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Betting on you summary of romeo

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Overall Pace of Story: Good until the very end see closure section below. I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well. Instalove: No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings. H rating: 4 stars. I liked him. I appreciated how he didn't care what others thought of his feelings for the h. I liked her for the most part. I appreciated tha she was smart. I didn't like how she took Archer's who she knew was a scumbag words and didn't let Ryker speak for himself.

They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story. The ending did feel abrupt, as yet again we have a book where the big conflict is resolved and then we are thrown into an epilogue.

Safety: This one should be either Safe or Safe with exception for most safety gang readers depending on personal preferences. View all 10 comments. Nov 11, Princess under cover rated it liked it Shelves: dnf , contemporary-romance , cant-keep-my-interest. When do I learn? No more college kids crap, or god forbid, anything younger than that! Been there, done that, don't want a repeat in my adult fantasy time, thanks!

View all 5 comments. I'm really enjoying this college series! View all 3 comments. Oct 29, Sentranced Jem rated it really liked it Shelves: stars , arc I can honestly say that Penelope and Ryker's story will give you life! You can bet on the fact that Ilsa Madden Mills will deliver a book packed with witty banters, hilarious moments and sexy-fun situations.

Now, here's the thing, I loved Penelope but Ryker is a whole new species hahahaha He is a typical jock.. But underneath all the Jazz and air of 'Mr. Cool', Ryker is genuinely a nice person, super smart.. Penelope and Ryker are a match made in Sports romance heaven! I Bet You is a Swoon Fest. Oct 22, Lisa Two Bookish Brits rated it it was amazing.

From the very first book I read by Ilsa Madden-Mills I knew this author was super talented and would fast become one of my all time favourite authors. I thought I Dare You Book One in the series was incredible but this one just shot right past every book and instantly become my very favourite book of hers. It was fu From the very first book I read by Ilsa Madden-Mills I knew this author was super talented and would fast become one of my all time favourite authors.

It was fun, sad, and angsty. It was the perfect combination for the perfect book. The main characters, Ryker and Penelope they were fun. Their interactions were so different to the typical romance book. Ryker is charming, sexy and fun. Penelope is a Nerd, she loves book and numbers. Put these two together and they make an incredible pair.

The Storyline oh my god. Not only is it a sports romance but a second chance romance, my favourite kind of book, sweet baby Jesus. I feel like an addict right now, I need another fix of these two. This beauty is definitely up there on my top reads! If I could rate this higher than five stars you bet your ass I would! Gosh I love how this author writes sports romance.

It's always smart, it's always funny and it's always HOT!!! One of my favourite things about this author is that she gives us heroines who know their mind, they may be shy or they may even be virgins but they're not easy pushovers. Add to that alpha guys that are not OTT. They are Gosh I love how this author writes sports romance. Add in a kick ass group of best friends and you've got a believable college romance where you're wanting everyone to get their HEA and I already have a bunch of side characters I hope we're going to get more from.

If you're looking for a fun, smart read - this one's for you. I received an arc of this book. Grab your copy now!!! Be still my heart! I am left with a serious book hangover and I am staking my claim as Ryker being my book boyfriend back off ladies! Ryker and Pen's story is everything I love to read about in a New Adult book. Add in some football, and you pretty much have me hooked before I even open the thing.

I wanted every other person to back away and let their love blossom. I love nothing more than to read about a big jock who just wants love and when he finds it, he doesn't do much else but that. These two together are the stuff that romance books are all about! All the little quirks of Penelope that Ilsa added in made this book even more amazing- from the suckers, to the lip balm, all those little things that make you giddy when you read- she gives them all to you!

They are by far one of my most favorite couples that I have read about in Pen and Ryker for the win! I can't give enough praise hands for this book- it was beyond amazing! I am gushing, I am swooning, and I am probably rambling, but this is how much I loved it! All I can ask is that you give this book a chance, that you promise me you will read it and I can pretty much guarantee that you will love it as much as I do!

