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Noim go horse betting

Aunty Shaz. And that is to go unplugged. Have a sign. Get your celebrant to make an announcement.. Be explicit. Be more explicit than you ever felt necessary. Because they will. And they do. There are NO wedding rules — I say this to gorgeous couples all the time. Hold your gorgeous overly-enthusiastic wedding horses folks. Less is not more. More is more. Too much is not enough. Aint no point saving any. This is the big game right here. Wait for the go signal.

If confetti cannons are available. You should say yes to them. And so it is gorgeous people! If you want someone to help wrangle those beautifully enthusiastic mums and dads and grannies and gramps and step-siblings, and aunties…get in touch right HERE. Planning to spring a sneak attack on your nearest and dearest with a surprise wedding?

HERE for it. An engagement party? A 32nd? That shit will not fly. A farewell. Good one. Remember that time in Friends where Chandler said he was moving to Yemen? Could be you. Even if you go a bit simpler — a backyard bbq, a housewarming, a new puppy party — the real trick is to accept that you may just have to blow your own cover.

Cover story is a go-go. Now you gotta get into the nitty gritty. Reign it in on the lace and die-cuts. Ditch the long-lead RSVP requests and info on gifts. Leave out details of transport or accom options when was the last time your mates organised a bus for a night out? For interstate guests, send them a text or hand written note to let them know how much you want them there. Happy hour with cocktails at a certain time?

Sitting down for a special long table dinner? Some kind of entertainment kicking off? Wanna go big? Is there potential for some sort of reveal? Suggestions above a bit much? I get you…I may have gone too far. For something more low key consider ducking off for a little costume change and walking down an impromptu aisle to your favourite song. Whaddaya reckon? Fingers crossed the assembled tribe are gonna be off their absolute nut with excitement so now is the time to get them super involved in the ceremony.

Elect some of the excitable crew to sprinkle flowers down an impromptu aisle or around the couple up front. Involve all the guests in a bit of a sing-a-long or a flash mob reading. Put names in a hat for a witness lottery just avoid the already-drunk ones. Get your celebrant to throw some questions out to the guests during the ceremony for max-good-time-banter.

Surprise wedding for your guests? Surprise for either one or both of YOU? Not cool. So go on and get in touch in a secret squirrel kind way right HERE. This is NOT gonna be like when you got forced to do the school musical in year 8.

And those people that are watching? Go ahead and ignore them. This bit is just for the two of you. Plus, this kind of community involvement has the added benefit of making the ceremony more authentic and more meaningful AND making your rad crew feel super special cause they get a moment in the spotlight which is really just saaaaah gracious and self-sacrificing of you…;. Weddings really are a choose your own adventure. How about sharing your personal promises to each other at some other time maybe during a first look, maybe written in a card, maybe in a quiet moment after the ceremony, or at the end of the night?

Maybe even just ditch personal vows completely and stick with the legal bit? I strongly suggest, teetering every so slightly on aggressive insistence, that you take some teeny weeny little moments alone together away from the extreme excitement of your assembled family and friends. After you sign your certificates…walk away and hide behind a tree for a cuddle.

Before you enter the reception…walk away. You get the idea. Give yourselves a chance to BE. Then consider where that celebrant is going to stand. Distraction is king. Comfort is key. But most of all remember….. And if you want any more tips, get in touch HERE. This newfound knowledge begs the question then, does the side you stand on even matter these days?

And of course, if you so choose you can just flit around your partner like a super amped Tinkerbell switching sides, and stances, hopping around and trying to physically grab hold of everyone participating in the ceremony I maaaay know a lot about this approach from my personal bride-ing experience. Go for it. Usage: A very commonly heard phrase during meetings with lovely-loved-up couples looking to create a wedding ceremony that positively REEKS of them in a good way.

Your ceremony is all yours — traditional or off-the-wall quirky, classic or wild. My job is to help make sure it looks, feels and sounds like you and, of course, is legal. It really is all for the taking…which is why your friendly neighbourhood celebrant is here to guide you through your MANY options! You can be escorted by one, or both, parents, your step-parents, your grandparents, a wedding party, a whole crew of support people, no-one at all, or only your soon-to-be-spouse.

