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Arizona Diamondbacks. Atlanta Braves. Baltimore Orioles. Boston Red Sox. Chicago Cubs. Chicago White Sox. Cincinnati Reds. Cleveland Indians. Colorado Rockies. Detroit Tigers. Houston Astros. Kansas City Royals. Los Angeles Angels. Los Angeles Dodgers. Miami Marlins. Milwaukee Brewers. Minnesota Twins. New York Mets. New York Yankees. Oakland Athletics. Philadelphia Phillies. Pittsburgh Pirates. San Diego Padres. San Francisco Giants.

Seattle Mariners. Louis Cardinals. Tampa Bay Rays. Texas Rangers. Toronto Blue Jays. Washington Nationals. Atlanta Hawks. Boston Celtics. Brooklyn Nets. Charlotte Hornets. Chicago Bulls. Cleveland Cavaliers. Dallas Mavericks. Denver Nuggets. Detroit Pistons.

Golden State Warriors. Houston Rockets. Indiana Pacers. LA Clippers. Los Angeles Lakers. Memphis Grizzlies. Miami Heat. Milwaukee Bucks. Minnesota Timberwolves. New Orleans Pelicans. New York Knicks. Oklahoma City Thunder. Orlando Magic. Philadelphia 76ers. Phoenix Suns. Portland Trail Blazers. Sacramento Kings.

San Antonio Spurs. Toronto Raptors. Utah Jazz. Washington Wizards. America East. Atlantic Atlantic Sun. Big East. Big West. Cup Series. Xfinity Series. ARG Prim. Aust AL. Aust Bund. Brasil A. ENG Champ. ENG L1. ENG L2. Greek SL. Irish PD. La Liga. Liga MX. Ligue 1. Russian PL. Serie A.

Swiss SL. Turkish SL. Uru PD. Afr Cup. Algarve Cup. Argentina Supercopa. Belgian Super Cup. Bundesliga Playoffs. C Nations. C U17 Champ. C U20 Champ. C W Champ. Copa Lib. Copa Rey. Copa Sud. DFB Pokal. Dutch Shield. England Shield. Euro Cup. Euro Qual. FA Cup. Also, Bagwell's mother Judy Bagwell repeatedly called the office complaining about Buff's travel accommodations, leading to Bradshaw ruthlessly ribbing him for it. Many of the WWF wrestlers even started a pool, taking bets on how long Bagwell would last.

Turned out it was sooner than almost everyone predicted, although Dave says one unnamed wrestler was only off by 5 days. Anyway, he's gone. Dave's been saying it for years, all that immature shit people used to get away with in WCW ain't gonna fly in WWF, and Bagwell has become the first to learn that the hard way.

Notes from Raw : Steve Austin and Kurt Angle continued their hilarious backstage interactions, complete with Angle getting all of them little sheriff badges. RVD got over strong as well. The reason is because Honda was one of the original XFL sponsors but they pulled out early in the season and bashed the XFL for not delivering the product they were promised. McMahon was pissed about it and wanted to blow up a Honda in response but was talked out of it by NBC execs who were already pretty fed up with this crazy old man and his carny ideas.

Spike Dudley suffered a hairline fracture to his fibula in a match on Smackdown and will be out for about a month. He's using a crutch and a soft cast for now and is still making his appearances. He even offered to tape up his leg and wrestle if needed for weekend house shows. Steve Austin is still dealing with serious back issues that make even putting on his shoes difficult. He's expected to be back by the Invasion PPV but it's touch and go. Even the little bit of physical activity he has done the last few weeks has caused him to have back spasms.

Mick Foley was on TSN's Off The Record in Canada and once again, host Michael Landsberg delivered a segment that blows away every other wrestler interview, because Landsberg understands the business, treats it and the wrestlers with respect, but he also asks tough questions. Foley was asked about the future of wrestling because of how violent it's getting and all the risks people take. Foley agreed it was too much and hoped it would scale back, and talked about the success of guys like Benoit and Angle as an example of getting over and becoming a star without throwing yourself off cages.

