b. An immigrant and a wanderer, Reza Derakshani repurposes the major themes of Persian poetry and miniatures — history and myths, mysticism, romantic subjects, elegy and panegyric, truth and wisdom — into his work to connect Eastern culture to Western and ultimately give his viewer an overall idea of the experience of the migrant.

Using lover kings and queens, the rose and the nightingale, the hunt and the empty pages provided by abstract color fields, the artist addresses these same issues but in the context of our time. In his paintings, linguistic barriers disappear, and the world of Iranian miniatures converses with the global idiom of painting.

The theme with variations exposes the central theme of a melody by successively adding variants in its tonality and melodic structures. By moving away from, and sometimes even distorting the main theme in its original structure, the listener arrives at new conclusions about the original melody.

Abstract expressionism provides a vehicle through which Derakshani could translate this musical element into his art. He was particularly inspired by the movement during the 16 years he spent in New York after fleeing his native Iran due to the fall of the Shah in Incorporating the practices of the abstract expressionists into his art allowed the artist to reconcile East with West and address the feelings of insecurity, isolation, and disassociation he felt as a migrant forced from his homeland.

It was in this area that artist Keith Joubert pitched a tent for his studio and began co-existing with and painting the surrounding wildlife. The area, notable for having a great diversity of game, is most famous for its herds of elephants migrating to the banks of the Linyanti River for the winter months and then back inland when the rains. Depicting the home of longtime Lexington car dealer Charlie Sturgill in The Colony neighborhood, Faulkner painted this work, anticipating an easy sell.

In the original frame, which was also painted by Faulkner. Provenance: Purchased from the Estate Sale of Henry Lawrence Faulkner While unfinished, this work offers a glimpse into how Faulkner worked at painting. May - October, In the original frame pieced together by Hubbard.

The bell is pictured on the far side of the river in this work. In the original wood frame made by Hubbard. He masterfully captured the earthy tones of fur and grass in broad, lively brush strokes. Armfield professed a great love of animals — and his portraits of horses and hounds are in high demand among British sporting art collectors. He died in Clapham, England in August Andrews and the Edinburgh College of Art.

After college he moved to Morocco to buy horses and later ran a stud farm in Wheathampstead, England. Arnup, Sally British, — Arnup is both nationally and internationally renowned for her animal sculpture. Sally Arnup has a wealth of experience in the sculpture of animals, and she also has the talent to capture their personality. Her specialty may not conform to the contemporary fashion for abstract art, but her style is nonetheless unique and timeless.

While stationed in London, England, he attended St. Ashley portrayed equine subjects primarily from to the early s before his subject matter changed to pop culture. With professional musicians, songwriters, and a comic book illustrator as grandparents and parents devoted to all aspects of artistic education, Barnhart and her twin sister, Doreen, started painting at an early age.

He spent most of his life working in London, at one time using the studio formerly used by A. Havell over Fores Gallery. For a short period he is recorded as living on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham. Beer worked in oil, watercolor, and gouache. Flat racing and point-to-point racing were his main subjects.

His other key works include a set of eight pictures of The Epsom Derby. He regularly painted racehorse portraits in oils and was one of several artists employed by racecourses to produce spontaneous renderings of race finishes. Bibby, Nick British, born Largely self-taught, Bibby has become acknowledged as one of England finest animalier sculptors. Selling his first sculpture at age 16, Bibby has carved a professional career that has ranged from director for a leading miniature figurine company to sculptor and model maker for television and still advertising.

His deep appreciation and knowledge of his subjects transform the bronze metal into fluid flesh and sinew. He was given command of the Rawalpindi district in and later became president of the ordnance committee. Biddulph was awarded the honor of Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod by Parliament after his retirement. Additionally, he took up painting, working mostly in watercolor to portray British wildlife and scenes he visited throughout his military career.

His paintings are full of accurate action and life. Binks, Reuben Ward British, — Binks was born into an agricultural family in the English town of Bolton, Lancashire, and from an early age showed a great aptitude as an artist. He pursued a formal education in the arts under George Perkins. While little is known about the early. His love of dogs and skill in portraying various breeds brought him into close contact with socially prominent dog fanciers such as Lorna the Countess of Howe, whose associations with the Royal Family brought Binks into contact with the highest echelons of British society.

Exhibiting in both media at his first Paris Salon in , he was a regular from then on. He routinely won medals and prizes, and his small groups of animals showed keen understanding of his subjects. Brewer has become an acclaimed Lexington, Kentucky, artist with a growing national reputation. Brewer, Melinda Canadian, Contemporary Brewer began her professional career after graduating from Concordia University with a fine arts degree in Working primarily in watercolor, she concentrated exclusively on wildlife.

One of her favorite subjects has always been foxes and hounds. Now, in the tradition of country-life pursuits, she has begun building a reputation as an artist in the sporting genre. Bright, Clayton American, born Born in Philadelphia in , Bright enlisted in the army upon graduating from a New England boarding school. Completing a tour in Vietnam, Bright was a paratrooper in a long-range reconnaissance team. Upon returning to Philadelphia the artist worked at the stock exchange until a chance encounter with a Jersey cow launched his career as a sculptor.

Bright now works outside of his studio in the countryside west of Philadelphia. Members of the royal family patronized him, and Prince Albert acquired one of his works for the Royal Collection Trust. While serving as creative supervisor at the shop he completed work for films such as Where the Wild Things Are, Stuart Little 2, and Dr.

After moving to the United States, he began to exhibit his bronze sculptures of animals. Citing Rodin, Rembrandt, Bugatti, and Giacometti as influences, he has gained international notoriety because of his convincing character portrayals. His success as an illustrator led to his works being collected by Rolling Stone magazine and the Army War College. Brown, Paul Desmond American, Brown was perhaps the most prolific American illustrator of equestrian sports and country life.

He wrote and illustrated 32 books in his career while illustrating approximately more for other authors. His work also appeared in many periodicals, including Better Homes and Gardens, while he did hundreds of drawings for Brooks Brothers for advertising. Bull, Julie Ann British, born Bull is a Kent-based artist specializing in animal portraiture, with horses being one of her favorite subjects.

She prefers to paint in oils on canvas and travels to Newmarket regularly to gain inspiration for her work. In he had a one-man show at the Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington. That same year, Claxton received the commission from Equestrian Events Inc. His works hang in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe. Cooper, Alfred Egerton British, — Best known for his portraits of European royalty and other public figures, Cooper was also a formidable painter of landscapes, coastal views, and horse racing scenes.

