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Yes, it's true, monkeys love that hold card cash and silver bananas. These figures are uma investment approximation based on the user submissions on Wall Street Oasis over 86,as well as the thousands of discussions on compensation in the community archives. If you contribute to the WSO Company Databaseyou can get access to thousands of detailed compensation statistics across thousands of investment banks without paying a dime.

Infinite yield forex blog bruce lahn chimera investment

Infinite yield forex blog

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A trade in Forex involves selling or buying one currency against another. Thus, a bull market or a bear market for a currency is defined in terms of the outlook for its relative value against other currencies. If the outlook is positive, we have a bull market in which a trader profits by buying the favored currency against other currencies. Conversely, if the outlook is pessimistic, we have a bull market for other currencies and traders profit by selling the weaker currency and buy strong currencies.

In either case, there is always a bull market trading opportunity for a trader. Recently, this has been the case for the Aussie Dollar vs. People previously were buying the Pound and selling the Yen from to the middle of It seemed that the profits would never quit.

What follows, if exploited prudently, will permanently change your life! Online forex chatrooms abound, some with the same fervor that I only recall occuring in the late '90's during the dot-com boom. I have no doubt he got that return, as that kind of positioning is the epitome of correct trend trading, the mainstay of hedge funds today. That worked great when the trend was up.

But what happened when the market trend changed in without any warning? Unique Edge 1 What is so special about trading currencies in Forex, is that you automatically receive the current floating interest on the currency you've purchased, but must pay the interest on the currency you sell. GBY is currently receiving 5.

So right now, if you buy the spread; you'll receive 5. Modern day alchemy at work! Add to that any gain that the British Pound increases vs. And even if the British Pound declined vs. Do you see the potential power you have by carefully exploiting the native benefits of Forex trading?

It's obvious that with a simple calculator and an accurate trading method you can dial in better returns than your bank ever will give you in your savings account. You get to choose your tolerance for risk. Fortunately there are protocols determining which favorable spreads are under accumulation for long periods. Too hard to do? What if you added an additional 5K a year to your forex account to help the account really build? I'm sure you're seeing the potential.

You wouldn't have to labor for all of your life. My recommendation is for anyone seriously interested in keeping and growing their wealth to eschew any ideas of daytrading Forex as a form of weekly income. Especially for those who still need to work a job to make ends meet. Is consistent daytrading Forex possible? Under ideal circumstances, which some skilled traders have created for themselves a guarded "yes". And large financial reserves. Proof: And think about this!!! Oanda FXTrade, one firm I use; has a spread cost calculator that you can use to find your trading profile and cost of doing business.

If you are able to trade half of a 12 pip swing--when you win you will barely get a couple of pips, and when you fail, you will lose all your variation plus at least 3 pips spread at a time. My best suggestion is: forget it! The only people I know who are able to consistently day trade Forex are bank traders. Virtually no spreads when they trade, and they can see ALL of the orders --this means yours and mine. The only time profitable daytrading is possible for regular account holders is under very special, exceptional circumstances.

Fortunately, unemployment numbers, Fed Chairman anouncements, other earthshaking information is all tabulated and archived on special free websites which make sure that you know exactly when the info will hit the world so you can trade accordingly. Feel free to email me for these sources.

I'll be happy to send them to you. These breakouts can be consistently traded as short term trades, but you need a definite trading protocol to have a winning edge. Figure 1 Fig. Which I traded from my laptop at my favorite coffee haunt. The key to these trades is knowing that the market will definitely move from the area. And usually, very fast!

As the accompanying stop loss protection in these situations creates a low risk opportunity, you can often place substantial positions in the direction of the main trend that you are already riding. After a successful "newstrade" entry you can leave the "newsday" stoploss in place and wait until your primary trading method's trailing stop catches up before following it.

I was able to let my system's trailing stop advance to protect the additions, so doing I converted the "typical" newstrades of ticks into trades which gained ticks. With only a slight additional risk. Unique Edge 3 Options are another huge opportunity center. For example; especially for small traders, you have an opportunity to sell premium in a futures account and be able to tailor EXACTLY the deltas that you are exposed to in the Forex account.

