aitradesafe forex exchange

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Aitradesafe forex exchange forex broker scam

Aitradesafe forex exchange

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New, or old, and looking to generate a first or second income online, you really need to investigate Forex, but especially this new hands on system by Andy Ireland. This man really knows his stuff , and he is offering to teach YOU the exact same methods that puts food on his virtual table.

These days when everyone seems to be struggling with money, we are all looking for a quick and easy source of extra income. But listening to the advice of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world gives us the idea that the best way to earn big money is by building your own business or investing in some form of market. Forex trading has created many millionaires, have no doubts about that. It works.

Forex is a popular trading system all over the world. It enables different countries to trade goods and services fairly using their own currencies. And because import and export services are highly in demand, the foreign exchange market has grown and developed into its very own investment system. Many people have thought of investing in Forex because it seems like a very productive market, but before you let go of your hard-earned money, it is important to understand the reality behind Foreign Exchange.

As compared to other trade markets, why is it ideal to invest in Forex? For beginners who do not have any experience with trading, Forex is a good starting point because one can learn a lot from it. The basics of how money circulates all over the world will easily be learned by a Forex beginner , since it is the main concept that regulates the entire Forex trading system.

Apart from this, here are other advantages of Forex over other trading systems:. Yes, even if you have no experience in trading whatsoever. Joining online Forex programs, such as the one developed by Andy Ireland, will give you all the training and knowledge you need in order to become an expert in this trading system. The investment cost is not high at all, and these programs will be your lifetime guide and tool in reaching Forex trading success.

Investing your money not only allows you to earn passive income, but it also gives you the chance to earn more than you can ever do from a simple local business or a nine-to-five job. Andy Ireland is now offering to teach you these sought after strategies that have brought him a wealth of financial security. Andy Ireland is one of the only people to have truly brought out a Forex course that actually works AITradesafe.

What does the product offer? Basically, and even…. What Andy Ireland offer for Forex Traders? We have been alerted that the official launch is in a few weeks, although we have seen a few details, and on first impressions, and from what we have seen, this looks like a real game-changer when making money on the Forex exchange. Be sure to keep the page bookmarked, as this will be a very interesting proposition for people looking to make money from home.

I had to do a double take then as it sounded like a similar system I tried a few years back, but put in the back of the cupboard, as there was a lot going on in my life at the time. If the name means it is safe, and taught to us by a regular user of the same info, then might be a goer. A friend of mine gave this thing a go a few years back, but due to ill health he had to stop, but I know he made money from it. I think I will send him a link to this to see if it can reignite his interest, and he could do with earning a few quid again.

I have made a few quid with Forex myself, but it was always one step forward, and 2 steps back, thus if somebody is willing to teach me what I actually need to do to make it work, then I could be interested, sure. You can definitely make money using the forex if you know what you are doing. Many years ago I purchased a similar program called StarTrader. At the time I was on a limited income and so couldent really get involved with it.

But now I would like to give it a bash and see what happens. Keep me posted. I received the leaflet this morning and the thing I like about it is that there is an unconditional no quibble money back guarantee. The course is from Markiteer which everyone knows is run by a gentleman called Tim Lowe so maybe that should speak for itself as he seems to have a solid reputation so im probably going to give it a go. Overall it does not seem too expensive considering what it claims to achieve and like I say the money back guarantee means you cannot lose.

Let us know how you get on, and as you mention, it is not expensive at all considering the returns that are stated. My only one concern of the program is scant reference to losses, and any setting of a stop loss, will be seeking a bit more clarity.

Thanks admin and I have been lurking for quite a while reading various articles on your site and I find the site a great place to come to when looking for money making courses and your site has helped me avoid a lot of the scams out there and also through your site I took the plunge on the bonus bagging method and have made money with that which came in very handy so please keep up the great work helping us make money and saving money at the same time.

Back to the discussion I do have the same concerns as Brian in the fact that there is no details regarding potential losses as I am quite sure there is with any other forex trading system out there. Having said that Tim does state that it is guaranteed to make money if the system is followed correctly to the letter so this has got my attention.

My only problem at this moment is financial constraints at the moment which should be resolved in due course, family commitments etc.. Now of course, losses are part of trading. Have a look also at the sales video at 2 mins 25 seconds. Quite simply, losses are part and parcel of trading and cannot be avoided. In other words, you will certainly suffer some losing trades, but so long as you follow the system, the majority of your trades will be winning trades so overall you will be making money.

Additionally, the reason we say that there is no risk to your own money to begin with is because we have a special deal with a Forex broker. This gives you the chance to build up a very substantial trading bank very quickly, with no risk to your original investment. Once the month is over you will be taught to follow a much less aggressive plan, since your money will be at risk.

