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Yes, it's true, monkeys love that hold card cash and silver bananas. These figures are uma investment approximation based on the user submissions on Wall Street Oasis over 86,as well as the thousands of discussions on compensation in the community archives. If you contribute to the WSO Company Databaseyou can get access to thousands of detailed compensation statistics across thousands of investment banks without paying a dime.

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Binary options atm scam santa ana

When fraudsters attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into a program, that is a pyramid scheme, and there is only one possible mathematical result — collapse. Imagine if one participant must find six other participants, who, in turn, must find six new recruits each. This infographic shows how all pyramid schemes are destined to collapse.

Please enter some keywords to search. Pyramid Schemes. In the classic "pyramid" scheme, participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants, usually where: The promoter promises a high return in a short period of time; No genuine product or service is actually sold; and The primary emphasis is on recruiting new participants. These are some of the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme : Emphasis on recruiting. If a program focuses solely on recruiting others to join the program for a fee, it is likely a pyramid scheme.

Be skeptical if you will receive more compensation for recruiting others than for product sales. No genuine product or service is sold. Promises of high returns in a short time period. Be skeptical of promises of fast cash — it could mean that commissions are being paid out of money from new recruits rather than revenue generated by product sales. Easy money or passive income.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you are offered compensation in exchange for doing little work such as making payments, recruiting others, or placing online advertisements on obscure websites, you may be part of an illegal pyramid scheme. If you reply to this email, the scammer will string you along with some story about needing money to pay off corrupt officials or to transfer the money out of the country.

They usually start off requesting small amounts of money, and the requests gradually get larger as the victim becomes entangled in the scam. The Luck of the Irish has fallen upon you via email. Never believe you have won money from a competition overseas that you did not enter let alone someone using a hotmail account.

The latest rort that overseas scammers are trying on WA small businesses is a swindle involving accommodation bookings for supposed conferences being arranged by someone claiming to be Jim Owen from the Jim Owen Agency in London.

You are one of four people Swiss Astro-numerologist Johann Christensen has chosen to pass on the secret of great wealth. This is another pesky psychic scam. John Latimore Wainwright loves the word definite. WA ScamNet can definitely say this is a scam and you are not the only one that has received this offer.

Dutch star clairvoyant and cosmetologist Julie Haley has chosen you to receive the CristAnandaMagic, a crystal that contains the secret treasures of Ma Ananda Moyi, an Indian woman saint. A US-based publishing house called Jupiter Group is behind a number of clairvoyant scams arriving in mailboxes across Western Australia. Promoters of a fraudulent tax scheme are targeting residents in Kimberley communities with the promise of a large tax return, prompting a warning by Consumer Protection and the Australian Taxation Office ATO.

Scammers advertise a puppy or kitten for sale in the classifieds either in newspapers or online, usually providing an email address as a contact point. The animal being advertised is often a popular breed and the asking price is lower than the market value. The seller requests that payment for a crate and shipping of the kitten or puppy be sent by wire transfer. Sadly the animal never arrives and Consumer Protection has received reports of monetary loss from many heartbroken would-be pet owners.

Krysto De La Tour has been extremely busy. Without needing to access either your money or personal details, WA ScamNet can also predict your future. Do you believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny? You have just been selected as one of the most motivated people amongst tens of thousands who most want to change their life and push luck and the chance to their limits. La Primitiva and El Gordo are legitimate Spanish lotteries, not sweepstakes, and are endorsed by government.

But the letters and emails that consumers receive are fake and commonly known as advance fee frauds or Nigerian scams. Scammers are doing their homework on Government law enforcement agencies and copying logos and job titles in order to dupe people into sending them money. Reports received in the last two weeks indicate that a man with an Italian accent, going by the name of Mr Antonio, has been selling jackets, which he claims to be leather and made by the designer Giorgio Armani.

This offer popped up on fax machines all over town saying it had taken America by storm, had changed lives and could be used to:. This type of scam appears to have emerged during COVID when live stream events have become more popular due to social distancing restrictions. Loria Peterson is going to guide you, shoulder you and help you for days — for free all Loria Peterson needed to perform this scam ritual is a computer, a printer, a mailing list, credit card facilities and a vulnerable consumer.

Western Australians must be a lucky lot judging by the mountains of emails landing in our inboxes proclaiming we have won the lottery or an international promotion. The emails use various names and logos to hook you in.