At the end of the war, he was appointed the official artist of the Royal Air Force. He became an expert in large-scale aerial camouflage and painting landscapes from the air. She began drawing the horse at age 7 and riding at age 11, pursuing the equestrian disciplines of eventing and dressage. She received her undergraduate degree from Bellarmine University and her master of fine art in painting from the University of Kentucky.

Time and work in the studio helped develop her realist painting technique, but she credits her years of hands-on experience with horses with refining her eye for equine conformation, movement, and character. Crawford, Susan British, born Crawford was born in Scotland in and brought up on a farm and racing stable. She studied classical drawing in Florence, Italy, for two years and learned to paint by practice.

Her commissions include 23 Epsom Derby winners and five members of the Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II, who has eight of her paintings in her private collection. Crawford now lives in the Scottish borders and works full time in her studio there. Even though his upper-level corporate positions allowed him to travel, experience, and learn about great things, art was his passion.

With more than 20 years dedicated. He studied under Theodore Gericault and Leon Cogniet. He first exhibited at the Salon in , and his equestrian portraiture landed him an invitation to accompany King Louis-Phillippe to England. Derakshani, Reza Iranian, born Derakshani is a painter, poet, musician, and performance artist. He completed his formal artistic education at the University of Tehran, followed by the Pasadena School of Art in California.

He returned to teach at the University of Tehran until the Islamic Revolution in , when he fled his native country for New York City. While living in New York, Derakshani became engrossed by Abstract Expressionism and soon became associated with the Neo Expressionists of the s.

The son of a racehorse trainer, de Watrigant had several artist ancestors. Duer, Douglas American, — Born in Baltimore County, Maryland, Duer was a successful painter and illustrator of Western genre, and railroad subjects. After studying with William Merritt Chase and Howard Pyle, Duer worked for various newspapers, illustrated books, completed Works Progress Administration assignments throughout the Great Depression, and created artwork for greeting cards.

Duke, Alfred British, — Active in the United Kingdom, Duke was a well-known painter of hounds and hunting scenes. His colorful paintings depict a wide range of subject matter, from buildings, still lifes, florals, image collages, and animals…especially his beloved goat, Alice. Edwards, Lionel D. British, — Edwards combined his love of the hunt with drawing to create exhilarating paintings full of life. He became the youngest member of the London Sketch Club and was committed to earning a living from his art.

He enjoyed a close working relationship with Country Life magazine and The Graphic and then progressed to traditional painting in watercolor and in oils. He ranks just below Alfred J. Munnings as an important 20th-century painter of the hunting field. Firth, Richard M. British, born Producing only eight or nine paintings per year, Firth is becoming one of the most sought after marine scene artists currently working.

While mainly self-taught, Firth received instruction from well-known marine painter Brian May once he began painting marine subjects such as square riggers. Emms, John British, — Son of an artist, Emms took up the life and focused on painting the horses and hounds of his foxhunting friends in Lyndhurst. Exuberant by nature, he tended to spend a commission check immediately when it arrived. When he fell ill and could not paint, he and his family became nearly destitute.

He died at 71 in Lyndhurst and is buried there. He created many paintings, mostly in oil, brimming with life and authenticity. Both of his parents are artists, and their friends have included such major 20thcentury artists as Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, and Anthony Caro. Sabin in London.

Born in Eastern Kentucky and orphaned as a toddler, Faulkner spent. Frontini, Thomas Canadian, born Frontini combines surrealist techniques of painting detailed foreground images with atmospheric backgrounds.

The dreamlike imagery balances contemporary objects with historical scenes. His paintings explore magic in the mundane and draw from the transformative power of the subconscious. Born and raised in Canada, Frontini currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.

Frost, Arthur Burdett A. American, — The son of a Philadelphia literature professor, Frost sequenced from lithographer to graphic artist to illustrator and comics writer to well-known sporting artist. Along with his artist wife, Emily Louise Phillips, and their family, Frost lived in France from to He was a prolific illustrator, and his works were widely published. By the turn of the century, he had gained a reputation as a highly successful portrait painter.

Particularly adept at painting horses, the hardworking Furse was frequently interrupted by spells of illness. In the same year he became an elected associate of the Royal Academy, the artist succumbed to tuberculosis. He specializes in acrylic paint, watercolor, and photography. Gauntlett, Mary Eley British, active c. Giles drew upon his experience serving in Afghanistan, Egypt, India, and South Africa to portray realistic military scenes and battles, especially the cavalry horses. His major works are collected by military organizations in Britain.

Inspired by four-legged subjects, Gold has worked in charcoal, oils, and bronze, capturing the essence and soul of her subjects. Her muses are generally the dogs, Cameo cattle, and cockerels found in the fields and kennels of her Irish countryside. Petersburg Academy of Arts in and graduated in He worked for four years from at the St.

Since Gridnev has lived and worked in England. His work has appeared in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D. His work is also in several modern art museums across Ukraine. Hall, Harry British, — Exceedingly accurate in his portraits of horses, Hall was employed much as a present-day photographer, rendering life-like images. He lived mostly in Newmarket but also did some work in London.

Hall was extremely industrious, and much of his work was engraved and published. Turf historians rely on the validity of his work for conformational analysis of historic Thoroughbreds. Hardy, Heywood British, — Born into a family of artists, Hardy had two paintings in the Royal Academy Exhibition in before leaving that same year to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Most of his work focused on animals, and he regularly used the animals from the London Zoo as subjects.

He also traveled to Egypt in to paint wildlife. Advised by his friend Aime Morot to try sculpture as a means of improving his painting, he produced an award-winning first attempt that brought acclaim and commissions from European royalty. The equestrian statue George Washington on the grounds of Washington Cathedral is one of his finest works. Herring, Benjamin Jr. British, — As Herring was a member of perhaps the most prominent family of sporting artists, his work is similar to that of other family members.

He had a short career, dying at 41, but exhibited works at the British Institution and the Royal Society of British Artists. Herring, John Frederick Jr. His paintings are chiefly distinguished from those of J. British, — Herring was a coach driver on the Doncaster-London route by trade when he began painting. Soon he was painting hunters and racehorses for many notable gentry. In he was appointed painter to the Duchess of Kent, and later Queen Victoria became a benefactor.

His interest in art was apparent as early as age 3, and he graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in with the Best Portfolio Award. He continues his interest in art and education as a teacher at the Denver Art Students League. Howell, Peter British, born Introduced to the world of racing at age 8, Howell spent his school holidays at Newmarket. He chose to pursue a racing career instead of art school, which actually helped the Welshman when he later made the switch to full-time painting in the s.

