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Pannello forex 5mm remington

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It resembled a. The 5mm Rem. Case length was 1. Factory ballistics called for a 38 grain JHP bullet at a MV of fps from a rifle barrel, making it the fastest rimfire cartridge in the world at the time. It was introduced in in a pair of Remington bolt action rifles, the Models clip magazine and tubular magazine to a shooting world that could not have been less interested, and it became the shortest lived cartridge introduced since the end of WW II.

The Remington 5mm rifles lasted only 5 years , and the cartridge quietly disappeared from the loading list a few years later. As far as I know there were no other firearms chambered for the 5mm Magnum, and no other ammunition manufacturer offered the cartridge. None of that seemed strange to me at the time, as I had predicted the 5mm's demise as soon as I heard about it.

Today, however, the run away success of the. After all, it is also a sub-. Maybe the 5mm Remington Magnum was just misunderstood, a cartridge ahead of its time. When I left that morning, I was already itching for targets so I could test it some more. I would get my chance, two long weeks later. The second outing with the Remington came on the last day of my hunting lease. So I sat in my vehicle listening to the radio and reading a book my wife had left.

The wait was killing me, so as soon as the sun hit my vehicle I was back out setting up the shooting bench and targets. I shot the 5mm and printed the group I listed above. After that, I put the aside so I could sight in my new 17 HM2. I was happy with all my groups that morning. I packed up the guns and headed to an area I had hit two weeks before. It was a long, curvy dirt road that split a small canyon.

This allowed me to drive yards or so and shoot at targets in any direction. Perfect distance to test the 5mm on some ground squirrel sized quarry. I found out later the 5mm would be just right! The first stop found me staring at a ground squirrel not 60 yards away on a log. I slowly pulled the out and dropped 5 rounds into the tubular magazine. As I eased over to the side of my vehicle, I spotted two more squirrels on another log about yards back down the road. Perfect, I would shoot this one then go for the others.

I took a good rest and lined the first squirrel up in the crosshairs. I slowly squeezed the trigger and watched as the squirrel flew up into the air after the shot. I missed. I hit the log just below the squirrel. I then concentrated on the two squirrels a bit farther away. This time, I made sure to connect leaving the squirrel in a pile of guts. At yards, the 5mm had ripped the squirrel in half! I walked up the road some and shot another squirrel that was sitting on a stump. This one was only 40 yards and a lot smaller, but the damage was just as severe.

Literally, blew out the back see picture below. I killed a couple of more on my way back to the vehicle, but did not collect them as they were piles of bloody guts. Up the road some, I came across an open spot littered with deadfalls and stumps. As I parked, I saw lots of squirrels running for cover. It would be just a few minutes before they started working their way back out. I loaded up again and set up a shooting bag to shoot from. Anyone who has hunted ground squirrels with me knows I hate when they do that.

In fact, I will spend quite a bit of time seeking these guys out just to shut them up!! This one was no different. I searched with my binoculars until I saw his head poking out from behind a tree within the grass patch. I slowly moved over so I could get a body shot. The chest shot splattered him all over the tree and grass. He was easy to find and visibly exploded when I hit him in the side of the chest.

This went on most of the day. I ended up with about 30 ground squirrels killed with the Remington and the 5mm Rimfire. The last one was a large squirrel on the side of a dirt mound, trying to cool off as the day waned. I estimated him to be 80 yards away, so I held a couple of inches high and shot. The shot hit home and tossed him back a few feet from where he was hit.

As I set the squirrel up for a picture, I thought about the kills made with this caliber. I had one squirrel make it to a hole after being hit. It was a half-hearted run with a pile of guts trailing behind it, so the result was surely the same as the others.

It was a perfect end to a great day. Now that I have been able to shoot one and see how well it serves as a small varmint hunting caliber, I have become more than just a believer; I have become its champion. What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, here it is. I believe that with the powders and bullets available today, the 5mm Rimfire Magnum or 20 Caliber Rimfire could be the next step in the rimfire revolution we have experienced in recent years.

It could quite possibly match the early loads for the. The 5mm Craig conversion has shown us the potential, with velocities up to fps. This would be the first rimfire that could humanely take a coyote sized animal with consistency. I can invision the new 5mm or 20 Rimfire in a Ruger 77, or the Remington , as well as the wonderful Marlin and Savage rifles.

The potential is there. What do we need now? We need the gun industry to step-up and take a chance. If only half of the original and owners purchased 4 50 round boxes of ammunition for their guns, 5,, rounds would be sold. This does not even include the 30, Thompson Contender barrels that are out there sitting in the back of a gun safe or closet. Threads like this one at Rimfire Central , show the excitement behind such an idea. In the meantime, for more information on the history behind this caliber, please visit our Classic Calibers Articles Page and our new website dedicated to the 5mm Rimfire Magnum — The 5mmForums.

Once again, sounding like a broken record, the […].


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