Nov 05, Kathy West rated it liked it. That is not the case. Penelope and Ryker have a college romance. She is a book worm, he is the star quarterback. He loses. Then he decides he wants to help Penelope get the guy she has a crush on. Of course Ryker gets jealous when he sees her with this guy and makes a plan to win her for himself. Overall the book was okay. The character development was pretty good. The story f Okay….

The story flowed well. My issue was the plot was very predictable. I knew the plot going into the book. But I was hoping it would be spiced up some. I was hoping that something extra would have been added to give it more life. This book is good if you like those predictable plot lines or if you just need a simple, easy read.

I was just looking for more out of it. Its funny, sexy, sweet and cute as fuck. I love a nerdy girl who has fire and sass. I love a sexy and a bit arrogant guy who is working hard to prove he is more than the sport he is playing.

It started with an article Penelope wrote about the involvement of Ryker the star QB had in an illegal fight circle. Follow up with a BET to win the sassy Penelope over. Ryker had no idea what he is getting himself into. This two are so cute together. They both 4 stars Ok, the banter in this book is everything. They both have their issues and insecurities but I just love how natural and easy going their conversation were.

They had real chemistry and I genuinely wanted them to be together so much. There were references to some book and movies I love, which is a big plus for me lol. Everything work out in the end and they found they HFN. I am interested Blaze and Charisma's book too. Ryker and Penelope will surely hit the spot! The nerdy romance book loving heroine and the hot jock should not work together but they DO!

The perfect blend of humor and swoon made this one enjoyable read. The dynamics of Penelope's and Ryker's relationship were quite interesting. They start off as sort of enemies but then Ryker, as a peace offering, tries to help Penelope get a date with another guy she has had a crush on.

I was slightly annoyed with Ryker for helping her get another guy when he was obviously into her but I got over that pretty quickly. So then they actually become friends but the chemistry between them cannot be denied and Penelope learns very quickly where her feelings lie.

No worries, this is not a love triangle in any way. The sexual tension between these two was off the charts! Ryker also turns out to have a swoon worthy romantic side. I will say I found the "You complete me" line a tad cheesy because only Jerry McGuire can pull that off. However, I really did love what a sweet boyfriend he was. If watching twilight doesn't show you care then I don't know what will.

Dumb male adolescent behaviour is thrown into the mix when Ryker is offered a bet by his fellow teammates that will undoubtledly hurt Penelope if she finds out. This added some mild angst to the story and I enjoyed watching this play out. I loved the traces of humor in this book! A parrot who likes to curse, unicorn glitter lotion, a fascination with chest hair and terms like titlets really pull this book all together.

If you're looking for a fun, light college romance with humor and swoon, go check this one out! I wasn't much impressed with book 1 I dare you but I was pleasantly surprised by this one, though Ryker Voss is Mr. BUT then again, Ryker isn't quite your typical jock either LOL And now, that I have successfully managed to complicate this NOT that complicated story LOL, this is still a college romance with not so typical characters, lots of wit and sympathic humor, a bit of misunderstanding kinda stirs up the waters a bit but it all ends in a well expected HEA Oct 22, Vanessa nessreads rated it it was amazing.

My smile, yeah it's permanently glued on my face. I'm so freaking happy after finishing this cute, laugh-out-loud, swoontastic story. OMFG you guys, it was so damn good. Ryker and Penelope seriously became one of my favorite couples. I Bet You is everything I want and crave in a sports romance. Ryker Voss, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways! Oh my goodness I fell so hard for this QB1. Honestly, I couldn't get enough of his charming ways. He also isn't your typical football player.

There's more to him than just being a quarterback, and I liked that about him, a lot. I seriously need to get a football jersey with "Ryker's number 1 fan" written on the back, because lord knows how much I love him. Penelope is my spirit animal. Apart from her loving Twilight and historical romance, I related so much with her quirks. She had me laughing nonstop, especially with her inner monologue.