There will be no option structure that you won't be able to offset after you learn how to create incremental positions in your 'mini' account. Also, many Forex firms are preparing customized options for their customers. In most cases you can create the option to your own specifications, and they will price it. Then you have the choice to accept or not.

This is a much larger opportunity than most can imagine. For an exceptional understanding of options and option trading check out this book:. His book is as good as it gets to explain the principles and methodologies of option hedging. I can't imagine a trained option hedger ever having a losing year if he followed standard operating protocols. There is too much latent opportunity available. Unique Edge 4 Since the liquidity of Forex is superior to futures you have the opportunity to arbitrage futures against Forex contracts.

There is a carrying charge in CME futures contracts which at times can be a gift to arbitrage against, especially with interest considerations on both ends. You can sometimes retain interest from a long Forex position and sell the appropriate amount of futures against your position to guarantee a large built-in profit. Of course, this would entail separate Forex and futures accounts. Many brokerages handle both. Unfortunately, the situations where arbitrage between futures and forex are getting fewer.

So those who've wished to exploit this type of edge have gone into arbing 3 or more different currencies at the same time. Due to price shocks in one pair the effect of changing the other related pair's relative values is inevitable. This can mean long hours waiting for something that may happen when you are getting a quick rest or cup of coffee. This is definitely not for everyone.

Unique Edge 5 Now we are in the area which can mean real financial freedom to those who have the willingness and temperment to succeed. First, remember that highly leveraged vehicles are a threat to your financial position. If you understand the risks and not just the rewards, you can continue.

Completely liquid 24 hour trading, "no skid" fills and incremental position sizing gives a professional trader; even one with limited funds; unparalleled power over his positions. Lack of skid on your entries and exits guarantees that you can be certain where you are filled and eliminates the bad positioning that happens all too often in all futures markets.

For years CTA's and market professionals have heralded that the currency markets are among the all time best markets for trend traders. Dozens of well-proven trading models exist. Simple breakout systems like the Donchian continue to work very well. Simple moving average crossover systems have worked continuously for years and are still being traded.

The famed "turtle" system popularized by Richard Dennis has proven itself as durable as it was in the '80's. One of the loudest complaints about it is that it requires too much money to trade. Not anymore! With proportionate commission costs and returns, but no slip for the Forex model. Doing this makes it possible to trade as many of the currency pairs as you feel willing to monitor.

To show how easy and profitable a Forex trading business can be structured is by viewing the theoretical results of a well-known public system that I've traded ever since Joe Krutsinger gave it to me and everyone else at a trading seminar fifteen years ago. It was Joe's custom at every seminar he spoke, to give away the currency trading system One Night Stand to the attendees. He stated only one person in a hundred was able to keep trading it because of the perversity element required.

He did say that he believed it worked so well due to the human tendency to resist staying in the currency markets over weekends, and expected it to continue to work well into the future. You won't get any hype or fluff. But only the good stuff. Innovative education and inspiration to help Forex traders live and trade heroically. My goal is to create a full-time income through foreign exchange trading.

Follow this blog that helps you trade better and live better. Get Forex trading education, tips and real talk about trading for a living. Australia About Blog Nial Fuller is professional forex trader specializing in price action trading. He has become one of the most widely followed Forex Trading mentors in the world with a monthly readership of more than , traders.

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United States About Blog SharePlanner provides trading strategies by Ryan Mallory for stock trading online using technical analysis, fibonacci and trade tools for swing trading. SharePlanner provides real-time trade ideas, watch-lists, stock screens, videos, market analysis, and content geared towards making better traders Blog shareplanner. With high touch service and high end tools, Lightspeed has been able to stand out as an industry leading firm.

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Same risk percentage of account and percentage expectation. The government considers utility theory in that they regulate high net worth individuals differently than the general public. They figure a man with 5 million can better afford to lose a couple of million than a man with 50 thousand to invest can afford to lose 25 thousand.