Some emails copy legitimate government lottery logos to add legitimacy to the scam. This is just another Fake lottery scam. Save your money don't send it to these scammers! An email using the Lotterywest logo and other unauthorised images has been received by many WA consumers advising them of a bogus Lotto win. Professional looking websites and advertisements are being used to lure prospective employees in the construction industry, but it's a scam. Madame Arachnea's spider ensnares your winning lottery numbers - or you will be condemned to hell for ignoring the letter.

Or maybe the spider tricked her with its own web of deceit? Madame Soleil was a famous French astrologer but the clairvoyant Madame Soleil, who is currently writing to consumers offering 11 exceptional miracles, is not the real Madame Soleil. This is a typical psychic scam full of fake predictions and empty promises. Be warned that there may be other variations of this letter.

Be in no doubt the Grand Master Zhandler is indeed a grand trickster! Swiss clairvoyant, astro-medium and numerologist Magdalena has a number of different spiels which she uses to try to scam you out of money. Indian clairvoyant Mala Devi has returned from the famous Kumba-Mela pilgrimage with the 17 remaining Bracelets of the Sages with 14 magical powers.

But then, so has everyone else who has contacted WA ScamNet about the eight page glossy travel brochure with its accompanying lucky lottery ticket inside. Poor Marc Smiths. He has won millions with his lucky Glistening Golden Coin. This is a very ham-fisted attempt to con you out of your money by trying to empathise with your circumstances while, at the same time, trying to illicit sympathy for the plight of the Smiths family.

How many people do you know have a credit card facility? Maria is a typical psychic scam who uses threats and the promises of money to get you to hand over your dollars. Maria gives an absolute guarantee and offers a refund if you are not completely happy within four months. Do you believe in fairy tales? Maria is one of many overseas companies who send these types of letters in bulk. Send them in to us and keep your money in your pocket. Maria de la Vega claims to be an internationally recognised clairvoyant and grand master of occultism.

But WA ScamNet believes Maria is just a figment of the fertile imagination of the scammers behind the black-hearted Blacktacos mail order company. Marie Callas claims to be a clairvoyant, medium, numerologist, specialist in astrology and tarot, dowser, author of numerous books and articles, mage, spirit. But Marie has forgotten one important title — prolific psychic scammer. How lucky are you? The operators of this scam push hard and fast, telling the reader they are one of two confirmed final recipients.

But, Markham, Donnelly and Associates are drawing people into a game of chance, as the small print on the back states. It appears renting out dragons' eggs can be a good little earner; but remember, if it looks too good to be true Like so many other scams, Zholtan creates a sense of urgency by telling you to reply within 24 hours or you forfeit your chance to be part of the lucky Maetre Norbu and his mini-me evil sidekick Sonam are sending out a poisonous letter designed to scare you into sending money.

Just sales support for our growing company. Peruvian-born Michelle Alby, from Holland, claims to be one of the greatest clairvoyants of all time and that her gifts are recognised by the scientific community. Do not respond to this letter. It is just another psychic scam. Some scams, like this one, try to scare you into parting with your money.

The Microsoft International Lottery Board letter claims that you have won a major prize in a competition run sometime ago. It claims that due to a mix up of numbers, the results were not released until recently. The phone rings and at the other end of the line is a scammer claiming to be from Microsoft, wanting to gain access to your computer and personal details, and worse still charge your credit card for the privilege. Now to add insult to injury, victims are being targeted a second time.

Joint action between three international regulators has thwarted a massive global phone scam, with US authorities this week winning court orders to close down and freeze funds of imposters posing as Microsoft employees offering to fix PC viruses. Read more. This is a typical psychic scam letter. Mikael we doubt that such a person exists does not know you personally.

He has got your name from a mailing list. You are just one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have received the same letter. Do not fall for this sham. If you respond and send off your money, the only thing you will receive is more psychic scam letters. If you are a Western Australian and participate in this scheme, you will be chased by Consumer Protection, required to sign undertakings or face prosecution not to participate in the scheme and made to refund any money you have made.

A lucky gambling genie will make all your financial dreams come true, according to the wizard of gambling Milka Petrovna. Natural medicine specialist Dr Martinet of Mineralis, Switzerland has just the tonic you need. Clearly we believe all of these claims to be false and designed to part you from your money. Our advice, do not get involved in this scam. The only thing that Miss Celeste is a specialist in is deception. Sounds wonderful until you read the conditions, sneakily printed on the inside of the envelope containing your letter.

