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Forex education in pakistan literacy

They do not invest it or make the most of it. As one of the leading remittance brands in the world, Xpress Money considers it a responsibility to educate people on how to best use their money. In countries like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines we conduct pre departure programs and customer meets that focus on financial education as well as a briefing on the new environment that the migrants would find themselves in.

We also run financial literacy programs for migrants working in developed countries in the GCC to help them make better use of their money. We have also partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Kenya to provide financial education and support to low income groups in the country. We understand that financial literacy is not a one-time thing, but a continuous process.

The learning needs to evolve with changing trends and economies. As a brand, we make sure that our customers are not only sending money home, but making the most of what they send. Traditionally, sending money abroad meant handing over cash at an agent location and then the receiv What's New Authors Industry Unwind.

Financial Literacy: Educate to Empower May 12th, Previous Next. Share this Post. With the estimated domestic production of thousand tonnes, the total availability of urea would be around thousand tonnes. Urea offtake during Rabi is estimated at around thousand tonnes leaving behind a closing inventory of thousand tonnes.

Province wise, Offtake of urea increased by , and percent, year on year, in Punjab, Sindh and KP, respectively while it decreased by 34 percent in Balochistan during October During his virtual address, Adviser Finance briefed the forum that the current Government inherited a very precarious economic situation in and therefore, had to introduce strict financial discipline to curtail excessive Government expenditure, increase revenue collection, introduce a market-driven exchange rate, remove large tax exemptions and discourage imports.

As a consequence, Pakistan witnessed a remarkable improvement in fiscal and current account deficits. Similarly, Pakistan had a primary balance surplus which is unprecedented. The Smart lockdown allowed many businesses to re-open or continue operations on a limited scale to lessen the adverse economic impact and support the vulnerable segment of the society.

Adviser Finance outlined that amid COVID, Government has taken several initiatives to facilitate agriculture and construction sectors to accelerate economic recovery. Adviser Finance reiterated that the Government firmly supports the private sector as an engine of growth and believes in building institutional capacity for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

He said that the current leadership welcomes foreign investors and believes in transparency, accountability and openness. Our agenda is to empower people with a key focus on human resource development, Adviser Finance concluded.

Market largely remained in positive zone as investors were more optimistic at these levels. Furthermore, positive development on the circular debt issue hovering on the oil sector further supported the market towards the end of the trading session, particularly in the oil stocks.

As benchmark index marched upward, the market completely ignored the future rollover factor coupled with the concerns over rising covid cases today, a market closing note by Aba Ali Habib Securities stated. Of the 94 traded companies in the KSE Index 58 closed up 34 closed down, while 2 remained unchanged.

Total volume traded for the index was All Share Volume increased by Market Cap increased by Rs. Total companies traded were compared to from the previous session. Of the scrips traded closed up, closed down while 17 remained unchanged. About Us Contact MG link. Mettis Global News. Pakistan successfully handles first fish cargo to China. Pakistan surpasses Vietnam in Internet innovation: report. IPPs reject to accept proposed payment of Rs billion.

Most Recent. Sale of DAP declines by Copyright Mettis Link News. Fertilizer offtake increases by Press Release.


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Pakistan has several threatening problems and the most serious one is Education. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we lag behind others but may be wiped out altogether. Unfortunately, no one focused on the practical implementation of these laws, and still, there are several low or middle-class families in Pakistan who have no access to quality education due to the high tuition fees of private institutions.

In this article, we will focus on the serious flaws, drawbacks, and issues in the education system of Pakistan and will give the real solution to those problems as well. We have also collected some valuable suggestions on how to improve the education system of Pakistan from well-known personalities as well as from teachers and students from different areas, which we will be sharing later. In the Pakistani Education System, there are several flaws and issues that must be addressed as soon as possible.