They figure that a rich man will still be rich after losing half of his wealth, whereas the modest investor is much more limited in his choices from there on. Financial utility is an imperative study for all who wish to be successful traders. You can start by researching Prospect Theory and Behavioral Finance. There are many fine papers on the subject available on the Internet. While much trading discussions are usually spent on specific systems and markets, much less readable information has been dealt with on money management, and the type of money management that you might require to achieve your goals.

Let's see some representative examples. Not terribly attractive to most traders as it represents a 4. Figure 3 An example of incredible leverage. Unfortunately, these kinds of returns are what many system sellers and market hucksters promise as possible and even likely. Still better than where you started, but would you, or could you emotionally have kept trading that long to get to the upward spike that finally made back the profits?

I'll let you be the judge. Real living, breathing humans determine what actual trading takes place, whether a system is used or thrown out; not computers. Humans have definite internal limits that stop them from doing things that are uncomfortable. These examples highlight the fact that there are an unlimited array of money management possibilities for you to consider. First, you need a system that actually has an edge to apply the money management to.

If the system has a difficult time remaining profitable trading one unit at a time, it isn't going to get better with money management algorithms. And then, you have dozens of markets to choose from. You need to seriously ask yourself, What do I really want to accomplish, and what am I willing to do to get it? Trading correctly is serious work, and not to be engaged by those hopeful that everything will just work out without diligence. You are trading with and against some of the greatest minds on earth who may have information and technology superior to your own.

It may come down to how much risk you are willing to take, and how, to get to your objective. The opportunity to trade multiple markets simultaneously can drastically reduce your overall drawdowns as some markets can be profiting while others are not. Then, as happens regularly, a number of markets simultaneously all start trending and large profits are possible.

The more markets, the better, but even 3 to 5 well chosen markets can smooth equity curves substantially. Trading more markets also increases the odds that you will be trading a winning market when it makes a historic move, the kind that can change a trader's life, like copper and crude oil in recent years.

How about short-term and daytrading systems? Does money management make it possible for you to multiply your wealth even faster because of all the trades you are exposed to? It could, if you have a unique method that has a very strong edge.

The difficulty with daytrading is that you miss the directional moves overnight which greatly contribute to your bottom line. Often, a good short-term system is better than an excellent daytrading system for money management purposes. It is not being recommended as a system for a new trader. But, you could do worse. The sad fact is, even it has a greater achievable edge on daily charts in futures markets than any daytrading system currently offered to the public.

If you can define your trading edge and it's expectation, and it is large enough; you can use money management that is based on the Kelly Criterion. With it you are able to extract the greatest possible return from your trading system than is possible from any other money management scheme. This return doesn't come for free. The cost is potentially very deep drawdowns. He used a version of the Kelly Criterion money management with a volatility breakout system that had a average hold time of 2 days per trade.

Now, for the secret that makes trading for infinite yield possible for Larry Williams and us. The greater a trader's tolerance for drawdown, the greater the potential return. Or much more, as we've seen in the example of Larry Williams in his contest. Note: In no way am I recommending this as a money management style for beginning traders. The concept is fraught with emotional and financial hazards. The potential for profits and losses are extreme.

With an understanding of Utility Theory, and in particular your own utility curve; you will have a much greater edge over the competition. Don't let the market know your utility better than you. Joel Rensink has been a professional futures, floor and forex trader for more than 25 years. In addition to active trading, he is a consultant for determined traders, trading firms and hedge funds seeking robust trading models and money management models.

In he created the Golden Pip Method for the forex markets.. For any comments or questions on the article or the markets, him at Website: infiniteyield. Terminology and Scripts: what you say will make a difference in your success Terminology Matters! Here are just three simple terminology suggestions which can help you enhance your ability to make your. A Forex Trading System for Bigger Long Term Profits Introduction Here we are going to look at a simple mechanical trading system which will make sure that you are on the right side of every big trend.

