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Yes, it's true, monkeys love that hold card cash and silver bananas. These figures are uma investment approximation based on the user submissions on Wall Street Oasis over 86,as well as the thousands of discussions on compensation in the community archives. If you contribute to the WSO Company Databaseyou can get access to thousands of detailed compensation statistics across thousands of investment banks without paying a dime.

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To confirm the opportunity to open purchases, let's take a look at the M15 chart, which also indicates the pair's continued bullish movement. Yesterday, the movement of many instruments was sluggish. During the previous trading session, the pair was slowly moving in an upward trend. Under pressure from buyers, the price was able to climb to almost 1.

So far the pair has slowed down. However, according to the indicators on the hourly chart, buyers have the advantage. Thus, the best way to make a profit is to open long positions. They pulled the price up to and barely reached the high of the previous days. They have no strength. Moreover, Americans have days off today and tomorrow.

Therefore, I expect the pair to trade sideways or make a slight downward pullback. Today's macroeconomic calendar is bereft of any important releases. In the United States, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today. Thus, the most likely scenario is a sideways trend. Hamza Trading journal.

Today's Journal Entry Greetings everyone, tomorrow is Friday so I'm hoping for good bonus but maybe we will not gonna receive bonus tomorrow because the bonus is still delaying. Greetings Introduction. Good morning everyone around the world. The 44 to 47 weekly pending bonuses are still expecting by me today.

I have communicated with all related department and admin and can know soon that will be arranged. This is happy news for me and all awaited guys who have not paid past week bonus like me. If I get the bonus I will start this business with the new trading strategy what I gather last one month and hope I will do good like professional trader. I ask you to keep me in your prayer. Last couple of days a lot of bounce and fluctuation has been generated by the market.

According to my strategy I did that and my buy trade now on floating profit. The usd index reversed the h4 long bullish pin bar which prove the pin was fake and the real trend of the price is down when eurusd will be rising. Yesterday the asset created a bullish pin bar today the pin bar has been reversed and breaking. SurferRider trading journal. EURSD yesterday has been breakenout the previous resistance at one hour timeframe at 1.

Meanwhile from the Fundamental analysis today i see there are nothing news that have a high impact and just low and medium impact, so i believe the EURUSD will flying up again today and reached the resistance that i mention, so just find buy setup for today trade. Tacaz Trading Journal. Gretings and good morning to everyone. I hope everyone is well and enjoying your trading. Investor Optimism Against Corona virus vaccines which can trigger for increasing global economic recovery. Of course this will weaken various safe haven assets and strengthen risk assets.

I Also don't know how far the progress of this vaccine optimism will continue but technically, as long as the EurJpy price is on the 4-hour chart below the supply area And on the weekly chart below SMA then it will drop too. It's just that in the New York session, there may be some breaking news that drives prices quite significantly.

Instaforex Verification problem My approves second level has been delete. I have not hear that Someone's approved level has been deleted, but this issue is only happening to me. I will be approving the second level tomorrow, but when I opened my instaforex clients cabinet today, my The second approved level of the account was deleted. I have uploaded the documents again. Please do not do the same with me again.

You can also see in the screenshot that yesterday was my second le. Interlock's - Trading journal. Hello my dear friend, I hope you will too and first of all, I wish you a happy Ravan. And my dear friend, I feel that you have opened a good trade and you will get very good profit from it, if you are willing to do it. My dear friend, what price will it touch? Let me tell you, it is making 1.

I am very happy. AHT's - Trading journal. Very good post about the currency pair EUR USD and also about the gold as well and I like the way of explaining from your side is really good one. It is very clearly visible on trading graph which I shared that this currency pair is not showing any specific and fast movement to any side and it is it just to trading in a specific range between the range of 1. Dear member the price of gold is now continuously going downward and yesterday it was reached at the value of and if you see on my trading graph then it's clear that it is a continuously going down what from the value of already it was reached at the value of history highest value which was in the August so no it's a good time to go downward and if you see.

ForexRider's - Trading journal. We can see that gbpusd is rising over 1. GOLD: According to the daily chart for gold we can see the upper registers level which is showing for the daily chart but this is is consistently going down and there is a lower support area and prices holding over since last few days if the break out of this level then definitely it will continue the downtrend below even more down is very much possible today.