What about skipping the processional altogether and arriving early to greet all your guests together with your partner? Talk about a pre-game relax vibe. And hey, for those thinking they have to wait at the end of the aisle for your beloved…. Ahhh wedding rings. A puppy?! The added bonus… the less you have to try to remember on the day, the more you can relax in the moment and be truly present with your number 1 person on the planet.

Put on as much water proof mascara as you need, bring a hanky, and sure…keep your knees together if you like. Tears, cheers, laughter, high-fives are high-fives a feeling? Tempering small steel objects using an open flame rather than some form of constant temperature method can turn things into a form of lottery.

So I will use the tried an tested method used by clockmakers for hardening small objects to a very specific hardness. Sand in a metal container and applying heat to the sand and not directly to the metal. Because sand is such a poor conductor of heat the tempering colours move over the steel surface extremely slowly enabling you to choose your required temperature and in consequence the steels hardness before you rapidly stop the process with water or oil.

The sharp eyed of you will notice I used a domestic gas hob for this, because it is easy to balance the cut off bottom of a small tin filled with sand also she who must be obeyed who would put a stop to that sort of thing in her kitchen was visiting friends. Next post the Brass parts aging and putting things together. Great pictures and simple, straightforward narrative. Thanks, damascus. OBTW, nice to see at least one of you Limeys are beginning to come over to the use of the term 'screwdriver'.

Probably a slip of the old tongue. Originally Posted By: damascus Back to the fire magic again this time we heat and rapid cool in water or oil this will make the steel glass hard. Thanks for the great pictures and taking the time. And not earning my living Engineering in the gun trade the name Turnscrew is rather an alien term to me, so I thought I would use the correct Victorian name for the things.

It just goes to show that you cant teach an old dog new tricks or more down to earth I should not try to be a smart ass. What i used to do was heat a piece of mild steel red hot , and put whatever i was tempering on top and watch for the colour i wanted.

But i will have to try this. The ferules where the last Items to be made, from this photograph you can see that all the parts look rather too new to pass off as a hundred plus years old. Now I have no intention of passing these Turnscrews off as genuine antiques, I just made them with a lifetime of gathered knowledge and the best of my ability.

Though when I have shuffled off my mortal coil and they are removed from the gun case and handled, it would need to be a clever person to detect that they are not what they propose to be. All that said I decided to age the metals with a do it all mixture who's formula was given to me many years in the past, it really is a do it all mixture. It will age rust steel also impart that black look of age in a couple of hours also it will age tarnish Brass.

What do you think so far? Put the Turnscrews together time and I do like to use the Victorian method of heating the blade tang to burn its way in to the handle, and held there by rust, doing it this way does not put any stress on the wood and causing a split. Now because the blades are so short heating the tangs to red heat could change the blades temper that we went to so much trouble to get right.

Now the permanent rust fixing though this will take some time to make the unmovable bond to the steel. When you have managed to get the tang into the handle with about an eighth of an inch to go pour some water in to the handle hole you have just made and then fit the handle to the tangs full extent. You can see that I use a well used rubber mallet for this part, the water you have placed in the handle tang hole will slowly cause the tang to rust slightly and grip the wood.

I hope that this may inspire one or two of you folks to make things, you dont need a fancy lathe to turn wooden handles a DIY drill can be adapted. I have one more project to undertake next, this will be adapting a s Pig skin and wood guncase to a toe under to hopefully squeeze in my Webley one and a half. This project will be my last and final effort, not to exaggerate things I suffer from Macular Degeneration and in consequence my eyesight is failing for fine detail. I appreciate all the little tips and tricks too.

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Either way, whoever wrote it deserves the credit—ifyou know who it is, please let me know. Damn it!! A curse!!! A broch tzu dir! A deigeh hob ich: I don't care. I should worry. A farshlepteh krenk: A chronic ailment A feier zol im trefen: He should burn up! A finstere cholem auf dein kopf und auf dein hent und fiss: a horrible wish on someone A dark dream nightmare on your head, hands and feet!