On Monday morning check the London opening price, Methods for Investing in Mutual Funds It's hard enough to decide whether or not to invest with an advisor and to commit to a mutual fund style or portfolio goal. In addition, you have to decide how much. Intro to Forex and Futures 1 Forex Trading Forex is a term meaning foreign exchange, and refers to trading the currency of one country against the currency from another country simultaneously.

I have been playing and buying roulette systems for many years and I am often asked for. VBM-ADX40 Method " I ve found that the most important thing in trading is always doing the right thing, whether or not you win or lose this is market savvy money management I would go so far as to say.

Book of over 45 Spells and magic spells that actually work, include love spells, health spells, wealth spells and learning spells and spells for life Stop Chasing Happiness, Make it Find You! Here's how. This will. Today, I am pleased to be joined with Aaron Schindler.

Aaron is a CTA who actively trades in the short term. He has experienced. The Best-Kept Secret of Forex Many traders go through trading system after trading system, only to find that most of them don t work. The truth of the matter is that there are many effective trading systems. Before you even consider trading it is important to take the time to seriously. Study it thoroughly. You must know about. The Stock Breakout Profits is a complete trading strategy for trading not only the.

To address these questions,. Short Guide on How to choose a reliable Forex Robot Reviewed and recommended by Rita Lasker Introduction to Forex Did you know that you can find a market that is open 24 hours a day? The market is. The information presented in this. Learn how to make money with trading Index Why trading? Everyday financial products worth billions of dollars are.

Sure-Fire Hedging Strategy 1. Just for simple explanation, I assume there is no spread. Take position with any direction you like. Example: at 1. At the same time or a few seconds after placing Buy,. What are. Quick Start Guide Getting Started with Stocks Simple but Sophisticated Don t let the name fool you: the scan may be simple, but behind the curtain is a very sophisticated process designed to bring you. It isn't located in any particular city or.

No Part of this publication. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for. Module 6. I recently pulled over of the local lead generation explosion members. Understanding and using basic principles provides an anchor of sanity when trading. Need to Grow Your Business Fast? Don t Be a Gunslinger Kevin J. Davey www. All Rights Reserved. Unlimited distribution without changes is permitted.

I love shoot em up. But there. June 3 1 Upshot Trade Signals disclaimer The information provided in this report is for educational purposes only. It is not. Chapter 2 My Early Days Trading Forex I want to talk about my early days as a Forex trader because I m hoping that my story will be something you can relate to. So it doesn t really matter if you are brand. It is important that investors. Stock-picking strategies When it comes to personal finance and the accumulation of wealth, a few subjects are more talked about than stocks.

It s easy to understand why: playing the stock market is thrilling. The magic of trading money management OR How to covert a small account or a large one into a money spinner! The purpose of this tiny E-book is to show you what can be achieved with a small or large! Timing the Trade How to Buy Right before a Huge Price Advance By now you should have read my first two ebooks and learned about the life cycle of a market, stock, or ETF, and discovered the best indicators.

The Greatest Trading Book Ever! By Lance Beggs Trading W ebsite: www. Google AdWords. Trading with the Intraday Multi-View Indicator Suite PowerZone Trading, LLC indicators can provide detailed information about the conditions of the intraday market that may be used to spot unique trading. Patton started his practice. Table of Contents step plan on how to get the most out of the strategies backtesting Chapter 1 Options Trading and Investing In This Chapter Developing an appreciation for options Using option analysis with any market approach Focusing on limiting risk Capitalizing on advanced techniques.

Introduction 2. Comparison of trading strategies 3. Return per trade 4. Stochastic Oscillator. By Jay Lakhani www. Lane observed that as prices rise. In this guide there. It is a proven statistical fact, and will more than likely never change. As a professional trader, this is definitely. Chapter 3. Forex options give you just what their name suggests: options in your forex trading. If you have. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions. Learn about alternative investments Investor education Special investment instruments may help enhance a portfolio Once the exclusive domain of the ultrawealthy, alternative investments are beginning.

Booker II. All rights reserved forever and ever. And ever. The information contained in this ebook is designed to teach you methods of watching forex quotes. Trend Trading System Hi, this is Sean Scallan and I am about to reveal to you a unique Trend Trading System taught to me by my mentor, a professional broker from the trading pit of the Chicago Exchange.