WA ScamNet has been warning consumers about the dangers of wire transfer since the scam warning website was originally launched back in Up until now the predominant service misused during scams targeting Australians has been Western Union. Like we all don't get enough junk-mail already… If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…! The schemes claim to offer you a commission simply for receiving money into your bank account and then transferring it out again.

There are laws against money laundering. Is the money worth the risk of prosecution and a criminal record? This pathetic letter is a load of codswallop! Unfortunately, the only thing that will be in your hands is a cheap booklet detailing a list of sweepstakes and other competitions you might be eligible to enter. All you have to do is pay the delivery costs. Opportunistic scammers are attempting to trick people into giving personal information to potentially steal their money or identity.

NAAC is no different. Despite the impression given that you have won big money, you have won nothing! Ask yourself, why should you pay money to find out about competitions that you can enter for free? So what have you won? Similar scam to the International Awards Treasury. Our contributors have told us they have never won money in the sweepstake and the jewellery they received was junk jewellery.

The only thing you can be guaranteed of is receiving more and more of these offers. Nelchael claims he seldom proposes this type of intervention. Try telling that to the thousands of others who also received this mass mail-out. This is a typical psychic scam. None of our contributors have ever received a big lotto win after sending money off to a psychic scam.

All they have received is useless trinkets. No WA ScamNet contributors have ever reported receiving the grand prize. If only! Note to scammers: If you want to hoodwink people into your illegal money laundering scams then at least proof read your emails.

The Norway Consulting Group unsolicited email and website looks sleek and professional but very familiar. We further predict that they will get lots of mail saying that, for various fees, they can find out if they have already won prizes in overseas lotteries they have not entered. Just amazing! Funny how Nostradamus and his Oracles didn't predict how so many of their Dear Friends would react to a combination of fear and greed - by sending their special invitation to WA ScamNet.

Australia Post is aware of this and aims to intercept the scam mail on our behalf at its sorting facility at Perth airport, however we know some cards are in circulation across WA. Same Nevada USA address, same telephone and fax numbers. Do not be sucked in by the suggested urgency; a requirement for you to respond within 10 days. While you are at it, ask why literature from the. Don't worry, we will. We are very concerned about attempts to get you to invest in overseas lotteries and sweepstakes.

There is little hope of getting your money or doing anything about it if you don't! The incredible Olivia Roy, a clairvoyant of Lausanne in Switzerland, sent a bunch of our loyal WA ScamNet contributors the front pages of a future newspaper. Each had the headline naming that person as the winner of more than 30 million dollars. Consumers looking for loans online are again being stung by paying fees or insurance charges upfront to scammers who have stolen the identity of legitimate credit providers.

It is possible to buy almost anything over the internet these days. Unfortunately, scammers can use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off unsuspecting shoppers. Scammers can pretend to be selling a product—often very cheaply—just so they can steal your credit card or bank account details.

Similarly, they may take your money but send you a faulty or worthless product instead—or even nothing at all. Students are being warning about an online blackmail scam, whereby scammers are trying to extort money from students visiting essay chat forums. Scammers gain personal information and create spoof emails from universities in order to trap students into paying up big bucks.

Online car sellers are being targeted in an elaborate scam involving bogus buyers and fake PayPal transactions. Car sellers who placed classified advertisements with legitimate car sales sites have been approached by overseas buyers who, at first, appeared genuine. Sellers of motorbikes, caravans, trailers and even horse floats have also been targeted. Consumer Protection has issued an alert after many West Australians desperate to get a loan have been duped by online loan scams.

Some of the scammers are stealing the identity of legitimate online money lenders, adding to the confusion of consumers. Do not place orders with the website directonlinedeals. Opportunities Unlimited Publications Inc appears to operate an unlimited number of contests judging by the number of letters forwarded to WA ScamNet by our contributors.

Kinesiologists and other healthcare providers should be on the lookout for a scam in which a client makes a booking by email and then requests reimbursement of an apparent overpayment. If you receive an email or a letter in a similar vein claiming you have won money in an overseas lottery you have never entered, do not respond.

This is an advance fee fraud also known as Nigerian scam. Fake online vintage car sellers. Scammers are getting around a common security feature used by organisations to prevent unauthorised access to your personal information. Paloma Summer — what a lovely name. Paloma is of Spanish origin meaning dove.

Unfortunately, there is nothing dove-like about Paloma Summer, the so-called medium and specialist in the secret science of numbers and lunar magic. When Pam met Romano on an online dating website, her life changed drastically. Only not in the way she'd hoped. For years, the most common pyramid scheme investigated by Consumer Protection has been a chain letter called the "Paul Collins letter.

