long short dalam forex charts

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Long short dalam forex charts atinum energy investment

Long short dalam forex charts

Forex dealers want to have the buy positions on their books equal the sell positions, so that the dealer is not net long or short. Currency dealers and banks generally have spot market traders who look to eliminate the net market exposure created by engaging in currency transaction by squaring the positions.

This way, a currency dealer stays as close to perfectly hedged as possible. Day Trading. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Investing Investing Essentials. What is Square Position? Key Takeaways A "square position" refers to eliminating exposure to market risk and is normally achieved by closing out all existing positions. The term "square position" is commonly associated with foreign-exchange trading, but it can be applied to any type of market trade where offsetting positions can be held.

Foreign exchange market makers, commonly known as dealers, generally seek to square their exposure in the currencies for which they provide liquidity. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

Related Terms Close Position Definition Closing a position refers to a security transaction that is the opposite of an open position, thereby nullifying it and eliminating the initial exposure. Overnight Position Definition Overnight positions refer to open trades that have not been liquidated by the end of the normal trading day and are quite common in currency markets. Rollover Credit Definition A rollover credit is interest paid when a currency pair is held open overnight and one currency in the pair has a higher interest rate than the other.

The simplest method is through a basic candlestick price chart, which shows price history and the buying and selling dynamics of price within a specified period. Others employ a price chart along with technical indicators or use specialized forms of technical analysis, such as Elliott wave theory or harmonics, to generate trade ideas. Some use parts of several different methods. Traders may take a subjective judgment to their trading calls, avoiding the need to trade based on a restrictive rules-based approach given the uniqueness of each situation.

Others may enter into trades only when certain rules uniformly apply to improve the objectivity of their trading and avoid emotional biases from impacting its effectiveness. Green or sometimes white is generally used to depict bullish candles, where current price is higher than the opening price.

Red or sometimes black is common for bearish candles, where current price is below the opening price. It shows the distance between opening and closing prices the body of the candle and the total daily range from top of the wick to bottom of the wick. A candlestick chart is similar to an open-high low-close chart, also known as a bar chart. But instead of the body of the candle showing the difference between the open and close price, these levels are represented by horizontal tick marks.

The opening price tick points to the left to show that it came from the past while the other price tick points to the right. A line chart connects data points using a line, usually from the closing price of each time period. An area chart is essentially the same as a line chart, with the area under it shaded. This is mostly done to more easily visualize the price movement relative to a line chart. Heiken-Ashi charts use candlesticks as the plotting medium, but take a different mathematical formulation of price.

Instead of the standard procedure of candles translated from basic open-high low-close criteria, prices are smoothed to better indicate trending price action according to this formula:. Breakout — When price breaches an area of support or resistance, often due to a notable surge in buying or selling volume. Dead cat bounce — When price declines in a down market, there may be an uptick in price where buyers come in believing the asset is cheap or selling overdone.

However, when sellers force the market down further, the temporary buying spell comes to be known as a dead cat bounce. Proponents of the theory state that once one of them trends in a certain direction, the other is likely to follow. Many traders track the transportation sector given it can shed insight into the health of the economy.

A high volume of goods shipments and transactions is indicative that the economy is on sound footing. A similar indicator is the Baltic Dry Index. Doji — A candle type characterized by little or no change between the open and close price, showing indecision in the market. Elliott wave theory — Elliott wave theory suggests that markets run through cyclical periods of optimism and pessimism that can be predicted and thus ripe for trading opportunities.

Harmonics — Harmonic trading is based on the idea that price patterns repeat themselves and turning points in the market can be identified through Fibonacci sequences. Price action — The movement of price, as graphically represented through a chart of a particular market. Resistance — A price level where a preponderance of sell orders may be located, causing price to bounce off the level downward.

Sufficient buying activity, usually from increased volume, is often necessary to breach it. Retracement — A reversal in the direction of the prevailing trend, expected to be temporary, often to a level of support or resistance. Support — A price level where a higher magnitude of buy orders may be placed, causing price to bounce off the level upward. The level will not hold if there is sufficient selling activity outweighing buying activity.

Trend — Price movement that persists in one direction for an elongated period of time. Technical indicators fall into a few main categories, including price-based, volume-based, breadth, overlays, and non-chart based. Coppock Curve — Momentum indicator, initially intended to identify bottoms in stock indices as part of a long-term trading approach.