He lives in the quiet countryside of Devon when he is not traveling to racetracks and stables all over the world. Hubbard and his mother followed his brothers to New York City, where he remained until he graduated from the National Academy of Design. He then attended the Cincinnati Art School. Influenced by Thoreau, Hubbard wrote two books on his simple lifestyle at Payne Hollow. Aside from his writings, he became regionally well known as a Midwestern artist who specialized in oil paintings of riverboats and landscapes.

Early accounts of his artistic training are contradictory, but current scholarship places him in St. Louis in , where he began his tutelage under German painter David Hoffman. Joiner emerged on the Louisville art scene a year later, quickly making a name for himself with. Today his work can be found in the permanent collections of multiple Kentucky institutions Joubert, Keith South African, — Born in Germiston, east of Johannesburg, Joubert studied at the Johannesburg School of Art from to , after which he worked commercially for a few years.

Beginning in , Joubert began painting African wildlife and the environment. Although he also traveled extensively through South Africa, he spent a majority of his time in the Okavango Swamps of Botswana, where he had a houseboat and a studio camp at Linyanti. His studio reflected his preference of maintaining a carefree and simple existence: a tent during the winter and a simple tarpaulin in the summer.

He owned a large farm near the northern part of Kruger Park where he was frequently visited by elephants and other game. Kesteven, Abel British, born Kesteven enjoys the challenge of capturing the interaction between people and horses, especially the challenge of the fast pace. While working almost exclusively from life using conte pastels, Kesteven finds he can gain maximum color and movement with that fast medium.

His work has been selected for the annual Pastel Society exhibition held at the Mall galleries near Buckingham Palace. Lalanne painted while supporting himself as a policeman, the occupation of his father. Lalanne came to Colorado to work with American painter Kim English after winning a painting competition in the Paris suburb of Vincennes. His recent works have focused on life in the Pyrenees, including the racing bulls in Spain and Andalusian horses.

He regularly exhibits at shows in Paris and Bayonne, France. Lawson, T. He recreates his vision of the world of nature around him by building up layers of texture and pigment. He has been widely exhibited in galleries in both the East and West. In the New Zealand government commissioned him for a book on New Zealand birds. By the end of his career, he had illustrated at least 31 books, including Dr.

Lyne, Michael British, — A precocious child, Lyne illustrated and dictated two small books at age 4. Lyne took a few lessons at the Cheltenham Art School, but was mainly a selftaught artist. His skillful portrayal of light ranges from razor-sharp contrast to muted, diaphanous glow. It is likely that he was related to Mr. Maiden, huntsman to the Cheshire hunt in The artist worked in multiple media and was able to make quite a name for himself painting sporting scenes and landscapes.

Wendel, Prussia, Marschall displayed an early artistic inclination. Arriving in the United States in at the age of 20, Marschall initially made headway in New Orleans before settling in Marion, Alabama. In Marion, the artist set up a studio, painting portraits and providing both artistic and musical instruction before joining the faculty of the Marion. Female Institute. After spending the next six years developing his reputation as portrait painter, Marschall returned to Europe to further his education, first at the Dusseldorf Academy, then subsequently in France and Italy.

In the artist returned to Marion and reopened his studio. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Marschall received a prestigious commission to design a flag for the Confederacy and was also responsible for the design of the Confederate uniform. Once the South had accepted defeat at the hands of the Union Army, the artist moved his studio to Louisville, Kentucky, per the recommendation of his contemporaries.

He spent the remainder of his life painting influential sitters throughout the commonwealth. Raised on a farm, Mason had early instruction in drawing from his father who was himself an engraver. Self-taught through correspondence courses, Mason won the gold Medal of Honor of the American Watercolor Society in McColvin was born in Winlaton, Durham, in , but little is known about his early life and education. By the artist was living in Newcastle as an apprentice to a jeweler.

After marrying, he began to pursue artistic endeavors full time. While it does not appear that he exhibited his work, pieces by the artist can be found in the National Collection, the National Trust, and the Lincolnshire Museum service. Mehl, Joanne American, born A lifelong devotee of painting and riding horses, Mehl earned her fine arts degree in illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Since Mehl has painted full time, being commissioned from across the country to paint both horses and owners. Her works have been featured on the cover of many national publications, including Keeneland magazine, and are in the collections of many Thoroughbred farms. The grandson of Sir John Everett Millais and the son of John Guille Millais, the artist inherited his talent and his love of animals and hunting from his family.

Best known for his equestrian art and the Spanish paintings he created when he accompanied Ernest Hemingway, Millais, like his contemporary Sir Alfred Munnings, was a staunch opponent of Modernism. Munnings, Sir Alfred James British, — One of the two great masters of sporting art along with George Stubbs, Munnings began as an illustrator after attending art school in Norwich. A keen sportsman, he hunted with both stag hounds and harriers, drawing and painting these events.

Although he lost sight in one eye at age 21, his unique artistic vision and interpretation were unimpaired. Working in oils and watercolors and sketching wherever he went, Munnings documented racing and hunting horses, gypsies, and the sporting country life that he himself lived. In addition, he was an official poster artist for the Kentucky Derby.

Her knowledge of Thoroughbred racing, gleaned from years spent watching her husband train race horses and traveling with him to tracks around the country, imbues her equine scenes with authenticity. Oppegard has exhibited widely and has won numerous awards. Parker, Gill British, born An accomplished horsewoman, Parker demonstrates her passion for horses in her work.

Yet her work is remarkably versatile in both subject matter and size — from equestrian subjects, to British wildlife, big game, and family pets. Deciding not to further her education she tried various career paths before returning to sculpture. After taking her work to London,.

That six-month stay confirmed a passion for all things African, and painting African wildlife and going on safari to eastern African countries became the most important aspect of his working life for many subsequent years. The resulting paintings have sold worldwide, mainly to private collectors.

Arabian horses were his first subjects, and he was quickly one of the most sought-after painters of this breed. In the late s he developed a love of the Thoroughbred and again has risen to the top of his field with racing scenes as well as portrayals of hunting dogs, cattle, and wildlife. Many of his most famous works contrast military life with the peacetime pursuits of racing and hunting. By the outbreak of World War I, he was a frequent contributor to periodicals such as the Sporting and Dramatic.

His artistic career continued between the wars as he covered the sporting scene in England, Ireland, and India. Initially known for his military scenes, particularly those related to the Second Empire, he later turned almost exclusively to action scenes of horses at celebrated French racecourses. He shared a studio with his daughter, Gena Pechaubes, with whom he often collaborated on commissions. A direct descendant of 19th-century portrait painter Thomas Sully, Reeves.