So why do they need made-up names and PO boxes? Sadly, many of the people who follow the instructions find that the only response they get is from a Consumer Protection Investigator. Pyramid scheme operators are promoting the use of the legitimate online payment system, PayPal, to perpetrate their illegal activities. The email states that you need to confirm your PayPal information by going directly to a website listed or to click on the link attached.

This is a typical phishing email sent by fraudsters in an attempt to collect sensitive personal or financial information from you. That's the amount on the unsigned "cheque. What's so hard about subtracting the fee and sending you the rest?

The most curious element is the fact that it uses the exact same return address as the Award Notification Service. So who is running these two offers out of the same post box? Why not give it a go. The phoney prophet who profits, disgraced US televangelist Peter Popoff, is back peddling false promises for cash.

Western Australians are being warned about out-of-the-blue phone calls from scammers pretending to represent a government or other well-known organisation and asking for money. A phoney fraud alert is similar to a phishing scam. It can come in the form of an email or a phone call claiming to be from your bank or financial institution.

The scammer will usually tell you that your credit card or account has been cancelled because it was involved in criminal activity, or because they suspect your card or details have been stolen. This is a trick to get you to given them your account details. Powerball is a legitimate lottery run by Lotterywest, which operates lotteries in Western Australia with profits going back to the community.

It may seem like all your Christmases have come at once, receiving an overseas letter in the mail saying that you could inherit money from a businessman with the same last name as you. It is important that you do not contact Mr Martinez or send money. Why can't this "sponsor" simply advertise their "offers and items" to Western Australian consumers like yourselves the way the vast majority of legitimate traders do?

We'll ask them on your behalf UK law firm Robert W. Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in And eight years on, this law firm claims you are a beneficiary and you did not even know that you were related to royalty. Targeting the Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll for an internet scam may not seem like the brightest idea, but then scammers are not often accused of being smart or honest. As usual the devil is in the detail.

Some prize giveaways are run by legitimate retailers wanting to promote their business. Other competitions are conducted by direct marketing companies to get your personal information for mailing lists. Always ask yourself whether the prize is worth you being on yet another mailing list! Don't fall into the trap of sending your hard earned cash in the hope that you will receive a new car or a massive cash payout just by solving a simple puzzle, and always remember The fine print reveals that all you will get for your hard earned cash is a report detailing competitions and lotteries you may be eligible to enter.

This offer is not worth the paper it is printed on. As usual, fine print on the back contradicts the impression given in headlines on the front. ProActive Pharmaceuticals appears to be a slick, professional operation but behind the fancy facade, it is toxic. The scammers behind ProActive Pharmaceuticals want to recruit you as a money mule to launder stolen money. The rules on the back of the form explain. The chances of winning the money, the food chopper, the TV and the cookware set are one in forty-eight thousand.

Everyone who enters "wins" the cordless vacuum cleaner. Professor James Golden will use his "psy-technological wave power" to help you win millions on Lotto. What a load of garbage. The scammers behind Professor Golden must be out of their minds to think that people will fall for this rubbish! This is just another useless psychic scam run out of Switzerland. The only thing the Divinor Cross is likely to attract is more psychic scam letters. The "Self Employment Opportunity" ad said "Work from home processing emails.

Didn't the letter say you'd already won, but failed to claim the money? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…! Don't be fooled by this scam. Fake web pages claiming Qantas is giving away two free first class tickets for their 96th anniversary are being shared on social media.

Money launderers are using the name of the legitimate company QuikDrop to lure you into international fraud. You will need more than roadside assistance if you fall for this scam. Of course, Radia is not real. The competition does not close until next year July 31, and money will not be paid out until December It seems a long time to wait to win a small amount of money in an international competition!

WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning the grand prize in these competitions. Thankfully the agent followed WA Government guidelines which were introduced following the fraudulent sale of a Karrinyup home in and a Ballajura home in Great mystical clairvoyant and international renowned diviner Rebecca was in the process of working with her divining rods on a big investment project for a businessman when.

Fantastic … you are a lucky person or maybe not. Rebecca would have you believe if you want natural positive energy to penetrate you and bring you your share of good luck you should also pick a few fragments of plants and post them to her in the envelope. Scammers have latched onto the current consumer legal action against banks as a way to con Western Australians out of secure personal details over the phone.

We all would like something or someone to come into our lives and make things better without us having to try very hard ourselves. The people behind scams know it. But WA ScamNet has seen this kind of operation again and again, and they all look the same and use the same tricks against you.