If it does work, you carry on, and if it does not work, you would obviously ask for your refund, as stated in the sales letter. We cannot see any downsides, because although we do review a lot of products, and services, no company would usually build a website AITradesafe, and go to the trouble of offering so many guarantees, if this did not work. I am a beginner who needs to try his hands on the demo before going live.

HI, thank you for this comment. I have a question though: in case I want to stop during the initial day period, would I receive the first instalment of 89 back? I have completely understood what happens afterwards. Thanks, Tim. Thanks for the reply from Tims office. That was the point I could not seem to grasp how the sales letter was stating that you could not lose money and that capital was not at risk and your explanation has alleviated my concern regarding that point.

I will be giving this a go once my finances are in order and I am looking forward to giving this a go. Family commitments and being made redundant have taken their toll on my wallet at the moment but this is only temporary. After going through the online info again I would recommend people give it a go as from everything I have read then its impossible to lose your initial money with the guarantees that are in place such as the unequivocal no questions money back guarantee offered by Tim and the fact that a persons money is insured with the broker.

To me its a potential win win. I have to agree with the admin as well on the point that was raised is that no one is going to go through all the trouble of setting up a website and the cost of producing all the literature and other additional costs if it did not work as stated.

Hi Mark, good to hear my reply helped. We look forward to seeing you join the course in the near future and wish you every success. But then the monthly recurring came in… I should have known really coming from TIM as all his stuff is the same..

Seems awesome and im sure it works a treat, but the cost always keeps us where we are…. There is no way on this earth, i could shell out 89 a month, then Maybe at the end the 29 a month would be fine as im sure earning will be more than enough to cover this small fee..

Being a single income family as my partner lost her job a while back and hasnt found any employment since makes this even more pocket wrenching.. If you have another way of trying this at less cost then im all ears, but as for now its a no brainer for sure but just outta reach as usual.. As mentioned, if you are asking for experts to teach you how to earn a living, the same way that they themselves so, you cannot expect that to be given away for free.

I have been trading for a while, and do fairly well, but taught myself. Of course that is your choice, however most people want some kind of help. We offer guidance from newbie right up to pro as well as our proprietary indicator. Unlimited questions, two live trading webinars each week and lost of help is what many people want. Paypal may be possible, we do have an account but virtually nobody uses it with us foir some reason.

If you contact my office using the address on the sales page they will be able to help you set it up. I would like to know some details about how your indication system works compared to any I may have used in the past trading. I use a few strategies myself with trading, but any further information on improving my own methods would be appreciated.

You can make money on currency trading if you know what you are doi, but after reading your website, I feel that you are overstating how easy it is. Trading is not a guaranteed way to make consistent profits, and consistent being the highlighted word, because all traders will inevitable make losses, and suffer consecutive losses, but the fact is, that successful traders manage their RISK better than traders who fail.

I am afraid that the indicator is proprietary and was developed especially for us so I am not able to tell you how it works. No system is perfect and AITradesafe is no different — it has a high strike rate and of course proper management of trades means that losses are low on losing trades and gains are much larger on winning trades which maximises the effectiveness of time in the market.

Certainly Andy himself has not had a losing month for several years so I disagree about whether it is possible to make money consistently. We believe that it is possible if a winning strategy is rigidly adhered to. The video actually highlights a day where Andy had a small setback but that video was simply a video diary for the week before we launched the product so unless we wanted to artifically cause a big loss the system worked as shown. I am confident we could repeat something not too different most weeks.

I put the letter to one side and read it last night and it sounds like something I could do. I am hoping the offer does not run out yet to give me a little more time to reflect on it. I am not on a big salary, and the wife is always telling me to use some initiative, and maybe this could be what I have been looking for. I am going to do some more research on forex, and trading first though to make sure I will not be in over my head which will give the wife even more to groan about it it went wrong haha.

The outlay is quite small for this service, and in the first month you will probably realise if this will work for you, and if you would be in profit, as you will be trading in a practice mode first to gain confidence for when you trade for real.

We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. Of course we think that you will find it so good that you will keep going with it! Can somebody please explain to me what exactly this is. I have never heard of forex trading, and I need to know if this is something anybody can understand.

Hi Sam, Forex trading is Foreign Exchange trading, or currency trading. You can find quite a lot out about it from a simple internet search. It does all the analysis for you rather than you having to do it. What sort of time does Andy do the live trading session during the 30 day period? Early morning? I have a full time job and so obviously could not join the live trading session during the day.