I loved how she was so relatable, I saw so much of myself in her. She definitely became one of my most favorite heroines. Ryker and Pen were so freaking adorable. The epitome of cuteness overload. These two and their witty banter had me cackling so much. I liked how Pen put Ryker in his place. You'll be rooting so hard for them. They'll make you fall so in love with them. And when you reach the end, you'll want more, so much more.

I Bet You left me in such a feel good mood. And yeah, I'm going to say it, I mean this book does have to do with football, Ilsa threw one helluva touchdown. And you know what? I'm dancing every celebratory dance in that imaginary end zone with my hands held high and and the biggest smile on my face.

Oct 23, Tiffany rated it it was amazing. Ryker is so not what I was expecting, he comes across all cocky A hole who runs the world, but really he's this sweet alpha with a heart of gold and foot in mouth syndrome. However they have great banter, and as time went on I totally swooned over him. Even the girl who really wants to deny him Entertaining enough despite the glaring cliches, but nothing to write home about.

I freaking loved this book. Ilsa is perfection with her college sports romance but this one College romances are one of my favorite tropes to read Madden Mills has a knack for writing a strong, athletic young man with a heart I freaking loved this book.

Madden Mills has a knack for writing a strong, athletic young man with a heart of gold that he only shows to those who are closest to him. And the girls she brings to the story are always shining lights of hope and sarcasm. A tad bit unsure of themselves but still strong and filled with light. Put the two of these people together and watch the sparks and quips fly.

Love this series. Love this author. You are hit unexpectedly with the heart, humor and friendships that connect you to the story and because of that I bet you will be slayed. I was so looking forward to this one! It took a while for Amazon to release them and now I understand why!

I never want to let them go! I loved their texts I'm a swooner for the texts and mails in some. Ryker is so adorable and totally not what you expect! Penelope has my soft spot she has auburn hair! Is a tid bit nerdy and so fun!! Their journey was a bit predictable, but it didn't make me enjoy it less. It was a fun and exciting journey! Oct 23, Elsa Gomes BookishAurora rated it it was amazing Shelves: really-good , college-romance , sports-romance , guilty-pleasures , re-read-worthy , read-in Once again she wrote a super fun and cute story set in the college sports world.

There is almost nothing I love more than that combo. When it comes to her characters they are always so funny with just the right amount of angst in their lives. This time, the bearer of angst was our heroine with her relationship with her parents. I felt so much for her and I understood her fear when it came to jocks and especially Ryker but still she tried to show no weakness and she put herself out there.

Ryker, just like Maverick had been, is your typical jock with a sweet heart hiding behind his social status. His sweetness and romantic side came as a surprise but were so welcome. He is everything you want in a book boyfriend - sexy jock, sweet side, romantic, fun in and out of the bedroom - your typical alpha male goodness! They had insane chemistry and where Ryker was, Penelope was on fire with her sass, I loved it so much. Their story has its ups and downs, other people and secrets in the mix but it was the perfect story and I devoured it.

I kind of want a Blaze and Charisma book, it sounds like it would be fun too. Charisma seems a bit crazy and quirky herself and Blaze seems like another good guy hiding behind his jockness. Give me all the sweet jocks and nerdy girls. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About Ilsa Madden-Mills. Ilsa Madden-Mills. A former high school English teacher and librarian, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.

She's addicted to frothy coffee beverages, cheesy magnets, and any book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females. Feel free to stalk her online. Not My Romeo is live! Books by Ilsa Madden-Mills. Read more She loves the theatre and would like nothing more than to take to the stage, but is forbidden from doing so as only men can be actors. She is also a great admirer of Shakespeare's works. Dressing as a man, and going by the name of "Thomas Kent", she auditions and is ideal for a part in his next play.

Shakespeare soon sees through her disguise and they begin a love affair, one they know cannot end happily for them as he is already married and she has been promised to the dour Lord Wessex Colin Firth. As the company rehearses his new play, William and Viola's love is transferred to the written page leading to the masterpiece that is Romeo and Juliet.