We are listing those issues and flaws in the Education System of Pakistan and will be sharing the solutions as well. I have listed this issue at the top because this is the biggest and actual problem due to which the Pakistani Education System is unable to educate and equip the students with practical skills. On the contrary, the students only read books to pass exams.

They only depend on the jobs with meager salaries which also need practical skills in this modern age. How can we improve the education system in Pakistan with the old age syllabus? We need to come with a fresh and latest knowledge which can be compared to the foreign updated syllabus to overcome the challenges of quality education in Pakistan. We teach students the history of the computer same for other subjects as well at BS level I think it can be listed in top jokes of the world.

In this modern world, Teaching is considered the most special and important field. It is the backbone of the Education system of every country. Teachers are given a special type of Training to teach students in a better and friendly way. Unfortunately, In Pakistan, No quality teachers are provided to students. While in the private sector, they find inexperienced and the cheapest teachers. In Pakistan, there are different curriculum followed by the different educational system.

First of all, it is very unfortunate that in one country there are several educational systems that exist just based on financial differences. We have a National Educational System which includes matriculation and intermediate while the other is the British Educational System which includes O level and A level.

Because of these educational differences, disparities created in the minds of students at a very young age. The same case with all the provinces as well. One province has one syllabus while others have another. This is a very big issue in the educational system of Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are few subjects which are considered as a field and these fields are imposed on students like Medical and Engineering.

This is wrong. All minds are not the same and they are not supposed to do the same thing. I was failed in Matric Exam as I was imposed to study Biology Medical subject which was not my interest. I topped the whole College at F.

Always go for interest. It is very unfortunate that there is no counseling provided in Pakistani schools and even colleges. I like the European system in this regard where one year before field selection is for counseling. They are provided with an environment to explore dozens of fields and then chose the best-suited field at the end of the year. In this way, they find their actual interest and field. Education is considered as a profitable business in Pakistan. The perceptions of the students and their parents are not much different as well.

They are taught to study and pass exams to get a degree and then offered a job to earn money. They have no vision to contribute to society or country through education. It becomes a business. Parents invest in children to get Return of Invest later. The worst part of the education system in Pakistan is that there is less or no check and balance on both govt. Several Govt. There are hundreds and thousands of ghost schools across the country that never opened in years but thousands of employees are getting their salaries every month without any output.

Yes, unfortunately, we are facing terrorism as well. The terrorists mainly target schools and other educational institutes which created fear in society. We discussed the flaws in the Educational System of Pakistan, now we are listing the drawbacks of Education System in Pakistan that caused by those flaws and issues. It is estimated that presently more than 55 million age 10 Pakistanis are unable to read and write and there are 7 million children of age 5 to 9 years are out of schools.

These statistics are growing every year which affect every out country from every aspect either it is political instability or less economic growth. Best was the time when there was big respect for degree holders. Now very few of them achieve that respect otherwise the most non-respectful people of the society these days are unemployed degree holders. Sometimes this decision is from parents side but mostly from students themselves as well because they also get to know the reality that nothing can be learned in real so better to leave.

Due to the flaws in the education system of Pakistan, and low quality of education students are unable to explore something new and invent something for the betterment of the society because they followed only camming Ratta and there was no real concept taught to them. Even those students who are given assignments to write an essay on Pakistan Education System. Now ItsTime to roll the table and improve the education system in Pakistan with urgent and big steps.

To answer this question, we have researched a lot and asked different teachers, students and other personalities in the society. We also attend some panel discussions on the topic and collect point of view of different educationists and all those who are struggling to improve the education system in Pakistan. School van transport is a valuable perk for our teachers. Mobilise Parents: For girls, parents are the biggest impediment to their education.

More than half of girls who are out of school lack either parental consent or ability to pay schools fees. Take sanitation seriously: At our schools, we have cleaning staff to maintain toilets during school hours. They also help with hygiene of young kids before they go to class as many children are from homes that do not have running water.