Yes, AFTER the 30 day guarantee period you can still cancel at any point and pay nothing more, however, just to be clear, you cannot get a refund on what you have already paid up to that point. The live webinars start at am and run until about am. If you cannot make all of that we record them so you can watch them at your leisure. I have taken the plunge after reading an awful lot about forex but never before actually done anything about it.

Andy has always replied to my queries and not made me feel stupid! I am still practising on the demo account, as strongly advised!!! It is not a get rich quick scheme but a system where you can learn and progress. I will post again in a months time and see how i manage as a complete newbie!

Having been intrigued by forex trading for a few years I have finally decided to take the plunge and give AI Tradesafe a try. Having no experience, I am starting at ground floor level and looking forward to all the training and of course trading. Why then do we need a further 12 month training programme?

If the system is so simple to grasp and use to achieve the levels of income quoted, what else are we going to be taught that will improve results dramatically? Another strategy? As the sales copy says the aim is to take newbies and teach them multiple methods so that they have an armoury of tools good enough to make them a professional trader if they wish. The more methods and skill you have the less likely you are to make a mistake. I would prefer a heart surgeon who had allsorts of techniques in his bag that he would probably not need for my operation rather than a bloke who only knew how to do the exact operation I happened to be having.

Its just safer!!!! Obviously you should expect to make more each month as time goes by but how much depends on how much effort you want to put in. There are three reasons to stay subscribed, 1 you will learn more advanced methods and work towards that highly skilled and therefore more likley to succeed long term professional status; 2 everybody will always want questions answered and help because as your knowledge grows and develops situations crop up or things occur that you will want advise on — this is part of what you get and; 3 the trading template that works with the trading software is only licenced to you for as long as you are subscribed so if you choose to unsubscribe then the template will stop working.

When does this go live as I dont see anyone actually having said they have used it. Our indicator is based on PRICE ACTION utilizing several different formats of convergence and divergence in order to allow a beginner to see where price action, a leading not lagging indicator although there is no such real thing as a leading indicator , is taking place.

It was developed to help new traders make as informed a decision as possible, before they can really appreciate price action. Thanks for the replies but there are still a couple of points not answered. Hi, I posted on here earlier today asking a few questions about AITradesafe and have noticed my post has been removed. Your post was not removed, all new posters automatically have their first post moderated, due to the amount of spam that websites such as this attract.

Thank you for your comments, which are now live, and we are sure that Tim Lowe or one of his team will respond to your questions in due course, as they have already participated on this thread. Although just picking up on a point you made about the expense of the system, we see such similar comments made on a variety of different income opportunities, and our feeling, is that as long as you are making profit, over and above what your time is worth to implement any system, be it forex, or anything else, then any fees cannot even be considered an expense, can they?

Profit is not easy to come by these days, as we all know, so we and of course it is our opinion only would never see any training as a genuine expense; not IF the promoted profits are being generated. We have also read many forex reviews where the majority of the systems failed, so a winning system cannot really be compared to one that fails, in expense terms, as there is no expense, only profits — if a profit is achieved, and in this situation, if there is not a profit created you get your money back anyway.

The idea is that it is aimed at total novices through to experienced traders so you should be fine, however if you are not then you have 30 days to ask for a refund. Should I be a successful trader and go into profit, is it easy to take my winnings out of my account with the forex broker you recommend? You might not make as much this way but its useful if you cannot get on the internet and want to know that both sides are catered for.

Withdrawals are easy enough but just like a bank, prove ID because of money laundering etc. I understand the concept of essentially renting the template to clients. It maximizes income, enables you to retain control of the software and a decent company will continue trying to improve the software and upgrade the programme as and when for its clients.

The cost of the programme, within reason, is immaterial. The essential point is that it has to work! If it works then you should easily be able to recoup the monthly cost from achieved profits. I know Tim has to flog his product and paint a rosy picture…the affable chap from a Derbyshire village that makes enough coin of a morning to spend his afternoons on the lash at his local pub. What currency pairs are traded? What time frame is used? What stop losses are used?

Can we see his broker account statements? Are you for real??? There are rules about when and if to trade which are not met by the automated template, for example, certain news events make for a very volatile market at certain times and these are best avoided by novices simply because of how fast the market can move. This product is specifically intended for novices through to medium experienced but not professional traders.

Thanks for the replies yo my earlier post but there are still a couple of points not answered. The indicator certainly works in trending markets and works well in ranging markets on the longer timeframes. However it will keep you out of trades in a ranging market on the 5 min and 15 min charts as they are not suitable for the trading rules we use. It is already live, is been available for about 3 weeks tommorow. Its just not on their list to do if they are happy, of course if they are unhappy that is a very different story and they will waste no time in telling the world how bad it is, so I am afraid you may just have to accept that no news is good news and try it yourself.