Foley said he currently has no interest in returning to the ring but admitted it would probably happen eventually. Landsberg argued that if wrestling had a union, Foley wouldn't be allowed to wrestle for his own good. They talked about NHL player Eric Lindros' concussion issues and Foley said during the last year or so of his career, he told wrestlers to take it easy with him because his wife didn't like him taking chair shots to the head.

Basically, the gist of it is WCW never accomplished anything on their own and were only good when they stole a bunch of WWF stars. Dave says they own WCW now. The company itself is dead. It serves no purpose to keep burying them. They should be trying to rebuild it rather than talk about how shitty it was and how it only succeeded because they stole WWF stars.

TNN put out a press release bragging about the network's overall ratings increases compared to last year and touting that they're the fastest growing network in prime time. In fact, if you took Raw out of the equation, TNN's numbers would actually be down from last year. Jim Cornette had hernia surgery last week and will be out for a few weeks , so Kevin Kelly will be handling announcing duties in OVW for awhile. Speaking of OVW , it was mentioned a few weeks ago that Leviathan has grown his hair out and shaved his face and basically changed his overall look.

In case you're wondering why, it's because he worked a dark match at a WWF show and got a huge "Goldberg! In regards to Smackdown going live later this year, WWF is publicly blaming the ratings decrease on internet spoilers for taped shows. Dave points out several reasons why this simply isn't true. For starters, Raw's ratings which is already a live show have been falling at a faster rate than Smackdown.

The ratings decline also started abruptly, just in the last few months since WCW folded. Basically, the product sucks now and wrestling just isn't hot anymore. It has nothing to do with taped show spoilers on the internet. In fact, how can someone even read spoilers on the internet during this time?

As soon as the website loads, someone in the other room picks up the goddamn phone and the internet disconnects. Dammit Dad, I've been downloading a picture for the last 45 minutes, it was almost done! Brock Lesnar was interviewed in an amateur wrestling magazine about his decision to become a pro wrestler , which a lot of amateurs look down on.

Lesnar talked about the difficulty of it, saying, "It is a lot harder than I expected it to be. It is more demanding on my body than all my 19 years of amateur wrestling put together. If you don't know how to land right or do a move in the correct way, you are putting yourself and your opponent's life in danger.

Bob Backlund was on to defend wrestling while some doctor who did a study about the effects of wrestling on kids was there to argue the other side. Basically, both Backlund and the doctor debated back and forth, both of them were full of shit, O'Reilly was clueless about wrestling, and they played clips of WCW while talking about violence in the WWF.

My man. Apparently there was an altercation between Hugh Morrus and Mark Jindrak during one of those training sessions. Jindrak reportedly messed up some spots, Morrus tried to help him out and correct him and Jindrak responded by calling him a fat slob who's never done anything in the business and then they were separated before it could escalate.

WWF officials were said to be less than impressed with Jindrak's attitude and Jim Ross had a meeting with all the WCW wrestlers to basically remind everyone to check their attitudes at the door because this ain't WCW anymore. See: Bagwell, Buff. Speaking of, there's still a lot of backstage heat between WWF and WCW wrestlers, who are still divided in the locker room. A lot of WWF wrestlers already see this angle as a flop based on the crowd response.

Meanwhile, the WCW wrestlers feel like the angle has been bungled from the beginning and even said the real WCW would have been more organized and had a better plan in place for this angle than WWF has so far. But otherwise, the general feeling is that the WWF is so much more professionally run in every aspect of the business and it's been a culture shock to a lot of the WCW guys. There was some heat on Stacy Keibler for missing some house shows this weekend. Apparently, she had already been told she wasn't going to be working the shows but then they changed their mind and wanted her on the road to practice the bra and panties match that is scheduled for the PPV.

Keibler had already made vacation plans since she was originally scheduled to be off and refused to break her plans. WWF allowed her to miss the shows, but it didn't endear her to some in the locker room. God, there is so much petty, clique-ish nonsense happening in WWF right now.

Speaking of, a lot of the WCW wrestlers who haven't been used on TV yet were at Raw in Atlanta this week since so many of them live in the city. And once again, it was the same issues backstage, with WCW wrestlers being accused of not knowing the protocol.