A foiler tut in tsveyen: A lazy person has to do a task twice A gesheft hob nicht: I don't care A gezunt ahf dein kop! A glick hot dich getrofen! Sarcastic; lit. A groyser tzuleyger: A big shot sarcastically. A grubber yung: A coarse young man A kappore: A catastrophe. A khasuren die kalleh is tsu shayn: A fault that the bride is too beautiful A klog iz mir! A klog tzu meineh sonim! A langer lucksh: A tall person a long noodle A leben ahf dein kepele: A life on your head A grandparent might say to a grandchild meaning 'you are SO smart!

And be well! A lung un leber oyf der noz: Stop talking yourself into illness! A maidel mit a klaidel: A cutie-pie showing off her new dress. A mentsh on glik is a toyter mensh: An unlucky person is a dead person. A mentsh tracht und Gott lacht: A person plans and God laughs. A metsieh far a ganef: It's a steal Lit.

A nahr bleibt a nahr: A fool remains a fool A nechtiker tog! A piste kayleh: A shallow person an empty barrel A ritch in kop: Crazy in the head. A schwartz yor: Bad luck. A shandeh un a charpeh: A shame and a disgrace A shittern mogn: Loose bowel movement A shtik fleish mit tzvei eigen: A piece of meat with two eyes insult A shtik naches: A great joy A shtyfer mogn: Constipated A sof!

A sof! End it! A tuches un a halb: A person with a very large backside. A volf farlirt zayne hor, ober nit zayn natur: A wolf loses his hair but hot his nature. Achrahyes: Responsibility Afn gonif brennt das hittel: 'He thinks everyone knows he committed a crime. Ahf tsores: In trouble Afh yenems tukhes is gut sepatchen: Someone else's ass is easy to smack.

Ahf zu lochis: Spitefully Lit: Just to get someone angry. Used in response to the the greeting Shalom aleichem. Ale:bais - Alphabet; the first two letters of the Jewish alphabet Alevei! Alle ziben glicken: Not what it's cracked up to be all 7 lucky things Alles in einem is nisht do bei keine: All in one person is to be found in no one.

Alrightnik: One who has succeeded Alrightnikeh: Feminine form of 'alrightnik. Aroisgevorfen: Thrown out, wasted, wasted opportunities Aroisgevorfene gelt: Thrown out money Wasted money Arumgeflickt! Az di bobe volt gehat beytsim volt zi geven mayn zeyde! Az mir vill schlugen a hunt, gifintmin a schtecken: If one wants to beat a dog, one finds a stick.

Az och un vai! Too bad! Az tzvei zuggen shiker, leigst zich der driter shloffen: If two people say you're drunk, the third one goes to sleep. If two people confirm something, it's true. Azoy gait es! Azoy gich? Azoy vert dos kichel tzekrochen! B Babka: Coffee cake style pastry Badchan: Jester, merry maker or master of ceremonies at a wedding; at the end of the meal he announces the presents, lifting them up and praising the giver and the gift in a humorous manner Bagroben: To bury Baitsim: Testicles Balebatim: Persons of high standing Balbatish: Quiet, respectable, well mannered Balebatisheh yiden: Respectable Jews, people of substance and good standing in the community Baleboosteh: Mistress of the house.

A compliment to someone who is a terrific housekeeper. Balmalocha: An expert sometimes used sarcastically- Oy, is he an expert! Becher: Wine goblet Behaimeh: Animal, cow when referring to a human being, means dull-witted Bei mir hust du gepoylt: You've gotten your way with me.

Be:yokhid - A male only child Benken: 'To yearn for' or 'to long for. A Bialy is a fairly large about 6 inches chewy round yeast roll. Somewhat similar to a bagel, it has a depression rather than a hole in the centre, and is sprinkled with chopped sauteed onion before baking. Bikur cholem: Visiting the sick Billik: Cheap, inexpensive Bist meshugeh? Bohmerkeh: Bum fem. Boorvisser fiss: Barefoot Boreke borsht: Beet borsht which the wealthy could afford.