MACD — Plots the relationship between two separate moving averages; designed as a momentum-following indicator. Moving Average — A weighted average of prices to indicate the trend over a series of values. Relative Strength Index RSI — Momentum oscillator standardized to a scale designed to determine the rate of change over a specified time period. Stochastic Oscillator — Shows the current price of the security or index relative to the high and low prices from a user-defined range.

Used to determine overbought and oversold market conditions. Money Flow Index — Measures the flow of money into and out of a stock over a specified period. Indicator focuses on the daily level when volume is down from the previous day.

On-Balance Volume — Uses volume to predict subsequent changes in price. Proponents of the indicator place credence into the idea that if volume changes with a weak reaction in the stock, the price move is likely to follow. Focuses on days when volume is up from the previous day. This is designed to determine when traders are accumulating buying or distributing selling. For example, when price makes a new low and the indicator fails to also make a new low, this might be taken as an indication that accumulation buying is occurring.

Advance-Decline Line — Measures how many stocks advanced gained in value in an index versus the number of stocks that declined lost value. Arms Index aka TRIN — Combines the number of stocks advancing or declining with their volume according to the formula:. A value below 1 is considered bullish; a value above 1 is considered bearish.

Volume is measured in the number of shares traded and not the dollar amounts, which is a central flaw in the indicator favors lower price-per-share stocks, which can trade in higher volume.


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Unknown mengatakan Tapi apapun itu, bagaimana trader bisa menjual sesuatu jika tak memiliki? Semua ini berawal dari market saham, jauh sebelum istilah ini populer di dunia trading forex. Trader yang ingin berspekulasi pada saat harga bergerak turun mungkin saja tak punya saham sendiri untuk membalikkan situasi, dan kemungkinan besar trader lain juga demikian.

Broker lalu melihat ini sebagai peluang lain untuk mencari profit, lalu mencocokkan klien yang ingin menahan saham dengan klien yang ingin menjual tanpa memiliki satu saham pun. Trader lalu dalam jangka waktu lama long menahan saham karena dalam posisi membeli, atau menahan dengan alasan lain. Di sisi lain, trader yang ingin menjual saham pasti karena urusan mendesak, atau karena sebab lain, sehingga harus jual cepat short.

Dalam market forex, transaksi yang berjalan sama sekali berbeda dengan saham, yang dalam hal ini proses short suatu mata uang tak sama. Misalnya saja, pasangan mata uang melibatkan mata uang dasar yang disebut di depan dan mata uang kuotasi yang disebut belakangan. Pasangan mata uang dalam hal ini saling terkait satu sama lain.

Saat trader mengambil posisi short untuk menjual pasangan mata uang, trader secara efektif berarti menjual mata uang dasar dan membeli mata uang kuotasi dengan harapan nilai dua mata uang akan jatuh. Mengambil posisi short memberi risiko tinggi karena tak ada nilai maksimal kekalahan dalam sekali trading. Dalam kata lain, kekalahan nilainya tak terbatas seiring nilai forex yang secara teoritis bisa meningkat sampai berkali lipat tak berbatas.

Pada posisi long, nilai dari suatu mata uang tak akan pernah jatuh di bawah nol yang sekaligus menjadi titik maksimal dari level kekalahan. Itu sebabnya, mengelola risiko pada akun trading merupakan sikap yang paling sering ditemukan pada trader sukses. Beruntungnya, ada sejumlah cara yang bisa ditempuh untuk mengelola risiko posisi short.

Yang paling mudah yaitu mengimplementasikan stop-loss dan mengamati level support dan resistance untuk mendapat poin masuk keluar trading secara layak. Trader juga harus terbuka dengan segala bentuk berita ekonomi yang baru rilis karena punya potensi membuat harga menjadi anjlok. Semisal sedang posisi trading, akan lebih baik jika trader mau memanfaatkan semacam alarm notifikasi agar tak melewatkan peluang.

Mengambil posisi short lebih tepat digunakan saat market mengalami penurunan, meski tetap dibutuhkan pertimbangan sebeum benar-benar membuka trading karena bisa membawa risiko besar walaupun market menunjukkan pola bearish. Broker Curang atau Tradernya? Forex Trading Forex itu Halal atau Haram? Robot Forex Lainnya. Monday, November 23, Broker Forex Terbaik. Klik Disini untuk Membuka Wawasan Anda.

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