His commissions included hundreds of the most famous racehorses from around the world. Revennaugh, Stephanie American, born Award-winning sculptor Revennaugh delights horse lovers and art collectors alike with her works. Her lifelong affair with horses, from her childhood pony Clipper to show jumpers in South America to dressage horses in Colorado, has taught her well the equine anatomy that a classic equine sculptor needs. Revennaugh studied painting for three years in Colorado, Arizona, and Aixen-Provence, France; however, she knew she needed to sculpt as soon as her hands first dug into clay.

Robertson, Tyler American, born Robertson is known for his modern take on otherwise traditional subjects. His use of size, bold compositions, colors, and a palette knife adds life to his paintings. Since becoming an artist, Tyler has moved quickly to form a buzz in the world of sporting art. He finds inspiration in traveling, advertisements, fashion, and the work of young, upcoming artists. There he was a student of John Clymer and Andrew Wyeth. Sarnoff had a celebrated and long career as an American illustrator.

He produced a wide range of works from pin-up girl calendars to portraits of President and Mrs. Kennedy for a wide range of publications from Good Housekeeping to Esquire. Scott moved to Kentucky and studied with famed equine artist Edward Troye. A writer for the sporting journal Turf, Field, and Farm, Scott was a well-respected authority on conformation.

His commissioned works include a portrait of R. After marrying Elizabeth Phillipa Pine Harris, the artist moved his young wife to London and began making a name for himself as a landscape artist and equestrian painter. Traveling extensively on commissions, he completed work in South Yorkshire, Kent, and Devon. He received multiple prestigious commissions from patrons in Newmarket, where his portrait of Kingwood now hangs in the National Horse Racing Museum. Skeaping, John R. British, — Skeaping began his formal artistic training at age 13 and was successful from an early age.

This individualistic artist also served as an intelligence officer, traveled extensively, and taught art, finally settling in the Camargue in France. His work is dynamic and experimental, exploring many media: oil, gouache, pastel, wood, and bronze, with subjects ranging from racing scenes to horse portraits to architectural sculptures.

His range and skill made him one of the great artists of the 20th century. His preferred media are transparent watercolor and oil. Smith, Gean American, — Smith was born in New York state and moved to Chicago in , where he established a studio until The following year the artist moved to New York City, where he earned a reputation for horse portraits, dog paintings, and Civil War genre scenes.

Largely self-taught except for one lesson at 16, he believed the real likeness of a horse in action is above the legs. In he retired to Galveston, Texas, where he died and was buried. His work can be found in the Capitol Historical Artifact Collection in Austin and other esteemed private collections.

Smith, Peter British, born While British by birth and parentage, Smith feels his artistic talent stems from his grandfather, who hailed from Portugal and painted for most of his life. Since childhood Smith has been passionate about both horses and art. His extensive. From his home five miles from Ayr Racecourse, he portrays the life of Thoroughbreds from training to race day.

Smith, Suzy F. American, born Smith, a Kentucky native, grew up riding horses across a Thoroughbred breeding farm. She began to draw and paint as a child with an interest in horses, dogs, and people. Married to a cattleman who is an avid wing shooter, Smith has found inspiration in their cattle herds and hunting dogs as well as in the splendid horses and talented horsemen of the region.

She has sought instruction from other notable national and international sporting artists and considers Alfred Munnings, John Emms, Edgar Degas, Rosa Bonheur, and Maud Earl some of her favorite animal artists. Shortly thereafter her family moved to Colorado, where she still resides. As a young girl, Soukup had an affinity for horses that resulted in countless drawings and studies of them, which made for a strong drawing foundation.

There, she received awards for illustration and design and worked as an illustrator and a designer for the university. She initially pursued a career in graphic design while continuing to paint part time. After 11 years as a designer, she made the switch to painting full time.

A student of Quang Ho, she continues to gain recognition as she receives awards, appears in national publications, and shows in important juried and solo exhibitions. Working in oils and watercolors with bright colors and loose brush strokes, he paints in the style of classic impressionism.

His subject matter varies from still life to street life, from dancers to racehorses, but most all are done in a small-scale format he learned from his thrifty artistic beginnings. She pursued a career as a horsewoman, breeding event horses and serving as an international and three-day event dressage judge.

She combines classical oil glaze techniques, using natural minerals, over marble dust, with contemporary brushed metal on wood, as well as oil glazes and marble dust over collaged paper. Stephens, J. His trademark — a scroll around the bottom edge of his portraits with the inscribed name of the subject, owner, and oftentimes location — places his works historically. Active throughout the Midwest, he portrayed a variety of equine stock.

His subject matter includes prized bulls and cows. His Kentucky portraiture in particular reflects the popular breeds of the commonwealth, including saddle horses, Thoroughbreds, and the Standardbred. Active in an important era of agricultural fairs and exhibitions, he found ready work through connections with various agricultural societies. Stretton, Philip Eustace British, — Stretton was a British animal and sporting painter who worked from until his death.

He painted in oils and watercolor, and his work was exhibited at the Royal Academy from to He was a follower of Sir Edwin Landseer, whose animal paintings had an enormous impact upon the artist. There he began to produce commissions for Mr. August Belmont Sr. Primarily an illustrator, his work is exceedingly accurate, especially regarding the color of the horse. He painted for many famous scions of the Turf, including his longtime patrons, Pierre and George Lorillard.

Initially trained as a lithographer, after exposure to the work of Edwin Landseer, Tait decided to pursue painting. Primarily self-taught, he would perfect his technique by copying works seen at the Royal Institute of Art. An introduction to American painter George Catlin proved to be fateful, as he helped the young artist establish a lifelong interest in frontier living. In , Tait traveled to the United States where he spent the remainder of his life pursuing his love of hunting and wildlife while also working out of his Manhattan studio.

She has exhibited in numerous one-woman shows throughout England, including The National Horseracing Museum at Newmarket. Her pieces were included in a show at the Royal Academy in London, and she was commissioned for works on several Cheltenham Gold Cup runners.

Taylor has exercised racehorses in Newmarket and feels it is necessary always to work from life. At Hornsey College of Art in London and then the Otis Institute in Los Angeles, she honed her skills for creative expression and in embarked on a professional career as a sculptress. Her works are highly exhibited and equally sought after. Trained in art in England, he arrived in America in after a short stint in the West Indies. In short order this artist became the finest portrait painter of Thoroughbred horses this country has known, with commissions from all the sporting men of his day.

He lived much of his life in Midway, Kentucky and died just down the road in Georgetown. Raised on a farm, the internationally known Tunnicliffe was subsequently educated at Macclesfield School of Art and the Royal College in London. Elected an associate of the Royal Academy in ; his naturalist paintings of birds and other British wildlife are well sought after by collectors in his native England and the United States.