Today I had not a single unprofitable trade and ended up with 12 points profit. This past week has resulted in my having trades that have produced an overall profit at the end of every single day. In total, I have made 51 points. Considering that I only joined just over 2 weeks ago and have never traded before, then I am pleased with my progress. I joined on the 25th of February and started trading on the 26th dummy account My results so far: 26th 6 pips 27th 46 pips 1st of all let me tell you how refreshing it is to find someone who is really willing to help others succeed.

Hi Andy. Just quick note. About me age Been trading for a few years now. You have done what all the other courses have not. Live trading. Well done. So total for day 41 points. Just come of the 3rd webinar and several people even newbies ARE making money AND there are some experienced traders on the program, i am new to this but i can say that Andy Ireland is a genuine and helpful guy, i got stuck on the template not downloading correctly and Andy rang me up on the weekend and talked me through it, great guy.

I have been trading for a couple of years now mainly from bought systems and to be honest I have not actually made money. I am seriously considering AITS. I tried to look at the photobucket link you posted with no success. Can you email it to me directly at adds gmail. Good for you! I am one of those people that do like to know the dry facts outside of the advertising hyperbole.

I have this and am slowly getting to grips with it. You have the ability to ask Andy questions directly on the helpdesk and he can tell you whether that is good or bad its bad by the way, you are probably missing something which he will be able to help with. I really would recommend going this route as you will then get correct information from an expert. A forum for comparison with others is honestly a terrible idea!!! My experience is that people get brought down by a few continual moaners and nay sayers.

Basically the forum members are not experts but will give each other advice which is often wrong and then arguments start when people think somebody else has made their situation worse. We did this once before with a sports trading product and it caused so many rows between forum members that all the ones doing well refused to even look at it which just left those who were making mistakes telling each other what they thought. I have asked questions and will continue to do so but I maintain that a forum is the better option.

It is, however, up to you. I have only joined this today and have yet to download the template. I am in the process of reading the quick start PDF. I have some Forex knowledge and will try and help you if I can. This also might help me too. Hi Tim Just acknowledging your comprehensive reply to my questions of 3 March. Many thanks. On the basis of your comments I have gone ahead with the purchase and am busy getting set up.

Have done a mega-marathon! I am still very undecided — what would influence me would be to hear from a few people who were trading successfully — it seems to be very much up and down. I appreciate that we all have to learn yet your first implications were that we only have to wait for either 4 green or 4 red and enter a trade then wait for one of the 4 colors to change and then get out of that trade — it all sounds too easy — is anyone actually finding that it is working consistently out there.

I look forward to hearing from you. Bob Harrop. So you had a loss today, how many points? You ideally need to be looking, and basing your results over a week, then 2 weeks, then a month, which is still included in your free trial. I could take tomorrow off if I was trading for real to a set number of points! As I say, that sample is less than 40 trades, so it may be a blip. Would I recommend it? Can somebody please let me know if they have made any money using this method yet.

The page looks good and all but I would like to hear from people already making money with it. The product was launched exactly a month ago today and people were advised to practice trade for the 2 -4 weeks so it is maybe a bit early for lots of people saying how much money they made. The difference betwee practice tardes and real trades is not anything to do with the system but psychological so in terms of the system the results should be indentical, however not everybody immediately copes well with risking real money.

The system cannot fix that, only patience and self discipline can. We are looking for something to do whilst at home, and although this sounds the ticket, I cannot help thinking that it could be complicated without experience. The programme is specifically aimed at people with no experience at all so you should be OK.

Yes there are things to learn but with patience it is all quite straightforward. Well, the last two days have been interesting and show the advantage of the Demo account. It does show how it pays to follow the rules and, actually, yesterday has made me more confident, rather than less. Dave what do you mean you had the wrong SL stop loss, did the indicator predict the wrong ones? I am very interested in the system but still looking at the replys to see if I would be suited to it.

Do you have to trade all day to make a profit and do you have to be up to date with the finacial money market to be able to have the knowledge to trade safely. How do you know what currency pairs to trade on. Any help in making my mind up would be appreciated. The markets are open hours a week from late Sunday night here to late Friday night, so you could potentially trade at any point.

You could trade till you get a certain number of points how many points is up to you. I suspect like many reading all this, I am watching now to see the results of the live trading which I expect should be starting soon. I got the letter from Waverley 5 weeks ago which should bring us into the live trading when the real results will sway me hopefully. I am hesitant at the best of times, so hopefully the feedback continues to show a positive light.