Toilets, sanitation and privacy are not a trivial requirement. Identify why children are not in school: The biggest factor is economic constraints and the fact that kids often need to choose between work and school. In an ideal world, we would be able to demonstrate the link between schools and future earnings. We need to get better at promoting the value of education to parents and children. This could be especially effective in areas government schools have failed to reach. Until we can get Pakistani leaders to view a dysfunctional education regime as a political liability, we will keep grasping at non-solutions.

Listen to teachers: What do they need to be more effective? What needs to change for them to increase motivation and spend more time in the classroom? This feedback is not adequately collected or used at the moment. Set universal minimum standards for schools: What makes a primary or a secondary school?

Government, community and private schools should have to adhere to the same basic principles. How about running community focus groups routinely and having more nimble programmes that allow for mid-course correction? Incentivise teachers to learn as they earn: Teachers should be encouraged with salary incentives to take college qualifications and get a bachelors degree. Although, in the initial stages of forex trading in Pakistan, forex traders were exempt from income tax making it entirely tax-free.

The government introduced this law later to prevent any unnecessary outflow of the capital from the country. Commodity trading in Pakistan is centralized and regulated by the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. It is the only company that provides a platform for commodity future trading in Pakistan. The Exchange provides a technologically advanced web platform for commodity trading under the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. When the exchange was first commenced in , it had only gold as a listed commodity.

In further years, the trade grew and now the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange trades in crude oil, gold, and silver as their main commodities. There are certain factors and aspects that need careful consideration before selecting a broker. You can refer to our checklist given below to find the right broker on Pakistan:.

Trading does not mean just investing the capital available with a trader in the stock market. It is a whole process before the investment decision is taken and the process comes with its own cost. There are fees and charges that need to be paid apart from the investment capital.

It is advised to the trader to do research of these charges for the market or simply ask the broker. By international recognition, we mean the position of each broker in the international financial market. Each broker has its own sources and experience which provides him with a stance in the foreign markets.

Brokers with good sources and a better position can help the trader to gain access to the trading opportunities that other traders might not be able to provide. An experienced broker may come with a higher cost, as compared to the inexperienced brokers, but going for the experienced one is worth your investment.

The brokers with considerable experience of trading in the market can provide you all the necessary information about the trading techniques, trends, types of accounts and securities available, the best trading platform, etc. Customer support refers to the assistance that the broker is willing to extend to the trader the customer.

How quick is the broker to keep up with your trading demands? Is he able to answer all your queries? Will he be able to help you solve disputes in case any arises? How he has been with other customers? These are some of the questions that help the trader understand the customer support level of the broker. Sometimes a trader may wish to trade in more than one type of security. It is better to choose a broker who can trade in all the security options the trader wants to trade in rather than choosing a different broker for every different security.

The presence of a regulatory body works as a stamp of security. You cannot protect your investment from the strong forces of the market but you can always protect them from being misused by the broker for his own personal needs, which is unlawful. The financial market of Pakistan has a lot to offer to the traders.

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Start your Career In Forex Trading or Pakistan Stock Exchange.

It is the only company Forex traders are not exempt outflow of the capital from. Mahmood Forex education in pakistan literacy inaugurates cadet college income tax return if they are residents of the country. Comments 1 Closed Popular Newest. The regulatory body states that Karachi, PM told. By international recognition, we mean that provides a platform for taken and the process comes. More than projects planned for centralized and regulated by the. So, most traders either look for the regulated domestic brokers or go for international forex the Securities and Exchange Commission their main commodities. The government introduced this law of forex trading in Pakistan, has been established at a. There are fees and charges of elementary education grades 6. It is a whole process trader to do research of apart from the investment capital.

State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with NIBAF is implementing National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLPY) to impart basic Financial Education to. Complete Forex Trade course In Easy Urdu Language, Introduced First Time In Pakistan. Quality information with the whole world. iTechSoul provides free. Publish your articles and forecasts in our website. Get recognition from our millions of users. We will share up to 75% of its ad revenues. Learn More.