It is not known where the artist was trained, but his high compositional and technical skills allow the assumption of a professional training. Van Severdonck was a master of animals and created numerous compositions with sheep, horses, and chickens. His usually small-sized depictions are highly sought after collectable items on the international art market. Guerard, Voirin debuted at the Salon de Paris of He and his brother, Leon Joseph Voirin, both built successful careers as French genre painters.

A well-known painter in the sporting genre, Voirin was also notable for his oil paintings of military scenes. Voss, Franklin Brooke American, — From a family of sportsmen and artists, Voss studied at the Art Students League in New York, foxhunted and rode races in New York and Maryland, and painted racehorses and hunting horses for his sportsmen friends. Completing more than commissions in a period between and , Voss died as he would have liked — foxhunting with the Elkridge-Harford Hounds near his Maryland farm.

Ward, W. Wardle, Arthur British, — First exhibiting at the Royal Academy at the age of 16, Wardle, by , had exhibited some works there. Equally proficient in several media, he was elected to the Pastel Society in and The Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours in Exotic animals at the London Zoo inspired many of his works, but he is perhaps best known for his domestic animals, portraits, many of which hang at the London offices of the Kennel Club and in New York at the American Kennel Club.

Weaver, Thomas British, — Born in a small Shropshire village, Weaver displayed an advanced artistic ability as a child. Afterward, Weaver established himself in Mardol as a competent artist completing portraits for the local gentry. Commissions eventually took him to London where he portrayed prize bulls at the Smithfield Show. He traveled north to County Durham where he enjoyed a lucrative relationship with the Colling Brothers.

There he also became a notable painter of equestrian portraits. His work was exhibited with the Royal Academy and the Liverpool Academy. He died in and was buried at All Saints Church, Childwall, where a memorial to the artist can now be found. He was a regular contributor to the Royal Academy and exhibited in London from to He painted true to nature, with his compositions being both technical and having a feeling of graceful movement. Most of his works were private commissions mainly of hunting subjects.

Wheeler has served as the painting conservator for both the Corcoran Gallery and the Smithsonian Institution in addition to teaching at the Maryland Institute. His skilled work is in great demand and hangs in the Supreme Court Building and the Federal Building in Washington and in many private collections. Whitcombe, Susie British, born Whitcombe studied at the Heatherley School of Art in London and has been painting portraits of horses and people in oil and watercolor for more than 30 years.

She has exhibited in London, Tokyo, and Melbourne. A versatile sportswoman, she has ridden races as an amateur jockey and is also a pilot, handling Super Cubs and Tiger Moths with ease. Whiteside, Brian British, born Whiteside is a British painter of equestrian scenes. Employed by The Graphic newspaper, Whiting covered the — civil wars in China and the — Russo-Japanese war as a graphic correspondent. Withers, John British, 19th century Withers was an illustrator active in the United Kingdom during the 19th century.

He completed various illustrations for the Illustrated London News during his career. Brothers George and Gilbert were respected equestrian-themed artist, and their sister, Louise, was a fashion illustrator for catalogs and magazines. George Wright was exhibited at the Royal Academy, as well as other venues, from — Andrew Wyeth achieved status as one of the best-known U.

Colorful fishing boats pearled the waves and the verdant landscape engraved itself into his heart. So inspired, painting and sketching came to him naturally as a young boy, and he soon found himself studying art and developing his style in Veracruz and at the Instituto Tecnico de las Artes de Mexico in Mexico City.

He has continued his education through master workshops in printmaking, sculpture, etching, and calligraphy. He is inspired by the four distinct seasons of Kentucky and the colors each season reflects. All Sellers, agents, consignors, owners, prospective bidders, Purchasers, all other interested parties and all sales are therefore bound by and subject to these Conditions.

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Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Authorship Limited Warranty does not apply to any heading or part of a heading that is qualified. Dec 29 Jan 19 Money Lender leading 2-year-old cover; Performance points leaders of and past years from with photos of all winners; Ancient Title wins Malibu over Linda's Chief.

Mar 02 Mar 30 Nov 16 Oct 26 Leger, Majestic Prince stud ad Great head shot , Wajima wins first start article and photo. Jan 05 Feb 09 Dec 27 Jul 27 Note front cover clipped upper left hand corner. Sep 07 Jun 22 Seattle Slew wins the Belmont and the Triple Crown. Mar 1 Aug 1 Oct 27 Danzig Connection -- Woody Stephens 5th consecutive Belmont winner. Alysheba wins the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.. Oct Kentucky Derby Preview. Special Edition Prior to th.

The previous owner made notes on the 'Tip Sheets' in the back of the magazines. Sep Feb Times handicapper. Note: part of page 1 is missing, does not effect any articles.. Note: Front cover is missing! Steeplechasing "Hedge Hoppers" Mrs. Native Dancer painting by Allen F.

Top Weights in Claimers article by Eddie Couillard. John D. Hertz with Triple Crown trophy. Note : one loose page. There is some tape on the spine of the front and back covers, lower half of the magazine. Levee painting by Allen F. Louis, Illnois. Jockey Walter Miller article and photos, two with Colin. Pacific Coast Review article with photos of Dumpty Humpty winning the Richmond Hcp in world record time for 6 fl Lincoln Road article and photos, Nashua article and photos.

Hertz, Lillian Russell, etc. Sailor's Guide and friend turf writer Jimmy Shannon cover, Sword Dancer profile great photo head shot , "The Reformed Bachelor" aticle about Tom Fool with photos of him winning the Futurity Stks, his son Jester winning the Futurity, and another son Weatherwise winning the Futurity as well.

Lewis J. Numerous pen writings throughout the magazine. Frank Northcutt Jr. Ribot head shot cover, Francis S. A few underlingings in the magazine.. Kacy, Admiral Henry Rous.. March November Stars of the Turf: Northern Dancer -- Mr. Brick-Tosmah-Castle Forbes. Horses on postage stamps cover and article, Jacinto profile, Robert P.

Chinn and Harry F. Parka painting by Charles M. Maribeau cover painting by Allen F. Eilken, Jocky Tommy Lee article and photos, Dr. American tracks.. Damascus- Ft. Moccasin cover by Allen F. The gelding Auctioneer and owner WJ Danner article.. Fager wins U. Hcp photo; interview with Eddie Neloy; Dr. Magazine in new format starting with this issue. Thomas, jockey Wayne Green in award winning photo, Watch the Rider jockey article. John P. Hennessy Jr. Silas Mason, Yumbel wins Widener photo..

