why is trading analysis important

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Why is trading analysis important chargexp investments ltd cyprus weather

Why is trading analysis important

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We have already discussed how the risk per trade is calculated and how to analyze losing trades. Trading statistics is a powerful tool for those wishing to make money in financial markets. However, it often gets undeservingly ignored not only by novice traders but even trading veterans. Meanwhile, this tool can provide excellent feedback on your trading, and not only reveal your weak spots and mistakes but also help you rectify them and subsequently trade in the black.

Trading Statistics: Proceeding to Analysis 3. Simply trading is not enough. You must analyze your results. Without a proper analysis, sooner or later you will suffer losses instead of making profits. To prevent this from happening, you need to keep all your trading data in one place, preferably in the trading journal arranged in the form of a table.

During this step, you are basically collecting the data. The next stage involves its actual analysis. That being said, more often than not the majority of traders fail at it. There are plenty of reasons why they do not keep trading statistics i. The list of excuses goes on. Being aware of all human weaknesses that traders obviously have as well, the creators of this software attempted to simplify the above task for their clients.

Now your trading data are collected automatically. On top of that, you can also do an analysis in an automated fashion. Your next step should include analysis of the overall outcome, your winning and losing trades. This will allow you to identify the reasons behind trading losses, decrease the number of unprofitable positions, and start making money instead of losing.

The acronym SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The significance of SWOT analysis is that it provides a good way for companies to examine both positive and negative attributes within a single analysis, determining how best to compete in the market at large. SWOT analysis is an in-depth look at exactly how a company operates. It examines the strengths of the company, acknowledges its weak points and identifies both opportunities and threats in its market.

These are all useful pieces of information that in most cases will help a company or department to succeed. In conducting a SWOT analysis, a company evaluates its current position in the market and compares it to the future opportunities and risks that could affect it moving forward. Simplicity and a broad perspective are two core traits that combine to make a SWOT analysis so important in strategic planning. It can be a simple tool to use because the process involves listing all items in each category in a spreadsheet or table.

Depending on who is performing the analysis, it is common to involve business or division leaders, regular employees and even clients. The broad perspective stems from the fact that you identify everything that makes your company successful , but also your areas of vulnerability. What really makes SWOT powerful is its usefulness in setting a course to take advantage of prime business opportunities.

Without a strategic plan, companies can just aimlessly drift around without a strategic direction, or operate without development. In highly competitive industries, failing to seize openings is almost as catastrophic as making a major mistake.

If a new customer segment emerges due to shifts in preferences, for instance, it is often a race to see which company best serves the need first. SWOT allows you to map out this possible opportunity well in advance , and begin planning to deliver a quality solution and marketing plan before the opening hits. Though it isn't always pleasant to scrutinize your weaknesses or deficiencies, top companies know where they stand in all critical areas relative to the competition.


There is an equal probability of profit and loss. This is in particular very dangerous while dealing in the trading world. One must always focus towards the profit, even if with low margins at times. Technical knowledge is the key that leads a trader towards the profit line with minimum effort and time. The importance of technical analysis lies in the fact that it helps traders identify the proper entry and exit points, I.

Identifying this right time can actually make a lot of differ4enceinthe trading world. The other importance of technical analysis lies in the fact that it helps the trader to understand the market conditions in a simple manner with the help of basic charts and patterns. By: Christopher Lewis. When learning about technical analysis, understanding why it is important can provide the motivation to understand the basics in a more comprehensive way.

While the importance of technical analysis varies from market to market, the currency markets seem to be especially influenced by them. The very first reason that technical analysis is important is the simple fact that so many traders study it. While there are a lot of magical indicators and systems out there, or at least claims of them being so, the truth is that some parts of technical analysis probably work simply because so many people believe they do.

At its core, technical analysis measures where supply and demand meet. In other words, where there are more contracts of a financial instrument available than the amount wanted, or vice versa. Even those traders who shun technical analysis will often have a general idea where these major areas are. One of the most common forms of technical analysis is Fibonacci based. The mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered during the Renaissance that there is a natural order of repeating numbers in nature, from the rivers to the mountain tops.

There are many crops that will reproduce using these ratios, and they can even be used to measure human features. Suffice to say, someone got the idea of applying these percentages to a chart, and the Fibonacci retracement tool was born. Is there any magical significance to these numbers that makes for a better trader?

That is hard to tell, but the very fact that so many people believe in it makes the levels seem to work over time. If enough people believe in something, it eventually becomes so. Another reason to look at technical analysis before placing a trade in the Forex market is because it will help reduce the urge to trade based on your gut reaction, which a common way in which traders lose money in the Forex market, and a bad Forex trading habit that is hard to break without an alternate solution.

The realm of technical analysis includes many different types of indicators. Some measure the strength of the trend, while others will measure momentum as related to the current move. The field is very wide and varied from trader to trader, but the reality is that a lot of large firms hire technical analysts to help with their trading strategies.

One thing that most traders would be well advised to take into account: technical analysis is a great way to look at the markets and to predict the trends, but it is simply a tool and not the only form of analysis that a trader can use.