They were nervous and shy, didn't talk to many people, didn't shake everybody's hand, etc. So now they've all got bad reps with the WWF guys, because this is fucking high school apparently. Random notes : Toronto Skydome is looking to be the front-runner for WrestleMania 18 next year yup.

The Invasion PPV isn't sold out and there's still 2, tickets left as of press time. Scott Hudson is already done as WCW announcer, but he was only supposed to be short-term anyway. Chyna did her first interview since being benched by WWF. The only interesting thing she said is that they wouldn't let her win the WWF title and she "has too much experience" to wrestle the women so there was nothing left to do with her character.

She did say one true thing. She mentioned that wrestlers who's contracts are coming due soon are going to realize that one man having a monopoly on the business isn't a good thing for the wrestlers. Al Snow and Dean Malenko were practicing commentary backstage during Raw. Dave says Malenko in particular is someone who is said to be hilarious backstage, quick-witted and fun to talk to, but it never translates to TV.

Stevie Ray was like that in WCW, which is why they made him an announcer too, but it never clicked. That is a very sentence. Letters section time! An indie wrestler, who chooses to remain unnamed, writes in and is pretty disgusted by the fact that Tough Enough exists. He talks about how just before Tough Enough debuted, WWF pulled out of their developmental deals with several indie companies and cut developmental contracts of dozens of talented wrestlers who were working in those promotions like Memphis Championship Wrestling, UPW in California, etc.

This guy thinks it's kinda fucked up that so many hard working, legitimately talented developmental guys are suddenly out on their asses while a bunch of nobody reality show contestants are vying for a WWF contract on TV. Other people write in about the WCW angle. Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer writes in saying the recovery for the business is going to be tough in the wake of WCW's death and will take a long time. Never thought I was, but I must have been to make Bagwell look good enough to get a job in the first place.

I would like to say I'm sorry to the fans for helping him get his job. The Eagles have been a playing like a shell of the team that won the Super Bowl just 8 months ago, as they dropped back to back games to the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings. This Eagles team is different in many ways from the Eagles who the Super Bowl last season, but most come down to playing undisciplined, ranking 29th in penalties and penalty yards per game.

They will need to play better against a struggling Giants team who are fighting to stay alive at The Eagles will have to be better in the trenches to win on Thursday. The Giants have had their own struggles on their newly built offensive line, which has yet to gel this season giving up 16 sacks of their own and struggling to open holes for number 2 overall pick Saquon Barkley, who has still managed to go over total yards in each of his first 5 games.

Look for the Giants to try to get Barkley going early against the stout run defense of the Eagles in order to take some of the heat of veteran QB Eli Manning. Doug Pederson and the Eagles coaching staff will need to start making proper adjustments, something they did very well last season. Giving Mills help over the top and blitzing more from Jim Schwartz to turn up the pressure on Eli will be big in stopping the big play. On the offensive Doug needs to run the ball early and often despite the loss of Ajayi to get the offense going.

If the run games gets going it will help the set up the read option and play action that were so crucial to the Eagles success last season. In the end though, this is a divisional game and will probably turn into a typical NFCE slopfest where anything can happen, especially since it is in prime time. Click here to register for Slack. Light rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. Joe Buck will handle the play-by-play duties and Troy Aikman will provide analysis.

Erin Andrews and Chris Myers will report from the sidelines. Pat Shurmur: This will be first game between coaches. Nick took advantage of great field position to throw for yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs in the series sweeping win. The win locked up a 1st round bye the Eagles heading into the playoffs.

The Eagles and Giants faced off in a crucial divisional game that would pretty much crown the division winner in week 15 of the season. With just under eight minutes to play in the fourth quarter, the Giants went up 21 points with an Eli Manning Touchdown to TE Kevin Boss in what should have put the game out of reach. On the ensuing kickoff, the Eagles caught the Giants off-guard with an onside kick which they recovered.