Borekes: Pastries with cheese inside Borsht: Beet soup Borsht circuit: Hotels in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, with an almost entirely Jewish clientele, who are fond of borsht; term is used by entertainers Borviss: Barefoot Botvenye borsht: Borsht made from beet leaves for the poor. Bubbee: Friendly term for anybody you like Bubeleh: Endearing term for anyone you like regardless of age Bulvan: Man built like an ox; boorish, coarse, rude person Bupkis: Nothing.

Something totally worthless Lit. There is a sect of Jewish mysticism that assigns a numeric value to each letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is devoted to finding hidden meanings in the numeric values of words. The letter 'Chet' has the numeric value of 8, and the letter 'Yod', has the value of 10, for a total of Probably derived from cholera. Chaleshen: Faint Challa: Ceremonial 'egg' bread. Either round or shaped long. Used on Shabbat and most religious observances with the exception of Pesach Passover Chaloshes: Nausea, faintness, unconsciousness Chamoole: Donkey, jackass, numbskull, fool Chamoyer du ainer!

You dope, You ass! Chanukah: Also known as the 'Festival of Lights', commemorates the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. Chanukah is celebrated for 8 days during which one additional candle is added to the menorah on each night of the holiday. Chap a gang! Not so fast! Chassene: Wedding Chassene machen: To plan and execute a wedding.

Chas v'cholileh! In other words, 'junk food. Chazzershtal: Pigpen; slovenly kept room or house. Chei kuck taboo : Nothing, infinitesimal, worthless, unimportant Lit. Chutzpeh: Brazenness, gall, baitzim Chutzpenik: Impudent fellow Chvalye: Ocean wave Columbus's medina: It's not what it's cracked up to be. Columbus's country. D Danken Got! Darf min gehn in kolledj? Usually said when describing a menial task.

Davenen: Pray Deigeh nisht! Der oysdruk: Expression Dershtikt zolstu veren! Di khemye: Chemistry Di skeyne: Old woman Di Skeynes: Old women Di skeynim: Old men Die goldene medina: the golden country Die untershte sheereh: the bottom line Dine Essen teg: Yeshiva students would arrange to be fed by various householders on a daily basis in different houses.

I predicted it. Dos iz alts: That's all. Dos zelbeh: The same Drai mir nit kain kop! Draikop: Scatterbrain Dreidal: Spinning top used in a game that is associated with the holiday of Chanukah. Drek: Human dung, feces, manure or excrement; inferior merchandise or work; insincere talk or excessive flattery Drek auf dem teller: Mean spirited, valueless Lit.

Drek mit Leber: Absolutely nothing; it's not worth anything. Druchus: The sticks way out in the wild Du fangst shoyn on? Du kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist. Dumkop: Dumbbell, dunce Lit. To escape the perpetual torments inflicted upon it by evil spirits, the dybbuk seeks refuge in the body of some pious man or woman over whom the demons have no power. The dybbuk is a Cabalistic conception E Ech: A groan, a disparaging exclamation Ech mir eppes : Humorous, disparaging remark about anything.

Entoisht: Disappointed Eppes: Something Er bolbet narishkeiten: He talks nonsense Er drayt sich arum vie a fortz in russell: He wanders around like a fart in a barrel aimless Er est vi noch a krenk. Er frest vi a ferd. Er hot a makeh. Er hot nit zorg. Er iz a niderrechtiker kerl! Er iz shoyn du, der nudnik! Er macht a tel fun dem. Er macht zack nisht visindicht: He pretends he doesn't know he is doing something wrong. Example: Sneaking into a movie theatre, or sneaking to the front of a line.

Er toig taig nit: He's no good, worthless Er varved zakh: Lit: He's throwing himself. Example: He's getting angry, agitated, pissed-off. Er zitst oyf shpilkes. Er zol vaksen vi a tsibeleh, mit dem kop in drerd! Eretz Yisroel: Land of Israel Es brent mir ahfen hartz. Es gait nit! It isn't running smoothly! Es gefelt mir. Es hot zich oysgelohzen a boydem! Es iz a shandeh far di kinder! Es iz tsu shpet. Es ken gemolt zein. It is imaginable. Es macht mir nit oys.