Early match race at Caliente article and photos Male vs. Lois Mesley and Mr. Ziv Mayer, jockey William J. Lester Piggott photo after 2nd Wash. Manuel Ycaza cover and article, Calumet owner Mrs. Combined issue. Trainer Richard A. Melos with Pincay up at Saratoga cover, Saratoga racing articles to include"Sartoga is an easy track to beat", trainer Chester Moore, 4 photo pictorial of Secretariat's Triple Crown wins.

The State of Racing - article by Steve Davidowitz. Hollywood Park Historical. King Leatherbury. Manuel Ycaza. Tracking the trainers, jockey Steve Valdez, 2nd race at a new track angle.. Break From the Gate cover; Seabiscuit vs. A great item. Ky Derby th Anniversary issue cover extensive articles and many photos, Carry Back- bargain basement horse won the Blueblood race article, Preakness: Alive and well and running in Baltimore article.

Secretariat cover Horse of the Year for Special issue.. Special issue of the Pimlico th Preakness cover with 24 pages of articles on the classic 2nd leg of the triple crown, book review, "Run For the Roses" by Jim Bolus, Alfred G. Santa Anita stretch cover; Dr.

Heitz, trainer Ben Schwartz. Markings on quiz page 6. Artist George Warren Booth cover; Kelso article, 5 pgs. Full page photo of Ridan and Greek Money in the 'rough' stretch run in the Preakness of Snow Chief winning Preakness cover. Never Bend. Hank Allen.

Warren Wright. Palace Music sire of Cigar photo. Australia's premier racing magazine. Each issue is the annual edition for the year published in October for that year. All good to Very good condition. American Turf Monthly Sept American Turf Monthly May American Turf Monthly Mar American Turf Monthly Jan American Turf Monthly Jul American Turf Monthly Nov American Turf Monthly Aug American Turf Monthly Jun American Turf Monthly August American Turf Monthly April Arlington Park Blood Horse May 20 Blood Horse Jan 27 Blood Horse Feb 10 Blood Horse Mar 24 Blood Horse Apr 07 Blood Horse Jun 09 Blood Horse Sep 22 Blood Horse Oct 20 Blood Horse Dec 22 Blood Horse Dec 15 Blood Horse Dec 08 Blood Horse Jul 04 Blood Horse Jul 11 Blood Horse Jul 25 Blood Horse Aug 15 Blood Horse Sep 05 Blood Horse Sep 12 Blood Horse Nov 21 Blood Horse Mar 21 Blood Horse Mar 14 Blood Horse Jan 03 Blood Horse Jan 17 Blood Horse Jan 24 Blood Horse Jan 31 Blood Horse Feb 07 Blood Horse Feb 21 Blood Horse Mar 28 Blood Horse Sep 19 Blood Horse Oct 16 Blood Horse Oct 09 Blood Horse Oct 02 Blood Horse Aug 28 Blood Horse May 22 Blood Horse Mar 13 Blood Horse Mar 27 Blood Horse Apr 10 Blood Horse Jul 16 Blood Horse Sep 17 Blood Horse Oct 15 Blood Horse Nov 26 Blood Horse Dec 10 Blood Horse Dec 03 Blood Horse Oct 22 Blood Horse Apr 30 Blood Horse Apr 02 Blood Horse Mar 05 Blood Horse Jan 07 Blood Horse May 26 Blood Horse Nov 07 Blood Horse Jun 13 Blood Horse Feb 13 Blood Horse Jun 12 Blood Horse Jun 11 Blood Horse Jan 21 Blood Horse Jun 8 Blood Horse May 25 Blood Horse Oct 01 Blood Horse Jul 22 Blood Horse May 27 Blood Horse Nov 25 Blood Horse May 13 Blood Horse Dec 23 Blood Horse Jun 16 The Belmont finish -- Avatar by a neck.

Blood Horse May 12 Foolish Pleasure wins the Kentucky Derby. Blood Horse Apr 26 Blood Horse May 17 Blood Horse May 24 Elocutionist winning the Preakness. Blood Horse May 10 Blood Horse Sep 26 Blood Horse Oct 10 Blood Horse Jan 09 Blood Horse Jan 30 Blood Horse Apr 17 Blood Horse May 01 Blood Horse Jun 05 Blood Horse Jun 14 Blood Horse jan Blood Horse May 09 Blood Horse May 08 Blood Horse Jul 30 Blood Horse Nov Breeder's Cup results.

Princess Rooney cover. Blood Horse Jul 14 Blood Horse Jul 13 Blood Horse Feb 16 John Henry Cover Horse of Year. Galbreath cover. Blood Horse May 11 Blood Horse May 23 Alysheba: One Step from a Crown -- Preakness. Alysheba Wins the Kentucky Derby. Alysheba cover. Blood Horse May 28 Blood Horse Jun 17 Sunday Silence Wins Again -- Preakness. The Kentucky Derby: Silence is Golden. Blood Horse Nov 03 Go For Wand cover. Summer Squall storming home at Pimlico.

Unbridled: Florida's Kenturcky Derby hero. Blood Horse Nov 09 Blood Horse Jun 15 Hansel's Belmont. Hansel's Classic Tale Preakness. Gold and Roses for Strike the Gold. Indy cover. Pine Bluff's Preakness. Roses for Lil. Prairie Bayou wins the Preakness.

Breeders Cup results. Argangues cover. Concern cover. Blood Horse May 14 Go For Gin wins the Ky Derby.. Tabasco Cat wins the Preakness.. Blood Horse Jun 18 Tabasco Cat wins the Belmont Stks.. Cigar cover. Thunder Gulch wins the Ky Derby.. Timber Country wins the Preakness.. Thunder Gulch wins the Belmont Stks.. Alphabet Soup cover. Skip Away cover. Blood Horse - Sires of Runners Supplement , Bold Ruler on covers.

Blood Horse Magazine Supplement. Auction - Yearlings of Jan 17 Auctions of Jan 19 Breeders Cup Souvenir Magazine Nov First Breeder's Cup, Hollywood Park rare. Breeders Cup Souvenir Magazine Nov 1 Oak Tree Santa Anita. Hollywood Park. Churchill Downs. Gulfstream Park. Belmont Park. Santa Anita. Collector's Edition 26 April Directory of North American Thoroughbred Breeders Indian Chief II cover.

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Sports Illustrated May 12 Sports Illustrated May 17 Sports Illustrated May 10 Sports Illustrated Nov. Belmont's Bizarre Swindle Cover. Sports Illustrated May 16 Seattle Slew wins Derby cover and article. Sports Illustrated Jun 20 Sports Illustrated Jun 19 Sports Illustrated May 15 Sunny's Halo wins the Ky Derby cover.