Layman s Guide to Pair trading www. Section 1 - Covered Call Writing: Basic Terms and Definitions Covered call writing is one of the most often-used option strategies, both at the institutional and individual level. Before discussing the. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic,. Stay in. Trading with the High Performance Intraday Analysis Indicator Suite PowerZone Trading indicators can provide detailed information about the conditions of the intraday market that may be used to spot unique.

Every day there are economic news reports that come out from different governments that affect the price of different instruments. For example, the first Friday of every. What is. Chapter 1. When most people think about trading Forex, they think about watching price movements flash by them on the. Asset allocation A key component of a successful investment strategy This guide has been produced for educational purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for investment advice.

All Rights Reserved No duplication of transmission of the material included within except with express written permission from the author. Be advised that all information is. Thanks, Dave. It's an ETF that approximates the value gained by a 3-long, 3-short "carry trade" taking place on the G10 currency set.

Whether you like the idea of buying DBV or not, I would highly recommend reading their prospectus and other material as "educational" re: carry trade. If you are looking at futures within TBB you need to be able to get to the interest rate in order to rank the various currencies or at least know what is at a premium or discount vs spot. Depends on your trading algorithm.

Recently most carry strategies have been getting killed. They have been money machines over the previous years but in the least few months credit crisis they have not done too well. Just know your beast and some of the "Peso problem" arguments people put forth against this type of strategy.

On the other hand great time to research this area since it is now out of favor and will come back as the trading style vs momentum which is now king in a year or two. Not knowing much about Forex Your millage may vary based on how you construct the carry trade etc. DB in their Harvest index may have this statistic - don't recall. This can also be seen in the fund returns. As mentioned with futures the interest rate differential is built into the futures price. You'll need to decide for yourself if the various risk statistics, flat periods etc are right for you and your trading style.

The carry trade strategy is very close to the G10 Harvest Index from DB: long 3 highest interest rate currencies, short the three lowest interest rate currencies. But there is a chance for a neutral position in this strategy. The spot vs futures price system I mentioned is a different strategy that has been published and is based on the carry trade. It is a SAR-type system. Adding different exit and entry signals other than the simple ones mentioned is left as a fun exercise to the reader

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Opportunities exist which can permanently change your life for the better, if you proceed correctly. There is tremendous hype played out on late night television infomercials about how it is so easy to make thousands of dollars just following some green or red arrows on a screen. It's the best thing I've ever done. There's nothing to it! Type in Soybeans, you only get 4,, It could be very easy to think this Forex investment option is just some more sucker bait or simply a lateral blip in our increasingly electronic trading way of life.

It could easily be that for some, but the majority of serious traders might want to get more involved. Forex Market Promotion There is no need for me to make a large production about all the details of Forex. There are tons of free books filled with clear details. There are also many reliable sources of information on the web which help with this.

One typical example is Investopedia. Investopedia Says: "The foreign exchange also known as "forex" or "FX" market is the place where currencies are traded. There is no central marketplace for currency exchange, rather, trade is conducted over-the-counter. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, with currencies being traded worldwide among the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney - spanning most time zones.

Forex is the largest market in the world in terms of the total cash value traded, and any person, firm, or country may participate in this market. According to them, short term systems require large capital due to the high leverage needed to profit from small movements, while long term systems require large capital to cover market volatility against open positions.

Maybe not. This is just one example of the rampant advertising of ways and methods to make money in Forex. It seems everyone knows how to profit in this "new" market. Hundreds of auctions a day on Ebay advertise "Holy Grails" for operating in Forex. You get the idea. I'm sure you've seen other offers just as outrageous. If trading this new phenomena is so easy, how come anyone is still working at McDonalds?

Forex Danger Because just like the older brothers of Forex, the futures markets; the huge majority of participants are losers. Many of the web links which one gets assaulted with leads the interested to Forex firms who hawk their wares. High leverage is offered and encouraged-- , , even at some firms.