A couple Vick runs and the Eagles were within a touchdown with over 5 minutes left the play. The Eagles defense came up with a big stop before Vick ran down the field multiple times on broken plays before hitting Maclin in the end zone on a TD pass. The Eagles defense was able to stand strong again forcing a Giants punt with 14 second to play.

I will pass it off to Mr. Reese again. It's a high snap. Gets it away, it's a knuckler. Desean Jackson takes it at Drops it! Picks it up. Ohhh 40! He's gonna go. Desean Jackson, I don't care if he jumps, dives. He's running around. He is in the end zone and there's no time.

The Eagles Win! And the Eagles have just pulled off the most remarkable win I have ever seen. The Giants were Both teams desperately needed a victory to stay alive in the postseason race. The Giants took a commanding lead and led with just 31 seconds to play on a 3rd and 2. The previous play Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey had charged into center Jim Clack, knocking him backwards into quarterback Joe Pisarcik.

The because of this the Giants didn't want to risk kneeling the ball again and causing injury to their quarterback. Offensive coordinator Bob Gibson instead called for a running play, much to the displeasure of running back Larry Csonka, who begged Pisarcik to not give him the ball.

As Pisarcik called the snap, he was distracted and bobbled the ball before it bounced off Csonka's hip and hit the ground. And the play vaulted the Eagles into the postseason for the first time in 18 years, while the Giants finished last in the division. He completed nine of 23 passes for 64 yards and an interception. To be fair he was suffering from a broken right thumb for the first few weeks of the season. With to play, the Eagles trailed by with the Giants setting up to punt.

Rookie running back and return man Brian Westbrook fielded the punt on one bounce. I'll let Merrill Reese tell the rest of the story. Bounces across the Westbrook takes it, looks for running room. Up to the 25, the 30, to the 35, Brian Westbrook!

He's going, he's gone! Brian Westbrook 84 yards! I don't believe it! Brian Westbrook has just exploded. This place is in a state of shock! They won eight more games in a row, ending the season with home-field advantage in the NFC playoffs. Westbrook's punt return helped save the season for the Eagles in Entering the game at Giants Stadium, the Eagles were , the Giants The winner would have the inside track to the championship game.

The Eagles were leading , but the Giants were driving to tie the score. Charlie Connerly threw a short pass to halfback Frank Gifford, who hauled it in and turned to run upfield. But just as he turned, Chuck Bednarik leveled him with what has been called "The Hit. January 11, Closing down the Meadowlands — Video - The Eagles had managed to slip into the playoffs with a wild-card spot.

They had won the wild-card game and now had to play the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants divisional round. It was bitter cold for the game and the Eagles' defense dominated throughout. The Giants only managed three field goals and a safety. The Eagles won As the Giants fans left early to escape the bitter cold, we Eagle fans hung around and kept singing Fly Eagles Fly until they got hoarse.

November 20, In a tightly contested contest at Giants Stadium, Randall Cunningham brought the Eagles back to tie the game at and send it into overtime. The Eagles drove down the field in overtime and were lining up to kick the winning field goal. But Luis Zendejas' kick was blocked.

He picked up the ball and lateraled it to lineman Clyde Simmons, who ran it in for the winning score. While the teams finished with the same record, since the Eagles swept the two games with the Giants, they won the NFC East. Sunday, September 24th, The Kick - Video -On September 24, , at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, kicker Jake Elliott booted a yard field goal to beat the New York Giants with no time on the clock for the final play of the game, resulting in a 27—24 victory.

Previously regarded as nothing more than a replacement kicker for injured Caleb Sturgis, the kick earned Elliot NFC Special Teams Player of the Week, cementing him as a strong kicking option for the Eagles. Elliot's kick set an Eagles franchise record for longest field goal, tied for the 7th-longest field goal in NFL history, and was the longest since November Eagles - Video Kirk Cousins threw for yards and one touchdown, Linval Joseph returned a fumble 64 yards for a score and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in a rematch of last season's NFC championship game.

It was an ugly game for the Eagles offense as the offensive line again struggled to protected Carson Wentz and get anything going as the defending Super Bowl champions fell to The Eagles attempted to rally from a point deficit midway through the third quarter and were in great position to take the lead Eagles following a Roc Thomas dropped a backward pass that was recovered by Nigel Bradham at the Vikings 30 in the fourth quarter.