Most people still seem to be trading on a demo account — has anyone gone live yet and are finding that they are consistently making real money. I would love to give it a go but am hesitant until I hear from more people live trading successfully. I look forward to being convinced. Robert Harrop, surely you understand that everybody trading live accounts will have different results anyway, people can still make mistakes, and some will not so results will not mean a great deal unless of course everybody makes money which is unlikely, for the same reasons.

Del Of course everyone cannot win all of the time — I appreciate that — but according to the initial literature a twelve year old could follow the 4 green or 4 red colors to enter a trade and get out when they reduce. I realize that there must be the occasional blip and one must take an overall view.

All I am asking is for people to say how they are finding the system and if a majority say that it is working then I will join. That said there are already lots here to see so I am not sure what you are looking for. I have just heard about this, and at the moment I am looking for some facts on if it can work for anybody. Is there any way I can lose money if I have never traded before. I suffer with nerves. Could the affect the results for me?

Yes it can work for anybody BUT you will need to keep those nerves well under control, I suggest practice trading for a month and if you cannot see yourself doing it ask for a refund. For information, I went live today targeting ten points profit a day. I had 5 trades, the first I traded out for a tiny profit, the next hit my stop loss and the following three all won so I finished the day with a profit of Got this blurb via an e-mail today.

On the face of it looks good and if it does what it says on the tin even better. I just need a point of two clarified if I may. During our next month we then have to trade more conservatively as our bank is then not safeguarded. I am a complete newbie to this and just wanted to make sure I knew the full facts before I dive right in. If you could just clarify that I have understood things correctly it would be appreciated.

I am a bit sceptical when things like this come around as I have been bitten on more than one occasion. But I do like the idea of trading successfully and if this is the medium with which to do it then happy days. Does it work on android phones? Are his results based on cash trades or margin accounts? No you can use it in most but not all countries. In particular the US does not allow its citizens to use certain types of Forex accounts for moral objections to what it considers gambling so you cannot place an online bet with, for example, Ladbrokes from the US either.

Most civilised countries are fine though, however you would need to check with the broker GKFX for your country. Hi, does this system also work in Australia eg webinar times, best trading times etc. Also, people seem to be having a lot of trouble getting their head around the complexity of using this.

System works in Australia and webinars would be mid evening your time but are also recorded so you can watch them when it suits. You might find 3 or 4 people here who are a bit confused but there are hundreds and hundreds who are not saying they are confused! Ok, so I have ordered, and spent the last 2 days reading the manual, and looking at the software. Why is Andy talking about 3 different ways of exiting trades, which went all right over my head, because as somebody who has never traded before, why is Andy discussing long trades?

It never mentioned that before in the manual, but now on page 22 long trades is suddenly mentioned which totally confuses the hell out of people who have never traded before. Why mention it, if not discussed and explained in detail before that point? The exiting the trade section is NOT friendly for people never having traded before. Definitely not. The next manual pages mention trading longer timeframes. People new to trading do not even know how to trade smaller timeframes so why mention trading longer timeframes at this stage.

This is also not friendly to people who have never traded before. The manual started well, then just confuses the hell of of people who have never done this before, and if anybody says otherwise, I would say they are lying. Then the pages after that talk about pending orders.

We are not up to that stage yet??? Totally confusing for people who have not traded before. From what I have read so far, this seems FAR from being friendly to people who have not traded before. I am now totally confused by it all. I have to agree with the poster above on that. We were also slightly preplexed when we arrived at pages 22 onwards, mainly because the manual writer assumed that we knew more than we actually did, which was ever so confusing. We have watched the videos too, we just feel like the training needs to be taught from the standpoint of never having seen Forex, or the software before, as it seems to rush at a speed that is diffuclt to keep up with.

Hi Pletcher, I read your post here and felt it was important to reply, because from the look of your post, you have perhaps not completely understood the Quick Start Guide — in which case you should be raising a support ticket in the support section of the AITradesafe website. By doing this and asking any questions you may have, Andy will be able to help you with any queries.

Andy mentions them very briefly, and makes it clear that you should be trading M15 timescales to start with. However, for some people, this is difficult due to their lifestyles, and they have the option to trade longer timescales. The first trade hit my stop loss and I was playing catch-up after that. I just about hit break even late in the evening but then hit another couple of losers and the day ended 34 pts down.

Hiya everybody. I am now watching your updates Dave C with a high level of interest. You sound like you know what you are doing. I will be watching your results now. Thank you for helping all those like me who are still sitting on the fence on this one. Hi Tim. This looks a very interesting system with a nice strike rate. This way you could ensure getting every trade opportunity that the system provides.