WA ScamNet would love to send this scam down the river but unfortunately it will just resurface under a different name. Robert has some advice for other people who have established an online relationship with someone who is asking for money. How low can scammers go? This email uses the name of a charity for sick kids to recruit innocent people to act as money mules?

Rose Hart of Switzerland is one of several contenders for the dubious honour of the top psychic scam. Her confidential messages "from beyond" to "you and you alone" came to WA ScamNet by the boxful. Each predicted imminent wealth - for a fee. Who could have foreseen that letters from Rose Hart predicting huge winnings would often be followed by an opportunity to invest in an overseas lottery or prize draw?

Ryan is not a real person. This letter has probably been sent to thousands of people around the globe, not the seven people the letter states. If you respond to this scam, the only thing you are guaranteed of receiving is more scam psychic letters. An email job offer arrives from a company claiming to have got your resume from SEEK Australia job site.

Apparently your resume suits the requirements for a position processing payments. Hang-on, this sounds suspiciously like a money mule money laundering scam. The operators of these sophisticated scams use a well-known legitimate job vacancy website to hook you in to revealing your details. An SMS competition or SMS trivia scam usually arrives as a text message and may encourage you to enter a competition for a great prize.

The scammers make money by charging extremely high rates for the messages you send, and any further messages they send to you. If you respond to any of these texts, the scammers will find a way to extort money from you. The money you are paying up-front will not result in you getting anything in return. The only winner will be the person, or people, behind the bogus promotion.

WA ScamNet invites the good professor to take his phoney potions and go for a walk in the Swiss Alps. Have you ever wanted good fortune, money, happiness and a youthful glow? Save your money and invest in your own future. Sara Freder uses the hook of a free horoscope email to get you in, then harasses you for her paid services and can even take money out of your bank account.

Motor vehicle repairers in WA are being targeted by scammers who send an email requesting work to be carried out on a car and will go on to ask the business to pay a towing company on their behalf. Scammers are targeting consumers selling cars online. New twist in Microsoft tech support scam: Scammers are contacting their victims to offer them money back in a compensation scheme which they claim is being run by Consumer Protection in Western Australia.

Scammers aim to make you act quickly without thinking first and play on your fear of the law. The Chinese community are being targeted by random calls claiming to be checking a visa application, a package with fraudulent documents or a money laundering investigation with huge losses reported.

A scam asking people to work as secret shoppers in return for payment cleverly uses a code of conduct and ethics, and very real-looking fake cheques, to try to legitimise a complete fraud. This is just another jewellery promotion campaign. WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning the money. All you will receive is a cheap piece of jewellery. Do you want to waste your time filling out entries into an international competition you may not win?

There is no cheque or prize, just a load of VERY fine print novelly printed on the inside of the envelope. Both are rubbish. A sentinel usually refers to a sentry or guard, sometimes a statue that guards a particular place, person or item, as well as an honour guard. However, the very fine print states that the guarantee is not related to results, just a seven-day cooling off period if you are not satisfied, provided you write back to a specified address.

An email arrives in your inbox announcing you are the winner of the Shell Petroleum International Lottery Promo. Do not respond to this email. It is an advance fee fraud scam. Shell Australia has confirmed it is a scam and their company has nothing to do with it. Businesses are being targeted in an insidious new scam aimed at fleecing them of thousands of dollars in bogus shipping fees. No priest of honour would get involved in a scam like this.

Smaranda has got your name off a mailing list and knows nothing about you. In fact, WA ScamNet contributors regularly receive letters from so-called gaming wizards peddling lucky lottery grids or booklets. In this scam, an email or letter arrives claiming you have won tens of thousands of dollars in a Spanish Lottery you have never heard of.

The latest scratchie scam comes from Sparking Sword Vacation and White Hunter Vacation, claiming to be a 12th anniversary promotion. Every now and again a scam comes along which really gets us angry at WA ScamNet, and this is one of those scams. Steinberg Investments have a highly paid part-time job waiting for you. Steinberg Investments is so well-known that when you do a search on the Internet, it comes up with plenty of listings — as a SCAM. This scam begins with an unsolicited phone call from someone who claims to represent Microsoft or IBM and ends with someone gaining access to your computer.

With 29 contributors receiving letters from Mikael in October alone, I wonder if the Supreme Council ever stop to get some sleep……. Of all the scams that have come to ScamNet, the mail out from the Swiss Institute for Holistic Living in Switzerland is close to being the most bizarre. Ask yourself why would an international financial investment company send out unsolicited emails to recruit a financial manager?