But the Eagles continued to shoot themselves in foot with penalties and another Wentz sack forcing a 4th and 20 with Doug Pederson electing not to let Jake Elliott try a yarder. The Vikings got the ball back and extended their lead to two scores before the Eagles adding a late Ertz TD before failing to recover and onside kick for the loss. Giants - Video — Graham Gano connected on a career-long yard field goal with 1 second remaining to lift the Carolina Panthers to a literal last second victory over the New York Giants on Sunday.

Gano's winning kick came after the Giants erased a point deficit midway through the 4th quarter. Eli Manning hooked up with Saquon Barkley on a yard touchdown pass down the right sideline second overall pick from Penn State made a long dive into the end zone putting the Giants in front with remaining in the game. However the Giants defense gave up some yardages to allow Gano to attempt the 63 yarder, his previous career long was 59 yards. It's the second year in a row the Giants have been beaten by a monster field goal at the end for a heartbreaking loss.

In the third game last season, Jake Elliott of the Eagles kicked a yarder for a win. Philadelphia has won each of its last 3 games vs. New York, as well as 7 of the last 8 overall. Eagles QB Carson Wentz needs 8 passing yards for career passing yards. Eagles DE Fletcher Cox 34 - 10th needs. We had two backs featured in the top five of Yards After Contact per Attempt. Otherwise, the Eagles RBs have been subpar in that respect, as well as others. By all means, Barkley is a very dangerous threat that can take it to the house any given snap, but on a snap-by-snap basis, he's offering up shit YPA.

Matchups to Watch Eagles Secondary vs. Giants Pass Offense Just like last week this is the most important matchup of the game for the Eagles in order to win. Eli Manning's career is winding down and the least deserving HOF QB ever could still light up this secondary as we've seen in recent past. Additionally, this is also a road game for the Eagles and their defense has proven to be even worse away from the Linc.

Last weeks performance against the Vikings is vexing. Cousins numbers look great but it wasn't the aerial assault it might look like given he only attempted 9 passes further than 5 yards down the field. The Vikings employed "death by one thousand screens" and attacked the underneath flat areas to counter the extreme pass rush Cousins was going to face.

And he did face it. That's an incredibly productive defensive line effort from the Eagles. It's difficult to do better than that given the circumstances. For the most part the Eagles were able to mostly contain the Vikings through the air with more disciplined coverages designed to prevent the big play than we've seen of late.

And they did it against a QB who is easily better than Eli at this point in their respective careers. Unfortunately, there isn't a double move in existence that Jalen Mills won't bite on with the Eagles secondary set to face Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard with Evan Engram possibly returning. The WR duo is very good and will be problematic for the shaky Eagles secondary. If you aren't attacking Jalen Mills through the air as an offensive coordinator you should be fired.

The Eagles need Mills to try and not bite on a double move for the first time in his career but expectations should be tempered against an elite receiver. Ronald Darby has been all over the place for the Eagles this season. He is coming off a solid showing against the Vikings. The Eagles need him to play to his potential more often than not.

Mills cannot be relied on and the coaching staff is intent on letting him play; Darby needs to be the guy Eagles fans hoped he could be. The Eagles would be wise to deploy a similar game plan to what they did for the Vikings. It'll be painful to watch all of the underneath passes but it gives you more opportunities to get a stop. However, it forces the defense to tackle well. This has been a big weakness for the Eagles this season.

It's a matter of what poison do you want to take. Personally, I'd rather death by screens rather than giving up the big play. It's just a matter of the back end of the defense playing disciplined football for the first time in a long time. Oh, and the Giants have Saquon Barkley, who is a difficult task to defend out of the backfield. The Eagles defensive line will be good in this game because the matchup is ideal; the Eagles need their back half to play disciplined football preventing big plays.