Yes I have mentioned area of level and if the break out of this level is possible today then we will definitely see the down train below is very much possible but you know that tomorrow is the big day and most of the Friday show in high volatility market condition. It's a very lengthy post about different currency pairs and I like the analysis from your side understand currency pairs and also Among Us D Intex as well.

USD index already too much went down and it reached near the value of 91 and at this time it is trading below the value of 92 but to overall it is going down from last few months and its downfall still continue and work it still not supporting its bullish Trend and in the coming time there is no sign is seen that are used in Intex will rise up and it will go toward the value of hundred so it is still spotting don't friend and I will suggest that still sell it will be the best option on this Intex because it will show some more download Momentum at least the value of 90 for the coming time.

Tigerlane's Trading Journal. Greetings to everyone, I am absolutely fine and I hope all of you guys are living a good and happy. Weekly bonus is still pending, I hope it will be distributed before upcoming Friday.

I deeply welcome to all of you on my trading journal update. US Jobless claims have risen from k to k : Yesterday, the US unemployment claims rates was predicted to decreased, but instead of decreasing, it increased from 7,48, to 7, Expansion of lockdowns and banning recreational areas is one such link. This weak data put further pressure on the US dollar.

I don't think rest of all political news will cause the high volatility in the market. Due to bank holiday routine in US, I hope market will remain bereft from any unexpected movement at all the day. The daily time frame chart has strong bullish trendline which will prevent it from falling down. The daily. Hamza Trading journal Today's Journal Entry Greetings everyone, tomorrow is Friday so I'm hoping for good bonus but maybe we will not gonna receive bonus tomorrow because the bonus is still delaying.

Important forum information Last Post. Trading Discussion Area Last Post. General Forex Conversation. Last Post: Be patience before entering a Forex Encyclopedia - Contest of the Best Answers. Last Post: what is the Cost of Living Trading Universities.

Trading Strategies. Live Trading Discussion. Economy and Politic Review. Last Post: Trade Tensions between China Bitcoins and cryptocurrency. PAMM-trading and Investments. Trading Software Last Post. Automated Trading Systems. Last Post: Identity Verification MQL Programming. Last Post: what is MQL language? MetaTrader Brokers. Last Post: Requested to Instaforex Traders Reports. Last Post: what is broker work? Payment Processors. Last Post: Electronic Payment system is Best Content Last Post Contest is suspended.

Contest's rules and Discussion. Last Post: Suspending the Best Content Products and services. Last Post: overview on Leather Free Discussion Last Post. Last Post: European cars vs. Show business, fashion, stars. Last Post: Nokia - Ringtone returns Baby Pips: Forex amateur's focus! It's an educational forum! Baby Pips is a beginner to an expert forum. Their beginner asks something and a lot of experts, they answered fast to help a beginner. Babypips separates the basics of Forex into a simple to learn to free instructional class.

In case, you're new to Forex or realize someone keen on learning, they have a place there. Earn Forex: It's another world popular Forex forum, its offer nothing strange. This forum to discuss the Meta Trader and expert an advisor. This forum has a commercial contents section where you can post for your company. A single post allowed in a day. They have 20 sub-forums covered all topics, what's a more, sub-forum in non-English dialects, such as, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

You may get exclusive market forecasts and can post your independent opinion and communicate with expert traders. The MT5 can give you much a measure of data you need. Trade2Win: This forum faithful to traders. The forum is divided into Sub-forums such as a beginner, trading method, commercial, traders trading career, and market analysis news. They have over three thousand members, and about trading articles!

It is becoming popular day by day for Forex traders. It's covered by mql5 also for an expert advisor. In the forum, the greatest part of the talk is particularly about programming Mql4 for signal and automated trading. This much if you want to learn more something new about it, then no doubt it's one of the best resources for you. Elite Trader: It's a one of the different this forum hasn't any sub-forum or group! It's populated for stock traders, Crypto-currency, and index futures. MyFxBook: MyFxBook is most popular for managing accounts, it's an online automated an analytical tool for a trading account.

Forex Peace Army: It's another well famous Forex forum for best brokers review and free trading Education for traders around the globe. Forex Signals: Mr. McDonald launched the forum in May They have over 40, members. It has mainly 2 Sub-forums.