You guys seem to have the IT skills to develop such EA. Anyway, congrats on the system! Andy does teach you to manage the trade for maximum effect. Not sure I trust software to make ALL the decisions!!! I would like to thank Dave C for giving us an update with regard to his trading experiences.

I know its a lot to ask but I wish that a few more people out there would let us all share their results also. Like Stuart I am sitting on the fence too and sincerely hope that lots of people will inform us as to how they are doing. Thanks again Dave C. Day 3. While yesterday was disappointing, today has been frustrating.

I decided on a slow recovery of the lost points so upped my target to 15 from When I hit Three losers later, I changed my mind! After the event, but I think I should have stuck with my 10 pt a day target and I will be doing in future. It was just unfortunate it happened on day 2 of the live bank.

Hiya Dave. I have been checking this site every 30 minutes waiting for your update. Your update is much appreciated. I do understand it is only day 3 of your live trading and hopefully things will turn around. Would you recommend people take up the subscription at this stage based on what you know so far??

Also how long has the physical trading taken you so far per day approximately? A few of my friends are interested in this too, and were asking me all day in work if you had updated yet. You are almost famous in our office. I am in the recruitment game by the way, which means what is generally discussed in destined to take centre stage when earning money is concerned. Wishing you better luck tomorrow.

I am so wanting this to work for you so I can jump on board, and I would wager I am not the only one. Cheers Stuart. Hi, I am very interested in the system, but have a couple of questions about timing. My work hours can be quite irregular, so I will not always be able to trade at the same times each day.

The other things is that I will be really busy over the next couple of weeks, and be overseas, so I may not have time to do read the training material. Thank, Andy. By that I mean two people could have identical success rates but different profits depending on how many points they aim for on a trade, whether they trade out for small losses or let the trade run till it hits the stop-loss.

The time is up to you, really, and how you want to play it. The markets are open non-stop from late Sunday night to late Friday night, so you could dip in whenever you wanted to. You could sit in front of the screen tracking the moves and reacting to them or you could find a trade, place it and leave it with a take profit and stop-loss on it. There have been occasions where the day was over in 3 minutes and today was over in 25 minutes after my first trade was successful.

This has been going over a month from the impression I get here. Being internet tuition I suppose AITradesafe could take any number of subscribers, theoretically speaking, but there must surely be a limit. So when do they plan to put a stop on further subscriptions?

This month? Next month? Or is it open-ended? The limitation is not on the market or the technical parts but the volume of questions that Andy has to answer each day. Obviously as people become more confident and successful they ask less questions so making way for additional new subscribers. Importantly however it says the offer ends on 31st of this month. Hence my question. Thanks to Mr.

Lowe for replying by the way. I opened up this morning, found a trade on EuroDollar and 12 minutes later closed out for my daily profit. Or so I thought. Terrible luck that Dave. Will the software company not look into it for you? So it was another winning day apart from the software going down. How annoying. That could have been a very expensive blip. I suspect the file may have got corrupted as I had a problem starting the PC this morning.

This time I made sure I was in the live account! The lights, from what I have seen are just to indicate the possibility of a trade happening, the lights changing do not indicate the end of the trade. Although depending when you spotted the lights changing, could determine the level of profit, or even loss, which I suspect where the additional training comes into it.

There are some other simple rules to apply which would mean that no you should not be involved in huge numbers of short trades. Just as a matter of interest could Mr Lowe or his office indicate, after approximately two months of the course, what proportion have dropped out, that is to say what the retention rate appears to be?

Thanks once again. Its actually 6 weeks but no I am afraid taht sort of information is commercially confidential. Play through some of the webinars that are on the site and they should help. Initially I misunderstood some of the instructions, and I generally pick things up pretty quickly. The second monthly payment has just gone out of my account, but I have NOT traded every day — I was away for a week of that time, and certainly not traded every day in between.

Watch the Webinars. Only trade when there is Movement sounds obvious pick your graph! Day 6. Its such as you need to know about forex before starting. I did read a book on the subject once but never started. Maybe I take the punt and see how it goes. I was ready to buy and jump into this, and I have been trying to read as much as I can, due to not having the knowledge on forex, or stock markets. From what I see here their seems to be a good vibe about it all.

I just want to be sure that I am not jumping into something I cannot do. I am still waiting I decide, and all your support is nice to see. It really is. It is brill to get and read some feedback. I have tried far too many get rich ideas in my past and lost a lot of money so I check everything now before I jump. Good to have such community spirit guys. Dave you seem to be up and down like a yo yo. Seemingly not as profitable as advertised so how did the guy Tim Lowe mentioned above only make a 20p loss, where on your bad days you are losing a tonneof points Do you think you taking wrong actions an not following rules i was getting kinda excited by your updates.