Es iz nit dayn gesheft: It's none of your business. Es past nit. It is not fitting. Es tut mir a groisseh hanoeh! Es vert mir finster in di oygen. Es vet gornit helfen! Es vet helfen vi a toiten bahnkes! Ess vie ein foygl sheise vie ein feirt!

Ess, bench, sei a mensch: Eat, pray, don't act like a jerk! F Fahrshvindn: Disappeared Faigelah: Bird also used as a derogatory reference to a gay person. Fantazyor: Man who builds castles in the air Farbissener: Embittered; bitter person Farblondzhet: Lost, bewildered, confused Farblujet: Bending your ear Farbrecher: Crook, conman Fardeiget: Distressed, worried, full of care, anxiety Fardinen a mitzveh: Earn a blessing or a merit by doing a good deed Fardrai zich dem kop!

Ready to cry. See 'Verklempt Farklempt fis: Not being able to walk right, clumsy as in 'clumsy feet. An analogous meaning could be that a person's mind has become senile. Farshlepteh krenk: Fruitless, endless matter Lit. Generally indicates something of little or dubious value.

Farshmeieter: Highly excitable person; always on the go Farshnickert: Drunk, high as a kite Farshnoshket: Loaded, drunk Farshtaist? Farshtopt: Stuffed Farshtunken: Smells bad, stinks Farshvitst: sweaty Fartik: finished, ready, complete Fa:tshadikt - Confused, bewildered, befuddled, as if by fumes, gas Feh!

Folg mikh a gang! Why should I do it? It's hardly worth the trouble! Fonfen: Speak through the nose For gezunterhait! Travel in good health! Fremder: Stranger Fress: Eat Fressen: Eat like a pig, devour Fressing: Gourmandizing By adding the English suffix 'ing' to the Yiddish word 'fress', a new English word in the vocabulary of American Jews has been created.

Froy: Woman, Mrs. Gai gezunterhait! Gai kaken oifen yam! Gai mit dein kop in drerd: 'Go with your head in the ground. Gai shlog dein kup en vant! Gai strasheh di vantzen: You don't frighten me! Gait es nit! Gelt is nisht kayn dayge: Money is not a problem. Gemitlich: Slowly, unhurried, gently Genaivisheh shtiklech: Tricky, sharp, crooked actions or doings Genevishe oigen: Shifty eyes Genug iz genug. Exclamatory in the extreme. Gevalt geshreeyeh: good grief 'help' screamed Gezunde tzores: Healthy troubles.

Troubles one should not take too seriously. Gezunt vi a ferd: Strong as a horse Gezunteh moid! Americanism, Lit. Give yourself a shake Gitte neshomah: good soul Gleichvertel: Wisecrack, pun, saying, proverb, bon mot, witticism Glezel tai: Glass of tea Glezel varms: comforting or soothing Lit: Glass of warmth Glick: Luck, piece of luck Gloib mir! Glustiyah: Enema G'nossen tsum emess! Got:Vorte - A good piece of information or short concise Torahy commentary.

Generally used to indicate someone who is not particularly smart or shrewd. Definitely offensive. Greps: Blech; a burp if it's a mild one Grob: Coarse, crude, profane, rough, rude Grober: Coarse, uncouth, crude person Grober finger: Thumb Groi:halter - Show-off, conceited person Groisseh gedilleh! Big prick! Groyser finger: Middle finger Guggle muggle: A concoction made of warm milk and honey for sore throats Gunsel: A young goose.

Also used to describe a young man who accompanies a tramp or a young tramp. Gut far him! Hetsken zich: Shake and dance with joy Hikevater: Stammerer Hinten - Rear, rear parts, backside, buttocks; in the rear Hit zich! So what! I have no use for it. Ich hob dir lieb: I love you!

Ich eil zich nit : I am not in a hurry Ich feif oif dir! Go to the devil! Ich gai chaleshen bald avek: I'm about to faint from sheer exhaustion Ich hob dich in bod! Ich hob dir! Go flap you ears! Ich hob es in drerd! Ich hob im feint: I hate him.