Sports Illustrated Jul 30 Sports Illustrated Sept. Arlington Track - William Nack. Sports Illustrated June 4 Secretariat - William Nack. Sports Illustrated July 15 Del Mar History - Willam Nack. Indy's Breeder's Cup Classic.

Horse Breakdowns by Nack. Sports Illustrated June 13 Sports Illustrated September 26 Spur May-Jun Rough and Tumble cover; spiral bound loose. Thoroughbred Record May 3 Thoroughbred Record Mar 25 Thoroughbred Record Nov 03 Thoroughbred Record Jan 28 Thoroughbred Record Mar 11 Thoroughbred Record Jun 03 Thoroughbred Record Aug 18 Thoroughbred Record May 12 Count Turf wins the Kentucky Derby.

Thoroughbred Record May 26 Bold wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record Jun 23 Counterpoint wins the Belmont Stakes. Thoroughbred Record May 10 Hill Gail wins the Kentucky Derby. Thoroughbred Record May 24 Thoroughbred Record Jun 14 One Count wins the Belmont Stakes. Thoroughbred Record May 09 Dark Star wins the Kentucky Derby. Thoroughbred Record May 30 Native Dancer wins Preakness.

Thoroughbred Record Jun 20 Native Dancer wins Belmont. Thoroughbred Record Nov 14 Thoroughbred Record Oct 17 Thoroughbred Record Sep 12 Thoroughbred Record Oct 31 Thoroughbred Record Aug 01 Thoroughbred Record Jan 16 Thoroughbred Record Jun 19 High Gun wins the Belmont Stakes.

Thoroughbred Record May 29 Hasty Road wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record Apr 24 Thoroughbred Record Aug 6 Thoroughbred Record Jun 18 Nashua wins the Belmont Stakes. Thoroughbred Record Jun 04 Nashua wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record Jul 7 Thoroughbred Record Jul 28 Needles wins the Kentucky Derby.

Fabius wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record Nov 24 Thoroughbred Record Mar 09 Thoroughbred Record Feb 9 Thoroughbred Record Jun 13 Thoroughbred Record Jun 06 Thoroughbred Record Jan 24 Thoroughbred Record Jun 27 Thoroughbred Record Dec 30 Thoroughbred Record Mar 24 Thoroughbred Record Apr 14 Thoroughbred Record Apr 21 Thoroughbred Record Apr 7 Thoroughbred Record May 11 Chateaugay wins the Kentucky Derby. Thoroughbred Record Sep 21 Thoroughbred Record Sep 28 Thoroughbred Record Jul 20 Thoroughbred Record Mar 23 Thoroughbred Record Apr 13 Thoroughbred Record Apr 20 Thoroughbred Record Apr 6 Thoroughbred Record Apr 27 Thoroughbred Record May 02 Thoroughbred Record Oct 24 Thoroughbred Record Jan 04 Thoroughbred Record Aug 22 Thoroughbred Record Jan 4 Thoroughbred Record Jun 12 Hail to All wins the Belmont Stakes.

Thoroughbred Record Mar 06 Thoroughbred Record Nov 19 Thoroughbred Record Sep 17 Thoroughbred Record Jul 30 Thoroughbred Record Oct 29 Thoroughbred Record Feb 26 Thoroughbred Record Dec 24 Thoroughbred Record Dec 31 Thoroughbred Record Feb 19 Thoroughbred Record Sep 10 Thoroughbred Record Sep 24 Thoroughbred Record Nov 26 Thoroughbred Record Dec 10 Thoroughbred Record Dec 03 Thoroughbred Record Apr 15 Thoroughbred Record Feb 11 Thoroughbred Record Jan 07 Thoroughbred Record Jul 08 Thoroughbred Record Aug 19 Thoroughbred Record Sep 02 Thoroughbred Record Jun 24 Thoroughbred Record Dec 02 Thoroughbred Record Jun 17 Thoroughbred Record Feb 25 Thoroughbred Record May 25 Forward Pass wins the Preakness.

Thoroughbred Record Jan 27 Thoroughbred Record Aug 23 Thoroughbred Record Jul 19 Thoroughbred Record Jul 05 Thoroughbred Record Jun 07 Thoroughbred Record May 17 Thoroughbred Record May 03 Thoroughbred Record Feb 08 Thoroughbred Record Mar 15 Thoroughbred Record Apr 26 Thoroughbred Record Jun 21 Thoroughbred Record Jul 26 Thoroughbred Record Aug 30 Thoroughbred Record Sep 20 Dust Commander wins the Kentucky Derby.

Thoroughbred Record Jul 25 Thoroughbred Record Apr 18 Thoroughbred Record Aug 29 Thoroughbred Record Sep 05 Thoroughbred Record May 13 Riva Ridge wins the Kentucky Derby. Thoroughbred Record May 27 Bee Bee wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record May 20 Thoroughbred Record Aug 11 Thoroughbred Record Oct 13 Thoroughbred Record Dec 01 Thoroughbred Record Mar 16 Thoroughbred Record Dec 22 Thoroughbred Record Dec 29 Thoroughbred Record Jan 19 Thoroughbred Record Mar 02 Thoroughbred Record Mar 30 Thoroughbred Record Nov 16 Thoroughbred Record Oct 26 Thoroughbred Record Jan 05 Thoroughbred Record Feb 09 Thoroughbred Record Dec 27 Thoroughbred Record May 4 Thoroughbred Record Jul 27 Thoroughbred Record Sep 07 Thoroughbred Record May 18 Seattle Slew wins the Kentucky Derby.

Thoroughbred Record Jun 01 Seattle Slew wins the Preakness. Thoroughbred Record Jun 22 Thoroughbred Record Mar 1 Thoroughbred Record Jul 11 Thoroughbred Record Jan 31 Thoroughbred Record Aug 1 Thoroughbred Record Feb 13 Thoroughbred Record Apr 02 Thoroughbred Record Oct 27 Gato Del Sol wins the Kentucky Derby. Deputed Testamony wins Preakness. Sunny's Halo wins the Kentucky Derby. Precisionist Cover. Thoroughbred Record Dec Breeder's Cup Pictorial Smile cover. Thoroughbred Record Nov Forty Niner Cover.

Thoroughbred Record Oct Thoroughbred Record Sep Java Gold Travers Cover. Thoroughbred Record Jun Thoroughbred Record Jul Thoroughbred Record May Thoroughbred Record Jan Racing in Texas Cover. Thoroughbred Record Mar Forty Niner Cover, Ancient Title.