Swiss Invest Ltd claims to be a leading company dealing in the European equity market. But we say they are just leaders in scams. Scammers are using the names, brands and logos of well-known companies, including courier services, to hook you into advance fee fraud and lottery swindles. Investment schemes and legal structures that do not comply with the law are considered to be aggressive tax planning arrangements - referred to as tax schemes. A tax scheme is an artificial or contrived arrangement to avoid or defer tax obligations.

Tax time could really be taxing if you give out personal details to scammers impersonating the Australian Taxation Office ATO. WA ScamNet has renewed its warnings about fake tax communications after fresh reports of emails claiming to be from the ATO. Do not click on any links. Just delete it. Phone scammers are posing as tech support, and the money being lost to these scammer is increasing. The investments they offer usually guarantee high returns or encourage you to invest in overseas companies.

The charitable trust has received reports of phone scammers pretending to be collecting money for Telethon but NO unsolicited calls are made to private residences during this annual appeal. Phishing emails are a dime a dozen but we thought this one which purports to come from Australian Internet service provider BigPond was worth a warning.

Telstra has urged customers to ignore a hoax fax that resembles Telstra correspondence and asks customers to provide bank account details. According to Jeff Hanson, Director of Membership or Publisher depending on the letter you receive , the second and final instalment is for the Nuova Tech Discovery book pages or the Neo-Tech World book pages that contain the secrets. It takes about 10 seconds to realise that this offer is a scam and will produce no miracles!

Want to turn back the clock so you look, feel and actually are biologically 20 years younger? They all end up dead! Most die in traffic accidents on the Madrid Highway. By responding to the letters, you will be entering what is commonly referred to as an advance-fee fraud.

Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID coronavirus pandemic with numerous scams surfacing in Australia across many environments including banking, telcos, superannuation, Services Australia and more. Fake 'suppliers' are targetting WA organisations, providing 'new' bank account details for payments and stealing the money.

Scammers are using images of an American public figure to set up fake dating and social media profiles under the name Tony Walter. He even addresses his email to you — Dear Friend. Tracey thought she'd met the man of her dreams. She couldn't have been more wrong You get a bill in the mail.

It looks genuine. It has a Sydney postal address and Australian Bank account details. What to do? Do you get to see your ticket numbers before each draw? We couldn't find that bit. What the headline gives, the fine print takes away. Advertising that creates a clear impression, then contradicts this impression in fine print is prohibited by the Fair Trading Act in Western Australia. Why do the promoters feel the need to mislead readers into believing they have won something when that is just not true?

Send misleading promotional material to WA ScamNet — for the benefit of the entire community. Scammers will try anything once, twice or even a dozen times to recruit money mules to launder money. Trigon Partners is their latest offering. The scam is sent through the mail and is quite convincing.

WA ScamNet is advising consumers to continue to be on the look out for scam scratchie cards in their letterbox. Western Australians are receiving emails saying they have won a cash prize on the UK National Lottery online Sweepstakes International program. The email looks authentic using official logos and names — but it is an advance fee fraud, which will ask you to pay money to claim your prize. Western Australians are again being targeted by what must be one of the most heinous scams to come out of Africa.

The Ugandan-based scam attempts to swindle money in the guise of assisting destitute orphans or sick children. UFIS is good at blowing its own horn but its all hot air. UFIS is a typical money transfer scheme. While searching for work, jobseekers also need to be on the lookout for bogus recruitment companies that scam victims into paying training fees for non-existent positions.

A glossy travel brochure is being posted to WA homes and containing fake lottery scratchie tickets Consumers are warned not to respond to the latest travel scam, this time from the VMac Holiday Group from Malaysia, as it is an advance fee fraud. Scammers are using a well known brand to try to trick consumers into parting with their money. Scammers have set up a fake investment company to defraud investors using the name of an investment company based in Hong Kong.

Read the terms and conditions. Do not to respond to text messages which claim you have won a voucher, In fact you may be entering into an expensive mobile premium SMS service. Are all these organisations and people one and the same? Why do I need to pay money to receive a prize? Read the conditions and it all becomes crystal clear. Consumer Protection has received more reports from people who have received telephone calls from scammers pretending to work for government or law enforcement agencies.

Be warned: the fine print states that Winners Circle may send you different presentations of this offer and may give your details to other companies. Now you can look forward to more scam mail. Scam search. Listen to Adam's story about how he met as was conned by Evelyn.


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