Ich hob im in bod! Ich hob mir fer pacht: I have you in my pocket. I know you for what you are. Ich hob nicht kain anung: I have no idea. Ich vel dir geben a khamalye: I'll give you such a smack Ich vel dir geben kadoches! Ich yog zich nit. Ich zol azoy vissen fun tsores. In di oygn: To one's face In drerd mein gelt! In miten drinen: In the middle of; suddenly Ipish: Bad odor, stink Ir gefelt mir zaier. Iz brent mir ahfen hartz.

Kalyeh: Bad, wrong, spoiled Kam derlebt: Narrowly achieved Lit. Kam vos er kricht: Barley able to creep; Mr. Slowpoke Kam vos er lebt: He's hardly barely alive. Kamtsoness: To be miserly Kaneh: An enema Kaporeh, kapores : Atonement sacrifice; forgiveness; slang good for nothing Karabeinik: Country peddler Karger: Miser, tightwad Kaseer: enema Kasheh: Groats, mush cereal, buckwheat, porridge; a mess, mix-up, confusion Kasheh varnishkes: Cooked groats and broad or bowtie noodles Kashress: Kosher condition; Jewish religious dietary law Kasnik, keisenik : Angry person; excitable person, hot head Kasokeh: Cross-eyed Katchka: Duck quack, quack Katshkedik Americanism : Ducky, swell, pleasant Katzisher kop: Forgetful Lit.

Pronounced in order to ward of the evil eye, especially when speaking of one's good fortune. Kemfer: Fighter usually for a cause Ken zein: Maybe, could be Kenen oyf di finger: Have facts at one's fingertips Ketzele: Kitten To Kibbitz: To offer unsolicited advice as a spectator Kibbitzer: Meddlesome spectator Kiddish Borai pri hagofen : Blessing over wine on the eve of Sabbath or Festivals Kimpe:tzettel - Childbirth amulet or charm from the German 'kind-bet-tzettel' meaning childbirth label containing Psalm , names of angels, patriarchs Kimpetoren: Woman in labour or immediately after the delivery Kind un kait: Young and old Kinderlech: Diminutive, affectionate term for children Kish mir en toches: Kiss my backside slang Kishef macher: Magic-worker Kishkeh: Stuffed derma Sausage shaped, stuffed with a mixture of flour, onions, salt, pepper and fat to keep it together, it is boiled, roasted and sliced Also used to describe a person's innards.

Kloolye: A curse Klop: Bang, a real hard punch or wallop Klotz klutz : Ungraceful, awkward, clumsy person; bungler Klotz kasheh: Foolish question; fruitless question Kloymersht: Not in reality, pretended Lit. Knaidel pl. Also, a little money cash, usually set aside for special needs or a rainy day. Additional meaning thanks to Carl Proper.

Knish taboo : Vagina [this translation is disputed by at least one reader] Knishes: Baked dumplings filled with potato, meat, liver or barley Kochalain: Summer boarding house with cooking privileges Lit. Also referring to the legitimacy of a situation. Koved: Respect, honour, reverence, esteem Krank: Sick Kran:heit - Sickness Krassavitseh: Beauty, a doll, beautiful woman Krechts: Groan, moan Krechtser: Blues singer, a moaner Kreplach: Small pockets of dough filled with chopped meat which look like ravioli, or won ton, and are eaten in soup; slang nothing, valueless Kroivim: Relatives Krolik: Rabbit Kuch leffel: A person who mixes into other people's business cooking spoon Kuck im on taboo : Defecate on him!

The hell with him! Kuck zich oys! Kugel: Pudding Kukn durkh di finger oyf: Shut one's eyes to Kum ich nisht heint, kum ich morgen: If I don't come today, I'll come tomorrow procrastinator's slogan Kumen tsu gast: To visit Kuntzen: Tricks Kuni leml: A nerd Kunyehlemel: Naive, clumsy, awkward person; nincompoop; Casper Milquetoast Kuppe dre: A piece of fecal matter s--t Kurveh: Whore, prostitute Kush in toches arein!