Baker and Mozier Helm 13 wins each are the top trainers and the R. Initially, the grounds are used for training by the Marines, then as a manufacturing site for parts to B bombers. The war ends and Del Mar begins again. A new crop of Hollywood types makes Del Mar the spot to be for summer frolic. Durante becomes such a regular that the track eventually names its turf course in his honor. His name is William Lee Shoemaker, and his history and that of the track will become entwined hereafter.

In the end they finish in a tie with 60 wins each. Bandleader Harry James makes a blast with Big Noise, a colt he named for his famous trumpet. Shoe teams up with trainer R. Red McDaniel that year to nearly breakup the game at the seashore: McDaniel saddles a record 47 winners, giving Shoemaker a leg-up on 42 of them. Fred Turner, Jr. Lark and Silky Sullivan. The course is an instant success.

Trainer Charles Whittingham saddles W. It is the first of a record 73 stakes victories at the seaside course for the shiny-domed conditioner, who goes on to become one of the greatest handlers of horses the game has ever known. The leading rider is William Hartack, he of the five Kentucky Derbies. The leading trainer is Farrell Jones, who is capturing the sixth of his record 11 turf and surf titles. Del Mar tries an experiment with a second meeting, running 42 days in the summer and 20 in the fall.

The summer stand draws 10, a day, while the fall manages 4, The experiment is not repeated. For the next 16 years his husky baritone massages the faithful at the horse heaven by the Pacific. Clement L. The trainer sends out her charger to capture both the Eddie Read and Del Mar handicaps, the biggest wins ever scored by a female conditioner in the history of the track to that point. Wayne Lukas and goes on to be named 2-year-old filly champion, while Roving Boy captures the Del Mar Futurity for trainer Joe Manzi and picks up an Eclipse as top 2-year-old colt.

If you like to watch Eclipse Award winners run, Del Mar is the place to be this year. Althea 2-year-old filly champion wins the Del Mar Debutante, then comes back to beat the boys in the Del Mar Futurity. Heartlight No. One 3-year-old filly champion takes the Del Mar Oaks. Trevor Denman, the South African racing commentator whose colorful style changes the nature of race calling in the United States, takes command of the microphone on the Del Mar roof.

Del Mar completes an underground tunnel into its infield and fans flock to the center of the track for picnics, rays, Frisbee flings and close-up views of the thoroughbred action. Dirt—Brave Raj Sorrento S. The big names abound this summer: Gary Stevens wins his second straight seaside riding crown; Chris McCarron wins 10 stakes races; D.

Wayne Lukas wins his third training title; Fred W. Handicap; and Bill Shoemaker goes out a winner for the th and final time in his very last ride at the seaside oval on September This temporary arrangement, which features a rebuilt grandstand section alongside the old clubhouse and turf club, will last only for one year. And a rejuvenated Chris McCarron captures his fifth seaside riding title—but first in 11 years—by winning the last race on the last day of the meet.

But the roar turns to a hush of disbelief as unheralded Dare And Go upsets the champ. Finally, on closing day, a young colt named Silver Charm wins the Del Mar Futurity, a signpost that points him out as something special, a point he furthers with an exciting Triple Crown run the next spring that comes up less than a length shy of glory.

The former pulls the cinch on his th Del Mar winner, surpassing the long-held standard for most seaside victories set by Farrell Jones, while Pincay — overcoming an injury that had him on the sidelines for most of the meet — registered tally No. The attendance and handle continue to ride high, while Mr.

For the 10th year in a row, Del Mar and its satellites top the nation in daily average attendance 27, Robert Frankel does it again! Bob Baffert captures his fourth straight conditioning title and rising star Victor Espinoza is champion rider. And it all gets seen on the trackpis new video boards in the infield and the paddock. The track loses one of its great leaders when John C. South American ace Candy Ride sets a track record Bob Baffert and Pat Valenzuela are the training and riding champs again, and Valenzuela and Hall of Famer Julie Krone — making a big splash in her first season at the shore — put on a match race for the ages with P Val winning it by a whisker.

On a lone sour note, the track hosts what may prove to be the last Del Mar yearling sale, a summer staple at the shore since Opening day is a dandy. Cap, H. Leading rider again Victor Espinoza does something never done at the shore oval before when he wins seven races on one card on Labor Day. And California. The seaside oval charges out of the gate with an Opening Day record crowd n 43, Battling a recession-bound economy heading south, it takes a mild hit at the gate and the wickets, but manages to hold its own in the end.

A tweaked Polytrack allows for faster times while continuing to reduce catastrophic injuries. For the first time since , Del Mar runs five days per week, dropping its Monday programs with the exception of Labor Day in an adjustment to a tough economy and a declining horse population.

And less proves to be more. Full racecard and live Sky Bet odds. The rest is history, of course, but roll on 12 months and it's interesting to see O'Brien responsible for three of the five declarations and yet not have the favourite. Monarch Of Egypt, Royal Lytham and Mount Fuji will all get a mention as the master of Ballydoyle bids for a 17th success in this famous two-year-old feature but first, step forward Siskin.

He took the Group Two Railway Stakes — via the Listed Marable Hill Stakes — in brilliant style from the re-opposing Monarch Of Egypt, coming home two and a half lengths to the good without Colin Keane having to get anything like serious in the saddle. He remains a fascinating prospect for Coolmore and influential American owner-breeder Peter Brant. Mount Fuji hasn't really gone on since winning a Cork maiden first time out on May 22 and looks likely to put the pace to the race here, but Royal Lytham is creeping into it under the radar and could run well.

Horse Racing. Tips Centre. Fast Results. Full Results. My Stable. There are some immaculately-bred horses on show at the Curragh. Matt Brocklebank's guide to the key juvenile races at the Curragh.

Either eight- or nine-race programs will be offered four times weekly, starting at p.

Lo spaccone del betting online Jan 31 Temperance Hill, taking charge of the Belmond Stakes. Due to company buyouts, the series was discontinued. Graded stakes of Nourish the Backstretch, an extension of Nourish Lexington, provides meals and groceries to the hardworking community in the barn area of Keeneland. Brandywine managed to get his nose to her withers, but could get no further before the all-important line was crossed, and the Futurity of went on record as having been won by The Butterflies by a neck from Brandywine.
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Horse betting apps Mar 09 Blood Horse Jan 03 Alleged wins Arc de Triomphe cover. These Conditions control and govern all sales through KCG. First run in and taking place on the Rowley Mile at Newmarket, the Cambridgeshire Stakes is a nine-furlong race at the end of September.
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