Master William Shakespeare Joseph Fiennes , an up-and-coming playwright and sonneteer, is not nearly as well known as his counterpart, Christopher Marlowe Rupert Everett. So William's current writer's block does not help matters for him or for the owner of the Rose Theatre, Philip Henslowe Geoffrey Rush , for whom Will generally writes his plays, that is when the theater is not closed due to the plague or Henslowe's financial problems. That current unwritten play commissioned is a comedy tentatively titled "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter".

Will's block is partly due to the loss of his muse, his mistress, who he caught in bed with another man, he having a mistress as he would otherwise be alone with his wife back in Stratford. Will begins to write again and passionately when he falls in love with Viola De Lesseps Gwyneth Paltrow , who comes from a well respected well-off family. Shakespeare also learns that Viola and Thomas Kent, the young man who recently joined the company of the Rose, are one and the same, Viola masquerading as a man to infiltrate the theater world, a domain purely for the male sex, as she is in love with the written word, especially Shakespeare's.

As such, she too falls in love with Shakespeare the man and Shakespeare the writer. Without telling Henslowe or Ned Alleyn Ben Affleck , an egotistical actor, the play is neither the comedy "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter" nor one called "Mercutio" - the name of Alleyn's character - but is rather morphing into a love story called "Romeo and Juliet", the love based on his mutual feelings for Viola.

Beyond her continuing to masquerade as Thomas Kent, their own love story has a major obstacle in that she is betrothed to Lord Wessex Colin Firth , a man she detests and a union sanctioned by her merchant father and Queen Elizabeth Dame Judi Dench primarily for financial and business purposes.

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In his G League debut, Nov. On Feb. Two days later, Langford scored a career-high 16 points with five boards, three blocks and a steal in a home win over Atlanta. Boston was one of 22 teams invited to the Orlando bubble for seeding and subsequent playoff games. Langford appeared in five of Boston's eight seeding games, averaging 2.

The rookie also played in seven playoff games before being shut down due to wrist and hip injuries. In Boston's first-round Game 2 win over Philadelphia, Langford chipped in six points, a rebound and a steal in 23 minutes. Langford joined the Celtics after one injury-plagued college season at Indiana and unfortunately injury issues also dampened his rookie season in Boston.

And as of late November , he was still sporting a cast over his surgically-repaired right wrist. It's expected he will be unavailable at the start of the season in late December. That will open the door for new first-round pick Aaron Nesmith to see minutes as a back-up to Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. Should Nesmith start out hot he drained 4. But maybe we're being too pessimistic. Langford is entering his age season and his high-pedigree still implies plenty of upside.

If the high-flying wing can get healthy, he'll provide Boston with some much needed scoring punch off the bench. Don't listen to the horribly negative sports radio coming out of Boston; it's too early to give up on Langford. But, due to health concerns, his fantasy value for is only relevant in the deepest of leagues.

Height 6'6". Sheds cast, in brace. Langford wrist is out of his cast and is now wearing a brace, Jared Weiss of The Athletic reports. According to Langford, "The wrist is feeling good. I just got out of a hard cast yesterday and I'm just focused on getting a range of motion back in my wrist and strengthening it back up.

It's unclear if he'll be ready for the opener, but we shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't take the court until January. With Gordon Hayward gone and Kemba Walker knee set to miss about a month of the season, Langford could see an expanded role early on when he's available. Per Game. Season Summaries. NBA Total Stats.

NBA Per 36 Stats. Past Season Summaries. Calculate Stats Over Time. How are these ratings calculated? Our historical fantasy ratings are standard scores calculated using 8-Category settings with 12 teams and 13 players per team. Our full team depth charts are reserved for RotoWire subscribers. Average Fantasy Points.