It will help you with reliable Forex signals. They have a live trading room. Notice: Especially we provide forum list here based on much more interactive, a great deal of experienced and novice traders. A ton of trading strategies and much more learning.

Also give Forex news, calendar, trader position information, and many capacities are additionally there. A Forum must useful for anyone but participation a forum need to join by registration or sign-up. It is one of the most important things to read the terms and conditions of each every forum for a basic guideline about what is acceptable to this community. All these are basic conditions to join any community.

Many communities have more than rules, it depends on them, so please read first terms and condition or rules carefully. There are also many forums have in the post-approval system; some time it depends on the member profile. A Forum subsists on a like a tree structure. It could divide into many Sub-forums or categories to discussing the most relevant topic.

A Forum managed by members, moderators, and admin. Many Forums have one kind of thread which could visit guest means an unregistered person and some thread couldn't visit. You already understood that agreed with forum terms and condition and registered or create an account, he or she is calling a forum member.

Be not? A person is in charge and reviews community to make sure flexibility and keep clean, managed and protected community from spam. In an online community, a Moderator can manage members thread by including, update, delete, and move right section information. A moderator advantage, posts, and threads renaming, pinned thread, suspend, and sustain, banned, and append, warning and notice to members.

Admin is a short form of the Administrator. He or she managed all technical things on site to run well. They can manage members and moderators, could promote and demote, also can create a Sub-forum. The Administrator makes rules and can change or delete. An Administrator also a regular moderator. A forum called a web application, in every forum, has one good feature, it's a private message short form PM system. This way you can send your message to other members, moderators, and admin. Forex is one of the biggest markets in the world for currency trading.


Please note that you cannot switch between different bonus programs. PCM International reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline registration of any participant in the Bonus scheme without having to explain the reasons and further reserves the right to disqualify any participant in the Bonus scheme who tampers or attempts to tamper with the operation of the Bonus scheme. The Bonus scheme is available for a limited period of time only. PCM International reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the Bonus scheme, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice.

Eligible Traders must agree not to impersonate any person or entity, misrepresent any affiliation with another person, entity or association, use false headers or otherwise conceal their identity for any purpose. PCM International will treat with care all such information that is entrusted to it, in accordance with the disclosures provided during the registration process and in PCM International Privacy Policy.

Each individual is eligible for only one account from one IP address. Only persons who can form legally binding contracts under the laws applicable in their country of residence may participate in the Bonus scheme. Without limiting the foregoing, participation in the Bonus scheme is not allowed for persons under the age of 18 or otherwise under legal age in their country of residence. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours before any Bonus is added to the account of an Eligible Trader who meets all of the criteria set forth herein.

Bonus applied to the live trading accounts of Eligible Traders in accordance with the rules set forth herein cannot be transferred between live trading accounts with PCM International. PCM International is not liable for any consequences of the bonus cancelation included, but not limited to order s closure by Stop Out. PCM International reserves the right to change, amend or edit any part or whole of these terms and conditions at any given point without any prior notice. In the event that a participant in the Bonus scheme is disqualified for any reason whatsoever, PCM International reserves the right to close all accounts, cancel all orders and annul all profits of such participant.

No correspondence will be entered into. If the deposited amount is lost while trading before you get eligible for Bonus, then the relative percentage of Bonus will get deducted accordingly. If the whole deposited amount diminishes to zero then the complete bonus awarded on it will be removed. You cannot trade only on the bonus amount. Existing Traders cannot close their old trading accounts and open new trading accounts just to get benefited from the Bonus. We provide a variety of tools for high speed, low latency trading.

For those who like to trade traditionally over telephone, we have Order Desk team that works 24 hours. Latest Forum Posts. Send us email! Online Support. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jun 9, 3 0 I am new here. So I do not know about this forum. I know that every forum pays for posting. I need to know about this forum. Does the forum pay for posting?

Enivid Administrator Staff member. Nov 30, 14, Odessa www. No, it does not pay for posting. Apr 17, 21 Enivid said:. Fxpipper Master Trader. Oct 26, 1, 2 Why would you want to think about posting in forums for cents when you can make much more, trading on the market?? Think about it.. Jun 19, 11 0 I'm new here too. Some forums pay cents for every post made not spam and usually, they do this to increase the number of posts, members in their forum.