Lange loksch: A very tall thin person , A long tall drink of water. Lantslaite: Plural of lantsman Lantsman: Countryman, neighbour, fellow townsman from 'old country'. A Lebediker: Lively person A Leben ahf dein kop! Well done! Lebst a chazerishen tog! Leck, shmeck: Done superficially lick, smell L'che:im, le'chayim! Drop dead! Ligner: Liar Litvak: Lithuanian; Often used to connote shrewdness and skepticism, because the Lithuanian Jews are inclined to doubt the magic powers of the Hasidic leaders; Also, a person who speaks with the Northeastern Yiddish accent.

Loksch: An Italian gentleman. Lokshen: Noodles Lokshen strop: a 'cat- o- nine tails' Lominer gaylen: Clumsy fool a golem-Frankenstein monster -- created by the Lominer rebbe Loz mich tzu ru! Luftmentsh: Person who has no business, trade, calling, nor income. Luch in kup: A hole in the head ' I need this like a luch in kup'.

M Machareikeh: Gimmick, contraption Macher: big shot, person with access to authorities, man with contacts. Me ken brechen! Me ken lecken di finger! Me krechts, me geht veyter: I complain and I keep going. Me lost nit leben! Me redt zich oys dos hartz! Old fashioned taste! Mein cheies gait oys! Mekheye: An extreme pleasure, orgasmic, out of this world wonderful! One who can be respected.

Menuvel: A person who is always causing grief, can get nothing right, and is always in the way. Really crazy! Meshugeneh: Mad, crazy, insane female. Mezinka: A special dance for parents whose last child is getting married Mezuzah: Tiny box affixed to the right side of the doorway of Jewish homes containing a small portion of Deuteronomy, handwritten on parchment.

Mies: Ugly Mieskeit: Ugly thing or person. Mikveh: Ritual bath used by women just prior to marriage as well as after each monthly cycle. This represents a 'spiritual cleansing after a potential to create a new life was not actualized. There are some religious men who also use mikvehs prior to festivals and the Sabbath.

Some Chassidim immerse every morning before praying. Min tor nit: One or you mustn't Minyan: Quorum of ten men necessary for holding public worship must be over 13 years of age Mirtsishem: G-d willing Mitn derinnen: All of a sudden, suddenly Mitn grobn finger: Quibbling, stretching a point Mitzvah: Good deed Mizinik: The youngest child in an immediate family Mogen Dovid: Star of David Moisheh kapoyer: Mr.

A person who does everything backwards. Not knowing what one wants. Mosser: Squealer Mossik: Mischief maker, prankster, naughty little boy, imp Moyel: Person usually a rabbi who performs circumcisions. Take it. There you have it. Naches: Joy: Gratification, especially from children. Nacht falt tsu. Unlucky, pitiable person.

Nebbish: A nobody, simpleton, weakling, awkward person Nebechel: Nothing, a pitiful person; or playing role of being one A Nechtiker tog! Forget it! Go jump in the lake! Neshomeh: Soul, spirit Neshomeleh: Sweetheart, sweet soul Nisht geshtoygen, nisht gefloygen: neither here nor there Nifte:shmifter, a leben macht er? Nishkosheh: Not so bad, satisfactory. This has nothing to do with the word 'kosher', but comes from the Hebrew and means 'hard, heavy,' thus 'not bad.

G-d forbid! Nishtkefelecht: No big deal! Nisht gefloygen, nisht getoygen: It doesn't matter Nisht gefonfit! Don't fool around. Don't double-talk. Nisht getoygen, nisht gefloygen: It doesn't fly, it doesn't fit Nisht getrofen! Nishtu gedacht! Nit kain farshloffener: A lively person Nit ahin, nit aher: Neither here nor there Nit gidacht! Same as nishtu gedacht Nit gidacht gevorn. Nit kosher: Impure food. Also, slang, anything not good Nit heint, nit morgen!