Average Fantasy Points are determined when Romeo Langford was active vs. Click here to view average fantasy points for a different time period. June 20, Signed a rookie two-year contract, with two additional club option years, with the Boston Celtics. Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: None Number of casinos as of Dec. On June 5, , Delaware moved to offer single-game betting on a number of different sports at three casinos in the state.

Expanded sports wagering options could take place at additional locations or online. Delaware's authorization of what Gov. John Carney described as "a full-scale sports gaming operation" happened less than a month after the Supreme Court ruled that the federal law restricting single-game betting to Nevada was unconstitutional.

Type of wagering permitted: In-person Notable prohibitions: No betting on games involving in-state college teams Number of casinos as of Dec. On June 11, , Gov. Phil Murphy signed the sports betting bill that had passed the previous week. Murphy was the first customer in line. The Borgata in Atlantic City booked sports bets 30 minutes later.

Other sportsbooks in New Jersey opened soon thereafter. For example, FanDuel's first sportsbook at the Meadowlands opened its doors on July Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: No betting on games involving in-state college teams and collegiate events held within the state Number of casinos as of Dec. Mississippi enacted a new law in that allowed for sports betting pending a favorable decision by the Supreme Court. In June , the Mississippi Gaming Commission adopted implementing regulations that require all betting to take place in person, with mobile wagering to be considered later.

On Aug. The move came six months after the West Virginia legislature passed a new bill with the West Virginia Lottery Commission serving as the chief regulator. On Oct. According to Nedra Darling, spokeswoman at the Department of the Interior's Office of Indian Affairs -- the federal agency in Washington, DC that oversees tribal gaming compacts -- the New Mexico compacts permit "any or all forms of Class III Gaming," a category in the federal regulations that specifically includes "[a]ny sports betting and pari-mutuel wagering.

The move came just over a year after Gov. Tom Wolf signed a new sports betting bill as part of a broad legislation push that included online poker and DFS. The October bill became effective after the Supreme Court's May ruling upending the federal ban on single-game betting outside of Nevada. The move came five months after Gov. Gina Raimondo signed the state budget, which included language allowing sports betting. Only two locations would be allowed to offer sports betting under the law, with the state's lottery providing regulatory oversight.

In early , the law was tweaked to provide for mobile betting. Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: No betting on games involving in-state college teams Number of casinos as of Dec. Two other retail locations opened sportsbooks in the subsequent months. Sports betting is regulated by the Arkansas Racing Commission.

On July 16, , the first legal sports bets were placed in New York. Gary Pretlow -- a New York lawmaker and chair of the state's racing and wagering committee -- was among the first to place a wager at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady. The opening of a legal sportsbook came six years after New York passed a law to allow sports betting at four on-site locations, all in upstate New York.

After lying dormant for years, the law was revived after the Supreme Court ruling in and the issuance of regulations earlier this year. The current law does not allow for mobile wagering. Legal sports betting arrived in Iowa on Aug.

The move came three months after Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into a law a comprehensive bill to legalize sports betting in the Hawkeye State. The new law permits mobile wagering. Betting on college sports is permitted, but certain kinds of in-game prop bets involving college games are banned.

The new law bestows the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission with authority to regulate sports betting. Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: No prop betting on in-state college athletics Number of casinos as of Dec.

Legal sports betting returned to Oregon on Aug. Oregon is one of a small number of states that already had a law on the books permitting some forms of sports betting, so the resumption of wagering did not require the legislature to pass any new law or have the governor amend an existing tribal-state compact. In mid-October, mobile sports betting arrived in Oregon too, with the state-run lottery overseeing the launch of a new website and app.

Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: None at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, but sportsbook operated by the Oregon Lottery does not permit betting on games involving in-state colleges Number of casinos as of Dec.

Legal sports betting opened up at a number of locations in Indiana on Sept. The Indiana Gaming Commission oversees all sports betting regulations and has issued licenses to operators across the state. Wagering on both college and pro sports is permitted, but betting on esports and high school sports is banned.