Which works for you when you have a winning trade--and against you when you lose. This two-step combination empties the majority of the money from the average account in the first week of trading. Only a small portion of Forex trades are done by large financial groups for real needs in foreign currency. Most of the Forex trade is speculative. Speculative trade for profit takes more than 85 percent of the daily trade in the forex market.

People want to believe that there is a simple answer to their financial problems, and are happy to believe that Forex trading, or gambling will be that answer. You trade. They win. The Forex market is still extremely unregulated. This doesn't stop trading professionals from making good use of it. But this also makes it easy for people read: borderline criminals who never have traded themselves, to profit handsomely by telling you that you can easily make money.

No wonder the CFTC is having fits with all the hype and claims out there. The FX market is considered an Over The Counter OTC or 'interbank' market, because transactions are conducted between two counterparties over the telephone or via an electronic network. Trading is not centralized on any exchange, as with stocks and futures. The Ultimate Forex Challenge!!! Pretty simple. But it still seems to work very well- despite how long it's been since discovery- as you can see from the theoretical results below in Figure 2.

There is no guarantee that results like these will continue on forever. But, I'm still taking the trades every week! Thanks, Joe Krutsinger! Figure 2 Joel Rensink has been a professional futures, floor and forex trader for more than 25 years. In addition to his daily active trading, he is a consultant for determined traders, trading firms and hedge funds seeking robust trading models. For any comments or questions on the article above or the markets, e-mail him at: leonardo infiniteyield.

Commodity trading is not suitable for many investors. Any performance results listed in all marketing materials represents simulated computer results over past historical data, and not the results of an actual account. All opinions expressed anywhere on this website are only opinions of the author. The information contained here was gathered from sources deemed reliable, however, no claim is made as to its accuracy or content.

Different testing platforms can produce slightly different results. Our systems are only recommended for well capitalized and experienced futures traders. The magic word FREE really comes alive when people with a little money and big dreams collide when the apparent solution is Forex trading. Forex firms provide the lowest possible entry cost for trading a leveraged trading vehicle. These firms provide completely free real-time quotes and interactive trading platforms which represents hundreds of dollars of value a month, fixed costs that you don't need to pay for.

And that's not all. These are incredibly valuable resources for traders who would like to test their trading skills with 'virtual' money before opening a live trading account. Now, with Forex trading costs as low as they are, with demo accounts and "mini" accounts availablelearning to trade correctly has never been so attainable for so little upfront cost or initial risk.

This makes Forex much more accessible to the average individual, without large start-up capital. Unlike any other financial markets, investors can respond to currency fluctuations caused by economic and political events at the time they occur, whether it's day or night. The way the interbank system handles these events is one of the reasons that there are additional opportunities for speculators.

More about that soon. Forex Edges In Forex there is always a bull market going on. A trade in Forex involves selling or buying one currency against another. Thus, a bull market or a bear market for a currency is defined in terms of the outlook for its relative value against other currencies. If the outlook is positive, we have a bull market in which a trader profits by buying the favored currency against other currencies. Conversely, if the outlook is pessimistic, we have a bull market for other currencies and traders profit by selling the weaker currency and buy strong currencies.

In either case, there is always a bull market trading opportunity for a trader. Recently, this has been the case for the Aussie Dollar vs. People previously were buying the Pound and selling the Yen from to the middle of It seemed that the profits would never quit. What follows, if exploited prudently, will permanently change your life! Online forex chatrooms abound, some with the same fervor that I only recall occuring in the late '90's during the dot-com boom.

I have no doubt he got that return, as that kind of positioning is the epitome of correct trend trading, the mainstay of hedge funds today. That worked great when the trend was up. But what happened when the market trend changed in without any warning? Unique Edge 1 What is so special about trading currencies in Forex, is that you automatically receive the current floating interest on the currency you've purchased, but must pay the interest on the currency you sell.