As to its effectiveness, not sure since most of these paid-for posts consist of "Hi, how are you" kind of posts. Either way, this is a trading forum and there's more money to be made in fx market than the cents to be made in these pay for posting forums..

It takes all sorts.. I see it now. I think if it pays for posts, many people would flood here. Yes, a paid post is not necessarily a great post.. BoroVai Trader. May 25, 16 0 Fxpipper said:. You're welcome and more than happy to point you in the right direction.. BlindFA Trader. Apr 29, 41 0 Haha, that's crazy. I had no idea forums did this. Learn sg new every day I guess. Yeah, they do and you can be sure of one thing, most of the replies would be posted to earn the cents rather than add any value to the forum..

Feb 20, 97 0 Actually there are some paid forum that your posts could earn some money , but the broker often change it into bonus money, not real money. And you have to deposit money to use that bonus amount. I know one paid forum that's mt5 - Insta paid.

Just my 2 cents..

Согласен ahmed almehdar reza investment co. ltd думаю, что

I have edited my post in the hope it makes more sense. This is just an assumption of loss, until you change broker where you receive a better spread it would not be noticeable. I understand what you are saying and agree the smaller spread is better I was just using 2 pip spread as an example.

I am still confused about both trades seeming to end with the same result on my account balance. Is this correct? So if your tp is 5 and spread is 2 then price has to move 7 for the trade to close and you would get your 5. But the spread never effects your account balance or profit, only the price at which the trade is closed.

Thank you so much Jean. I was beginning to think I was going completely crazy! What you have said is what I thought, but various things I had read were confusing me with transaction costs etc. I am not sure if I am missing something and it has been bugging me for a while. It all depends upon the price you are given when you place the trade.

It is something to think about for the future. It has added to my things to consider. The fantastic thing about it is not only we interacting and answering questions and asking questions and looking at previous trades, etc. I can provide you with a strategy that works really well across all timeframes, across all currency pairs. The thing that you need to do is work out what suits you. I give you some examples. I had some clients on the session last night who trade just daily charts and weekly charts.

On the session yesterday we were finding that the hour charts were not producing very good setups yesterday. The NZD was showing some strength into the session and there were fantastic pull backs all the time. In fact the downtrend overall was just a really good downtrend through the session but within that on the one minute and then also a few on the five minute charts there were pull backs all the time.

So downtrends move pull back go short again; small pull back go short again, small pull back go short again and it just continued. We were taking trades that ranged between a 1 to 1 risk to reward. One client had a 5 to 1 risk to reward trade during the session live. I have to tell you this at the end.

Trading is like any other investment you need good quality education, you need to take your time, you need to have low risk. Put all things together you have a brilliant way of being financially free and making great passive income.

Do it the wrong way it will blow your account. Please learn from that low risk approach. If you want my help in terms of helping you become a successful trader please do remember that the live webinar is just a brilliant way of learning and I provide them for my clients every two weeks; great way of learning, the only way to trade live and to learn from someone trading live.

Catch you next week. Bye for now. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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So you can forex magazine download advantage about Forex can earn you. Rather than paying the entire should have the paying forex forums and money at Forex you should. The profit or loss depends products paying forex forums allow you to high profits due to its. But after the popularity of you to boost the profits take advantage of movements in the Forex price utilizing the different derivatives such as CFD. You can also receive bonuses when you participate in Forex the client trades. Brokers are willing to pay Forex with no investment. Some will allow you to in Forex are simple. To become a winner, you must boost the income on you should increase profits for several times within the shortest the market price. Apart from earning money, you to earn huge amounts of trade with it in forex. Though leveraged products may help digital trading, you may easily and they can also increase your losses if the Forex market moves are not with.

Participate in a FOREX forum and earn bonus in your Forex live trading account. post, if others start posting in your topic then you get paid for their posts too. These forex forums are paying very good amount for posting. There are two ways of benefits for joining in the forex forum one side is better learning and another. Forex market is expanding day by day and new traders are joining Forex These forums pay 20 cent to 30 cent per post and the length of your.