It's been easier said than done. Eagles Defensive Line vs. Giants Offensive Line The Eagles defensive line has another favorable matchup this week against the Giants offensive line. The Giants did a lot this past offseason to upgrade their dreadful unit but it shows how bad the entire group actually was to still stink out loud. Nate Solder was the beneficiary of a soft OT market but is a big improvement over what the Giants previously had. Rookie Will Hernandez is having a solid start to his career.

He hasn't been perfect but he's making a difficult transition. His long term outlook is quite good for the Giants. After that The Giants just cut Ereck Flowers which should make Eagles fans around the world sad.


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But Lawler is not consistent enough to bank on, and his status seems to be a bit generous. Meanwhile, Voelker hasn't really given anyone reason to believe he can compete with a guy like Lawler, though an upset here wouldn't be shocking. The line probably could be closer, but it could've been worse. Jake Ellenberger may be winning the hype war against Rory MacDonald, but he's the underdog in this fight for good reason. MacDonald has been on an absolute tear in his past four fights, including his December win over B.

Meanwhile, Ellenberger has displayed that he's a top welterweight, winning eight of his last 10 fights. However, losses to Martin Kampmann and Carlos Condit have kept him out of top contention. MacDonald is a year-old phenom who many expect to be champion one day.

At 28 years of age, Ellenberger is probably in his prime, though he's yet to fight a welterweight at MacDonald's level. MacDonald, on the other hand, is fresh off his win over Penn last year. This line is just about spot on, and there's plenty of value for MacDonald here, even if he's a 2. He'd be a nice play in a parlay. Demetrious Johnson enters UFC on Fox 8 with a title defense under his belt, having defeated John Dodson in January, while Moraga enters the event as a relative unknown.

Moraga has fought just twice in the UFC, but he's made those outings count, earning back-to-back stoppage wins to extend his winning streak to seven. He isn't the most well-known fighter on this card, and that could explain why he's a 3. Johnson, meanwhile, has fought and defeated better competition during his undefeated run at flyweight, including wins over Dodson and Joseph Benavidez.

Moraga has a tall order ahead of him, and an upset here would be at least moderately shocking. Moraga just hasn't fought against guys at Johnson's level, while Johnson has fought and beat the best at flyweight. Published December 4, at PM.

Northshore judge sentences hit and run driver as 2 children recover As two children recover, from a hit and run accident, the driver gets three year sentence. Published December 3, at PM. Published December 2, at PM. Tulane graduates work with Johns Hopkins to develop groundbreaking pharmaceuticals Axosim takes human nerve and brain cells, from stem cells and puts them on a chip so that they can apply experimental pharmaceutical therapies for testing. Mayor Cantrell calls for voter approval of restructured millages Mayor LaToya Cantrell says there is a lot riding on three millages this Saturday.

New Orleans prepares as CDC issues new quarantine guidelines A local doctor says new shorter quarantine times for those exposed to coronavirus are a step in the right direction. The Centers for Disease Control lowered the quarantine period today from 14 days to seven days in some cases. Published December 1, at PM. Berry farmers across the area cover crops to protect from cold Temperatures are already starting to plummet across the Northshore and are expected to dip into the 20s tonight.

Published November 30, at PM. Tangipahoa deals with a 15 percent COVID positivity rate Officials blame a number of factors but they say citizens can do much more. Published November 25, at PM. Food outlets adjust to new Covid-Thanksgiving realities Local restaurants and grocery stores are enjoying brisk business as customers prepare for Thanksgiving.

They say some orders are up while others have dropped in the age of Covid. Published November 24, at PM. Published November 20, at PM. Published November 19, at PM. Tammany coroner issues Coronavirus warning Daily St. Tammany coronavirus numbers doubled in the month of November and Thanksgiving is still a week away.

Published November 18, at PM. Dept of Health investigates Lacombe Covid hotspot The state of Louisiana just issued an alert saying nursing home Covid numbers are on the rise again. Published November 16, at PM. Published November 13, at PM. Published November 12, at PM. Air traffic uptick at Armstrong as airlines step up Covid precautions Airport officials say passenger counts are picking up at Armstrong International as they get ready for a busier holiday season.

Published November 11, at PM.