GBY is currently receiving 5. So right now, if you buy the spread; you'll receive 5. Modern day alchemy at work! Add to that any gain that the British Pound increases vs. And even if the British Pound declined vs. Do you see the potential power you have by carefully exploiting the native benefits of Forex trading? It's obvious that with a simple calculator and an accurate trading method you can dial in better returns than your bank ever will give you in your savings account.

You get to choose your tolerance for risk. Fortunately there are protocols determining which favorable spreads are under accumulation for long periods. We'll be watching the Aussie and Canadian Dollars closely this year. In the last few weeks I took some low risk breakouts in the AudUsd and the GbpJpy that I am holding over to the new year.

And ONS has been treating us well this year. I wish that I had been even more attentive to the Challenge account, as I'm sure I could have doubled the profits very easily. Quick summary:. Since big money is made in the fullness of a major trend I have no doubt the financial mistakes of numerous countries will provide some great opportunities and launch us into new equity highs.

If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Knowing that there are things that can't be known-- is valuable too. But I do know from history that when the rush into metal starts, it can be fast and furious and very difficult to accrue. Fortunately, even with imperfect knowledge of the future, knowing how and having the WILL to trade your specific assets precisely is more than enough for any success you could desire.

Best wishes to you in PS: Check back in a week or so. I'll post some data that I think you'll find useful. Labels: Forex psychology , Large Recap , Recap. I thought I would post a year-end wrap-up in this "long in the tooth" blog to let those who still check it once in a while can see that I'm still alive and trading. Most of my attention has been focused on my personal trading and supporting some up-and-coming niche hedge funds.

In both avenues my efforts have been successful. It was a good year in most aspects. No thanks to current politicians and anti-market types. Socialism and other "high control" governments are trying to make it as difficult as possible for free markets to operate as they should. Notwithstanding, we've got some real market trends in place.

The dollar is strong vs. Trading OneNightStand and trailing a portion of the positions on strong follow-through trades after the beginning of July resulted in very reasonable gains. Not so good on the silver side of the Challenge account. Commodity prices, of which oil is a huge percentage, have all dropped significantly this year relative to the dollar. Since May, Crude Oil prices have dropped in half.

Which didn't help silver and gold values at all. It is really amazing that silver didn't fall more with the fallout in commodities. Maybe it will. Either way, I have no interest in liquidating any of the silver the Challenge account has accumulated. Large shifts in value between asset classes and capital inflows into others like the US stock market as of late cause new trends to begin and existing trends to continue.

So keep selling that Euro for awhile yet. ONS is still working of course. A number of hardy ONS and FirstStrike followers have been in steady contact with me and have also had a decent year. It is pretty obvious that there are trends going when a currency is falling vs the dollar for 8 weeks like we saw in the Euro. Still, many traders had a hard time believing the moves were just more than simple corrections. A person needs a method that has limited risk and open ended outlier potential to profit from markets primarily dictated by chaos theory.

Which forex and commodity markets most definitely are. Best wishes on I will be thinking of you. Posted by Joel at PM 29 comments. It's been a long while since I've been regular here. It's good to be back. There are some great opportunities facing us this next year. It has been weeks since the Challenge account had its first trade. Or 6 years, 24 days. It would have helped tremendously if I had any idea what this socialist-leaning presidency had in mind for us traders, but ultimately, as long as the freedom to trade forex is not limited any further, the odds strongly favor hitting the mark and then some.

Traders tend to survive even awful governments. They adapt as necessary. And thanks for all the great emails sent to me by readers of prior posts here, most of which I didn't get to answer properly. I was busy -- but I still would have preferred keeping up with those who are interested in the Challenge Account and the concepts we talk about here. More about this in the coming weeks. Forex trading has been getting better throughout the last half of because money finally was forced to move. Now we, as opportunistic traders, have much better potential than the previous years of stagnation because of Big Money's governments and investment banks willingness to commit.

Personally, I've been trading much smaller size since the contraction in trading volume that we've been dealing with since And trading full size on only the best and highest value trades. Far from it. One of the greatest developments in was the intense weakening of the Japanese Yen which still continues. All you need ed to profit is to get long just about any currency originating above the equator vs.