What do you think you doing that is wrong? Hi Dave C — You are brilliant — you give all of us ditherers a true up to date of your dealings — I was almost ready to dive in but am still awaiting an even steady winning trading run from you — you obviously have got to grips with the system but what still worries me is that even now you are having the odd expensive blip — your last losing day of I understand that we all have to accept the occasional loss but a few successive trades like that would be disastrous for most people and I am sure that it could happen.

I wish that a few of the other traders were as honest as you and give us doubters an indication as to how they are doing. Thank you again Dave — you are quite a star being so honest. Dave C. I can only agree with the comment from Robert H. Your continued messages as a live trader are worth far more than all the advert.

Christopher : Yes, I am following the rules, but this is something where timing is key. For instance, as I mentioned there were two potential trades yesterday at the same time, but I only trade one at a time and I ended up with the losing one. From the time I started following this correctly, even with the two losing days, it would be nearly 80 points up from 15 trading days that includes a period before I went live. That is targeting 10 points a day. As it happens, omitting the GbpUsd pair would have doubled the profit, perhaps because most of the opportunities for that pair happen before I get up!

Lesson : Stick to your ten point daily target! Am I wrong? Now you have lost 52 points in 2 days. That would destroy some peoples budgets right there and then. Wayne — I am like you — 52 points in 2 successive days especially if it happened before you built up a reserve would wipe out most people. I am dubious that no one besides Dave C seems to be willing to tell of their progress.

Again I feel indebted to Dave C for being so honest regarding his trading. At this stage the literature which we were given seems a bit dubious to say the least. The ease of 4 red or green to commence a trade and then close as soon as it changes sounds far easier than it obviously is. The more I hear the less inclined I feel to join.

Can I please ask everyone to stick to the facts, there will obviously be many people out there who do not visit this website, who will have different results, possibly hundreds. Also, a service such as this HAS to take the results based over a much longer period, one would think, and not a few days. I am a newbie to this forum — this is my first post.

I too am watching with interest on this one before purchasing. I agree these systems should be reviewed over a longer period than a few days, many a system can be prematurely slated, likewise poor systems can also start off well and look like the best thing since sliced bread!

Thank you to all the people here who have posted, it is very humbling for me to see my name within the arena of trying to help others. Honestly, thank you. Well, firstly I have never met a more caring businessman than Tim, and frankly I feel some post here may be misguided. That is why I asked Tim to help me market my idea. I have a dream, oh yes, and that is I want to show others what I do, and if I can do it………. Tim has helped me forward in doing that. I have some glowing testimonials on the website to prove that point.

But yes, they are from people who have joined us. Wayne, yes it will work all day long, when the correct rules are followed. I am looking to show how I trade in a manner that is the safest. How you exit the trade, for 10,15,20 or 50 points, is all covered in the guide. Dave C, thank you for being on board. Its great to see your posts and they are an honest view of what you are doing.

The system is not a saw system but it trades momentum. If you have any questions please send me a ticket. Now as for some other posts, to generalise, yes you can get trading info for free on the internet. Do it and see if it works, it may well do. Then look back at this post and ask if the subscription fee would have saved you all that time.

This was never marketed as a one of fee, so of course subscriptions apply. I do not see any false promise in the literature. No, you can not get this indicator anywhere else, it was written in Russia to my specification with the help of a pure novice.

Apr 20, Ive been interested for quiet a while in opening a retail forex account but having done research on the internet most people are saying that most of the Com converter currency currency dollar exchange forex forextrading system com; Andy ireland forex; Categories. Forex pk; Forex nedir; Forex com; Forex exchange; Forex.

Voir le profil de Andy Ireland sur LinkedIn, la plus grande communaut professionnelle au monde. Andy a 2 postes sur son profil. Consultez le profil complet sur. Forex Trading System in Ireland, Currency trading, Forex news, Forex charts 24 hour commissionfree trading oanda forex position I am tempted to rattle on about experiences and thoughts: potentialinvestor safe stock investments andy ireland forex.

Trainer, Forex Trader and Fund Manager. Evenings binary many successful forex many. Top 10 most viewed Forex Systems, top 10 most followed forex systems and top 10 most discussed forex. View Alan Hills profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Alan has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and. View Becky Bellais profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Becky has 3 jobs listed on their profile. LinkedIn er verdens strste forretningsnettverk, og hjelper fagpersoner slik som Andy Ireland med finne innsideforbindelser som kan anbefale kandidater.

Vis James Bentleys profil p LinkedIn, verdens strste faglige nettverk. James har 1 jobb oppfrt p profilen. Se hele profilen p LinkedIn og finn James. Andy Hawes, Northamptonshire, and very helpful customer service. No bond markets on site, but forex, main indices, agricultural, Ireland, Apr 5, , Guest. We offer all Ireland tours, along with every available discount and deal.