Nito farvos! Nosh: Snack Nosherie: Snack food Nu? Nu, dahf men huben kinder? When a child does something bad Nu, shoyn! Hurry up! Let's go! Aren't you finished? Yetzt is also spelled itzt Obtshepen: Get rid of Och un vai! Oder a klop, oder a fortz taboo : Either too much or not enough Lit. Oi, gevald: Cry of anguish, suffering, frustration or for help Oi, Vai! Expression of dismay or hurt Oi vai iz mir! Oif tsalooches: For spite Oisgeshtrobelt!

Oisgeshtrozelt: Decorated beautiful Oisgevapt: Flat as in 'the fizz has gone out of it. Sarcastically: Ya' sure! Okuratner mentsh - Orderly person Olreitnik! On langeh hakdomes! Ongeblozzen: Conceited: peevish, sulky, pouting Ongeblozzener: Stuffed shirt Ongematert: Tired out Ongepatshket: Cluttered, disordered, scribbled, sloppy, muddled, overly-done Ongeshtopt: Very wealthy Ongeshtopt mit gelt: Very wealthy; Lit.

Ot gaist du: There you go again Oy mi nisht gut gevorn: 'Oh my, I'm growing weary. A big person! This you call a living? Oyfen himmel a yarid! Oyfgekumener: Come upper, upstart Oyfn oyg: Roughly, approximately Oyg oyf oyg: In private, face-to-face Oys shiddech: The marriage is off!

Oysznoygn fun finger: Concoct, invent a story Oysergeveynlekh: Unusual sometimes used as 'great. Pamelech: Slow, slowly Parech: Low-life, a bad man Parnosseh: Livelihood Parshiveh: Mean, cheap Parshoin: He-man Partatshnek: Inferior merchandise or work Parveh: Neutral food, neither milchidik dairy nor flaishidik meat Paskidnye: Rotten, terrible Paskudnik, paskudnyak: Ugly, revolting, evil person; nasty fellow Past nit.

Patteren tseit: To lounge around; waste time Payess: Long side-curls worn by Hasidic and other ultra-Orthodox Jewish men. Petseleh: Little penis Phooey! Bust your guts out! Split your guts!! Prietzteh: Princess; finicky girl; having airs, giving airs; being snooty prima donna! Pripitchok: Long, narrow wood-burning stove Prost: Coarse, common, vulgar Prostaches: Low class people Prostak: Ignorant boor, coarse person, vulgar man Proster chamoole: Low-class shithead Prosteh leit: Simple people, common people; vulgar, ignorant, 'low class' people Proster mentsh: Vulgar man, common man Ptsha: Cows feet in jelly Pulke: The upper thigh Pupik: Navel, belly button, gizzard, chicken stomachs Pupiklech: Dish of chicken gizzards Pushkeh: Little box for coins Pustunpasnik: Loafer, idler Putz: Slang word for 'penis.

Similar to blaming something on the fairies or a mystical being. Rebiniu: 'Rabbi dear! Pay in cash in advance! Cash on the barrel-head! The real McCoy! Ruf mich k'na:nissel! So call me a nut! Ruktish: Portable tableS S'vet helfen azoy vie a toytn baynkes: Lit: It will help as much as applying cups to a dead person.

S'art eich? Does it matter to you? Saykhel: Common sense Schochet: A ritual slaughterer of animals and fowl. Se brent nit! Se shtinkt! Se zol dir grihmen in boych! Sh' gootzim: Plural of shaigetz Sha! Shabbes goy: Someone doing the dirty work for others Lit;, gentile doing work for a Jew on Sabbath Shabbes klopper: A resident of a neighbourhood who's job it was to 'klop' or bang on the shutters of Jewish homes to announce the hour of sundown on Friday Shadchen: Matchmaker or marriage broker.

There is the professional type who derives his or her living from it, but many Jewish people engage in matchmaking without compensation. Shaigitz: Non-Jewish boy; wild Jewish boy Shaigetz ainer! Nothing to regret. Shainer gelechter: Hearty laugh sarcastically, Some laughter! Shainkeit: Beauty Shaitel, sheitel : Wig Ultra-orthodox married women cover their hair.


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