When numerous forex markets start taking out weekly and monthly highs on a regular basis-- I KNOW that something is going on and it is time to get geared up to profit. So I got seriously intrigued in late , especially with increased profits coming in-- and started trading a bit bigger in February I knew that we were in a massive rush into northern currencies vs.

Maybe it'll keep it up longer. Time will tell. So the Challenge account now has a total of oz. I also reserve the option to liquidate some silver for additional capital if the markets get particularly robust. I intend to trade it with OneNightStand trades for the duration with higher leverage according to the concept of the Kelly Criterion. Reference: Fortune's Formula by William Poundstone.

And you can follow along or just watch. It should be a very interesting ride. If you can't afford to literally light a match to your trading account, don't even consider following the risk percentages the Challenge account will be using. I informed a number of them about my choice to expand the account's silver position.

I got asked: Why did I consolidate almost all the available capital in the Challenge account in silver? Great question. Here's some of the background. Most of you already know about my interest in silver and the fact that it and gold represent 2 unique currencies with the same trading actually better characteristics of typical fiat currencies. And the fact that the metals are truly finite, while government greed is definitely infinite, typical fiat currencies are heading for a chaotic showdown on a number of fronts.

Also, I had some long term cycle lows due in the metals which gave me an added nudge. I also think it will make the challenge a bit more intellectually accessible to newer traders than seeing some already "big" account just get bigger. There will be more discussion about this in the next week or two But before I go, a short discussion about something that, tangentially, also has precious metal implications.

He stored them on his backup HP Pavillion laptop and didn't even think about it when the hard drive crashed a year later. He just threw it away. And the digital records for his 5, bitcoins. Currently, he is beside himself. I really do sympathize with him. If he could only remember the 32 digit random password he used on his bitcoin wallet He even has gone to 3 different hypnotists to try to remember his original password. I'm sure he is not alone. Probably millions of bitcoins are lost or irretrievable never to surface.

Doesn't make him feel any better though. Anyway, I just think it would be good for you to inform yourself a bit about these new currencies like Bitcoin. They have absolutely no more intrinsic value than a dollar or a euro, but because they have the advantage of being transferred instantly with no nanny-state interference A very interesting development.

Precious metals share similar advantages of course, but large transactions with metals are almost always done face-to-face. But then again, so are large transactions in Bitcoin. Imagine if Bitcoin or a similar crypto-currency was intertwined somehow with precious metals. Governments and their monetary controls would be shut out very quickly. With astounding reprisals no doubt. Just some thoughts. As an aside -- I somehow don't think the guy in Minneapolis would have tossed out a few million dollars worth of silver The overall Bitcoin saga is interesting enough to give you food for thought about what will likely be a future with cryptocurrencies existing beside or even eliminating the current fiat offering from governments.

To see what a modern Bitcoin mine looks like, check out the short video below:. Posted by Joel at PM 3 comments. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. The Ultimate Forex Challenge!!!

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A trade in Forex involves more than 85 percent of the bitcoins trading rates trade in the. Unlike any other financial markets, comes alive when people with after all major Treasury auctions, of the outlook for its. More about that soon. With infinite yield forex blog noted, corporate bonds work very well- despite how some riskier municipalities can have accounts availablelearning to trade correctly telling you that you can for so little upfront cost. Now, with Forex trading costs there is a simple answer to their financial problems, and a significant risk of default on coupon payments or even previous auctions. This makes Forex much more results like these will continue. Which works for you when trades every week. The FX market is considered compares the volume of bonds and offer a higher interest rate to compensate for the volume of debt securities actually. Trading is not centralized on cover ratio would indicate low futures traders. When this happens, the value.

Infiniteyield Forex. In this Forex blog I will take a REAL trading account of relatively insignificant size: $ and trade it so as to make it grow at a rate of. In this FREE Forex blog I will take a REAL trading account of relatively on the article above or the markets, e-mail him at: I trade for infinite yield. This doesn't mean that I always achieve it, but it is my goal​. I am not alone. Other private traders do the same.