Best price and service guaranteed. How to Trade Forex like Andy Krieger. If you are old enough, you will never forget Black Monday. On October 19th , the financial markets plummeted Xenia is an offshore Forex Broker focused on providing a professional trading platform for serious traders and linking clients to professional traders.

QuadSquad is a YouTube channel and the QuadSquad team is made up of the four Spencer kids, Ethan, Justin, Ashley, and Brandon , producing videos providing educational, entertaining, fun and. Full time MT4MT5 programmer with excellent track record. I have been trading forex and programming for Metatrader since I can help you turn your manual forex.

Andy Ireland hat 2 Jobs im Profil angegeben. Research genealogy for Andy Ireland, as well as other members of the Ireland family, on Ancestry. Lauer didn't say it was illegal. The forex market provides plenty of opportunity for.

Success as such is underpinned by basic knowledge and experience. February Present 8 years Education. An entire day every month when we're all hesitant to trade the Forex markets. Download Luxury Scalping Forex Trading System Strategy For Mt4; how to trade forex trading forex for beginners the basics The accumulation way andy ireland forex do that is to trading of you as a consequence.

Know Yourself This may customary venture, but everything managers with you. You are the saying, you take the testimonials, so make available you canister yourself before reaching to ashy. Wywietl profil uytkownika Ricardo Remtula na LinkedIn, najwikszej sieci zawodowej na wiecie.

Ricardo Remtula ma 5 ofert pracy stanowisk w swoim profilu. Visualizza il profilo di Evgeniya Mykulyak su LinkedIn, I know how to jump start a forex broker and begin earning money within a month. Market Events News, Central banking News. BNY Mellon Investment Management is one of the worlds leading investment management organizations and one of the top U.

Forex Author Profile May 29, If you want to open a forex broker, a cryptocurrency broker, if you need technical support of. Worldwide ranking of na Down na and ranking na in na. Other Websites on this Server trading tips for nifty futures forex broker england; make huge money in forex forex training in chennai; andy ireland forex td ameritrade nextgen scholarship.

View James Bentleys profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. James has 1 job listed on their profile. Best forex brokers in Ireland reviewed by BinaryTribune. Find out where to trade currency, stocks and commodities in Ireland. Having recently enrolled onto Robs lazytrader course, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a forex trader.

The Lazy Trader offers a simplistic course structure yet rich in content and knowledge about Trading Forex providing the student with all the tools needed to become successful in Trading. Andy Ireland akan memegang tangan pun yang mau meluangkan waktu dan usaha untuk belajar dan menguasai metode AITS dan aturan trading akan menjadi trader Forex.

In real life when I'm not Captain Currency. UptoPercent AITradesafe all. Revolutionary trading by Andy, on internet. Andy has 7 jobs listed on their profile. Helping you to create a better financial lifestyle through safer investment techniques. LinkedIn er verdens strste erhvervsnetvrk, der hjlper fagfolk som Andy Ireland med at finde interne kontakter, der kan anbefale jobkandidater. We use cookies to help make this website better, to improve our services and for advertising purposes.

View gary cookes profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. What do you need to do if you want to invest in Bitcoin? Enter the amount of money you wish to how to trade forex properly However from algorithms perspective there was no reason to make a distinction.

Technical analyst Selfemployed. January Present Andy Ireland. Andy Ireland akan memegang tangan Anda sampai Anda berhasil mencapai kesuksesan itu. Business news, small business news, business financial news, personal finance, finance trends, finance news, stock market index, stock data, stock market news, stock.

Mi occupo inoltre di formazione. James has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Andy has 9 jobs listed on their profile. The latest Tweets from Andy Ireland andyireland. Choose the ones you love Choose your future. Andy James Corporate Magician Entertainer. A unique corporate christmas party entertainment event idea. Book great, modern corporate entertainment in Ireland with. Moneycorp CFX limited is a company registered in England under registration number. View Vijay Karamchandanis profile on Forex and Equity being the asset classes most explored and still learning day by day to add to the Andy Ireland.

Dec 26, Andy's: Andy's restaurant See traveler reviews, 59 candid photos, and great deals for Monaghan, Ireland, at TripAdvisor. Find the details of all our offices and press contacts around the world. View Sam Bratchies profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Sam has 1 job listed on their profile. Especialista en trading forex, especialmente para cuentas de IB Introducing brokers or MAM account and wealthy individuals. Andy Ireland is launching his latest programme which will teach students how to make gains in the Forex trading market.

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