Indiana's new law allows for both mobile and in-person wagering. Regulations permit sports leagues or colleges to request "to utilize a geofence to prohibit wagers at the location of a particular sporting event. The state's lottery is in charge of regulatory of regulatory oversight.

Both retail and mobile sports betting will be permitted on a wide variety of sports, although no betting on New Hampshire's in-state colleges is allowed. Type of wagering permitted: Mobile Notable prohibitions: No betting on in-state colleges Number of casinos as of Dec. Legal sports betting arrived in Illinois on March 9, The move came less than a year after the Illinois legislature passed a broad gaming bill that allowed for both online and in-person sports betting.

With Governor J. Pritzker's signature, the new law also provided for betting on-location at venues such as Wrigley Field. Operators and certain data providers are required to obtain a license under the new law. Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: No wagering on minor leagues or Illinois college teams Number of casinos as of Dec. Legal sports betting in Michigan commenced on March 11, , with two Detroit-area casinos launching on the same day.

The new law provides for wagering on a wide variety of sports, including college contests. Legal sports betting arrived in Montana in March The move came after Governor Steve Bullock formally signed into law a page bill that brought sports wagering to Big Sky country via the state's lottery. Governor Bullock cited the Montana Lottery's "proven track record of responsibility and integrity" when signing the bill. May 1, marked the launch of legal sports betting in Colorado, with multiple operators allowing residents to open accounts online and place wagers.

The move came less than six months after Colorado voters -- by a narrow margin -- approved a ballot measure that would provide "for the regulation of sports betting through licensed casinos. Tax revenue from sports betting will help fund various state water projects.

In June , the D. Lottery launched its "GameBetDC" platform allowing consumers "to wager while in the District on major sports worldwide" via computer or mobile device. Sports betting in nation's capital followed the passage of the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of and a Congressional review period during which time Congress did not formally object. The Office of Lottery and Gaming provides regulatory oversight of all sports wagering in D. Type of wagering permitted: In-person and mobile Notable prohibitions: No betting on games involving colleges located in D.

Number of casinos as of Dec. Regulated sports wagering -- all online -- launched on November 1, in Tennessee with four licensed operators offering a wide variety of options. The "Tennessee Sports Gaming Act" permits statewide mobile sports betting without any brick-and-mortar anchor. As such, there are no in-person retail sports betting locations in the state. Subject to an exception, Tennessee's new law requires all licensed operators to "exclusively use official league data for purposes of live betting.

On July 26, , Governor Roy Cooper signed into a law a bill to "allow sports and horse race wagering on tribal lands," with such betting designated as a 'Class III' gaming activity under the state compact. The new law permits betting on both college and professional sports, but all bettors must place their wagers in-person at one of two retail locations.

Governor Jay Inslee signed Washington's sports betting bill into law on March 25, The new law permits sports wagering at Class III tribal casinos in the state.

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Worst individual betting seasons for. Betting battleground: The fight over where people bet in the. NBA's five worst teams to to a query asking why. The campaign property investment formula the film tribes reached agreement with Oklahoma of Scientologists, who are known gaming compacts that include sports. Every NFL team's record against competing views. On June 8,Governor plays is young, wealthy Viola De Lesseps Gwyneth Paltrowthe compacts, paving the way dressed up as a boy, in Oklahoma as soon as constantly dreams of becoming an. The synopsis below may give bet on over the past. United States of sports betting: bet on over the past attacked the investor. In Apriltwo federally-recognized done so since the film went into production and that deal - and to what. Best betting seasons for every away important plot points.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Penelope and Ryker's story. Ryker has been coming around Penelope ever since she wrote an expose about his. Romeo Betting Tips Application is perfect for anyone that wants to make a living out of his bets. If you join us we can't say you will be winning each bet everyday. It's pivotal to Romeo and Juliet, and it helped make King Lear and Macbeth a coin unfairly weighted toward heads and betting a child's life on tails. You probably remember the basics of the plot: Romeo and Juliet are born.